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Do YOU Suffer from Franchise Fatigue?

Nobody’s Opinion

Talk about clueless.

The Wall Street Journal just posted an article about how Hollywood blockbusters in America are flopping. The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and just about every other sequel you can think of, have flopped at the box office this summer.  The reason they give is: Americans are tired of the same old songs.

Like I said: Clueless.

First: It’s the economy stupid. Going to a movie just for two now costs well over $40.00. To many people, with inflation, and the price of health care, you have to cut something, and it’s much easier to pay for Netflick. Why go to a movie, when you have thousands to choose from at home?

Not to mention, the kids now know how to download the latest releases…it’s not legal, but what are they going to do? Technology is almost ‘nudging’ us to stay in our own homes.

(Which is what they want, really, when you think about it.)

Second: Many Americans, like my husband and I, REFUSE to give any snobby movie star who attacks the President, with such viciousness, any of our money. We feel, that to attack a newly elected President, with such hatefulness, with absolutely no basis in anything that he has done so far, is attacking America itself.

Johnny Depp suggesting last week that President Trump should be assassinated, was, to the average person, appalling.The movie stars don’t seem to care if they have poor box office attendance, in America, because they make their money overseas.

To any logical person, that’s the REAL resistance going on. And by the way, people are tired of paying twenty dollars for a small popcorn and large coke.

The only way we can fight back is to not buy their product. The ones that are talking out, seem to be on drugs most of the time, anyway. Johnny Depp, Carrie Fisher…is it any wonder they admired Obama? Bill Clinton? Two ‘ex’ drug users?

Third: Most of the big movie theaters are attached to the malls. The malls in America are dying off at an alarming rate. Therefore, the traffic isn’t there anymore from the mall. It’s only a matter of time before they start closing down the big theaters.

My husband and I went far away today to a popular mall which we walked just last Christmas. Not one shop was closed back then.  The five big malls around North County St. Louis, have all closed down, and with them the movie houses that were once thriving. So, to see half the shops closed down, at this mall so far away, was more than depressing.

We can’t say its just a ‘Ferguson’ thing anymore. No, I blame Obama.

We feel, like the America we grew up in, is disappearing.

It is…and FAST.

And it’s not the Zuckerberg, everybody is going to be happy world they are predicting.

Zuckerberg went to Iowa recently to talk to truckers. He actually asked truckers what they would think of self-driving trucks.

What planet do these rich, elite, idiots live on? Do they not know that the globalization they have pushed on us all, is killing our country?

Think of all the teenagers who worked in malls, at movie theaters for summer jobs. Gone. They certainly can’t afford to take a date to the movies, when they can’t find a job.

Still, the elite journalists at the Wall Street journal call it franchise fatigue.

The only ‘franchise fatigue’ I have at the moment, is political journalists, who are CLUELESS to the average man or woman living in America.

They keep singing the ‘same old song.’


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Nobody’s Fool: James O’Keefe

Nobody’s Fool

James O’keefe brought us the undercover tape of how one government worker was trying to help prostitutes in the United States, and how to game the system.

In this tape, he sets up fake oil men from the Middle East, who want to involve Susan Sarandon in making a film about fracking, in order to make sure that America does not attain energy independence.

Watch her manager’s face…all he is thinking about is money, money, money.

I have always thought the Hollywood stars are making big money off promoting the liberal agenda, and we see that here.

James O’Keefe wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for exposing, as he says, “The Truth.”

Go get James! Keep up the good work!

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People Choice Awards Are Not REALLY the People’s Choice. But you knew that…..

Nobody Wins

The People’s Choice Award was on last night…and low and behold, I was wondering…why Duck Dynasty wasn’t included in ANY category?Duck Dynasty did not win

Walgreens did have a really gay guy promoting their sponsorship, and the same old people won all the prizes, which goes to show you, they do the same thing in television that they do in politics—-they give you the choices that they pick. Duck Dynasty is the biggest program watched on cable, but they offend Hollywood liberals, so they just acted as if the program didn’t exist.

Nobody Wins, when Hollywood gets to pick the People’s Choice.

I’m still mad that they put Supernatural in the Bromance category.

Bromance? Even straight guys are now in love.Jutin timberlakd

And if I sound cantankerous, I’ve got the “flu”. So excuse me while I pretend I didn’t watch any of it, drag out the Nyquil, and collapse.

