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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Levine

Nobody’s Perfect

Mark Levine.

Let’s talk about “the great one” shall we?Mark Levine

I remember how he got famous. The Jewish lawyer named Mark Levine became famous by calling Sean Hannity’s (and Rush Limbaugh’s) show and shouting about one thing or another.  He was MORE obnoxious than Donald Trump ever was…but people don’t remember that.

Nevertheless, it got attention, and people loved it.

I also remember I started feeling sorry for Sean who was being such a nice guy letting Mark call up every single day and take over his show. I started wondering if Sean was getting a bit sick of him. In a way, he became (Like Donald) a favorite of the audience, and it was mostly because of Hannity’s generous promotion of the man that America even became aware of him.

Without Sean Hannity, Levine would still be a lawyer somewhere in Kansas.

As an entertainer, I can relate. I used to have this woman follow me around the clubs, and she always wanted me to stop whatever I was doing and let her sing, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. She always brought her friends, and she didn’t do a bad job, but it got to the point when I was supplying her and her friends the means to let her do her thing, every time I had a job.

There were a few times I wanted to tell her..”Hey, why don’t you get your own equipment and find yourself a job like all the rest of us?”

It was clear: Mark took advantage of both Limbaugh and Hannity, and sure enough, he got his own radio show….started writing books, and how did he do it?

By being obnoxious. He was always calling people “morons” or “Idiots” and getting fact, he because popular doing the same thing in a way that Trump is doing.

He would scream at the top of his lungs. He still does that once in a while on his show, but it’s not cute anymore.

Mark now has his own radio show, and anybody who doesn’t support his man Ted Cruz is a “moron.” Now, we have to listen to him cut down Trump, and talk against Trump’s demeanor, even though, Mark did the very same thing to promote himself into his own show.

Yes…don’t tell anybody, but Mark got famous saying things nobody else would say.

But now, he’s become part of the “elites” of the republican party. His common sense has been thrown out the door. And he’s pretty mad that people think he’s lost it.

Both Limbaugh and Levine are confusing the populous on their radio programs, with trying to explain to us “morons” how Cruz is doing everything legal.  And they may be IS legal to bribe, cheat, and do just about every dirty thing you can think of to become President.

Does anybody else besides me find these chalkboard lessons condescending?

Does anybody else besides me find these chalkboard lessons condescending?

BUT…is it right? Hell no. The founders did NOT develop that system, and yet, that’s what Rush and Levine want you to believe.

“Hey you morons! We’ve been doing it this way since Lincoln!” they yell. And the American people had NO clue.

Thanks for telling us. Now we KNOW why we’ve been $*%%ed.

What Trump has truly done, is shown the American people just how corrupt the system really is. The deck IS stacked, by the powerful elites.

Remember….Snowden let us all know, that the NSA was gathering all our information without our consent.

Trump has exposed the corruption of the parties, and laid its naked body, out for all to see. People have not been paying attention because we have all been too busy trying to make a living thanks to our “elites”…. and now they are waking up.

I’m listening to Mark now. He only lets sycophants on. They are all repeating Mark’s words of how Trump is horrible, and Cruz is a ‘true’ conservative.

Which in this Nobody’s Opinion, makes most of them “Morons.”

See? Even I learned something from listening to Mark.

Nobody’s Perfect.


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