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I Often Get My Tricks Mixed Up Too…

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Trump and Eisenhower: Shared Common Sense….

Nobody RemembersTrump poster

Donald Trump gave an excellent speech on his foreign policy this week. Afterwards, Bill O’Reilly had him on his program, and was trying hard to get Trump to admit he was going to send in ground troops to take care of ISIS.

I couldn’t figure out— what was the point of the question? Why was Bill trying so hard to get Trump to tell him what he was going to do? That’s half the problem…I’m with Trump..

Our enemies don’t NEED to know.

The American people are pretty pissed off, not ONLY that Bush did a lousy job, by NOT winning the Iraq War, but then Obama just put more gasoline on the fire, and our boys were brought home to a terrible economy, caused by President’s blunders.  Obama has had many ‘firsts’ but his most unforgivable one is the sheer number of veterans committing suicide.

Not ONE word of concern from Obama. And he slaps them in the face by every action he takes.

Too many lives were wasted on that war…and both George W. Bush AND Barack Obama are to be blamed.Eisenhowe two

Trump’s attitude about war, is to me, a sensible one. I was thinking that, he seemed to be a lot like Ike Eisenhower.

Not many people realize this, but Eisenhower was not really affiliated with any party until he ran for President. When he accepted the republican nomination he said his goal was…

“kick from office an administration which has fastened on every one of us the wastefulness, the arrogance, ad corruption of high places,…the bitter fruit of a party too long in power.,”

He was talking about the Truman (D) administration, which in Ike’s words, was full of  “corruption…reckless spending…mismanagement of foreign affairs.”

That pretty much describes Washington D.C., 2016…wow. We’ve really come far baby.

Truman fought back—-calling Eisenhower “a liar, a fool, a hypocrite, so ignorant of government after a life in the military that he was at the mercy of the party bosses.”

Eisenhower came back with the fact that Presidents “need to build on the successes of their predecessors “and not try to abandon them simply because the previous president belonged to a different political party. “Eisenhower

Boy, does that sum up what Obama did after Bush, or what?

Eisenhower was always called upon for advice by the wimpy democratic presidents who didn’t have a clue of what to do on the world stage. He was a consultant to President Kennedy on the Cuban Missile Crisis (He would have NEVER gone ahead with it.) LBJ, on the Vietnam war, and Nixon. Not that they listened to him.

And Eisenhower gave every single president the same advice, the exact same advice that Donald Trump gave in his speech this week:

From the book, The President’s Club:

Eisenhower’s advice was consistent, from his days as a general, to his years in the White House, to his role as a veteran counselor: don’t fight unless you are in it to win. Don’t waste time and lives with half measure.

The horror of 9/11 can be traced to the policies of President Bill Clinton. The useless war in Iraq, can be blamed on President George W. Bush. And ISIS can be blamed on President Barack Hussein Obama.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen NOTHING but stupid and destructive decisions made by American Presidents. Reagan was the only great President in modern history. Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama were all failures, and have all became mega millionaires….while the rest of America was brought to its knees, time and time again.

It’s time we elect a man…who thinks like Eisenhower, who BY THE WAY…was not only a great general, but the country under his Presidency knew only peace and prosperity.

Peace and Prosperity.

Trump says that’s his goal.

Now…let’s get him into that White House before Obama decides to destroy it. eisenhower 4

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Beware Singing Vice Presidents…And Delusional Candidates.

Nobody Reports

I was AMAZED today that both Ted Cruz, and his new VP, Carly Fiorina, insisted that they would be the next President and Vice President. I guess if they think they just keep repeating it, it will come true.

Blue Fairies must be real. Ted Cruz, I suppose, has cleaned out the stables of King Augeas, before he moved to Texas. Even though Ted was slaughtered in New England, he is being told by someone that he will be President. I’m listening to one of them now: Mark Levine.Carly and Ted

I’m starting to feel sorry for the vast Washington media pundits who this nobody has always admired and listened to. Clearly: They haven’t got a CLUE why Trump is winning. It must keep them all tossing and turning in their $500,000 Georgetown condo’s. I bet some of them are so upset, they are making midnight runs in their limo’s to McDonalds for a double cheese hamburger, supersized, with a Coke.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to tell his audience that he understands why, and yet, he doesn’t either. He has to be “nice” about Trump for the first two hours so he doesn’t lose his audience.