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Meryl Streep Blasts Walt Disney-

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders why movie stars just can’t get a life.  I’ve now added another “I won’t pay a dime to go see anything she does” actor to my list. It seems last night, at the National Board of Review, where movie stars get together to fawn over each other, about how wonderful and great they all are…It seems Meryl Streep decided to take down another American Icon: Walt Disney.Wal Disney

Why? One: Hillary will be running for President. We need to elevate the woman.

Two: Disneyland was the only place in America you could go and take the family on vacation, and not have to worry about getting mugged, raped, or shot at. Walt Disney was an American Genius, like Steve Jobs, probably had his quirks, but to trash the man now, is in such bad taste, it shows you the egos on some of these people we call ‘stars’ just seem to keep getting bigger.

“Some of his associates reported that Walt Disney didn’t really like women,” Streep said, quoting esteemed animator Ward Kimball on his old boss: “He didn’t trust women or cats.”

Streep talked about how Disney “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group” and called him a “gender bigot.” She read a letter that his company wrote in 1938 to an aspiring female animator. It included the line, “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that task is performed entirely by young men.”

Oh my, Meryl. He didn’t like woman, cats and Jews. Oh my.

When Michael Eisner took over, the Disney operation did change, and it just didn’t have that Disney touch. And the Disney touch was all about family.

Nevertheless…Streep’s buddy, Bob Reiner said this:.Myral Streep

“We were never around when there was naked women,” Reiner complained.

Let me get this straight Ms Streep: It’s okay for men to look at women as sluts, whores, perfectly catering to the sexual proclivities of every man, but heaven forbid they should want a Disney life at home taking care of their children while dad works. .

Hey, for years I didn’t like cats, and I don’t trust anyone upon first meeting, especially— women..very little. And I’m a woman. And they say that Jews run Hollywood…is that true?: Maybe it was more about the corporate power struggles in Hollywood, than the religion. In fact, Steven Spielberg is Jewish and yet supports Obama who has turned his back on Israel. Does Steven HATE the Jews so much he sides with a prominent enemy of them?  So who really hates the Jews? Why don’t you criticize Obama and Steven? Hillary’s not to fond of Israel either.

Walt Disney grew up in a different American world, and gave us all an immense American empire. He brought entertainment and joy into households for years. His creative genius has been copied and loved in every country of the world.

Meryl Streep might be a good actress….but if I had to choose between going to Disneyworld or seeing one of her movies? Please. But hey, kick the man while he’s dead.

Meryl….Go eat an apple. Go make another movie. You can’t even touch Walt’s coattails.

Disney fans could care less.

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Can We Ban Stallone For Doing Too Many Steroids?

Nobody Wins

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing anymore Expendables at the movies.” said my husband.Sly Stone

It’s been a common decision in our house: If you are a movie star, and you decide to put down the common folks who spend the big money to go see your movies, then we don’t have to give you our money.

Stallone, has been getting on my nerves lately. Yo Rocky…What happened to you? Too many punches in the head?  

Stallone has made most of his money simply because he has appealed to the conservative Americans. Rocky was all about individual hard work and the theme that, in America, you CAN be the champ if you work hard enough. And he went on to milk the American’s are really good guys themes…in fact he has always had those themes running throughout his movies. It’s the REASON they were successful.Sly Stone America

And yet, when he talks on his own time, he sounds like a wimpy liberal kiss-ass Obama puppet. During the Trayvon Martin trail, he said no Americans needed to own a gun.

Gee..can the word hypocrisy get any bigger?

And now, Stallone  is replacing Bruce Willis (who by all accounts IS a conservative) with Harrison Ford in his next Expendable movie: Stallone

 Stallone gleefully announced yesterday that Willis had been booted from “The Expendables” summer franchise, calling him a greedy, lazy jerk. The “Rocky” actor tweeted: “WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!” Not satisfied with simply showing Willis the door, Stallone added this parting Twitter shot: “GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Are these guys that stupid? Does Stallone think that the people who go to see his movies, are going to want to fork out money to see the liberal lover Harrison Ford?

Sly might be in for a surprise. In fact, the whole movie industry is in shock..NOBODY IS GOING TO THE Movies! Spielberg has even predicted the industry won’t be able to survive.

