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Trump Can’t Beat Hillary? Seriously?


Nobody Wonders

Okay. Somebody somewhere did some poll that said that Donald Trump CANNOT beat Hillary. I don’t know who did this poll…probably Karl Rove one night while trying to come up with some sort of NEVER TRUMP strategy, while he was having a few late night drinks at FOX. And I have not heard anybody ANYWHERE on TV or radio, dispute this. Trump VS Hillary two


 Nobody Wonders how anybody with a sound mind, can even believe that nonsense.

The proof that Trump can beat Hillary in a landslide this fall, was seen tonight in the primary results from New England tonight.

REMEMBER: Donald is running against TWO men. Hillary only one. Even a first grader can figure THIS one out:

Rhode Island: Donald Trump       63.8%

                        Bernie Sanders         55.0%  (Oops, Hillary lost that state)

Connecticut:   Donald Trump       57.7%

                          Hillary Clinton          51.5 %

Delaware:       Donald Trump        60.8%   

                         Hillary Clinton           59.8%

Maryland:       Donald Trump        55.5%

                          Hillary Clinton          63.0% (Only time she got a higher percentage, but remember, she only  had one man to compete with.)

Pennsylvania: Donald Trump      56.3%

                          Hillary Clinton          55.6%

Mathematically speaking in the Presidential election, by these stats, Trump would beat her in every state.  He did it tonight.

Trump will beat Hillary in a landslide with the popular vote.

But can Hillary somehow “win” the electoral votes simply because she has been in D.C. so long she can rig it?  And god forbid, would we have another 2000 debacle?

Just think: John Robert would go down in history as being not only the man who gave us Obamacare, but the he one man who gave us Hillary Clinton.

I think, I would blow up his picture and throw darts. wonder


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