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Happy 90th Birthday!

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I post this in honor of my friend, amfortas, who LOVES his Queen.

…A woman who got the luck of the draw when she was born, with over 17 castles in her mouth, and yet, nevertheless has latest longer than any other monarch in the nation’s history. —-

But even great wealth can’t bring you good health, so her doctors have been doing something right. And since they breed their line of descendants like they breed their horses, the DNA is working well for them in that field.

So…..Happy Birthday, to the dear beloved Queen of the Britain!

May she live to be 100.

Here she is with her great-grandchildren. Her REAL wealth.

(I really like the little one holding her purse.)

The Queen




April 21, 2016 - Posted by | History, Uncategorized |

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  1. You got to hand it to her for doing such a grand job over such a long period of time.


    Comment by spookmoor | April 21, 2016 | Reply

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