That last hour, he promotes Cruz. It’s pretty sad.

They think the American people are stupid: WE think, they are.

Who’s right? Well, that’s a no-brainer. The American people, Rush. Haven’t you always said you trust the American people?

Well, trust us now.

One guy on Rush’s show one day said that every time Cruz spoke, he sounded like he was delivering the Gettysburg Address. It’s almost annoying.

The American people are tired of it. We had eight years of “preaching” with Obama. Trump speaks like all the rest of us. Is it any wonder why we like him? So WHAT if he mispronounced Tanzania. Who the hell cares? Who the hell cares about Tanzania? Cruz said “Basketball ring” in Indiana. Oh…but I bet HE can pronounce Tanzania, right? Uh…where have you been Ted, in Africa?

Have these people been around liars and politicians for so long they can’t tell when someone is telling the truth?Carly

Carly Fiorina today, when introduced as Ted’s pick for VP, got on stage and used it to basically promote herself as the candidate. She BARELY talked about Cruz, which shows you she is taking the job because one: She got $500,000 from him, and two: She still wants to be President.

She’ll wait.

She even sang a song to his kids, which was what? Trying to get the “mommy” vote?

Frankly if you had to choose, I’d rather have a President with four grown and business savvy men and women in the White House, than more babies doing pic-ops for our daily propaganda consumption. At least Donald’s kids can help with trade deals. If Ted becomes President he will be on TV every week reading the Constitution to his kids, with the fireplace in the background. Easter will be celebrated every other week, with his kids in cute little bunny outfits and mom and dad dressed up like something out of the fifties.

Please….spare us.

Carly, who stole the show from Ted today, was shouting that Donald it NOT conservative. Why…he’s a liberal! No different than Hillary Clinton— and that’s what all these pundits believe. Donald Trump was a liberal for so long, and gave so much money to liberals, there is NO way he is not…a liberal.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Brent Boswell, a very well known conservative writer, has been so upset he wrote a letter to Trump supporters…in which he said….a few things like these:

I’ve endorsed Ted Cruz.


I was a contributor to National Review’s Against Trump symposium at the beginning of the year.


Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Phyllis Schlafly—you are friends and allies, serious men and women for whom I have great respect. You and other conservatives disagreed.


I pen this open letter to you.


“Does Donald Trump mean a word he says?”

“He supported taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.”Ted Cruz cartoon

“He was open to gay marriage.”

“He supported the Wall Street bailout.”

“He bankrolled democrats”

“Do the most courageous thing you’ve ever done in a lifetime of bravery. Retract your endorsement. “

Well Brent. I think I’ll stick with the knowledge and experience of Sarah, Ben, Mike and Phyllis. They get it.

I suggest you get off your very elite butt Brent, and tour America and go talk to some REAL people out here who have to live with the damage of Washington D.C. Damage that has not only been done by the politicians —but also by the ‘conservative’ writers and radio hosts that have protected the conservative corrupt elites in Washington every single day.

Sorry, but Ted Cruz really IS a liar and a fraud. And if you can’t tell that by now, then I suggest you try joining John boy at I-HOP.

I hear they have some pretty good pancakes.



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Trump Can’t Beat Hillary? Seriously?


Nobody Wonders

Okay. Somebody somewhere did some poll that said that Donald Trump CANNOT beat Hillary. I don’t know who did this poll…probably Karl Rove one night while trying to come up with some sort of NEVER TRUMP strategy, while he was having a few late night drinks at FOX. And I have not heard anybody ANYWHERE on TV or radio, dispute this. Trump VS Hillary two


 Nobody Wonders how anybody with a sound mind, can even believe that nonsense.

The proof that Trump can beat Hillary in a landslide this fall, was seen tonight in the primary results from New England tonight.

