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Trump Wins New York, And Where is Cruz?

Nobody Wins

Ted Cruz at his most this interview. Sean asks him to explain the delegate issue to the America people, and he NEVER does. And then he continues his perfected sound bits…like an actor rehearsing his lines with trigger hair precision.

Think: Marco Rubio. Where was Chris Christie? I want Chris to interview Cruz.

Cruz keeps saying how he won MILLIONS of votes and beat Trump in five straight states…although he leaves out that the people’s vote in two of those states were not counted. He cleverly calls his handpicked and bribed delegates the “grass roots” which are rising up to support him.

Right. Rising up right out of their strip club limo’s.

I liked him better before he started pumping his hands and YELLING like an old country preacher.Ted Cruh vampire

Cruz is just going to fade for a while, then keep repeating the same old line that he says every time he opens his mouth: Trump cannot beat Hillary…he can.

Right. And Bill Clinton is gay.

Now, most people know this is a bunch of crock. As Ruddy Giuliani said this morning, Hillary would walk all over Cruz. She knows how to deal with politicians, especially ones that are copying all of her lying Clintonian BS where the candidates will avoid the question and answer with a statement like.. “The American people aren’t talking about delegates! They are talking about jobs!”

Yes, Hillary would make Cruz trip up. But Donald, will surprise. It’s part of his system. Hillary will not be prepared for him.

As he says in his book Crippled America:

The element of surprise wins battles. So I don’t tell the other side what I’m doing. I don’t warn them. I don’t want people to know exactly what I’m doing. I like being unpredictable.

The conservatives of the country are all saying that Trump is NOT a conservative because he gave money to the Democrats in New York. Well…anybody who has had to send their kids to public schools, is very familiar with the Gestapo tactics of every liberal.

Better to appease them, then reason with them. They will hurt you, and enjoy doing it.  A conservative parent dare not approach the ‘feminazi” school teacher for fear that she will take all her hatred of YOU out on her kid. I’ve been there too many times.

It’s all a power game.

Anyway…the Cruz supporters, think that if Donald Trump is gotten rid of, then everyone will unite behind Cruz.image2 (3)

Russ Limbaugh truly believes this:

I’m biased; I’m Cruz supporter. But Ted Cruz is potentially the most unifying figure in the Republican Party at the moment because regular Republicans could get on board with Ted Cruz, and Cruz is the best suited of anyone to reach out to Trump voters and try to keep them in the tent.

I got news for you Rush….Cruz might unite all the party voters…but their numbers are dwindling. Most Trump voters will tell him to go to hell. We STILL haven’t forgotten what he did to Ben Carson.

And here’s something you don’t hear much: In the United States at this moment, Independents outnumber BOTH parties. And Trump can get most of those.

Ted Cruz is not going to bring back jobs. He has NO clue how to do that. In fact, if he manages to convince the Congress (which he won’t) to eliminate five government departments, as he claims he will…that will only put more people out of work.

Will he “invent” jobs for those people?

And Cruz’s father said this:

Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that as president Donald Trump “would be worse than Hillary Clinton, but he cannot beat Hillary Clinton.”

And I use to like the guy. (sigh)

Of COURSE Trump can beat Hillary. And that’s why BOTH parties are afraid.

What Ted is saying is that if Trump wins, the elites will GIVE it to Hillary…you can be sure, by fraud.

I am wondering now…has Ted Cruz really fairly won any state but Texas?

Nobody Wins when American voters lose.

But New York… showed Ted Cruz tonight that NOBODY sticks it to a New Yorker.

Thank you…New York!




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