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Nobody Wonders

Who would buy a purse that looks like a frog? frog purse

It’s been awhile since I reported on the latest “ugly purse” award, but leave it to the fashionably rich to think up these “beauties.”

The ad says it’s the crown that makes this frog purse (that holds maybe your lipstick and nail polish only) special.  But some lady named Judith Leiber is selling them for $5, 995, which means over $6,000.

If it croaked when you opened it up, it might be worth it.

And pink. If there is anything I hate worse than pink slippers, it’s a pick purse. The very famous Louis Vuitton is making you WAIT…to grap this…very ordinary purse sold for $2,340.

You could find one that looks JUST like it at Wal-Mart for $25.00, and good luck finding a dress to match.

Nobody proclaims: There should be a law against ugly purses. Someday, you will see these on e-bay.

And for the right price, I would buy them both and use them to store old costume jewelry–in my closet.


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