REMEMBER: Donald is running against TWO men. Hillary only one. Even a first grader can figure THIS one out:

Rhode Island: Donald Trump       63.8%

                        Bernie Sanders         55.0%  (Oops, Hillary lost that state)

Connecticut:   Donald Trump       57.7%

                          Hillary Clinton          51.5 %

Delaware:       Donald Trump        60.8%   

                         Hillary Clinton           59.8%

Maryland:       Donald Trump        55.5%

                          Hillary Clinton          63.0% (Only time she got a higher percentage, but remember, she only  had one man to compete with.)

Pennsylvania: Donald Trump      56.3%

                          Hillary Clinton          55.6%

Mathematically speaking in the Presidential election, by these stats, Trump would beat her in every state.  He did it tonight.

Trump will beat Hillary in a landslide with the popular vote.

But can Hillary somehow “win” the electoral votes simply because she has been in D.C. so long she can rig it?  And god forbid, would we have another 2000 debacle?

Just think: John Robert would go down in history as being not only the man who gave us Obamacare, but the he one man who gave us Hillary Clinton.

I think, I would blow up his picture and throw darts. wonder


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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Levine

Nobody’s Perfect

Mark Levine.

Let’s talk about “the great one” shall we?Mark Levine

I remember how he got famous. The Jewish lawyer named Mark Levine became famous by calling Sean Hannity’s (and Rush Limbaugh’s) show and shouting about one thing or another.  He was MORE obnoxious than Donald Trump ever was…but people don’t remember that.

Nevertheless, it got attention, and people loved it.

I also remember I started feeling sorry for Sean who was being such a nice guy letting Mark call up every single day and take over his show. I started wondering if Sean was getting a bit sick of him. In a way, he became (Like Donald) a favorite of the audience, and it was mostly because of Hannity’s generous promotion of the man that America even became aware of him.

Without Sean Hannity, Levine would still be a lawyer somewhere in Kansas.

As an entertainer, I can relate. I used to have this woman follow me around the clubs, and she always wanted me to stop whatever I was doing and let her sing, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. She always brought her friends, and she didn’t do a bad job, but it got to the point when I was supplying her and her friends the means to let her do her thing, every time I had a job.

There were a few times I wanted to tell her..”Hey, why don’t you get your own equipment and find yourself a job like all the rest of us?”

It was clear: Mark took advantage of both Limbaugh and Hannity, and sure enough, he got his own radio show….started writing books, and how did he do it?

By being obnoxious. He was always calling people “morons” or “Idiots” and getting fact, he because popular doing the same thing in a way that Trump is doing.

He would scream at the top of his lungs. He still does that once in a while on his show, but it’s not cute anymore.

Mark now has his own radio show, and anybody who doesn’t support his man Ted Cruz is a “moron.” Now, we have to listen to him cut down Trump, and talk against Trump’s demeanor, even though, Mark did the very same thing to promote himself into his own show.

Yes…don’t tell anybody, but Mark got famous saying things nobody else would say.

But now, he’s become part of the “elites” of the republican party. His common sense has been thrown out the door. And he’s pretty mad that people think he’s lost it.

Both Limbaugh and Levine are confusing the populous on their radio programs, with trying to explain to us “morons” how Cruz is doing everything legal.  And they may be IS legal to bribe, cheat, and do just about every dirty thing you can think of to become President.

Does anybody else besides me find these chalkboard lessons condescending?

Does anybody else besides me find these chalkboard lessons condescending?

BUT…is it right? Hell no. The founders did NOT develop that system, and yet, that’s what Rush and Levine want you to believe.

“Hey you morons! We’ve been doing it this way since Lincoln!” they yell. And the American people had NO clue.

Thanks for telling us. Now we KNOW why we’ve been $*%%ed.

What Trump has truly done, is shown the American people just how corrupt the system really is. The deck IS stacked, by the powerful elites.

Remember….Snowden let us all know, that the NSA was gathering all our information without our consent.

Trump has exposed the corruption of the parties, and laid its naked body, out for all to see. People have not been paying attention because we have all been too busy trying to make a living thanks to our “elites”…. and now they are waking up.

I’m listening to Mark now. He only lets sycophants on. They are all repeating Mark’s words of how Trump is horrible, and Cruz is a ‘true’ conservative.

