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Boy Scouts Get Condoms, But Miss America is too Sexy.

Nobody Wonders

So, the swimsuits are gone from the Miss America pageant. How OLD was this tradition? What’s next? Will they all be made to wear burka’s?

(No, just the Muslims women!)

This is just another attack on ANYTHING American.

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition and will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance, the organization announced Tuesday.

“We are no longer a pageant,” Gretchen Carlson, the first former Miss America to be named chair of the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization, said on “GMA.” “We are a competition.”

In place of the swimsuit portion of the competition, Miss America contestants will now take part in a live interactive session with the judges, according to the organization.

The contestants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will be asked to demonstrate their passion, intelligence and overall understanding of the job of Miss America.

OMG. Nobody Wonders what the questions will be:

“Do you think separating families at the border is an American thing to do?”(No, it’s not American.)

“Do you believe in gay marriage?”(Yes.) 

“Do you believe that blacks have a right to protest before the game during the National Anthem?”(Of course!)

“Is climate change a bigger threat than ISIS?”(Oh, yes.)

“Who do you want for our next President?” (Obama)

“Are you just stupid?” (Yes!)

So, the Miss America contest will no longer be a beauty contest, but a performance of who best can express all the politically correct globalist agenda.

Nobody Wonders: What would happen if Nobody watched it?

We have the great tradition of the boy scouts now allowing girls, and handing out condoms at the camps, but adult women can’t be seen in a bathing suit on TV?

Ironic isn’t it? The party who promotes sex and porn, (Hollywood is great at this) is censoring a beauty contest.

You have to wonder, if this isn’t just another way for the liberals to attack President Trump: Who used to own Miss America contest.

And WHO will they have host it? (Michelle Obama)

Pretty sad. I guess they didn’t want to ‘offend’ the Muslims. Even I used to enjoy the women’s competition and wonder how many days at the gym and starving diets they had to go through to get perfection. It takes a lot of work and money to get to look as good as these women, in fact, makeup, style, dress…takes years of practice and in many cases a real work of art.

Ask any transvestite how HARD it is to be a beautiful woman.

Sad. So many women get their careers launched from being a contestant in this.

One thing you can be sure: it’s mostly WOMEN that watch the American beauty pageant.

Make it into another political propaganda event, and not even women are going to watch it.

Who knows? Maybe someday, President Trump, will make the American Beauty Pageant Great Again.

We can only hope.

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