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Nobody’s Perfect: Bob Costas VS Jovan Belcher


Nobody’s Perfect

Today, it was all the talk: Some big football player killed the mother of his child. Shot her…more than once. She was going to leave him, and well..he decided that he’d rather have her dead. After he shot her, dawned on him that—oops…I will be kicked off the team! So he shot himself. Probably to show what a good guy he was.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and former Long Island high-school star Jovan Belcher was allegedly battling football-related head injuries and booze, painkiller and domestic problems when he snapped and murdered his girlfriend before killing himself in front of two coaches Saturday. It didn’t help that he was drinking every day and taking painkillers while dealing with the effects of debilitating head injuries, the friend said.

Jovan LOVED to party. The daughter will be better off without that nutcase. But here’s what’s funny: The very dead Jovan has no clue that he is being used to promote ‘gun control.’ Jovan, obviously, not only killed his girlfriend, but also himself.

—-Not good PR for professional football. Let’s BLAME THE GUN! Or the violence of Football! Let’s not blame the guy who did it…no..he had to be pitied. Poor guy.

On the other hand….

Bob Costas is just about the best Sports Commentator around. He’s smart, he knows the who, what, where, and when of just about every athlete in every sport, and you have to give him a lot of credit for just the sheer memorization of stats.

BUT..really? Do you have to make a political statement in the middle of a football game Bob? Come on Bob. You have a pretty big brain. Sounds to me you are saying because so many black men can’t seem to control themselves when it comes to violence the REST of us should have to suffer?

Couldn’t he have stabbed the woman to death just as well? Couldn’t that big old guy have broken her neck with just a body slam as well? Jovan Belcher

Nobody Thinks if these guys in football and basketball, weren’t so idolized and made into such gods, and given so much money, maybe they wouldn’t be going off the deep end so much. I suspect it has less to do with sports and head injuries than big ego’s.

I mean…look at Obama. Big ego. Too much power and money too fast. He’s decided to just kill off all the old people with death panels. Why can’t we outlaw death panels? They will kill ya just as sure as a shotgun to the head…just a little slower, but in many cases, people will be begging for a gun when they are refused a second operation because it’s costs too much.

(Jesus, we are SO screwed up in our priorities.)

The facts are, that in every city where the gun laws are strict, the murder rates rise. But, the thought of losing ONE MORE PRECIOUS black rapper or athletic is just too much to bear.

So Bob Costas wins the Nobody’s Perfect of the week award. We know Jovan was a psycho..but Bob does have a brain, and he is not even using it, due to also, his own ego.

Nobody wants to know if Bob would approve of having a body-guard for himself?

Just wondering. Las Vegas odds? I’d say yes, because he knows…he is special.

Yep, buy those guns for Christmas folks…this might be you last chance.

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