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Trump and Eisenhower: Shared Common Sense….

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Donald Trump gave an excellent speech on his foreign policy this week. Afterwards, Bill O’Reilly had him on his program, and was trying hard to get Trump to admit he was going to send in ground troops to take care of ISIS.

I couldn’t figure out— what was the point of the question? Why was Bill trying so hard to get Trump to tell him what he was going to do? That’s half the problem…I’m with Trump..

Our enemies don’t NEED to know.

The American people are pretty pissed off, not ONLY that Bush did a lousy job, by NOT winning the Iraq War, but then Obama just put more gasoline on the fire, and our boys were brought home to a terrible economy, caused by President’s blunders.  Obama has had many ‘firsts’ but his most unforgivable one is the sheer number of veterans committing suicide.

Not ONE word of concern from Obama. And he slaps them in the face by every action he takes.

Too many lives were wasted on that war…and both George W. Bush AND Barack Obama are to be blamed.Eisenhowe two

Trump’s attitude about war, is to me, a sensible one. I was thinking that, he seemed to be a lot like Ike Eisenhower.

Not many people realize this, but Eisenhower was not really affiliated with any party until he ran for President. When he accepted the republican nomination he said his goal was…

“kick from office an administration which has fastened on every one of us the wastefulness, the arrogance, ad corruption of high places,…the bitter fruit of a party too long in power.,”

He was talking about the Truman (D) administration, which in Ike’s words, was full of  “corruption…reckless spending…mismanagement of foreign affairs.”

That pretty much describes Washington D.C., 2016…wow. We’ve really come far baby.

Truman fought back—-calling Eisenhower “a liar, a fool, a hypocrite, so ignorant of government after a life in the military that he was at the mercy of the party bosses.”

Eisenhower came back with the fact that Presidents “need to build on the successes of their predecessors “and not try to abandon them simply because the previous president belonged to a different political party. “Eisenhower

Boy, does that sum up what Obama did after Bush, or what?

Eisenhower was always called upon for advice by the wimpy democratic presidents who didn’t have a clue of what to do on the world stage. He was a consultant to President Kennedy on the Cuban Missile Crisis (He would have NEVER gone ahead with it.) LBJ, on the Vietnam war, and Nixon. Not that they listened to him.

And Eisenhower gave every single president the same advice, the exact same advice that Donald Trump gave in his speech this week:

From the book, The President’s Club:

Eisenhower’s advice was consistent, from his days as a general, to his years in the White House, to his role as a veteran counselor: don’t fight unless you are in it to win. Don’t waste time and lives with half measure.

The horror of 9/11 can be traced to the policies of President Bill Clinton. The useless war in Iraq, can be blamed on President George W. Bush. And ISIS can be blamed on President Barack Hussein Obama.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen NOTHING but stupid and destructive decisions made by American Presidents. Reagan was the only great President in modern history. Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama were all failures, and have all became mega millionaires….while the rest of America was brought to its knees, time and time again.

It’s time we elect a man…who thinks like Eisenhower, who BY THE WAY…was not only a great general, but the country under his Presidency knew only peace and prosperity.

Peace and Prosperity.

Trump says that’s his goal.

Now…let’s get him into that White House before Obama decides to destroy it. eisenhower 4

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  1. Can’t argue with any of that, except for one issue; none of the “previous presidents” (not including zero) went to war/declared war by themselves – -all of them had Congressional support/approval. And “who” initially advised them to take that route and why? The latter question is what interests me most. We know why LBJ and Lady Bird “supported” Vietnam- – they owned helicopter and shipping container companies, so it was “big bucks” for them!!


    Comment by madmemere | June 11, 2016 | Reply

    • OH…I did NOT know that! Good god. Oh lord. No wonder he did not run for a second term. Great observation madmemere!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 12, 2016 | Reply

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