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Beware Singing Vice Presidents…And Delusional Candidates.

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I was AMAZED today that both Ted Cruz, and his new VP, Carly Fiorina, insisted that they would be the next President and Vice President. I guess if they think they just keep repeating it, it will come true.

Blue Fairies must be real. Ted Cruz, I suppose, has cleaned out the stables of King Augeas, before he moved to Texas. Even though Ted was slaughtered in New England, he is being told by someone that he will be President. I’m listening to one of them now: Mark Levine.Carly and Ted

I’m starting to feel sorry for the vast Washington media pundits who this nobody has always admired and listened to. Clearly: They haven’t got a CLUE why Trump is winning. It must keep them all tossing and turning in their $500,000 Georgetown condo’s. I bet some of them are so upset, they are making midnight runs in their limo’s to McDonalds for a double cheese hamburger, supersized, with a Coke.

Rush Limbaugh is trying to tell his audience that he understands why, and yet, he doesn’t either. He has to be “nice” about Trump for the first two hours so he doesn’t lose his audience.

That last hour, he promotes Cruz. It’s pretty sad.

They think the American people are stupid: WE think, they are.

Who’s right? Well, that’s a no-brainer. The American people, Rush. Haven’t you always said you trust the American people?

Well, trust us now.

One guy on Rush’s show one day said that every time Cruz spoke, he sounded like he was delivering the Gettysburg Address. It’s almost annoying.

The American people are tired of it. We had eight years of “preaching” with Obama. Trump speaks like all the rest of us. Is it any wonder why we like him? So WHAT if he mispronounced Tanzania. Who the hell cares? Who the hell cares about Tanzania? Cruz said “Basketball ring” in Indiana. Oh…but I bet HE can pronounce Tanzania, right? Uh…where have you been Ted, in Africa?

Have these people been around liars and politicians for so long they can’t tell when someone is telling the truth?Carly

Carly Fiorina today, when introduced as Ted’s pick for VP, got on stage and used it to basically promote herself as the candidate. She BARELY talked about Cruz, which shows you she is taking the job because one: She got $500,000 from him, and two: She still wants to be President.

She’ll wait.

She even sang a song to his kids, which was what? Trying to get the “mommy” vote?

Frankly if you had to choose, I’d rather have a President with four grown and business savvy men and women in the White House, than more babies doing pic-ops for our daily propaganda consumption. At least Donald’s kids can help with trade deals. If Ted becomes President he will be on TV every week reading the Constitution to his kids, with the fireplace in the background. Easter will be celebrated every other week, with his kids in cute little bunny outfits and mom and dad dressed up like something out of the fifties.

Please….spare us.

Carly, who stole the show from Ted today, was shouting that Donald it NOT conservative. Why…he’s a liberal! No different than Hillary Clinton— and that’s what all these pundits believe. Donald Trump was a liberal for so long, and gave so much money to liberals, there is NO way he is not…a liberal.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Brent Boswell, a very well known conservative writer, has been so upset he wrote a letter to Trump supporters…in which he said….a few things like these:

I’ve endorsed Ted Cruz.


I was a contributor to National Review’s Against Trump symposium at the beginning of the year.


Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Phyllis Schlafly—you are friends and allies, serious men and women for whom I have great respect. You and other conservatives disagreed.


I pen this open letter to you.


“Does Donald Trump mean a word he says?”

“He supported taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.”Ted Cruz cartoon

“He was open to gay marriage.”

“He supported the Wall Street bailout.”

“He bankrolled democrats”

“Do the most courageous thing you’ve ever done in a lifetime of bravery. Retract your endorsement. “

Well Brent. I think I’ll stick with the knowledge and experience of Sarah, Ben, Mike and Phyllis. They get it.

I suggest you get off your very elite butt Brent, and tour America and go talk to some REAL people out here who have to live with the damage of Washington D.C. Damage that has not only been done by the politicians —but also by the ‘conservative’ writers and radio hosts that have protected the conservative corrupt elites in Washington every single day.

Sorry, but Ted Cruz really IS a liar and a fraud. And if you can’t tell that by now, then I suggest you try joining John boy at I-HOP.