Which in this Nobody’s Opinion, makes most of them “Morons.”

See? Even I learned something from listening to Mark.

Nobody’s Perfect.


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Obama: Change the Culture, Change the Money, Change the World…

Nobody’s Opinion

The Democrats are getting REALLY creative with this race card stuff.

Before Obama leaves office, he wants the whole world to know how much he has CHANGED the country— And what better way to leave his mark, than to take those old white Presidents off the American dollar bills and put some fresh black faces on….and it’s already in the works.

Obama did say he was going to “fundamentally change” America.

It’s pretty clear by now: Obama does NOT like white people…and as a big slap to the white people he wants to punish— he has decided to ‘change’ the faces on our currency.  From now on, our currency will be filled with black faces, or women. Money one

It all started with the rumor that a woman was going to be put on the $10 dollar bill. Okay. Obviously…you use all you can get, and the Democrats are running Hillary, who wants you to start thinking about HER, but she knows she has to wait for her pictures on the dollar….and so a black woman was picked. The democrats have to keep those black voters coming…

SOMEONE decided to get rid of Hamilton, but Wall Street went nuts. How DARE they take off Hamilton. Hamilton is the father of the big banks in bed with the government–can’t have that. So, off they rushed for some PR, and they got an all-black cast to play Hamilton on Broadway. Obama had the star of the show at the White House, and they danced a little jig, and voila!

Hamilton was saved!

Now all little black kids in America who see the play will think Alexander Hamilton was black!


But what to do? They dug up Harriet Tubman to replace Jackson.Money two

Okay, I could live with that. John Adams HATED Andrew Jackson, and Harriet is worthy enough…and then you wonder, why not Martin Luther King? After all, every city has a street named after him.

Well, yes. He’ll get his, but this is the year of the woman….but like I said….one change? Okay.

BUT…Obama is not going to stop there. More blacks and more WOMEN are going to be all over our currency.

In other words…white men…you are being erased.

Lew had previously said the figure chosen for the $20 would be one involved in the fight for racial equality. Meanwhile, the back of the $10 bill will be redesigned to include a mural of figures from the women’s suffrage movement, including Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul. The backside of the new $5 will show images of historic events that have happened at the Lincoln Memorial like Marian Anderson’s opera 1939 performance to protest segregated concert halls and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Due to the Treasury’s existing schedule, which will redesign the $10 and $5 notes first, the new $20 bill is expected to enter circulation in 2030. Lew said that he has directed the Bureau of Engraving and Printing have “final concept designs” for the new $20 bill — along with the $10 and $5 notes — by 2020 to celebrate the centenary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

First off: This is a product of the ‘progressive’ agenda.  And besides, they want to make us a ‘cashless’ society, what better way than to change the look of the dollar?

Like I said: One face, Ms Tubman, okay. But..change the whole currency to represent not our founders but the “new” colored country they are so fervently trying to produce?

Great. What’s next? Obama will replace Washington on the One dollar bill?Money fourHa ha ha…not before HILLARY gets there first!

Frankly, I think Thomas Edison should be on the $20 dollar bill. He literally lit up the world, with light AND sound AND motion pictures, and what thanks did he get?

No man on the planet has done more to get mankind to this point in time, and that white man has been pretty much erased from our history by the progressives.

White men…western civilization…you are being erased by the first “black” President who is putting his final attack on the white European nation that he really doesn’t like.

Little did we all know it was to “change” the status of the white people in the country.

What is this new currency going to do?

People will hate it so much they will call for new money…and that’s exactly the plan.

Maybe Hamilton will make a comeback on the ‘new’ Amero….but only after Obama gets his face on first. Money five


P.S. And how MUCH is this all going to cost?

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Remember When Obama Said: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”?

Nobody Cares

I HATE to admit this, but I am just reading Animal Farm for the first time…by George Orwell. Yes, after Kant I didn’t get back to many of the classics. animal farm

So far, Orwell has the ‘revolutionary’ wacko left, and how they get into power, down pat.

