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A Nobody Sums up the Candidates: Or the REAL Reason Trump Trumps Cruz

Nobody Opinion

Well, tomorrow is the big day…let’s see where we are at:

Little Marco: The world according to Rubio:Rubio cartoon

Okay. So he really isn’t that guy who got down to potty and penis jokes to show that he could out Trump the Trump. But listen. He’s wants to lead the country into the NEW American future! Where all Hispanics and Cubans can come forth, have all their little children here, and go to college, just like he did.  And they TOO, can become politicians and then the country will go on to be what the globalists have wanted all along…no borders, a mostly Spanish American…country, with cheap labor. And boy, he is a fast talker. I bet he talks fast in Spanish too. What’s his message? The old white Americans who live here should will soon die off, and he is the only man who can lead America into the NEW Spanish country that it was always meant to be. But of course, the politician’s kids will go to better schools and won’t have to learn Spanish. YOUR children (black, Asian, and white)  will have to, in Rubio’s America, if they want to someday get a job. Not to mention, Rubio will somehow start WWIII—just by being excitied about his latest military briefing, and drinking too much water.

Here’s hoping the Cubans in Florida have learned enough common sense from the Jews on Miami Beach, and vote for Trump.

Nice Guy John: The world according to Kasich:

He really has no solutions because he’s been giving the solutions to Washington most of his life. Best friends with John Bonehead, worked with budgets, and did such GREAT things that we are now soon to be $21 trillion dollars in debt! GOOD JOB JOHN! Thanks for helping with that 2008 disaster. And thanks for NAFTA.

Beating Trump is so important in Ohio, that John is now promising illegal’s full amnesty within 100 days. Never mind that his executive order would be unconstitutional. The Rino’s are determined to merge the whole North American Continuant and John was a big part of that because he’s all in favor of NAFTA, TTP, and whatever else the globalists want.

But…he’s such a nice guy.  Let’s see how “nice” he is if he loses Ohio.John cartoon

Ted the “Trust me, I will only lie and cheat when I deem it necessary” Cruz.

The world according to Ted:

Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump will shoot your mother. And Donald Trump is a bigger liberal than Hillary. And Donald Trump will make sure Ted Cruz’s star fades into the galaxy of nobodies if he should become President because Ted ‘s policies, if you listen to them were first announced by…guess who? Donald Trump! Ha ha ha. Yes, Trump is going to build a wall, build up the military, destroy ISIS, take care of our vets, get rid of Obamacare, and Ted is going to bring you TRILLIONS of jobs…

Why Ted—- Your policies are the same as Trumps. Who knew? This is good news, because you can help get done in the Senate all the policies that you both agree on. Fabulous!ted cruz poster

Gee Ted…take away that whiny voice and the preacher style Pentecostal damming of yours and your policies are the same.  Why should we vote for you when …no…we CAN’T trust you. So, that Carson thing hurt you so badly that you had to print up a bunch of logo’s that said “TRUST CRUZ”.

Guess what? Not goanna work Cruzy.

Not after what you did to Ben Carson. Not to mention…you’re from Harvard, worked for years with the Bushes, and so…we can’t afford to be fooled again. We think Trump is right: You lie. You know nothing about job creation. You are almost becoming a mirror image of Bernie with all your ‘promises.”

We need a man who knows how to make money. You, frankly…don’t.

So…Tuesday is the NWO globalists against the people of the United States.

There is only one choice if you want to be able to not end up eating bread crumbs when your 70.

VOTE for Donald Trump.

Let’s get this horrible nightmare of last two decades over with.

The fact that Washington elites from both parties have basically picked Hillary over whoever the people pick to be President should tell you one thing: They don’t WANT you to have any say in anything. I don’t care what party you are in.

DO NOT listen to the propaganda on TV. CNN, FOX, MSNBC…all lies and propaganda. Remember…they are all controlled by the same people.

When they tell you Trump is a Nazi, remember that means that the liberals truly are. They have been running our lives and our children’s lives forever. What Washington elites really want is the U.S to become like China: Crony capitalism at the top, communism at the bottom. It’s so GREAT for the stocks. In fact, they truly want that for the world…and have admitted how they dream of it many times.

Trump truly is our last hope. He may not be perfect…but he’s not one of them. He’s crude you say? Hey, Obama was “Presidential” and look at the damage he did while being “Presidential.” I’d rather have a President who gets up and make short and sometimes frank speeches than one who very elegantly and purposively lies while he’s robbing our futures and freedom.

Now…vote…because only with overwhelming numbers can the massive fraud be controlled.

