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Nobody’s Perfect: Jamie Fox VS the Brits

Nobody’s Perfect

I should have posted the video yesteday…as it was all over the internet. But…of course…it’s been taken down, (I think) because Jamie Fox said, for all the world to hear, that he got to kill white people in his movie and he really enjoyed it! It was such a WONDERFUL black thing to do!

If Jamie keeps this up…I’m almost SURE he will get next year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Mmmmmmm…..silence. Notice NOBODY on the liberal networks are even talking about this?

Nobody suggests that all white people boycott that movie. But of course they won’t. There are too many stupid white people….who think that’s funny…black men wanting to kill them because they are white. I guess since Jamie is such good friends with Obama, he feels he can say he would like all white people dead and enjoy the moment? And uh…


So, if Jamie Fox can declare he would love killing white people, then any white person in the country should be able to say they love killing black people. Right? Free speech, after all.

I wonder how the “white” producers of Jamie’s new movie are going to go for that. They just lost a major portion of their profits. I’m not going to even RENT it.

On the other side of the loony bin last week, were the Brits. It seems Prince Williams’ Kate was very sick in the hospital when some Australian DJ’s decided to call up the hospital and pretend they were the Prince and the Queen, and since the nurse was NOT of British birth, she believed them and gave them information she shouldn’t have. Like, she was having trouble with the royal pregnancy.

Uh-oh. Big mistake.

So she killed herself. In true liberal guilt fashion, every one in the media now is more concerned about the two idiot DJ’s than the family___Family of Nurse

The family of the tragic nurse who took the hoax call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was staying have been given less support than the Australian DJs behind the stunt, an MP said yesterday. ‘We have the Australian DJs who are getting all this counselling, but what about the family? What about support for them?

But..That’s not all the Brits are doing. They are determined to control cow flatulence! While Hillary is taking taxpayers’ money we have, to build Mosques in Cairo, the British government is spending money on the flatulence of cows. Here’s what one reporter from the Daily Mail found out:

Millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money has been spent on a scheme aimed at reducing the flatulence of Colombian cattle, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

A £15million grant to ranchers and other organisations in the South American country was part of a £2.9billion package of ‘climate aid’ to developing countries which critics called ‘ludicrous’.

The initiative aimed to improve animal diets by cultivating trees and plants on their grazing lands – in doing so reducing the amount of methane escaping through belching and flatulence.

  • A total of £14million of climate aid finance to projects in Uganda, despite the Government recently stopping all aid to the country because of corruption.
  • £31million of British money going to Turkey – a  middle-ranking economy – to help develop geo-thermal and wind power.
  • The Department for International Development (DFID)  funding meetings between tribal ‘rain-makers’ and meteorologists in Kenya.
  • Who wins the nutjob of the week? You decide. I’m too tired. BUT…put me in a field of flatulent cows anyday…where I can be SURE I won’t run into Jamie Fox. I’d be just fine. Cows Brits

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  1. Re the tragic outcome to the hoax call. The Australian spirit is alive and well.

    The Staff Christmas Party has been cancelled.

    This is life imitating jokes. Like the one about the wedding reception where they ran out of beer. The MC stopped the proceedings to announce, “The party’s over folks. The beers all gone and the best man is upstairs shagging the bride”

    As the guests filed out disgruntled, he again shouted out, “It’s OK everyone. The bastard has apologised and he’s found a slab of Fosters.”


    Comment by Amfortas | December 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. Britain has gone ‘down the tube’ into the sewer, I’m sorry to say. It has decended into sheer stupidity, capitulation and abandonment of all sensible national Worth.

    You know me. I am like Chingachgook; I am the Last of the Englishmen. I mourn the passing of my tribe (made up as it is by the bloodlines of many nations and peoples).

    But where did America go? It was once full of itself proclaiming ‘Freedom’, ‘Inalienable Rights’ and extolling its origins, but carefully omiting to mention its theft of all the blood and treasure put in by British people, ordinary farmers and builders, tradesmen and traders, yes and their staunch, hard working, sacrificing womenfolk too.

    Resting on a foundation of cant and hypocricy, self delusion and excuse it had only one way to go: Upward into honesty and redemption.

    It chose not to take that route.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 11, 2012 | Reply

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