I’m on page 42..The animals have taken over the farm (by animal revolution) and everything started going pretty well, until one day, the PIGS decided that ALL the apples and the milk were brought to just them. The other animals were upset about this, and so a pig named Squealer was sent to explain:

“Comrades!” he cried. “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for YOUR sake the we drink that milk and eat those apples. Do you know what would happen if we pigs failed in our duty? Jones would come back! Yes, Jones would come back! Surly comrades,” cried Squealer almost pleadingly, skipping from side to side and whisking his tail, “surely there is not one among you who want to see Jones come back?”

And to think this perfect example of our rich elite politician of today was written in 1946. Ms piggy

The “progressives” have been around a long time, haven’t they?

Is this not the rationalization for Hillary to be President? She is just so smart!

Remember when Obama made this comment about Sarah Palin: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

I think Hillary fits it MUCH better.

And they say TRUMP is bad.

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A Day of Purple Rain And Crying Doves

Nobody Remembers

What can I say about Prince that I hasn’t been said?

WHY did he have to die in the elevator? Was he really a woman in a man’s body? Why didn’t we appreciate him more?

Okay. I never saw the man in concert, but you didn’t have to be a die-hard fan to admit that Prince had talent that exploded with every beat. To be a guitar player is one be able to move and dance and sing at the same time, well…there probably wasn’t any other artist that could do all three things at the same time as well as he did.

Come on…most ALL performers do NOT perform live anymore. They sing along to their “recording.” Their mikes are turned up when they speak, and most people are fooled.

But Prince was old school. Who knew he used to give concerts at his home? Gee…that would have been worth seeing.


Prince was first and foremost–a great entertainer. He wasn’t the BEST guitarist, or the BEST singer, but he stole everything he liked about music and put it into his own thing. The James Brown slips and screams….the Elvis outfits, the use of sex in every video. Smart.

But most importantly, he was truly an artist. “When Dove Cries” is poetic, and emotional, and written from the heart. Not to mention, he was great to dance to.

I heard him just a few weeks ago call up a morning show and talk to his reporter friend on the phone.. and he sounded like such a nice guy, and by everyone’s account…he was.

BUT…OMG…he was…a Jehovah Witness. Not exactly Obama material.

He said that one problem was that “people, especially young people, don’t have enough God in their lives.” (Amen to that.)

In the video above, I was glad to hear him talk about chem trails…a phenomenon that NOBODY is talking about anywhere.

Prince took whatever demons he had in his souls, and gave them out to the world…He MADE himself…a Prince—-.a prince surrounded by beautiful women.

What else is there to say? I feel a bit older tonight. When someone dies so young…it’s a reminder we all have just a short time here.

I searched for a video for “When Doves Cry” but all I could find was this:

Prince being…Prince….with LOTS of beautiful women.



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Happy 90th Birthday!

Nobody Flashes

I post this in honor of my friend, amfortas, who LOVES his Queen.

…A woman who got the luck of the draw when she was born, with over 17 castles in her mouth, and yet, nevertheless has latest longer than any other monarch in the nation’s history. —-

But even great wealth can’t bring you good health, so her doctors have been doing something right. And since they breed their line of descendants like they breed their horses, the DNA is working well for them in that field.

So…..Happy Birthday, to the dear beloved Queen of the Britain!

May she live to be 100.

Here she is with her great-grandchildren. Her REAL wealth.

(I really like the little one holding her purse.)

The Queen




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Nobody Reads Donald Trump

Nobody Reads

Since most of you have no time whatsoever to read books, (and I do) I thought I’d pass on some of my favorite passages from Donald Trump’s book, Crippled America.Trump cribbled

Here are a few sentences from the first part of the book, much of it on immigration:

Iran: This is probably the most important treaty of our time, and our very stupid leaders in Washington D.C. couldn’t even bring themselves to hold a discussion and vote on it.

I don’t wait to hear what a pollster has to say because I don’t use pollsters. These were the largest audiences in Fox News and Cnn’s history bigger than the NBA Finals, the World Series, and most NFL telecasts. (the debates)

The fact is I give people what they need and deserve to hear, exactly what they don’t get from politicians and that is the Truth.

They know what I said, they know what I meant, and they edit it or interpret it to have a different meaning.