Hey! I plan to wear my Navy Seal hat tomorrow..just to bug everybody in my democratic district.Trump up




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Dear Mr. Simons….I Want What Your Drinking…

Nobody’s Opinion

One of my readers, sent me a very interesting article written by a Mr. Roger Simon, called, “Mind Your Own Beeswax!”: How Social Conservatives Can Win by Losing”

Mr. Simons’ main beef is about social conservatives and how they want to interfere in the lives of others, thereby being just as hypocritical as the left ( Read the article here.) –and that’s why the Republicans lost due to the women’s vote.

Oh my— blame it on those poor women. Those stupid Republicans need to be MORE hypocritical! single mother walking

Being a woman myself, I wondered how I got a such a whole other sense from the elections–so I am simply going to write a letter to Mr. Simon, because frankly, I think he has been watching too much CNN. ——–

Dear Mr. Simon

After reading your article “Mind Your Own Beeswax” : How Social Conservatives Can Win by Losing.”, I must admit, I had no idea that it was the women that voted in Obama. I’ve heard from several different sources that it was the Latino vote. I’ve also heard that Romney lost because the Ron Paul supporters stayed home. There is a good possibility that Obama won by fraud, because of the fact that Soros bought the main frame that tallies the votes in Spain. I’ve already posted proof of how easily that could be done.  Most people pick one or the other depending on their opinions on life, but the fact of the matter is, Obama  got less votes than he did 2008, and Romney had much more support than McCain, so what’s the real truth? You say, it’s because of the Republican’s stance on women’s social issues.

Mr. Simon,  I don’t recall Romney or any of the Republican candidates coming out and saying, “Yes, we must repeal Roe VS Wade, and all women should get back into the home and start having babies.” If you have a video of that somewhere I’d love to see it.

Nope.  It was the Democrats that put that fear into the hearts of all the young single women, (the married women voted for Romney) because they know how hard it is right now for these women.  They are having to raise the babies on their own, without another paycheck to help out, and on top of that, having to buy expensive Nike’s and cell phones, and pay for cable TV all by themselves simply because they can’t find a man to marry them, now can they?  An extra paycheck in this economy goes a long way.

And why can’t they find a man to marry them? Are you saying they see an advantage in being single?single mothers povertysingle mothers toll

It was the Democrats who MADE the women the issue, not the Republicans, who were playing pretty poor defense on the ‘women’s’ issues the whole time. It’s the liberals who think that young single girls must not be …what did Obama say? Be burdened withe a baby.  That’s right, a baby is a burden.

And in this economy, to a young single women, he’s right. Whew…the cost of diapers alone is enough to make you wonder if you will be able to afford paying that monthly IPHONE bill. After all, you NEED that phone to send baby pictures to all your friends!

Obama is giving women free condoms and abortions, so they can keep having sex, and still be able to use that what little money they are making at the Pizza place on basic necessities: Like buying new pumps, SUV’s, or IPADs. Is it any wonder that they vote for him?

Should the Republicans have offered free IPads to the girls? Why not just buy the votes like the Democrats..that would make more sense, then you can keep your conservative principles.

“For every single woman out there, who votes Republican, we will give her a brand new Ipod, Iphone, AND a $100 dollar certificate to Banana Republic!”

There, I just put the Republicans back in power. You’re welcome. But back to your article—

You said:  “The Right is guilty of its own kind of hypocrisy. It’s interesting how some of those who most vociferously object to government interference in our economic affairs are most desirous of government interference in our personal lives.”

Nobody Says: Okay. What Republican politicians actually said, that if elected, they would repeal the right to abortion? Romney said he would leave it up to the states I believe. That’s a far cry from some kind of draconian law of control. But I suppose you think passing a law that says we ALL have to pay for that single girl’s abortion is a very good idea. So far, I did not hear Paul Ryan or Romney say they were going to limit abortions. State some names on this sir…help me out.

You said: “Republicans will be the nanny for our private lives.”single mother graph

Nobody Says: HUH? Like I said, WHERE did you get this from? Obama will soon sign the Agenda 21 which will give the United Nations a right over YOUR child. You lose all parental rights. That’s about as private as you can get. Come on…fess up.  James Carvel is your second cousin…right?Carville & Gollum

You said; “Republicans have been losing the women’s vote for years and it is only going to get worse if we don’t take the social issues off the table and put them back where they belong, at home.”

Nobody Says: The only people who put social issues on the table this past election was the Democrats. They were the ones who used the mantra force of those “evil” pro-lifers, and the young single women were stupid enough to buy it. Once again… are you from MSNBC? What did I miss here?

You said: “The young vastly favor gay marriage. If you don’t think it’s going to be a fait accompli in the Western world in 25 years , you’re living in a cloud cuckoo land.”

