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Nobody Reports: It’s Worse Than You Know

Nobody Reports

According to Dick Morris, in his eye-opening book called Rogue Spooks, President Bill Clinton ‘governed with an FBI director who would barely speak with him and a CIA chief he never saw. Foreign policy was not Clinton’s thing, He knew little about it, and felt that undue focus on it was a Cold War obsession to which he was determined not to fall prey.

Due to his lack of concern, a few thoughts from the pages of Dick’s book:

“It turned out that from 1994 to 1996, the head instructor the CIA’s training school had been selling Russians files on dozens of CIA officers stationed abroad. Three years’ worth of potential new recruits had been blown. Now that they were exposed, they, obviously could not be used overseas.

Not only had almost all of our intelligence agents blown, but for ten years American presidents—from Reagan to Clinton—had been misled about Soviet and Russian capabilities and intentions.

The CIA’s main task in the Cold War was to produce reports with a blue stripe on their sides to assess Russian’s military strategy and capability.

From 1986 to 1994, those writing these reports knew that some of their sources were controlled by Russian intelligence.

Again: they went to the top guy and he was the one who decided what was real.

Yes, folks. The FBI has been used as a tool for destruction by many Presidents, starting with FDR. The CIA became so corrupted along with the FBI, it’s surprising we are all still here.

And yet, think about it: The Clintons have sold arms, uranium AND military secrets, to China, Russia, and North Korea.

So, was the disinterest in the CIA and FBI because they didn’t think they were important? Or because they didn’t want anybody to know what they were doing?

Seems to me, President Bill Clinton was VERY interested in foreign affairs: Mostly interested in how much money he and Hillary could make out of the many deals he made selling American assets to every country that would pay.

In other words: The CIA and the FBI have been used as weapons for years, and now they are being used to overthrow President Trump.

And all this has been kept a secret…for years.


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