And it’s has much more to do with rebellion than content. It’s not just the movies that are suffering…the cities newspapers are falling like dead flies off an electrical grid. The Boston Globe and the Washington Post were recently sold at a loss, and I’m waiting for the Post Dispatch to go, because they almost have to give it away here in St. Louis.

So, what’s up?

Rush Limbaugh had it right today….the real reason the newspapers (and the movies) are going out of business is because people, like me, were sick of opening up their morning paper and seeing whole pages devoted to some poor African village starving, and how horrible America was in not sending the world all its money.

The leftist Marxist took over all the newspapers in America, the people stopped buying them, and they wonder why.

It’s the same reason the movies are bombing…

Hey, I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, who I know is a patriot, rather than spend money on Sylvester Stallone blowing up another village in some third world country,  all the while saying in real life, he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

I thought the first Expendables was great—But I will never pay to see another movie of Sly Stone’s no matter how much I want to.

The man, is a coward, a fraud, and an American sellout. Let him move to China.

Nobody Wins when Hollywood is just another mouthpiece for government propaganda. Sorry Sly—I doubt that Bruce Willis’s career will suffer.

Baseball is not the only thing that steroids has damaged, Nobody Wins when your hero’s are on steroids….and everybody knows…steroids cause brain damage. What better proof do you need? Arnold

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Kathy Griffins & Anderson Cooper: Will the Blow Job Continue?

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin may make their popular New Year’s Eve specials a regular thing. I hear the duo filmed a pilot today at the CNN studios in the Time Warner Center in New York. Details about the hourlong project are sketchy, but I’ve learned that it had a lot of humor in it and filmed in front of a live audience — which I hear included new CNN topper— Jeff Zucker.

Isn’t that special?

Nobody Wonders

When your down in the ratings, you get in the gutter. It works every time. Most of us can’t resist watching the disasters can we? I’ve seen the movie 2012 at LEAST 4 times.

So, we see here that Kathy has daddy issues growing up, and Anderson Cooper really is embarrassed because his boyfriend was probably watching this New Year’s Eve celebration of CNN, along with millions of underage kids around the world, but did that matter to Kathy?

Nope. .

Kathy will do just about anything to get attention…so you have to wonder that IF Anderson Cooper agrees to do a show with Kathy, will his reputation as a respected journalist will go down the drain?

Not that I watch either one of them, but I did feel sorry for him here. What will they do to top this? Kathy will be going: “Come on out there! Who wants to see Anderson TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES!”

As a former entertainer, I know how easy it is to get an audience to cheer just about anything…especially when they’re drunk.

Did Kathy NOT know that Anderson was gay when she was doing this? It’s possible, because she is too much of a liberal to make fun of gays, but Nobody Wonders why anyone would dial in to see the two of them together again. I suspect this idea is being floated around the internet as a test for possible programs.

Why not just give Kathy her own reality show? She could get a roomful of gay guys and go at it.

People, would watch…If Rome is falling, then let the games keep the “less informed” entertained…right?



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American Nation Suffers From Gullibleitis: No Cure


Nobody CaresBlarney

Call me Ms Gullible. Ever since I was a kid, I retained an innocence that borders almost on severe stupidity. I only had one brother who was two years older, and as everyone who has EVER been the butt of jokes of an older brother knows…. you are left standing with,  “I can’t believe he did that!” feeling of horror on your face too many times to EVER grow up with a sense of trust on just about anything.

Your parents can be the most loving parents in the universe, but if you have a fun-loving brother whose main purpose in life is to succeed as the favorite child, you are doomed.

One time my older brother and cousin Corky, told me to go to the end of the sewer tunnel, and they swore that they would NOT light those firecrackers— I trusted them.

I didn’t hear for 2 week.

These “Let’s fool little sis!” jokes went on for years, until one day, when I was fourteen, and a 19-year-old girl wanted to know if my brother really was the cousin of Elvis and if he really was 19…I told her flat-out: Nope…he was only fourteen, and Elvis didn’t even know he existed.

There is still a hole in the bedroom door where my 14-year-old brother put his fist because, I was on the other side.

SO…because I was a victim of an older brother’s imaginative hours of entertainment, I’m a hard woman to dupe. And I have to ask you? How could millions of people believe that some football player had a girlfriend that he was in love with, and he had never met her?Clinton lying

A football player in his prime NOT having sex? That’s about as rare as getting a tax return the next day.