Nobody Says: Yes, you support gay marriage. You have a RIGHT to support it, but not a right to force everyone else to . Ever wonder why? Because for the past 10 years, the American people have been hit daily with propaganda about “gay rights” and if they are Christians and don’t like it, they are labeled as EVIL.gays soldiers

So, you think because the left’s brainwashing has finally gotten the young people to accept it, every person who is against gay marriage, should just accept it too. After all,….the vote is in.

I guess you accept Obama’s death panels too?

You also say—“Marriage should be outside the government”

Nobody Says: Well…I agree…then the gays could get civil marriages. Why not? Let them pay big taxes too.  And hey, there are states now where they can go get married, right?

BUT…gay have rights already…so why in the name of “gay” should Christians Churches should be FORCED to perform gay marriages by  law? Or pay for abortions by force of law? And it’s the will of Obama to force everyone to bend to his private views.

If that’s not against liberty, than I don’t know what is. You’re a libertarian, right? What part of ‘liberty’ do you uphold? The L and the E?

The world has changed, and you are basically saying: Admit defeat….your conservative social morals are old and outdated and the women have arrived. Sacrifice your principle, for the good of my pocketbook.

Nobody Thinks that’s exactly why we will all be slaves. It’s in the communist plan (that all the leftist loonies use) to get rid of religion, AND the family…and then the state can control everything.

But..libertarians haven’t figured that out yet. Not that I stand for any party. ( I remain Independent.)

You letter makes sense, from a liberal point of view…You present it as pragmatic ( the young all accept homosexuals so that makes it democratically right) and women will have abortions forever ( so accept it  as a fact) but what you do NOT accept, is the liberty of religious people to have their own views on the matter.

And in that respect, you might want to check..I think you might be a closet

So…let me get this straight: The nation is now filled with fatherless children, and women who can’t afford too many kids, so abortions needs to stay legal, and conservatives should just get off the “social” subject, admit defeat, and get to fixing the economy, even though the taxpayers will be PAYING for all these women and children food and housing, etc, AND abortions and contraception’s on top of it?

And if we did, Republicans would start winning?

I want what you’re drinking, Mr. Simon….I think they call it a Libertarian Zombie..

Am I right? Or…are do you live in Colorado?

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Why the 47% Should Buy the Other 53% a Drink

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody wants to compare the candidates today. Let’s talk political parties, you are either going to vote democrat or republican on Tuesday.

The day has come, and you are…a democrat. You loved Bill Clinton, and even though even you can see that the country is falling apart, both Obama and Clinton are shouting that the Republicans have destroyed the country, and Mitt will only put us back into depression. It sounds good to you. You are planning to vote for Obama because nothing is his fault.

So, let’s go with that…nothing is his fault.

Here’s what the citizens who vote Democrats just can’t seem to get through their heads. And yes, if you are voting for Obama, I’m talking to you…because most Republicans get this: Half of America…works for the government. Half. That means that the other half has to pay their salaries. (53%) This is BOUND to fail once the government outgrows the private sector, (which it soon will) who by the way, has to also fork over money to the 47 percent of Americans who do NOT work for the government but collect welfare.

(Whatever that welfare might be, or whether they paid into it..the truth is: Whether it’s rightfully owed to you or not…It’s gone. Our politicians spent it all.)

These poor 53% suckers are what’s left of your lifeline to your pensions, your jobs, and your children’s future…and they are about to go under. Hate them if you must, but if I were you, I’d buy them a drink.

Joyanna, you say, Hey…You’re WRONG. I’m a teacher and I pay taxes just like everybody else, I keep the government afloat too!

Right…and uh…if YOUR salary is paid by the private sector, then the taxes taken OUT of that salary has to come from the private sector. If the private man with his little business wasn’t paying such heavy taxes, then YOUR job would not even be there.  And when the private sector dies…Then how long do you think you can hold on to that job? Hundreds of towns all over the United States are bankrupt.


I have no idea why the Republicans never make this simple statement, because I honestly think that too many people think a government job is the same as a private sector job.

Here’s the bad news: The people in government make a LOT more money than the people in the private sector.  We are now sucking the cherry on the bottom of the glass…the 53% milkshake is almost gone.

When Obama says he wants jobs for the middle class…he means government jobs: Teachers (notice how many more teachers he wants) policemen, firemen,—and those jobs are paid for by the private sector. The more people working for the government, the more people vote democrat, and the more they stay in power.

And that’s why the country has been so damaged. It’s not the big business taking away your country, it’s your welfare state democrats. Don’t believe me? Look across the ocean. Europe is on fire.