So here’s the way I work: I find the people who are the best in the world at what needs to be done, then I hire them to do it, and then I let them do it, but I always watch over them.


There were 351,000 criminal illegal aliens in our prisons that does not include the crime of crossing our borders. It costs us more than a billion dollar a year just to keep these people in prison.

Many people don’t know that even Mexico has built its own wall on its southern border to keep out illegal immigrants. Trump and Mexico

We could increase the fees on temporary visas—we could even impound remittance payments derived from illegal wages. Foreign government could tell their embassies to start helping otherwise they risk trouble relations with America.

When you break our laws you get thrown out, it’s that simple. If they refuse to take them back, we can stop issuing visas to those countries, preventing their citizens from legally visiting the United States.

I also would triple the number of immigration officers we currently employ until the wall is built.

Currently there are about 5,000 officers attempting to enforce the existing immigration laws against the more than 11 million illegal aliens. Compare that to the 19,999 members of the Los Angeles Police Department or the 35,000 officers in the New York Police Department.

We need to have real penalties for people who overstay their visas.

Most important is ending our curtailing so called birthright citizenship or anchor babies.

That baby can be used as an anchor to keep its family here is the single biggest magnet attracting illegal immigrants.

I am against any path to citizenship for undocumented workers or anyone else who is in the country illegally.

They should and need to go home and get in line.


Really, how can they say that Donald Trump doesn’t say anything?

He’s been talking for years..Trump perfect

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Trump Wins New York, And Where is Cruz?

Nobody Wins

Ted Cruz at his most this interview. Sean asks him to explain the delegate issue to the America people, and he NEVER does. And then he continues his perfected sound bits…like an actor rehearsing his lines with trigger hair precision.

Think: Marco Rubio. Where was Chris Christie? I want Chris to interview Cruz.

Cruz keeps saying how he won MILLIONS of votes and beat Trump in five straight states…although he leaves out that the people’s vote in two of those states were not counted. He cleverly calls his handpicked and bribed delegates the “grass roots” which are rising up to support him.

Right. Rising up right out of their strip club limo’s.

I liked him better before he started pumping his hands and YELLING like an old country preacher.Ted Cruh vampire

Cruz is just going to fade for a while, then keep repeating the same old line that he says every time he opens his mouth: Trump cannot beat Hillary…he can.

Right. And Bill Clinton is gay.

Now, most people know this is a bunch of crock. As Ruddy Giuliani said this morning, Hillary would walk all over Cruz. She knows how to deal with politicians, especially ones that are copying all of her lying Clintonian BS where the candidates will avoid the question and answer with a statement like.. “The American people aren’t talking about delegates! They are talking about jobs!”

Yes, Hillary would make Cruz trip up. But Donald, will surprise. It’s part of his system. Hillary will not be prepared for him.

As he says in his book Crippled America:

The element of surprise wins battles. So I don’t tell the other side what I’m doing. I don’t warn them. I don’t want people to know exactly what I’m doing. I like being unpredictable.

The conservatives of the country are all saying that Trump is NOT a conservative because he gave money to the Democrats in New York. Well…anybody who has had to send their kids to public schools, is very familiar with the Gestapo tactics of every liberal.

Better to appease them, then reason with them. They will hurt you, and enjoy doing it.  A conservative parent dare not approach the ‘feminazi” school teacher for fear that she will take all her hatred of YOU out on her kid. I’ve been there too many times.

It’s all a power game.

Anyway…the Cruz supporters, think that if Donald Trump is gotten rid of, then everyone will unite behind Cruz.image2 (3)

Russ Limbaugh truly believes this:

I’m biased; I’m Cruz supporter. But Ted Cruz is potentially the most unifying figure in the Republican Party at the moment because regular Republicans could get on board with Ted Cruz, and Cruz is the best suited of anyone to reach out to Trump voters and try to keep them in the tent.

I got news for you Rush….Cruz might unite all the party voters…but their numbers are dwindling. Most Trump voters will tell him to go to hell. We STILL haven’t forgotten what he did to Ben Carson.

And here’s something you don’t hear much: In the United States at this moment, Independents outnumber BOTH parties. And Trump can get most of those.