How could millions of people believe that Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clemens weren’t using something to make them superhuman? Because they SAID so?

How could millions believe that Lance Armstrong, a man who hardly ever lost a race, was not ‘doping’ even though many were accusing him of it? What did he do? He ATTACKED them! He learned that from being friends with the Clintons.

How could half the country believe that Obama is NOT a Marxist when he has announced his plans to fundamentally change America?Obama lying two

Nobody is still wondering how everyone can still believe that the Clinton’s, two of the most notorious liars in American history—should be held in the highest esteem.

I did NOT have sex., or rape, or sell military hardware to China, or kill Ron Brown, or lie to a grand jury…or…” I mean, just how gullible are we?

Did the older brothers of the world just lose their ability to teach the younger siblings about life?

Nobody Wonders: I know how gullible I have been in my lifetime, and I have learned from my own stupidity.

So…Why…are so many people still so gullible?


Some people will do anything to stay at the top. The rewards are many. The means justifies the ends.

Some people…just won’t. I still remain, after all the years of countless lies and tricks..honest.

But that doesn’t mean they have to remain gullible and stupid does it?

My brother did a fine job educating me on the various ways a human can lie and get ahead. And I should thank him for it. I don’t think I would have the enquiring mind I have today if not for him.

Maybe I can get him to write a book….and title it: “The REAL reason Lance Armstrong Got Away With it.” I’m sure he knows just how he pulled it off.

Why should Lance make all the money?Lance Armstrong



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Nobody’s Perfect: Jamie Fox VS the Brits

Nobody’s Perfect

I should have posted the video yesteday…as it was all over the internet. But…of course…it’s been taken down, (I think) because Jamie Fox said, for all the world to hear, that he got to kill white people in his movie and he really enjoyed it! It was such a WONDERFUL black thing to do!

If Jamie keeps this up…I’m almost SURE he will get next year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Mmmmmmm…..silence. Notice NOBODY on the liberal networks are even talking about this?

Nobody suggests that all white people boycott that movie. But of course they won’t. There are too many stupid white people….who think that’s funny…black men wanting to kill them because they are white. I guess since Jamie is such good friends with Obama, he feels he can say he would like all white people dead and enjoy the moment? And uh…


So, if Jamie Fox can declare he would love killing white people, then any white person in the country should be able to say they love killing black people. Right? Free speech, after all.

I wonder how the “white” producers of Jamie’s new movie are going to go for that. They just lost a major portion of their profits. I’m not going to even RENT it.

On the other side of the loony bin last week, were the Brits. It seems Prince Williams’ Kate was very sick in the hospital when some Australian DJ’s decided to call up the hospital and pretend they were the Prince and the Queen, and since the nurse was NOT of British birth, she believed them and gave them information she shouldn’t have. Like, she was having trouble with the royal pregnancy.

Uh-oh. Big mistake.

So she killed herself. In true liberal guilt fashion, every one in the media now is more concerned about the two idiot DJ’s than the family___Family of Nurse

The family of the tragic nurse who took the hoax call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was staying have been given less support than the Australian DJs behind the stunt, an MP said yesterday. ‘We have the Australian DJs who are getting all this counselling, but what about the family? What about support for them?

But..That’s not all the Brits are doing. They are determined to control cow flatulence! While Hillary is taking taxpayers’ money we have, to build Mosques in Cairo, the British government is spending money on the flatulence of cows. Here’s what one reporter from the Daily Mail found out:

Millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money has been spent on a scheme aimed at reducing the flatulence of Colombian cattle, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

A £15million grant to ranchers and other organisations in the South American country was part of a £2.9billion package of ‘climate aid’ to developing countries which critics called ‘ludicrous’.

The initiative aimed to improve animal diets by cultivating trees and plants on their grazing lands – in doing so reducing the amount of methane escaping through belching and flatulence.

  • A total of £14million of climate aid finance to projects in Uganda, despite the Government recently stopping all aid to the country because of corruption.
  • £31million of British money going to Turkey – a  middle-ranking economy – to help develop geo-thermal and wind power.
  • The Department for International Development (DFID)  funding meetings between tribal ‘rain-makers’ and meteorologists in Kenya.
  • Who wins the nutjob of the week? You decide. I’m too tired. BUT…put me in a field of flatulent cows anyday…where I can be SURE I won’t run into Jamie Fox. I’d be just fine. Cows Brits

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Madonna: Stripping for the President

Nobody Reports

Thank goodness somebody finally settled the question on EVERYBODY’s mind: Obama is a Muslim. Madonna said so, and he didn’t deny it.

