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Nobody’s Perfect: Bob Costas VS Jovan Belcher


Nobody’s Perfect

Today, it was all the talk: Some big football player killed the mother of his child. Shot her…more than once. She was going to leave him, and well..he decided that he’d rather have her dead. After he shot her, dawned on him that—oops…I will be kicked off the team! So he shot himself. Probably to show what a good guy he was.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and former Long Island high-school star Jovan Belcher was allegedly battling football-related head injuries and booze, painkiller and domestic problems when he snapped and murdered his girlfriend before killing himself in front of two coaches Saturday. It didn’t help that he was drinking every day and taking painkillers while dealing with the effects of debilitating head injuries, the friend said.

Jovan LOVED to party. The daughter will be better off without that nutcase. But here’s what’s funny: The very dead Jovan has no clue that he is being used to promote ‘gun control.’ Jovan, obviously, not only killed his girlfriend, but also himself.

—-Not good PR for professional football. Let’s BLAME THE GUN! Or the violence of Football! Let’s not blame the guy who did it…no..he had to be pitied. Poor guy.

On the other hand….

Bob Costas is just about the best Sports Commentator around. He’s smart, he knows the who, what, where, and when of just about every athlete in every sport, and you have to give him a lot of credit for just the sheer memorization of stats.

BUT..really? Do you have to make a political statement in the middle of a football game Bob? Come on Bob. You have a pretty big brain. Sounds to me you are saying because so many black men can’t seem to control themselves when it comes to violence the REST of us should have to suffer?

Couldn’t he have stabbed the woman to death just as well? Couldn’t that big old guy have broken her neck with just a body slam as well? Jovan Belcher

Nobody Thinks if these guys in football and basketball, weren’t so idolized and made into such gods, and given so much money, maybe they wouldn’t be going off the deep end so much. I suspect it has less to do with sports and head injuries than big ego’s.

I mean…look at Obama. Big ego. Too much power and money too fast. He’s decided to just kill off all the old people with death panels. Why can’t we outlaw death panels? They will kill ya just as sure as a shotgun to the head…just a little slower, but in many cases, people will be begging for a gun when they are refused a second operation because it’s costs too much.

(Jesus, we are SO screwed up in our priorities.)

The facts are, that in every city where the gun laws are strict, the murder rates rise. But, the thought of losing ONE MORE PRECIOUS black rapper or athletic is just too much to bear.

So Bob Costas wins the Nobody’s Perfect of the week award. We know Jovan was a psycho..but Bob does have a brain, and he is not even using it, due to also, his own ego.

Nobody wants to know if Bob would approve of having a body-guard for himself?

Just wondering. Las Vegas odds? I’d say yes, because he knows…he is special.

Yep, buy those guns for Christmas folks…this might be you last chance.

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Nobody Flashes for Her Friends!

Nobody Flashes

Whoa, I’m posting very late today…and I was just talking to my friend Mona, and promised to show her a picture taken just this last summer…it’s Pattie! And ME! And I’m the one with the gun! (Which leads me to my next post about why Bob Costas is a ninny.)

The studio liked this picture so much, they hung it outside on their platform during the biggest festival of the year…even if they DID put it at the bottom, we felt like movie stars….Pattie and ME Wanted 001


“Yeah Joyanna, they put us at the bottom.”

“Hey, I’ll take it! You got the Whiskey but I’ve got the gun! Think they’d let us on Duck Dynasty?”

Come on…who hasn’t done this for a lark?

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Dear Mr. Simons….I Want What Your Drinking…

Nobody’s Opinion

One of my readers, sent me a very interesting article written by a Mr. Roger Simon, called, “Mind Your Own Beeswax!”: How Social Conservatives Can Win by Losing”

Mr. Simons’ main beef is about social conservatives and how they want to interfere in the lives of others, thereby being just as hypocritical as the left ( Read the article here.) –and that’s why the Republicans lost due to the women’s vote.

Oh my— blame it on those poor women. Those stupid Republicans need to be MORE hypocritical! single mother walking

Being a woman myself, I wondered how I got a such a whole other sense from the elections–so I am simply going to write a letter to Mr. Simon, because frankly, I think he has been watching too much CNN. ——–

Dear Mr. Simon

After reading your article “Mind Your Own Beeswax” : How Social Conservatives Can Win by Losing.”, I must admit, I had no idea that it was the women that voted in Obama. I’ve heard from several different sources that it was the Latino vote. I’ve also heard that Romney lost because the Ron Paul supporters stayed home. There is a good possibility that Obama won by fraud, because of the fact that Soros bought the main frame that tallies the votes in Spain. I’ve already posted proof of how easily that could be done.  Most people pick one or the other depending on their opinions on life, but the fact of the matter is, Obama  got less votes than he did 2008, and Romney had much more support than McCain, so what’s the real truth? You say, it’s because of the Republican’s stance on women’s social issues.

Mr. Simon,  I don’t recall Romney or any of the Republican candidates coming out and saying, “Yes, we must repeal Roe VS Wade, and all women should get back into the home and start having babies.” If you have a video of that somewhere I’d love to see it.