Ted Cruz is not going to bring back jobs. He has NO clue how to do that. In fact, if he manages to convince the Congress (which he won’t) to eliminate five government departments, as he claims he will…that will only put more people out of work.

Will he “invent” jobs for those people?

And Cruz’s father said this:

Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that as president Donald Trump “would be worse than Hillary Clinton, but he cannot beat Hillary Clinton.”

And I use to like the guy. (sigh)

Of COURSE Trump can beat Hillary. And that’s why BOTH parties are afraid.

What Ted is saying is that if Trump wins, the elites will GIVE it to Hillary…you can be sure, by fraud.

I am wondering now…has Ted Cruz really fairly won any state but Texas?

Nobody Wins when American voters lose.

But New York… showed Ted Cruz tonight that NOBODY sticks it to a New Yorker.

Thank you…New York!




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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary’s Health: Strokes, MS, Heart, Thyroid, Megalomania…

Nobody’s Perfect

What does Hillary Clinton have in common with Ted Cruz? (Besides both being good at cheating?)

Give up? Neither one of them will release their medical records…and that should be a concern for all of us.

I’m not sure what Ted has to hide besides maybe a bad heart and various venereal diseases, but Hillary can’t hide her health problems.

And they seem to be many. Here’s a wide collection I found on the internet from various sources:

She has to be carefully monitored for the rest of her life,” doctors warned former President Bill Clinton before Hillary was released from the hospital, according to the book.


Hillary had a right transverse venous thrombosis, or a blood clot, between her brain and skull.

The clots are especially a threat while flying, when blood pools while sitting, and she did a lot of flying while at the State Department.Hillary stroke


In a bombshell exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has learned the 67-year-old Democratic front-runner is suffering from the early stages of the debilitating disease MS.

Add to that, the fact that Hillary is on thyroid, and blood thinners, and suffering from a bad heart–coughing spells that happen almost every other day….what’s up with that?

Political insiders” say Hillary is tired, depressed, and plagued by “blinding headaches,” bouts of insomnia, and “near-fainting spells” on the campaign trail which are kept secret.

But other sources claimed Clinton has suffered three secret strokes, according to the report, and it seems to be taking a toll. Out on the campaign trail, another close source said, “behind the scenes she appears exhausted, dazed and confused at times.”

Yes, mini strokes usually lead to a bigger stroke that leave one debilitated. You’ve probably seen this video where Hillary trips at the top of the stairs, and you might think..HEY…we have ALL done that in our lives.

But…watch her walk UP the stairs. You can tell…it’s VERY hard for her to do it.

I imagine…if elected, you won’t see too many pictures of Hillary walking up the Air Force One steps. They will have to get a fork lift to get her onto that plane.

Hillary is sick…too sick to be running for President, but that’s not going to stop her.

Her ego comes before the American people. Always has.  You might want to admire the fact that despite all her strokes and illnesses, she keeps on fighting…

I said YOU might.

I don’t. If she were a decent human being she wouldn’t have run at all.

America deserves a healthy President, not a woman who isn’t running on all full cylinders. Especially when it comes to her brain, and we all know her brain isn’t something we’d want to preserve.

Now….what could be wrong with Cruz? Swine Flu?

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Rockefeller Patented the Zika Virus? No Conspiracy here….

Nobody’s Opinion

They are at it again. On one of the morning talk shows there was some Obama czar promoting the scare of ZIKA!Zika virus

RUN! We need 2 billion dollars right now, or perhaps the whole American continent will end up with deformed babies!

Okay…so he was more calm about the whole thing, but here we go again.

Let’s see….is it me? Or have they been scaring us to death for over ten years now with some epidemic that is going to kill off the world?

Ebola, Swine flu, Bird Flu, And the vagina flu, (I forget what that one was called…trying to get girls vaccinated against sexual diseases at four.)

Some parents thought that one was a bit much.

I remember the Swine flu…that was a sad one— Yes, pigs from China were going to develop wings and fly over to the United States and kill millions. Not sure how many people died in China,  but MILLIONS of pigs were slaughtered in good faith. The swine flu never made much of a dent here.