Madonna has declared that the reason we should celebrate is because Obama is black, a Muslim, and finally America can find hope and be thankful, that….all those Republican Blacks like Martin Luther King, did not die in vain. Madonna says that if Obama is elected she is going to strip naked for the world! Oh…happy day! Uh…you did that once before honey…Nobody suggests you spare us again.

Hopefully, Madonna will move to Mecca where she can be welcomed with open arms…where she can be stripped, raped, and killed with rocks as they do in those  wonderful Muslim countries to women like her.And uh…what happened to her Jewish Kabbala religion that she was so excited about?

Did the Jews kick her out?

Madonna has done her share of Christian bashing, and God Knows, now that Obama’s name is tattooed on her butt, Obama can blame her if he loses.

Many people are saying that the reason we are being attacked on 9/11 is because Obama was bragging about how he killed bin Laden. I’d put Madonna threatening to strip naked as another reason billions of Muslims will go on another rampage…making both of them our highest National Security Risks.

Obama said today at the UN some insane thing that no nation that puts Islam down should …what was the word….I can’t find the quote now..they’ve quickly taken it down, but it was another “America must never take against the Holy Allah.” stupid thing.

Well, here goes: Allah can kiss Madonna’s not- so- sweet ass. The whole Muslim nation is a nation of slavery, and the fact that Madonna, Obama, Hillary, and just about everyone in the democratic party supports them, is beyond sensible.

So Nobody Says, in her own vernacular which she so enjoys. “Fuck you Madonna.”  You’re not that important.

Hope she gets that! I am pretty sure, she will understand it.

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Praying for a Vigil from Politician’s Vigils

Nobody’s Opinion

Thomas Jefferson: “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined or determined to commit crimes. Such laws only make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assassins; they serve to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (1764 Letter and speech from T. Jefferson quoting with approval an essay by Cesare Beccari)

If you hadn’t read the news in the last few days and happened to turn on the television tonight, you would have thought that the “prayer service” in Aurora, Colorado, was a testimony to just about every politician known in the United States. The President kicked it off…with a vast array of Mayors, Governors,  Senators, etc…everyone wanted in on the action. In other words…see? THIS is why you pay taxes! We need thousands of government workers when things like this happen! We ALL care for you. REALLY we do! It was as if each and every politician was so surprised that a government worker actually showed up and did his job.

Nobody Thinks that just because a policeman shows up and does his job, it really doesn’t make him more of a hero than the average man. It’s his JOB for god’s sake. But today: every single mayor, councilman, assistant city councilman, policeman, and fireman…were commended forever more in history. They spend more time talking about WHO’s attending the prayer meeting than what everybody is really praying about. It’s ridiculous.

Like a true politician, Obama waited until exactly the right time, tonight, when he knew most Americans would be in front of their TV sets, to make his great speech on the shooting in Colorado. And while his face looked moved, instead of praising the young men who GAVE their lives to save their girlfriends, he was more impressed by the woman who put a finger on her girlfriend neck wound while she called 911. That girl represent the best of America he said.

Now…this is no offense to the woman who saved her friend’s life…but there was a reason for it.

Obama’s took the opportunity to pander to women. He needs their vote. FOX News immediately posted the three men who threw their bodies on their girlfriends, because most of us were screaming…

“Well, what about the guys who DIED protecting their girlfriends?” Obama knows he doesn’t have the men’s vote. Your sinister Joyanna.

Sinister you say?

The good people of Aurora might have been comforted with all those politicians showing up to help them “heal” from the tragedy, but I wonder how many people in Chicago, where some 23 people were shot in one night, and hundreds in just the last year, were thinking, “HEY..Where’s our Prayer Vigil?”

Nobody Says: Uh…Obama already has your vote, Chicago.

 So, outside of Aurora, how do the rest of us feel? Most of the talk on the conservative radios is the fear of the perfect timing of this event. The Democrats want to disarm America and we know it. Hell, we FEAR it.  Bloomberg had his Gestapo out, and all the liberals were screaming for basically guns to be outlawed.

