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A Nobody Sums up the Candidates: Or the REAL Reason Trump Trumps Cruz

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Well, tomorrow is the big day…let’s see where we are at:

Little Marco: The world according to Rubio:Rubio cartoon

Okay. So he really isn’t that guy who got down to potty and penis jokes to show that he could out Trump the Trump. But listen. He’s wants to lead the country into the NEW American future! Where all Hispanics and Cubans can come forth, have all their little children here, and go to college, just like he did.  And they TOO, can become politicians and then the country will go on to be what the globalists have wanted all along…no borders, a mostly Spanish American…country, with cheap labor. And boy, he is a fast talker. I bet he talks fast in Spanish too. What’s his message? The old white Americans who live here should will soon die off, and he is the only man who can lead America into the NEW Spanish country that it was always meant to be. But of course, the politician’s kids will go to better schools and won’t have to learn Spanish. YOUR children (black, Asian, and white)  will have to, in Rubio’s America, if they want to someday get a job. Not to mention, Rubio will somehow start WWIII—just by being excitied about his latest military briefing, and drinking too much water.

Here’s hoping the Cubans in Florida have learned enough common sense from the Jews on Miami Beach, and vote for Trump.

Nice Guy John: The world according to Kasich:

He really has no solutions because he’s been giving the solutions to Washington most of his life. Best friends with John Bonehead, worked with budgets, and did such GREAT things that we are now soon to be $21 trillion dollars in debt! GOOD JOB JOHN! Thanks for helping with that 2008 disaster. And thanks for NAFTA.

Beating Trump is so important in Ohio, that John is now promising illegal’s full amnesty within 100 days. Never mind that his executive order would be unconstitutional. The Rino’s are determined to merge the whole North American Continuant and John was a big part of that because he’s all in favor of NAFTA, TTP, and whatever else the globalists want.

But…he’s such a nice guy.  Let’s see how “nice” he is if he loses Ohio.John cartoon

Ted the “Trust me, I will only lie and cheat when I deem it necessary” Cruz.

The world according to Ted:

Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump will shoot your mother. And Donald Trump is a bigger liberal than Hillary. And Donald Trump will make sure Ted Cruz’s star fades into the galaxy of nobodies if he should become President because Ted ‘s policies, if you listen to them were first announced by…guess who? Donald Trump! Ha ha ha. Yes, Trump is going to build a wall, build up the military, destroy ISIS, take care of our vets, get rid of Obamacare, and Ted is going to bring you TRILLIONS of jobs…

Why Ted—- Your policies are the same as Trumps. Who knew? This is good news, because you can help get done in the Senate all the policies that you both agree on. Fabulous!ted cruz poster

Gee Ted…take away that whiny voice and the preacher style Pentecostal damming of yours and your policies are the same.  Why should we vote for you when …no…we CAN’T trust you. So, that Carson thing hurt you so badly that you had to print up a bunch of logo’s that said “TRUST CRUZ”.

Guess what? Not goanna work Cruzy.

Not after what you did to Ben Carson. Not to mention…you’re from Harvard, worked for years with the Bushes, and so…we can’t afford to be fooled again. We think Trump is right: You lie. You know nothing about job creation. You are almost becoming a mirror image of Bernie with all your ‘promises.”

We need a man who knows how to make money. You, frankly…don’t.

So…Tuesday is the NWO globalists against the people of the United States.

There is only one choice if you want to be able to not end up eating bread crumbs when your 70.

VOTE for Donald Trump.

Let’s get this horrible nightmare of last two decades over with.

The fact that Washington elites from both parties have basically picked Hillary over whoever the people pick to be President should tell you one thing: They don’t WANT you to have any say in anything. I don’t care what party you are in.

DO NOT listen to the propaganda on TV. CNN, FOX, MSNBC…all lies and propaganda. Remember…they are all controlled by the same people.

When they tell you Trump is a Nazi, remember that means that the liberals truly are. They have been running our lives and our children’s lives forever. What Washington elites really want is the U.S to become like China: Crony capitalism at the top, communism at the bottom. It’s so GREAT for the stocks. In fact, they truly want that for the world…and have admitted how they dream of it many times.

Trump truly is our last hope. He may not be perfect…but he’s not one of them. He’s crude you say? Hey, Obama was “Presidential” and look at the damage he did while being “Presidential.” I’d rather have a President who gets up and make short and sometimes frank speeches than one who very elegantly and purposively lies while he’s robbing our futures and freedom.

Now…vote…because only with overwhelming numbers can the massive fraud be controlled.

Hey! I plan to wear my Navy Seal hat tomorrow..just to bug everybody in my democratic district.Trump up




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  1. Right you are…I didn’t hear his speech tonight but I heard it sounded like it was a victory speech, and uh…so far, he didn’t win any states.

    . And here in MO, they refuse to say Trump won the state, even though he did win. We are STILL waiting so you can beat that somewhere the Glenn Becks’ and powerful people like Rush Limbaugh are arguing that even though he didn’t win, they should NOT give the state to Trump.

    They are trying to steal MO from Trump.

    Cruz has to win at least ONE state because he keeps claiming everybody prefers him, not Donald…you can only keep that up for so long.

    Once in power he would be another George W. Bush. There would be no wall. It would be “Hey…he said he was going to build a wall!” What happened?

    Sort of like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

    Trump had him perfect, he holds the bible up in one hand, and then lies. And besides, in a general election Trump has a better chance against Hillary, I don’t care WHAT damn polls he likes to spit out. Trump can and will get democrats to come over and vote for him.

    The Rush Limbaugh’s of the world…the Glenn Becks’ the Mark Levin’s think they are so powerful that the people will do whatever they say.

    We saw tonight…uh…sorry guys. People like Trump.

    Rush Limbaugh had a radio ad for Cruz on here almost every half hour. I have NEVER heard Rush do a polticial ad for anybody in my life, and no doubt was the reason he got as many votes as he did.

    Even Rush Limbaugh has to be a little upset tonight…

    So yes, another power couple wants into the White House.

    And by the way, John thanked the ‘democrats’ tonight for voting for him! Ha ha ha….


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. Elect me.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 15, 2016 | Reply

  3. Ok, I’m going to have to try to find me a “Navy Seal” hat, or a red baseball cap that says “Make America Great Again”! At one time, I did like Ted Cruz – – BUT; not only does his (in)eligibility issue bother me, after doing more research on his voting record, as well as his penchant for amnesty for illegals, there is the “issue” of his wife! She IS a high level employee of Goldman Sachs AND a member of – -the CFR (council on foreign relations!!!). If Ted happens to make it to the oval office, just “who” do you suppose he’s going to “listen” to? His wife, of course!


    Comment by madmemere | March 15, 2016 | Reply

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