Nope.  It was the Democrats that put that fear into the hearts of all the young single women, (the married women voted for Romney) because they know how hard it is right now for these women.  They are having to raise the babies on their own, without another paycheck to help out, and on top of that, having to buy expensive Nike’s and cell phones, and pay for cable TV all by themselves simply because they can’t find a man to marry them, now can they?  An extra paycheck in this economy goes a long way.

And why can’t they find a man to marry them? Are you saying they see an advantage in being single?single mothers povertysingle mothers toll

It was the Democrats who MADE the women the issue, not the Republicans, who were playing pretty poor defense on the ‘women’s’ issues the whole time. It’s the liberals who think that young single girls must not be …what did Obama say? Be burdened withe a baby.  That’s right, a baby is a burden.

And in this economy, to a young single women, he’s right. Whew…the cost of diapers alone is enough to make you wonder if you will be able to afford paying that monthly IPHONE bill. After all, you NEED that phone to send baby pictures to all your friends!

Obama is giving women free condoms and abortions, so they can keep having sex, and still be able to use that what little money they are making at the Pizza place on basic necessities: Like buying new pumps, SUV’s, or IPADs. Is it any wonder that they vote for him?

Should the Republicans have offered free IPads to the girls? Why not just buy the votes like the Democrats..that would make more sense, then you can keep your conservative principles.

“For every single woman out there, who votes Republican, we will give her a brand new Ipod, Iphone, AND a $100 dollar certificate to Banana Republic!”

There, I just put the Republicans back in power. You’re welcome. But back to your article—

You said:  “The Right is guilty of its own kind of hypocrisy. It’s interesting how some of those who most vociferously object to government interference in our economic affairs are most desirous of government interference in our personal lives.”

Nobody Says: Okay. What Republican politicians actually said, that if elected, they would repeal the right to abortion? Romney said he would leave it up to the states I believe. That’s a far cry from some kind of draconian law of control. But I suppose you think passing a law that says we ALL have to pay for that single girl’s abortion is a very good idea. So far, I did not hear Paul Ryan or Romney say they were going to limit abortions. State some names on this sir…help me out.

You said: “Republicans will be the nanny for our private lives.”single mother graph

Nobody Says: HUH? Like I said, WHERE did you get this from? Obama will soon sign the Agenda 21 which will give the United Nations a right over YOUR child. You lose all parental rights. That’s about as private as you can get. Come on…fess up.  James Carvel is your second cousin…right?Carville & Gollum

You said; “Republicans have been losing the women’s vote for years and it is only going to get worse if we don’t take the social issues off the table and put them back where they belong, at home.”

Nobody Says: The only people who put social issues on the table this past election was the Democrats. They were the ones who used the mantra force of those “evil” pro-lifers, and the young single women were stupid enough to buy it. Once again… are you from MSNBC? What did I miss here?

You said: “The young vastly favor gay marriage. If you don’t think it’s going to be a fait accompli in the Western world in 25 years , you’re living in a cloud cuckoo land.”

Nobody Says: Yes, you support gay marriage. You have a RIGHT to support it, but not a right to force everyone else to . Ever wonder why? Because for the past 10 years, the American people have been hit daily with propaganda about “gay rights” and if they are Christians and don’t like it, they are labeled as EVIL.gays soldiers

So, you think because the left’s brainwashing has finally gotten the young people to accept it, every person who is against gay marriage, should just accept it too. After all,….the vote is in.

I guess you accept Obama’s death panels too?

You also say—“Marriage should be outside the government”

Nobody Says: Well…I agree…then the gays could get civil marriages. Why not? Let them pay big taxes too.  And hey, there are states now where they can go get married, right?

BUT…gay have rights already…so why in the name of “gay” should Christians Churches should be FORCED to perform gay marriages by  law? Or pay for abortions by force of law? And it’s the will of Obama to force everyone to bend to his private views.

If that’s not against liberty, than I don’t know what is. You’re a libertarian, right? What part of ‘liberty’ do you uphold? The L and the E?

The world has changed, and you are basically saying: Admit defeat….your conservative social morals are old and outdated and the women have arrived. Sacrifice your principle, for the good of my pocketbook.

Nobody Thinks that’s exactly why we will all be slaves. It’s in the communist plan (that all the leftist loonies use) to get rid of religion, AND the family…and then the state can control everything.

But..libertarians haven’t figured that out yet. Not that I stand for any party. ( I remain Independent.)

You letter makes sense, from a liberal point of view…You present it as pragmatic ( the young all accept homosexuals so that makes it democratically right) and women will have abortions forever ( so accept it  as a fact) but what you do NOT accept, is the liberty of religious people to have their own views on the matter.

And in that respect, you might want to check..I think you might be a closet

So…let me get this straight: The nation is now filled with fatherless children, and women who can’t afford too many kids, so abortions needs to stay legal, and conservatives should just get off the “social” subject, admit defeat, and get to fixing the economy, even though the taxpayers will be PAYING for all these women and children food and housing, etc, AND abortions and contraception’s on top of it?

And if we did, Republicans would start winning?

I want what you’re drinking, Mr. Simon….I think they call it a Libertarian Zombie..

Am I right? Or…are do you live in Colorado?

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