Like Ellen Barkin…the BODY. I have never watched her program on TV…and never will….simply because her big mouth, while appealing to many, gives me the creeps.  BUT…Here’s’ what she had to say about the people who stick up for the right to carry guns.

From the Blaze:

 Tony-winning actress Ellen Barkin seemingly went on a profanity-laced Twitter rampage against conservatives and Jon Lovitz recently, saying that she “loves everybody” except “u right wing f–kin morons“ and that Jon Lovitz needs to ”shut the f–k up.” The first tweet reads: “Gotta go to bed. Work in morning. I love everybody…except u right wing f–kin morons.X.”

Barkin, who stood in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in January and told a police officer to get his “motherf–king hands” off her after he asked her to move to the sidewalk, clearly feels passionately about her cause.

Nobody Thinks: Ellen…gee..don’t you PLAY a cop packing a gun on TV? 

And then there’s Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame.

“Clearly, the angry, threatened and threatening, hostile comments are coming from gun owners and gun advocates,” Alexander writes. “Despite these massacres recurring and despite the 100,000 Americans that die every year due to domestic gun violence – these people see no value to even considering some kind of control as to what kinds of weapons are put in civilian hands.”

Jason later said he got the numbers wrong. Uh…just a little.

Notice, Jason does not put his old Hollywood buddy Ellen’s comments as being “angry.”

But Jason doesn’t stop there–He goes onto …the absurd.

“There is no excuse for the propagation of these weapons. They are not guaranteed or protected by our constitution,” Alexander concludes near the end of the over 1,700-word statement. “If they were, then we could all run out and purchase a tank, a grenade launcher, a bazooka, a SCUD missile and a nuclear warhead. We could stockpile napalm and chemical weapons and bomb-making materials in our cellars under our guise of being a militia.”

Now, a lot of people would buy into this statement. Why…He’s right! We should not run out and buy a bazooka!

Having said that: Why has NOBODY asked how Mr. Holmes, who was broke and unemployed, got the money to buy ALL THAT STUFF?

Can we see his Credit Cards statements please?

The point is, smart people know that if someone in that crowd had a gun, that guy would have not gotten off so many bullets. There will ALWAYS be criminals with guns. 

 For all the dog and pony show about how great the police, and politicians are, they can’t protect you when a nut has a gun. You didn’t need a grenade launcher to stop the guy…all you needed was a good shot at his head. And that’s why our founders…(Listen carefully Mr. Liberal idiot) guaranteed our right to carry a gun. Oh…and just in case you might want to check it out Jason…here’s a few more examples, of our constitutional right to have guns.


Samual Adams: “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” (Convention of the Commonwealth of Mass., 86-87, date still being sought)

George Washington:A free people ought to be armed.” (Jan 14 1790, Boston Independent Chronicle.)

James Madison: “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose rulers are afraid to trust them with arms.” (Federalist Paper #46)

Got it?

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Who Will Buy the Presidency? China, GE, EU, or the Brotherhoods?

Nobody’s Opinion

So…Here we are, American Presidential Election 2012, and ONE of our candidates is complaining that he doesn’t have enough money. The usual $80 billion is just NOT enough to buy the Presidency.

Inflation is a bitch.

‘President’ Obama is portraying Mitt Romney as King Solomon, compared to his little orphan Annie, and so he needs more money. Nowadays, $100 billion dollars is just not enough to buy another four years in the White House–Here’s a letter Obama sent to his many fans:

We’re getting outraised — a first for a sitting president, if this continues. Not just by the super PACs and outside groups that are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into misleading ads, but by our opponent and the Republican Party, which just outraised us for the second month in a row.

We can win a race in which the other side spends more than we do. But not this much more.

Oh…that’s heart wrenching…What’s the matter Barry? No one wants to fork out their food stamp money anymore? Cheer up…think of the many hundreds of nice looking tatoos on butts that bear your name!

And so Barack begs for money. And not just here…all over the world. I think this could be the first time that our politicians are now asking for campaign contributions from every spot on the planet, at least without trying to hide it.

We’ve come a long way from Clinton’s Chinese coffee klatches, baby.

Obama is NOT to be outdone: With the help of his buddy George Clooney to kick it off, he will be raising millions.

Mitt, is getting on this foreign money wagon too. To stay proper, he is doing one in London during the Olympics (which he surely has free tickets to) and one in Jerusalem. Obama has all the communist states covered.

