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Nobody Flashes the Ritz: Do NOT Miss the Last One:

Nobody Flashes

I was having too much fun watching these: Various versions of the old classic: Puttin’ on the Ritz.

Notice, Michael Jackson is dancing with an ALL BLACK troop…and how long ago was this? And this was on TV? And you’ve been told black people never got enough jobs? Seriously? He was just a kid.

The next one is the master Fred Astaire, and the guy copying his moves does okay, but he can’t pick up the cane with his foot, (How did Fred DO THAT with his hand?) so he just skips that part and then he gets sloppy. NOBODY past or present could match Fred’s perfection.

Not to mention, sheer genius of creativity. He was a drummer at heart.

And… who knew Clark Gable could sing? LOOK at the face on that woman? Anybody know who she is? Priceless. What a look she give him. Cracks me up.

Clark’s voice is REALLY high…which from such a macho guy is really funny.

But, as far as a remake go, Herb Albert’s remake, can’t be beat. I think this was my favorite.

In fact, I’m going to watch it again.


(P.S.) Taco’s was okay, but pretty boring so I didn’t post it, but you can find it on YouTube, where everybody thought TACO’s version and Gene Wilder’s version was better.

Poor saps.


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I have nothing but tears….

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Nobody Flashes…Aretha Thinking

Nobody Flashes

Nobody likes to imagine a whole race of black people lining up their democratic representatives, like Obama, and Jesse, and the BLM, and the Black Caucus, and getting this sung to them, Aretha leading the pack. Yes, a whole black nation singing to them, while they stand on the Capital steps.

“You better THINK! Think about what you’re trying to do to me.” “Yeah THINK!”


Okay. Some other movie. Back to the video.

Tell me you don’t love this video and I’ll tell you how sorry I feel for your missing frontal lobes.



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Nobody Get Email: Sweetest Taboo

Nobody Gets Email

Somebody sent me this classic by Sade.

Sometimes the best stuff is simplistic.

Great stuff. Great recording. Good video.


(Thanks to ‘g’ man)

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Christopher Walken Can DANCE.

Nobody Flashes

Come on. Put a smile on that face!

I love this video.

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Nobody Flashes Tuba Skinny

Nobody Flashes

We can’t stay sad forever, last week was such a downer….and so, a little up beat music is just what we need…in fact, in New Orleans they dance at the funerals to Dixieland jazz.

And I think this is my new favorite band in New Orleans. I never knew they even existed.

Boy, what I was missing.

Sit back and enjoy the sound of Tuba Skinny! 

(Thanks so much to ‘g’ man.)

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A Song for Papa

Nobody Flashes

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

And there is no one on the planet that could have done it such justice as Streisand.

So beautiful in fact, that all the really ignorant things that Ms Streisand has said about politics can be forgotten.

Okay, almost all. I notice here that her lip synching really wasn’t all that great. (LOL)

I’ve often turned off the lights, and thought about God…and stars…many a night listening this song.



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Nobody Goes From C-Span to the Grammys

Nobody’s Opinion

Whenever I really want to know what’s going on in the world, I go to Cspan.

Sure, it can be boring, but that’s the place where the people who run the world make their statements, mostly to the other big guys.

Like today: Joe Biden was talking BS at the Council of Foreign Relations, about how the Obama’s administration didn’t know Russia was doing anything, and if they did say something, then it would have effected the whole election, so they didn’t say anything, and that world leaders were calling him up and basically worried about President Trump, so good old Joe would call Pence (Just so you know he got permission first) and tell Pence who he trusted that world leaders were worried and did he mind if he eased those leaders mind and give them all advice?

Really, BS. Just like now, I’m listening to the Grammy’s and its FILLED with hate Trump. Sting is singing he’s an illegal alien…right. Then some other fool comes out and sings he’s an illegal alien TOO, and they should all come to New York! Hey!

But, back to C-Span—

While we all have been hearing about the State of the Union Speech coming up, very few of us saw this Armed Service committee meeting on C-Span. Let’s face it, between George Schultz and Henry Kissinger you had to wonder which one was going to pass out first. Kissinger has morphed into just a head.

He has no body. His poor body was having trouble holding his big head up.

I actually watched it, and believe it or not, Henry Kissinger was the more sensible one. George Schultz on the other hand, was an all out progressive/liberal deep state NWO disgusting operative. One the video here he shows how he’s all into global warming and genetically altering nature.

They can’t WAIT to genetically alter the world: bugs first, then humans.

He actually BRAGGED about how hard they (Meaning Vicente Fox, and President George W. Bush) had worked to bring Mexico into the United States, and they had succeeded! He was very proud of that.

He went on to praise NAFTA.

I about jumped out of my chair. Here was proof that President George W. Bush had meant to merge the three countries together to form one. (Good luck finding that clip on YouTube)

None of them asked the citizens of course.

One thing was noticeable: Henry Kissinger, in almost all that he said, supported President Trump and ALL that he was doing. Henry Kissinger talked in logical sentences.

George Shultz…did not. George Shultz was a typical politician: Tell the personal story, act superior, get the people freighted: smile a lot and look goofy.

Kissinger was all for making friends with Russia, something that President Trump has supported–George Shultz and his progressive friends are all out to get Russia.