The change you thought Obama was going to bring to you, has not come. If you have a a union job, a government job, or you are getting help from the government, you’re happy now and are afraid you will lose it….but you might want to think about voting for a man who will just hand out more of that borrowed money. Every single time he spends money, your job just got closer to being eliminated. After all, in his first term, he has spent more than all the former Presidents combined.

What? The Feds can just print more? Yeah..that’s the idea. You still don’t get it. The 53% suckers are going to have to pay more for everything, AND pay back the Feds.

Even YOUR big pension won’t buy much…if you can hold onto it.

When Mitt Romney spoke of the 47 percent, he spoke the truth. Let’s face it, if you are getting welfare or social security or Medicaid you have been told that Romney has taken that away from you and you are NOT going to vote for him. It’s not that he doesn’t care…he did not say that. Obama said that. He just stated facts. Mitt will try to get more money. Obama plans to kill off old people by not giving them care, so he can get money that way. Obama-not-care. It’s much easier.

All you have to ask youself is: How good are the democrats at what they do? FACT: Every city a democrat has controlled, has been destroyed. What makes you think they do any different with a country?

Obama has done a fantastic job destroying our country, and he wasn’t alone…Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Raid, all had a big hand in it too.

The cities with the biggest poverty levels have been under democracy for over 50 years look like war zones:

Let’s look at their records.


Detroit, MI            Poverty level: 32.5%

Buffalo, N Y        .Poverty Level: 31.5%

Cincinnati, OH   Poverty Level: 27.8%

Cleveland, OH    Poverty Level:27.0%

Miami, FL             Poverty Level: 26.9%

St. Louis, MO      Poverty Level: 26.8%

El Paso, TX         Poverty Level: 26.4%

Milwaukee, WI    Poverty Level: 26.2%

“If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011.”

Those that receive something for nothing, in theory, get used to their situation. They want it, or better yet for the politicians, they need it to continue and will then re-elect the re-distributors. In modern Baltimore, the (political) machine has exploited class divisions, not ethnic ones. Officials raised property taxes 21 times between 1950 and 1985, channeling the proceeds to favored voting blocs and causing many homeowners and entrepreneurs—disproportionately Republicans—to flee. It was brilliant politics, as Democrats now enjoy an eight-to-one voter registration advantage and no Republican has been elected mayor in 48 years.

Bush was blamed for Katrina, but it was the democratic mayors who were given money for years to fix the dikes, and they spent the money on something else.

People in New York are suffering tonight because they have democrats who did not prepare for the storm. Their Democratic President did not get FEMA prepared.

Our school have been decimated by the democratic unions.

Obama blames Republicans, but the real truth is, it’s the Democrats who caused this depression…it was the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie and Barney Frank. It was Obama who contnue to bail out Wall Street.

So go ahead,…vote for Obama. But when the city closes down, and your pension gets cut to the bone, you’ll be wondering why the 53% didn’t save you, and you will blame the Republicans.

And I’m sure, Bill Clinton will say…”Hey, at least we have a strong military now!”

Yes, and someday that ‘storng’ military might show right up on your front door….just ask little Elian.

If you vote for Obama, you will someday say,  “I wonder whatever happened to the 53%? I sure miss them.”

If I were you, I looked for them down at the local pub..becasue if Obama stays, the only thing left in life to do will be to drink.

It works for the Russians….and Nobody will say, “I told you so.”

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Nobody Flashes A Boatload of “Vote Him Out! ” Video’s

Nobody Flashes

Nobody Thinks, instead of me pontificating, I’ve decided to post some of the great video’s being passed around. Watch a few, or watch them all…but remember to VOTE. We simply CANNOT afford to give Obama what he wants:—The chance to make himself a dictator. He’s already done too much of that.

The first one is for us to be able to even have food and warmth. He WILL destroy our energy.

And how about those recent job numbers? Let Rick Santelli figure it out for you.

This little boy thinks that if he votes for Obama, he won’t have to pick crops…which is exactly what Michelle Obama is trying to get all the little black kids in the cities to do…plant gardens.

And by all circumstantial evidence so far: Obama watched the attack in Benghazi, and told everyone to “stand down” That’s why this Hurricane was so important to him. He is taking no questions on it, and anyone who even asked one, is told that they should NOT make it a political issue.  Obama has NOT got your back.

So, here’s a man who is confident that Obama is toast.

MY FAVORITE!!!! If only our first black President had been Allen West…

Oh my…it’s just keeps getting better! Michelle Parties! How many will she take in the second term?

War on Women? Uh…sure.

How does Seal Team Six feel about their Great Obama Commandar? Watch.

Sums up Obama’s 4 years…

And here’s the support from a Jewish Democratic woman:

How do the Marines feel? Let’s see!

Enough? I have more…maybe a few more tomorrow…

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