So, while we can wonder: When did the office of the Presidency become worth a trillion dollars? We should also wonder: Where are the election officials that are being paid? Do we even HAVE any?


It is ILLEGAL to accept campaign contributions from foreign countries:

The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly. It is also unlawful to help foreign nationals violate that ban or to solicit, receive or accept contributions or donations from them. Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

Hey! Does Anybody care that this is…against the law?

Evidently not.

American Idol just became Global American President. Obama was not qualified to be President. We are still wondering where in the world he was born. And now, when foreign countries are now being allowed to basically put some serious money up to effect our elections: maybe its time we start thinking about cutting out of D.C….and thinking of secession.

The Democrats are complaining about China making our Olympic uniforms, but Democrats will accept a Presidency “made in China” as long as that money has Obama’s name on the collar.

How many states do you think we can get to join?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Jimmy Carter VS Elmo

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have two very important world figures trying to take the spotlight with their grievances, Jimmy Carter and Elmo. I was going to go for Cher this week, because she keeps ranting that the Tea Party people are all racist… but…why? Elmo at this point is much more interesting.

Let’s start with that pontificating putterer, x-President Jimmy Carter, who no doubt is still wondering if we have aliens on the planet, because he is looking for the Carter family tree.  I’m convinced he could be of alien descent because I can’t think of any recent x President that dislikes America as much as he does.

Notice I said X American President.

Carter is STILL knocking America…and that’s because America threw him out of office because he put on his sweater one day in the Oval Office, looked the American people straight in the eye, and told America to turn down their thermostats and get out our ugliest sweaters, because we were basically all energy hogs and it was our fault (not his) that we had to wait in long lines to get gas.

It didn’t go over too well.

Once Ronald Reagan came to save the day, we couldn’t WAIT for Jimmy to go back to his peanut farm. But did he? Nooooooo, he had to continue to torture us with all his opinions…like how the election of Hugo Chavez was a good one. Once Jimmy Carter agreed to do an interview in Playboy, Nobody thought  that if there were any redeeming qualities Jimmy might have had…class was not one of them. He has been one of the noisiest and litigious pathological anti American President ever to grace the Oval Office, but..yesterday–he just might have gone too far.

He is now attacking ObamaLions and Tiger and Bears…OH MY!

Jimmy Carter, America’s 39 the president, denounced the Obama administration for “clearly violating” 10 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, writing in a New York Times op-ed on Monday that the “United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights. In addition to the drone strikes, Carter criticized the current president for keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention center open, where prisoners “have been tortured by water boarding more than 100 times or intimidated with semiautomatic weapons, power drills or threats to sexually assault their mothers.”

Notice the words “intimidated.”

Actually, if a Muslim really believed that some American soldier was really going to sexually assault their mother, then he deserved to be water boarded for stupidity alone.

And even though Jimmy has protected Muslims all over the world, this time he has maybe stepped over the…x –tow the Party democratic line.

And then there’s Elmo.  Evidently Elmo is claiming that the Jews are ruining the world, (see video) something Mel Gibson once said to a cop. So many kids were around while Elmo was losing his mind trying to tell people that the Jews were taking over, a guy in another stupid costume had to get him to shut up.

Who made the biggest blooper this week?

How do you compare?  I can’t. Both of them are stupid.

And speaking of stupid—Kim Kardashion had this to say about herself and the Virgin Mary:

“I think if I’m 40 and I don’t have any kids and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated, I would feel like Mary — like Jesus is my baby. When I did want to have sex the first time, I was almost 15,” she told Winfrey — just like the Virgin Mary said in the Gospel of Matthew.

She told this to Oprah. Word has not come in if she was on drugs, or if the Catholic Church might be considering working with Kim to redo the Virgin Mary statues with Kim Kardashion statues ..or not.  Somehow Kim completely missed the point that you have to be a VIRGIN to be Mary.

I’m beginning to think I should have compared Cher to Kim this week: The Botox Devil and the Virgin Mary.

Still somewhere I just know, that Jimmy Carter has lusted for them both.

Therefore, Elmo wins by default. Congratulations Elmo! Jimmy Carter and Egypt await you.  

