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When the Sands of the Pharohs Turn to Sugar

Nobody Wins

I found this video by random today: A young boy signs up, and then finds out that war is terrible–and this same video could have been made back in 1969. He is right about many things: America does get in too many wars…and if it were up to its citizens, after the attack, we would have gone to kill bin Laden, and not bombed Iraq. America’s military is in too many countries, and war makes too much money for too many people. Despite what Bush thinks…Iraq has turned out to be another Vietnam. He might have to wait more than 50 years to get his glory.Islam woman

BUT…to say that it’s a ‘racist’ war, is going a bit too far. We…were attacked. Innocents were killed, not soldiers.  Unlike WWII, no Muslims in this country were rounded up, even though the Muslims here pose much more of a danger than the poor Japanese’s citizens living here back in 1942 ever did.

What did President Bush do? He got the rich ones out, at our expense. Fine with me.

I must admit, while I don’t agree with most of the points made in the video, I can see how a young man involved over there could rationalized his pain in exactly that way. The young…just don’t know any better. Life will hit them…and thank god it will be later rather than sooner.

So, blame it on the corporations? I’ll go with that. BUT…blame it on the racist Americans who will not bow or feel compassions for Islam?

You have to ask yourself: what has the army been feeding these guys?Islam behead

Today it was released in the news, that Obama is going full-force “Allah” by issuing a demand that our armed forces may KILL Muslims, but, they cannot for any reason talk against them.

Really? Oh..that REAL logical.

Reported today:

The new U.S. military handbook for troops deployed to the Middle East orders soldiers not to make derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia, among other Islamic things.

The new manual, which is around 75 pages, suggests that Western ignorance of Afghan culture— not Taliban infiltration—is responsible for the increase in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces.  The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

Okay soldier: you turn your head when you see that Afghan with that little boy.

Can you believe this shit? (Sorry…I’m still an American)WORLD TRADE CENTER

Obviously, this is more proof that Obama and Hillary are on a mission to make it against the law to talk against Islam in this country. The military will be FORCED to do so.

The citizens will be next.

And after that? Submission.

So, when Hillary says she is NOT going to run for office in 2016, I’d believe her, because the Muslim Brotherhood is not going to want a woman in the White House, and it seems it’s their mission to not offend the Muslims at any cost.

Unless of course, she wears a burka..and I know a few fellows who would approve.

The truth is: someone will always be at war. The war in the Middle East will only stop when the Saharan sands turned to Broccoli…and by that time, all the prophesies will come true…and until that time, the remaining Americans who love their country have a even more powerful enemy to survive.

Their own govenment. And on that–the young and the old, can agree.

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Nobody Wonders About Purse Designers…

Nobody Wonders

Who would buy a purse that looks like a frog? frog purse

It’s been awhile since I reported on the latest “ugly purse” award, but leave it to the fashionably rich to think up these “beauties.”

The ad says it’s the crown that makes this frog purse (that holds maybe your lipstick and nail polish only) special.  But some lady named Judith Leiber is selling them for $5, 995, which means over $6,000.

If it croaked when you opened it up, it might be worth it.

And pink. If there is anything I hate worse than pink slippers, it’s a pick purse. The very famous Louis Vuitton is making you WAIT…to grap this…very ordinary purse sold for $2,340.

You could find one that looks JUST like it at Wal-Mart for $25.00, and good luck finding a dress to match.

Nobody proclaims: There should be a law against ugly purses. Someday, you will see these on e-bay.

And for the right price, I would buy them both and use them to store old costume jewelry–in my closet.


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What Next, Dr. Zhivago?

Nobody Knows

I remember how shocked I was upon hearing Mitt Romney, on one of his last debates, talk about how wonderful China was. He toned down his previous points about how they manipulate their currency. But China has beat all of the big business men at their own game. For instance: Take Jeffery Immelt, Obama’s Jobs Czar. (Who pays no taxes) Communism, he believes is superior to our political system. Evidently enslaving millions of people is not much of a concern to Jeffery.

It’s official: They are not making much of a secret about it: Some of our top American businessmen, and the politicians they keep in office, want a slicked version of communism right here in America..and keeping the parties at each other’s throats daily will help convince us all soon that’s it’s the way we should go.

The Chinese have stolen all our technology, and used the greed of our most successful businessmen to destroy us. But many of these big shots like Immelt, prefer to deal with just a few men, to give them monopolies. It’s a dream of power that makes Ayn Rand look like a Mickey Mouse story.

Jeffery Immelt didn’t hold back his feelings on just how much he admires the Chinese. It’s rather sickening…how MUCH he admires them.

And now, we have Warren Buffet pushing communism along with George Soros.

Investors Warren Buffett and George Soros are calling on Congress to increase the estate tax as lawmakers near a decision on tax policies that expire Dec. 31. This action threatens 526,421 family farms, of about 25 percent of all farms in America, according to a Senate analysis. Many farm and ranch families would be forced to sell their assets to satisfy Washington Democrats’ insatiable appetite for tax money. Up to 24 percent of America’s farm and ranch families could be forced to hand over a large chunk of their heritage to the Internal Revenue Service when a family member dies. This would economically devastate rural communities.

And HOW would that benefit Warren Buffet? After these family farms are finally are sold off…that will clear up land for Buffet’s railroads, AND get more people into the cities, where Obama plans to make us a competitor to China. People are to be gently pushed Into the cities, where they can be monitored daily with camera’s. Detroit and St. Louis will become agricultural centers. All those buildings will make way for workers to plant and harvest to feed the world.

Think I’m making this up?

When they control the land, the food, the water, and keep you in poverty, the only thing you can if you have any money left…

Is move to Canada, or Belgium where the French are flocking! This man, bless his heart, even shows you the way—

A man should be allowed to pass his land and his farms to his children and their children.

And after the farms…what will they come for  next,—-Doctor Zhivago?

“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God … anarchy and tyranny commence. PROPERTY MUST BE SECURED OR LIBERTY CANNOT EXIST” –John Adams

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