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Don Rickles: When Being Polically Uncorrect Brought Laughter.

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Don Rickles passed away last week. Unlike Chuck Berry, his passing didn’t get much of a notice, probably because he insulted everyone and it didn’t matter if they were Polish, Jewish, black or white…it was just funny.

That was his act, and those that knew him, loved him for it. It must have killed him to see the “politically correct” police censoring the comedians. Jerry Seinfeld has complained about it a lot. Once upon a time, you could tell just about any ethnic joke, and it was just in fun.

Those were the good old days.

Even though he was before my time, I still get a kick out of watching the other entertainers laugh at him.

Really. Don Rickles. I wish I could have seen him live in Las Vegas.

Hopefully, someone out there did.

RIP Mr. Rickles.

You know, you really had no talent whatsoever.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Rivers VS Rickles Vs Lovitz

Nobody’s Perfect

In Hollywood, if you’re not a democrat, you are pretty much run out-of-town, and very few comedians can ignore an election year. Let’s compare shall we, three comedians and their opinions about Obama, and see which one is the MOST perfect:

FIRST: Joan Rivers…never met a liposuction she didn’t want, or an ugly dress she could ignore. Here she critiques the ongoing Republican race for the White House, and notice, when she finally criticizes Obama, Jane  Lynch comes in to defend his gray hair. (?)

And then they both “bond” in their feminists glory of being born with uteruses…as if the man has no rights…He’s just a sperm walking–and then they go into the sex jokes…

I’m beginning to think they don’t have any…sex that is. I still like Joan Rivers, but she deserves to stay on the women’s channels, where she can talk about sex changes and viagra to her hearts content.

SECOND: You don’t go on David Letterman and cut down Obama, but that’s exactly what Don Rickles did…and when the Liberal audience was offended, he didn’t care. I’d say, Don Rickles has one up on Joan Rivers, in fact, Nobody would like better than to see Don Rickles tell a few Obama jokes to Joan Rivers.

THIRD: I saved the best for last. John Lovitz is a hilarious actor. His portrayal in the Wedding Singer of a band disco singer was so true to life, I almost couldn’t believe he was not some of the people I’ve seen on karaoke stages. But here, he really lets it go here, about how unfair it is to work hard, and then have a President who wants to take it away.

Lovitz wins the “Nobody’s Perfect, but You’re Pretty Close Award” for the week. This Nobody has now become an even BIGGER fan, and even Lovitz says the offers are pouring in from everywhere.

The contest—- wasn’t even close.

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