But still—they all shouted: GO GET YOUR VACINE!Swine flu

And then there was the Bird Flu. George W. Bush was especially adamant that the Bird Flu would be the killer of the century.  Why, those birds were going to fly down from Canada with great speed and if you even came NEAR a bird you would more than likely die. More likely if you were old or young so…


And how about that Ebola? A whole continent away and Obama tried his BEST to get us all infected by letting in Ebola cases…but alas. While Ebola was the scariest, it wasn’t the PERFECT disease to get the results that the elites wanted. Probably because of the mess. Even the elites want their favorite restaurants to keep open.

So. Now…we have…(sorry West Nile Virus, move over)…the most devastating virus EVER to hit the planet:Bird Flu


Yes, somehow those mosquitoes from Brazil, hoped on airplanes and boats and in the matter of ONE WEEK, they are here in America…all thirty states.  Probably in the backpacks of unwashed illegal’s.

They are in HALF the country, and soon will be everywhere but where the Muslims reside in Dearborn. Seems even mosquitoes are not allowed there.

I’m finding it hard to imagine mosquitoes multiplying in winter, but that’s me.

And here’s the best part: Zika can be sexually transmitting…which means DON’T have sex, because if you do, you might be born with a stupid baby.

Abortion will be your only option should you make that mistake. And then Obama will SURELY say that would be a big mistake…that baby.ebola

In fact ONE morning I actually heard some reporter say that the government (Obama) is saying that it’s best not to have a baby here in the United States, until there is a vaccine.

Which is why, they want $2 billion dollars handed over immediately.

BUT….are we really to believe that this is a natural thing happening in nature, and should we all be worried? Because if you are old, and get bit, you might become paralyze.

WELLLLLLLL…………..what are they NOT telling you? Read a bit of this stuff.

From Donald Merker’s subscription:

Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns, despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases.

In a recent report by the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), the group revealed that the area in which most of the afflicted persons live had been sprayed with a larvicide known to cause birth defects.

The chemical, pyriproxyfen, was added to the state of Pernambuco’s drinking-water reservoirs in 2014, by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in an effort to stop the proliferation of the Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Which means, Detroit is not the only city poisoning it’s water..

The Zika virus, a sexually-transmitted infection, has been around for approximately 70 years, and is marketed by two companies. We have known about it since at least 1947, when researchers from the Rockefeller Foundation discovered a monkey that became the first known carrier of the virus. You can read more about the two companies that market the virus, and view the Rockefeller patent in an article we published earlier, here.

On a side note, we also published an article discussing the genetically modified mosquitoes that have been released in these areas; you can read that here.

Okay…now that you know that Rockefeller patented it, do you get the feeling they are trying to ‘cull’ the herd? vacine two’s once again…just another scare to get the people out to get the REAL engineered virus…


This nobody thinks the vaccine might this time, have something in it that’s really important to the Elites…and not very good for us, but something they deem necessary  to save the planet, which in their minds, is themselves.

Why else do they keep scaring us and then pushing us to get vaccinated?

No..the REAL virus that the planet is not the mosquito.

It’s the politicians who “cares.”

I say we stamp them all out like a big squashed bug.


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Nobody Flashes BIG and Beautiful

Nobody Flashes

I was looking at these pictures today, and some of them took my breath away.

All I can say is: God is good. Animals are good. Man…well…we haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

All of these pictures are real. The last one gave me the chills, because the day of our wedding my husband and I were walking out the back door of the house to go down to the little church that we had rented out, and as SOON as we walked out the door, there was a GIGANTIC moth. As big as the one you see in that last picture. It wasn’t that pretty, but it was as big. That one is from Australia.

Anyway, we both took it as a good sign…as it was hanging in the garage…as if to greet us and wish us luck. I should have taken a picture of it, but it was before cell phones, and we were running late.

Haven’t see one that big since, or ever in fact.

So…enjoy….. the wonders of nature…

Wow. Is this not one of the most beautiful horses you have ever seen?

Wow. Is this not one of the most beautiful horses you have ever seen?

Big crab.

Big crab.

Over 3,000 pounds... OMG.

Over 3,000 pounds…

And you want to go sailing?

And you want to go sailing?

big moth


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