I hear they have some pretty good pancakes.



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Carly Fiorina Teaches Hillary How to Attract the Liberal Woman’s Vote

Nobody Flashes

Here’s an ad by Carly Fiorina, who is teaching Hillary Clinton how to go after the woman’s vote.

Right now, Hillary is wishing Carly was on her staff.


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Nobody’s Fool: Carly Fiorina

Nobody’s Fool

I was watching Bill O’Reilly the other night, and he posted the pictures of all the GOP candidates, and Carly’s picture was missing. Like, she didn’t even exist.

What are voters suppose to think about the republican party, if they act like the only woman running is not even there? Sure, O’Reilly claims to be an Independent, but if he thought no one would notice, he was wrong.

Listen to Carly here: She lays out succinctly and with grace, the problem with the Planned Parenthood stance on abortions, which is also Hillary Clinton’s.

If Carly got more exposure, she would give them all a run for their money. The GOP figures they might not be able to knock Trump off the platform, but they sure as heck can try to knock Carly out, by simply ignoring her. Carly is a clear danger to Jeb AND Hillary, the two anointed.

It’s sad to watch the men with the control of the media destroy the democratic process, isn’t it? They pick and choose who to cover and who not to cover.

So, congratulations Carly! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week…by staying steady, strong, to the point, and showing by example what a REAL American conservative woman is all about.

This conservative woman loves it.





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Clearly, it’s Carly Fiorina that Hillary is Afraid Of

Nobody Wonders

While everybody thinks Hillary is scared of the GOP men, I beg to differ. Carly Fiorina is who she is really frightened of, and the Clinton army of media attack dogs are going for the deep throat cut. Carly is right..the talking points on Carly are all the same: keep up the nastiness about her being fired. Katie Couric started her questioning with the very same statements: YOU WERE FIRED!

Nobody Wonders…where are the conservative pundits that are going to ask Hillary the very same question in the very same nasty way?

Pundit to Hillary: What makes you think that you should become President Hillary? After all, you not only left four men to die in Benghazi, after they repeatedly begged you for protection, your policies in the Middle East gave rise to ISIS, thereby making all the lives lost winning so many of the towns in Iraq in vain. Trillions of our tax dollars went down the drain because of you.

As Secretary of State, your reset with Russia leaves us going BACK in to the cold war, and you left the Ukraine to them to take over. And how about the fact that you gave Putin our uranium?

These crimes were a lot more egregious than Carly Fiorina’s getting fired during a company takeover.

In fact, since you destroyed state evidence, and knowingly took money from foreign countries while you were Secretary of State, isn’t it true that you don’t deserve to be anywhere near the Presidency?

In fact, you should be tried for treason. The only reason you are not, is because our government is so corrupt.

Nobody Wonders...where is the pundit that will stick up for Carly Fiorina?


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Nobody Flashes: Carly Fiorina—Wow.

Nobody Flashes

Saturday is my house cleaning day, and so between the laundry, and the dusting, and the sweeping, I listened to the Iowa Freedom Summit on TV. You know, the one where the Republican Presidential hopefuls give their biggest pitch to Iowa? The one that Jeb Bush decided to skip because he’s just too much of an elitist to attend? He plans to skip Iowa. He doesn’t need the people.

So that should tell you something. He skipped it because he couldn’t compete with Rick Perry.

Sarah Palin was a delight…and Rick Perry was a refreshingly different man. He wasn’t kidding, he’s more prepared this time around. Rousing political speeches, they both had…and big applause…BUT….

But…THIS woman…hit me right in the heart. She was not emotional. She was not “rah-rah” political, nope….

She was analytical, intelligent, talked about some problems, and the solutions. She has all the makings of a fine President.

Carly Fiorina is pro-life, was the CEO of Hewitt Packard for years, and would make Hillary look silly. (Here Hillary statements start around 18.35)

If you have the time, and missed it, give a look at this woman, and be proud. She reminded ME of my mother, who ran her own business too, and said many of the same things to me.

Like I said: She’s not flashy, or an entertainer, she’s all business. And haven’t we had enough flash in the last 6 years?

I’m glad I was home. Another conservative woman to be proud of…and don’t we need them?



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