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Two Political Peas in a Pod

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Men are always complaining that women are just a mystery, and this woman has got me baffled.  Barbara Bush, does not want her son Jeb, who she insists IS the most qualified person in the world to be the next President to run, to NOT run because she agrees with the rest of us? That it’s time we end the dynasties?


Jeb of course tweeted the next day: “What Day is Mother’s Day this year?”

Mmmmm….how do we interpret this? First: All the men in the family have come out and endorsed Jeb to run, but not mom. You have to ask yourself…what is the biggest thing going against Jeb Bush running as President? I bet if you took a poll (and you can bet you’re grandmother’s social security card that she keeps in a box on her dresser) that the Bush’s have done extensive polls on this matter, you would find that very few people in America think we should have 3 presidents in our lifetime from the same family. Therefore, this is not the first, or the last time you will hear mom saying this: Don’t fool yourself, Jeb will be running and this is a psychological ploy to have mom help by saying she knows the problem, and she agrees with us all. She feels OUR concern.

Notice also, she mentions her family are all ‘public servants’. Give me a break. The ‘public servant’ business has served the Bush family very well. Notice how she mentions the Bush women as being the servants of the poor and global health. There’s the upcoming ‘women’s’ issue. Women are strong in the Bush family. Strong public servants like the men. You could go farther and pay attention to the “governors” she thinks might run (Christie wish?)

Why doesn’t she want him to run? Because it will be just so rough on the poor kid. He will have all those enemies. (I can see why Laura Bush and Barbara don’t get along.) Politicians don’t let ‘mom’ go on C-Span to do this sort of stuff unless it’s going to benefit them. And this is not the first time Barbara has said this. Barbara is campaigning for Jeb, pure and simple. And she is setting the conversation for everyone to come out and say, “Hey Jeb! Forget your mother…run!”  It’s to set up the “mom is mean to you Jeb, of course you should run!” scenario.

And then there’s Michelle turning 50. The media let us all believe that she was going to party her birthday away in Hawaii, but now we find out that, no…she’s having a party at the White House and the Obama’s will NOT be putting out their own money to feed everyone. So, that means, hip-hop, big Stevie Wonder party time, lots of drinking, and campaigning for the Obama’s nest egg Mansion in Hawaii. I’m wondering if they are going to let the press in, or if they will just pick and choose what pictures they will let the public see?

As they have picked and chosen this lovely picture. Michelle 50

Michelle now has her AARP card, and well she should. AARP helped push Obamacare through.

As IF she is going to use it.

Two political women from two different parties: Two sneaky political peas in a pod.

We are ALL being manipulated.

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