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People Choice Awards Are Not REALLY the People’s Choice. But you knew that…..

Nobody Wins

The People’s Choice Award was on last night…and low and behold, I was wondering…why Duck Dynasty wasn’t included in ANY category?Duck Dynasty did not win

Walgreens did have a really gay guy promoting their sponsorship, and the same old people won all the prizes, which goes to show you, they do the same thing in television that they do in politics—-they give you the choices that they pick. Duck Dynasty is the biggest program watched on cable, but they offend Hollywood liberals, so they just acted as if the program didn’t exist.

Nobody Wins, when Hollywood gets to pick the People’s Choice.

I’m still mad that they put Supernatural in the Bromance category.

Bromance? Even straight guys are now in love.Jutin timberlakd

And if I sound cantankerous, I’ve got the “flu”. So excuse me while I pretend I didn’t watch any of it, drag out the Nyquil, and collapse.

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