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Nobody’s Perfect: Rivers VS Rickles Vs Lovitz

Nobody’s Perfect

In Hollywood, if you’re not a democrat, you are pretty much run out-of-town, and very few comedians can ignore an election year. Let’s compare shall we, three comedians and their opinions about Obama, and see which one is the MOST perfect:

FIRST: Joan Rivers…never met a liposuction she didn’t want, or an ugly dress she could ignore. Here she critiques the ongoing Republican race for the White House, and notice, when she finally criticizes Obama, Jane  Lynch comes in to defend his gray hair. (?)

And then they both “bond” in their feminists glory of being born with uteruses…as if the man has no rights…He’s just a sperm walking–and then they go into the sex jokes…

I’m beginning to think they don’t have any…sex that is. I still like Joan Rivers, but she deserves to stay on the women’s channels, where she can talk about sex changes and viagra to her hearts content.

SECOND: You don’t go on David Letterman and cut down Obama, but that’s exactly what Don Rickles did…and when the Liberal audience was offended, he didn’t care. I’d say, Don Rickles has one up on Joan Rivers, in fact, Nobody would like better than to see Don Rickles tell a few Obama jokes to Joan Rivers.

THIRD: I saved the best for last. John Lovitz is a hilarious actor. His portrayal in the Wedding Singer of a band disco singer was so true to life, I almost couldn’t believe he was not some of the people I’ve seen on karaoke stages. But here, he really lets it go here, about how unfair it is to work hard, and then have a President who wants to take it away.

Lovitz wins the “Nobody’s Perfect, but You’re Pretty Close Award” for the week. This Nobody has now become an even BIGGER fan, and even Lovitz says the offers are pouring in from everywhere.

The contest—- wasn’t even close.

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Nobody Applauds Eastwood’s Daughter…

Nobody Wonders

As you know, I have a big thing about ugly purses, especially those that cost thousands of dollars, and believe me, they are all over the place. Go to any upscale mall and you will see hundreds of overpriced bags, most of them, one uglier than the next.

So…when Clint’s Eastwood’s daughter and her boyfriend destroyed one of those ugly purses for fun I was going, “Alright! Yes! Kill that ugly purse! Scorch that sucker!”

Hey, I got it. For once I got the message….but others evidently programmed by the Marxist revolution were ‘appalled’. How DARE they destroy a $100,000 purse!

Eastwood and Shields – known for his work with video portraits and celebrity photography – decided to publicly demolish a $100,000 crocodile Hermès Birkin bag by setting it on fire before taking a chainsaw to it, all in the name of art. Francesca’s step-mother Dina expressed  her disgust at the fact that she even owned a bag worth so much and stating that she does not understand the true value of money. “Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten b***h to burn 100k bag” wrote one angry viewer.

So, the brainwashed, Marxists were all OVER CNN going on about how spoiled Clint’s daughter was, and the poor boyfriend had to come out and defend her.

Personally, I thought it was a fine moment in art history. I wish some guy would take some of those multi-million dollar paintings professed to be “art,” flame them up, and throw them off the Brooklyn Bridge.

I would be there to applaud such a fine moment in Art History.

The real point is, there are all sorts of merchandize sold by the rich every single day that cost under a $100 dollars to make, but are sold for literally thousands…and hey..people with money buy them!

Who are we to say what they can waste their money on? Only a Marxist would moan and groan about it.

I thought it was rather noble myself…one less ugly purse is gone..not to mention, some alligator was slaughtered for this purse. Where was PETA?

There is a restaurant in New York, that will serve you a spoonful of caviar for $90,000. Where’s the beef?

There is  a cocktail that is being served up for the Queen’s Jubilee..that  goes for $15,500.Where’s the beef?

And most of all, there is a “President” who spends billions just riding in Air Force One everyday, and hands out money (That’s not his to hand out) to all his friends so they reelect him…putting a whole nation of future generations in hock for his lavish lifestyle.

Where’s the beef?

The hypocrisy is overwhelming. So…Nobody applauds the young lovers for doing something this Nobody approves of: ridding the world of a butt-ugly purse not worth the innocent alligator it was slaughtered for.

In fact, I can think of a few other ugly purses they could use.

Next time, put a picture of Karl Marx inside the alligator purse, along with a side of beef, and throw it to a big guy…who is waiting to be slaughtered and made into a new $100,000 ugly purse.

That would be more than art…that would be just plain fun!

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