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PBS: Reminds Nobody How DEMOCRATS Start the Wars

Nobody’s Opinion

I got a present today in the mail from a childhood friend, who sort of got smitten with me when he was 10, because I paid attention to his pet rabbit.

Okay. I have no idea why he was smitten with me, but we have written letters throughout our life, kept in touch so to speak, and many a times I’ve had words with him, because he thinks that until I devote my soul and life to Jesus I will be damned to eternity. This from a man who bedded a young Ukraine teenager while on a ministry visit…and by the way, did I mention he was married at the time?

After so many years of me always saying that I’m sure Jesus would find me an upstanding follower of God and the Ten Commandments, he finally gave up. I hadn’t heard from him in a year.

Until today.

He sent me a book on the “end times” and said, “Did you watch the series on Vietnam?” PBS has had a series on Vietnam, which, I didn’t watch too much, because frankly, I went through it, had friends die there, and it was the WORST of times for us all.

So, tonight I watched the ending. And low and behold, it ended showing Obama and Bill Clinton going BACK to Vietnam and shaking hands with the communists—- Everybody loved them! It also gave a big shout out to John McCain and John Kerry, who helped bring the great American franchises to their country, lifting the embargo, so that our corporations could get in.

The point of this being, that getting our corporations in wasn’t said, but really…what else did all those men die for?

Nobody has really ever answered that question. The whole theme of the PBS series was the horrible damage we did to the people there.

Hey, it wasn’t OUR fault, was it? Damn LBJ, McNamara, Kennedy, and Nixon.

Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and many an ex-CIA agent will tell you that the ‘deep state’ got very rich off of drug trafficking in Vietnam. I’ve heard a few Navy Seals that have said the same.

Still, I must admit, PBS did do a wonderful piece on the Vietnam memorial, which, of course, hits anyone with a sense of morality like a ton of bricks.

When I saw it, I was mortified and couldn’t stop crying. After that, I couldn’t get out of the tour bus to see Arlington Cemetery.

There is only so much reality one can take in an hour.

Yes, Yes, PBS did an excellent documentary, but what I didn’t see was the fact that it was the incompetent LBJ who sent thousands of our boys over there KNOWING…. let me say that again…. KNOWING that the war could not be won. It was simply a matter of politics.

As I look back over history, it seems more to me that the DEMOCRATS start the wars, the conservatives and young patriotic Americans end up losing their lives, and THEN, they cleverly blame the GOP for being war mongers. Somehow, the democrats always come out as having their hands all clean of war.

FDR(D.)…. put in the building blocks to get us into WWII.

Woodrow Wilson (D.)…WWI.

Kennedy and LBJ…(D.) Vietnam.

Bill Clinton (D.)  ignored the threat of bin Laden…too many times to mention….then 9/11.

And Obama helped build ISIS. Hillary destroyed Libya, which will eventually be the defeat of Europe.

Now, we see the democrats, like John McCain (come on, he’s a democrat) and Hillary, calling for war against Russia, for God’s sake.


And they call President Trump dangerous? We have been brainwashed for so many years, that now, half the American people do not even SEE the hypocrisy.

In the meantime, the communists, that the liberals love, like China, are letting the mad dogs of North Korea try to get President Trump to attack him, and start WWIII.

And if we go to war again…it will be President Trump that will be blamed. Not the President before him that fueled the fires…and did nothing but dismantle our military to scraps.

So, ask yourself, how do the democrats keep managing to start these wars, and then act like they are against them all?

They control the media, and my old friend Ray, is a big liberal bleeding heart who will also remember Vietnam, but is not well educated enough to see, he was being duped by PBS….and taken back to his own emotions and sad memories of our generation.

It’s what the democrats do best. And they learned it from their old pals: the communists.

So, am I going to write Ray back? Yes, I am, and this is what I am going to say…

Dear Ray: Can we forget about Jane Fonda…PLEASE?

I’d rather pet your rabbits. If you don’t have any I suggest you get some, and pet them every day.

I think, Jesus would approve. 


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