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Nobody Flashes: The Queen Stands With the People

Nobody Flashes

Bet you won’t see THIS video anywhere on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or even the BBC today.

The Queen stands with her people!

This is one day I can enjoyably say with Gusto, “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!”

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Happy 90th Birthday!

Nobody Flashes

I post this in honor of my friend, amfortas, who LOVES his Queen.

…A woman who got the luck of the draw when she was born, with over 17 castles in her mouth, and yet, nevertheless has latest longer than any other monarch in the nation’s history. —-

But even great wealth can’t bring you good health, so her doctors have been doing something right. And since they breed their line of descendants like they breed their horses, the DNA is working well for them in that field.

So…..Happy Birthday, to the dear beloved Queen of the Britain!

May she live to be 100.

Here she is with her great-grandchildren. Her REAL wealth.

(I really like the little one holding her purse.)

The Queen




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Nobody’s Perfect: Queen Elizabeth II

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s quite amazing how they do it: Rulers that stay in power for literally decades—and Queen Elizabeth has held her ground. Coming from a country that rejected  the idea of a family line of rulers as being the quintessence of the most abhorrent political system ever invented, I’m trying to catch a hold of getting myself to “like” the Queen. Now that she is in her winter years, it’s not all that hard. After all, it’s not her fault that she happened to be born with the luck of one in a billion…to inherit all that wealth, all those castles. That doesn’t make her any less a person, because it’s the system itself that is to be criticized, not the people who happen to be born into it, unless of course, they start acting like the old King Henry the Eighth.

But now, in 2012, the Americans, who at their start rejected the power of one man on the throne, seems to have come back rull circle. England through the years, took away the power of the idea of ‘King” or one man on the throne (or woman) leaving them more as figureheads, while America has given their Presidents the powers of a King.

Exactly what our founders fought against…and we are paying dearly for it.  

Why is it hard for me to like the Queen? I’ll tell you why. I was like the rest of the world, heartbroken, when Princess Diana was killed.  I thought the Queen’s behavior at that time in history was short of a real snob. She had no class, and showed no grace at the time all the world was looking for her…and that’s probably because she really didn’t like the girl, and was glad to be rid of her. When you live under years of being the number one chip on the block, you are bound to be selfish in your concerns. She just did it when she wanted to. It was finally sweet, but it was a huge political mistake.  No doubt, Diana’s Star outshone the Queen and that must have been annoying.

Still…hire the best PR consultants in the business, put your propaganda out…and all will be forgotten.  And it has been.

The British people love her….so we must take it from them, that she has more than made up for whatever mistakes she made before. They credit her with the good England’s fortune for the last sixty years, but just how lucky are those people are over? It doesn’t sound so dreamy. They have more camera’s on their streets, more Muslims flooding their welfare rolls, more thugs and drunks on the streets…at least that’s what we see over here in America.  Still, what did the Queen have to do with all that?

Nothing. The Queen is the brand. She stands for the British people..a symbol. That’s her job. As you read about Elizabeth, on the whole, she has done whatever was asked of her in the role she was given, and with grace and honor.  She seems to have had a wonderful father, (at least he is presented as such in the movie, The King’s Speech) and even if her son is a bulb short of a socket, you can’t always blame the mother on such things….or can you? The rulers of the world are so busy going around the world, the kids do suffer from their absent. And Elizabeth was away from her children many times in her life, the kids left at home.

No kid ends up without some serious mental problems when they grow  up missing their parents, and that happens whether your parents are rich or poor…or divorced.

In defense of this horrible habit of England’s Kings and Queens leaving thier kids somewhere while they went traveling around the world, John Adams and his wife Abigail left their sons at home and didn’t see them for five years while John was away as ambassador in Paris and England.

 I don’t care if you have butlers picking your nose and bringing you hot totties at bedtime, kids need the parents around. Both his sons suffered severely for it.

But, in John’s case…they didn’t have much money. The Queen could have had private tutors wherever she went….so I tend to bring that against her.   I suppose she could blame it on her historical duties. There is a whole culture of historical “do’s” and “don’t” in the British upper society that has years of cultural precedence, so the rich kids go off to the private schools and we have the Harry Potter Series to prove it…the unfairness of life if you happen to be born a Mudblood…instead of having the royal Trueblood line.

The trouble with rich elites running the world is that they are so far removed from their people. George HW Bush had never seen a grocery store, something he had in common with Elizabeth. When she was here in America, she saw one for the first time too.

These people never had to buy food for themselves…amazing isn’t it?

Tell me, how can you rule people you can’t possibly relate to?

I watched the Queen floating down the river on her barge on that rainy day…celebrating her sixty- year Jubilee.  What was even more endearing were the singers who were singing “God Save the Queen” in the rain, their faces and voices busting with pride…giving the performance of their lives. So proud to be there. So proud to be singing to her.

The Queen is very lucky to have such wonderful subjects….has she ever mention that fact I wonder?

I haven’t heard her say it, but Nobody’s Perfect, and that includes Queen Elizabeth…but there is one thing that we should give it up for her for: She plans to stay  in power until she goes to explain herself to the Big Ben in the sky. (applause!)

The longer she rules, the less time Charles has to mess all her hard work up, and the world is a better place for that.

So, Long live the British Queen! Nobody can wear a hat quite like her.

(Thanks to amfortas for the picture of Elizabeth: gunner! And for his endearing heart and soul for his beloved Queen..she is lucky to have it.)

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