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Joe Hiden…Can We Call You Al? ..whoa…whoa…whoa…yeah…!

Nobody Flashes

Let’s just get away from it all..shall we? First version, second version…Can I call Joe Biden Al? I can’t help it. Listen to the words and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Joe Biden at his press conference today.

“Where is my wife and family? What if I die here?” “Who’ll read my prompter, once my prompter is gone…gone..”


If the words fit, you must admit…it sounds like Al IS Joe.

And then, when you’re locked up with your wife at home…Jensen and wife. Oh, and by the way, there is ONE thing Jensen forgot to do that Paul Simon did. …see if you can pick it out…not that I care. He such a great actor. And sorry, Danneel is pretty good, but she just doesn’t have that stupid funny face of Chevy at his prime. (And I’m sure Jensen is very glad of that.)


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