Two opposites, and I’m sure not many people watched this on C-Span.

But you can be sure, millions are watching the Grammys. Right now all the ‘abused’ diva’s are singing about women being abused. They are all in white, and the song is REALLY bad.

It’s about as entertaining as drinking a flat coke, excuse me while I go get a fresh one.

Bring back Bruno Mars. And God help us, that idiot Bono is on, singing at the feet of the Statue of Liberty, trying to start an American revolution, and it’s all about bringing in all the people from all over the world to…the American dream.

Which of course, WILL be gone, if that happens, but it sure is making a lot of rich people richer.

I suggest C-Span go to Bono’s house in England, open up HIS castle and feed as many illegals aliens as they can fit. Invite George Shultz to say a few words.

I’ll even watch.

UPDATE: Stars are now reading from Fire and Fury. Hillary is even reading it.

Sad. I’m glad I’m not in music anymore.


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IZ Still Sings to the Rainbow in All of Us

Nobody Flashes a Beautiful Spirit on a Sunday.

Who sings to the gods still. 

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Fairies…ARE Important

Nobody Flashes

Excuse me while I go back…way back in my memory, when I was all about three years old. I was sitting in the back seat of my parent’s old station wagon, in St. Louis, on a cold winter’s night, early 1950’s. My dad was in the front seat, and we were waiting for my mom to come out of the shopping center. I do remember it was near Christmas, it might have been Christmas Eve. I felt pretty tiny in the backseat, and it was cold.

And I was getting tired of waiting,

“Where’s mom?” I asked my dad. “Is she okay? They are turning the lights out. It’s dark!” I was worried about my mom walking in the dark.

“She’ll be here, she’s probably just getting last-minute gifts.” said my dad.

I continue to ‘pout’ …this is so boring I thought…and then…I heard this song. It was playing over the shopping center loudspeakers, which back then, were outside.

OMG. It was if I had been struck by lighting. I remember asking my dad to roll down the windows so I could hear it better.

There are moments in one’s life, that determine the course you take. Profound almost spiritual. I can think of no other moment that effected my course in life.

That one moment when I heard this song, was the moment I fell in love with music. Of course, you realized I had no idea what ‘music’ actually was, but the deep emotion created by those tiny bells…that song was me.

As the song played I remember looking in the stores and imagining all the toys coming alive. I asked my dad if they did, and of course he said…probably. (LOL) My dad told me to run down hills too so that tells you how he loved to throw his little baby into life.

I also remember looking up and really discovering the stars while I listened. Space, was endless. The night was…endless. What was up there? God?

To this day, if I hear that song, I stop dead,…and listen. Usually its in a shopping center, and it always stops me cold.  Like a fool, I’ll just stand in the crowd and tell whomever I’m with to ‘shh.”

I go back to that moment of sheer joy. I feel the same feelings that I first felt when I heard it at three.

It’s no coincidence that I spent my life making music, and I have pictures of the universe scattered throughout my house.

Yes, childhood IS important. All your personality, your likes, your joys, your fears…most of that is formed between the age of birth and four or five.

Everybody has something they just love. Mine was music and wonderment.

Years later I read that Tchaikovsky had suffered from deep depressions, as did I so much of my life, and I thought to myself, “No WONDER I get it.”

He was truly a genius.

And I believe, that sometimes the saddest people in life, are sometime so sensitive, that emotion can overwhelm their very souls…and the thing they want most in life, is to be fully alive…not to die.

They want to go back to that magical moment when the world was as simple…as a fairy. So, did a lot of Disney artists too who put the fairies to music. When you realize that this scene was hand drawn, it’s almost unbelievable.

But then, that’s what inspiration can do. Did he know how his “Dance” would last and influence everyone from Walt Disney to a nobody in Missouri?

Of course, not. It was no doubt, directly from the great muse in the sky, and he just had to get it out. There has never been a song written that even compares. (Harry Potter’s theme comes close, but no.)

So, I picked two versions…


And thanks for letting me share a bit of myself.


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A Day In the Life Hasn’t Changed One Bit

Nobody Flashes

I don’t watch the Grammy’s anymore. I hear it’s going to be all rap this year.

When you grow up listening to the genius of George Martin and the Beatles, rap music is like going back to the dark ages.

After watching this I wondered if George Martin did acid too. Whoever edited this video must have.


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Nobody Flashes

It’s Sunday. I’ll probably be posting Christmas songs every Sunday until Christmas.

I can’t help myself. I just LOVE Christmas carols.

And nobody does them better or with more creativity than Pentatonix.


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Nobody Flashes…The Sound of Angels

Nobody Flashes


Nobody Says angels should be shown more often…the wonderment of angels…

Right here.


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Nobody Flashes Joni Singing “A Case of You”

Nobody Flashes

Okay. Confession. I grew up learning how to sing by singing Joni Mitchell songs on my four hour drive back and forth to college, and this is one of my favorites.

Really…‘I could drink a case of you’…expresses every lover’s feeling at the core.

She sings like God’s perfect bird in this. And to write the song with just her voice and that instrument.

Can it get any better?

This…is how love songs are meant to be.

By the way, I hear Joni is sick now. Hopefully, she still sings to the night.


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