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Nobody’s Perfect And Some Are Just Born Losers: Robert De Niro

Nobody’s Perfect

You know (Sorry, this man brings out the high school in me.) Robert De Niro has made the Nobody’s Perfect Award way too many times in my columns, and I hate even wasting my time even thinking about him.

Everyone thinks he is such a great actor, but he really isn’t acting: He plays himself in every single movie he’s ever been in: He plays the bully, the thug, the man who beats you up with threats and loudmouth cussing.  De Niro is an angry walking man of rage, who if Freud was around would say has a typical case of impotency, and tries to cover it up, with being a complete, classless, megalomaniac asshole.

He’s so low on the human totem pole he makes Harvey Weinstein look normal.

It’s his ‘angry’ persona which made him money: Some are clowns, some have talent, De Niro is just your stereotypical thug.

Personally, I think he just loves the attention he is getting from continuing to be the Mafia thug from the neighborhood, you know, the poor kid whose parents divorced, and left him to fend on his own. Which, according to Wikipedia, is his story. The raging bull who takes no crap from no one, and thinks he is totally big King of the ropes for it.

He had another one of his foul-mouthed attacks on Trump at the Tony Awards, which I’m sure didn’t get many viewers, and his performance was predictable. He was De Niro:  “Fuck Trump.” he said. And everyone jumped up and applauded.

Hey, I’m not going to use the $% stuff. It’s what he said. And not a soul besides Rush Limbaugh and Paul Joseph Watson calls him out on it.


President Trump makes a historical moment with Kim Jung Un. Something no other U.S. President has ever been able to do. So, De Niro is just another angry old man.

In the meantime, De Niro apologized to Canada for our President.


Go back to France Mister De Niro. Go live in Canada. Go back to your brothel in Paris.

You don’t like America?

Well analyze this on your next trip to your next restaurant opening: Most of America is sick of YOU. Hope your wife’s coffee company takes off because your career in the movies is over.

I’m sure Obama and Michelle can get you on Netflix.


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