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Nobody’s Perfect: Dennis Skinner and Jordan Spieth

Nobody’s Perfect’

This week…two important events made it impossible for me to ignore.

The first one up being..Dennis Skinner…a man who made a most wonderful observation about the Prime Minister of England, and was quickly kicked out of Parliament for calling David Cameron

“Dodgy Dave” due to the recent report that Cameron’s father had been hiding his massive wealth in offshore accounts:

The Panama Papers leak revealed that Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca helped several world leaders conceal their wealth stashing their money in offshore accounts.

 Yes, Dodgy Dave had his father hide his investments in offshore accounts.  How nice.  No taxes…but of course, being the elite of the world all you have to say is it wasn’t to avoid taxes and there is nothing wrong with great wealth, and anybody who dares speak out against you, will be punished. Saying it’s not HIS money of course but his dad’s, and don’t you wonder how OLD Daddy is?

So much for the free speech of England. I want to adopt Dennis, but I’m sure they wouldn’t let me into the country.

And another man on Sunday, had a rather bad day:

Yes, the young Texan Jordan Spieth was on the way to winning the Masters, and in the words of Donald Trump: “He choked.”

Englishman Danny Willett took advantage of a stunning meltdown by defending champion and runaway leader Jordan Spieth after the turn to win his first major title by three shots at the Masters on Sunday. 

I only know about this because I called my son on Sunday…AFTER the game was over, and he was in a deep depression and didn’t want to talk.

“Who won?” I asked.

“Some Englishman.”  and then..he moaned and said he was going to sleep. I talked to him all of ten seconds. It was too much for him to bear.

The good news is that in America you can call somebody “Lying Ted” or “Little Man” and you will only be thrown out of the Republican party, and as far as we know, you can say almost anything in the Master’s locker room.

Nobody will ever know.




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Nobody Flashes Justice Pirro’s Perfect Rant on the GOP Actions…

Nobody Flashes

Just in case you missed it…Justice Jeanine Pirro puts her heart and soul, and her anger into the GOP stealing the people’s choices.

She’s just …perfect.


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