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Vote Trump! Or Get “Used” Speaking Spanish

Nobody’s Opinion

Nasty. That’s the word to describe the frontrunners of the GOP Presidential contest: Nasty.

The field for super Tuesday has been narrowed down to Donald VS Cruz, thanks to the well-programmed media stations edging the fight to get….NASTY. Rubio is just getting stupid.

NOBODY in the media can understand the popularity of Donald Trump, as he is still leading the “polls” although ONE poll has been saying again and again: He can’t beat Hillary. So, as far as that logic goes, if the most popular candidate can’t beat Hillary, what makes anybody think that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio could? They mistakenly gamble that the masses of Trump voters will go out and vote for Ted Cruz or Rubio simply because Hillary is so repulsive.

That’s a mistake. And let me tell you why. To repeat an old Clinton phrase: It’s the economy, stupid.trump rubio and cruz

A man who was just on the radio put it simply: When the republicans had the majority: House, Senate, AND Presidency, they did nothing. When they got the majority back in 2014, on the promise to repeal Obamacare, they did nothing. How many years do we have to wait before they DO something? We’ll all be dead.

The American people have been ‘sold’ the same product over and over, only to vote them in, and be slapped in the face. Sure, Ted Cruz went and fought for Obamacare, but he was…alone. Now, he wants the Presidency just because he actually did what he was HIRED by his constituents to do. He wants extra brownie points for doing, …his job? Do you get extra brownie points for doing your job? One guy does his job in Congress, so therefore, he’s special?

Everyone should find that amazing, and sad.

I remember, how relieved I was when George W. Bush ran as a Texan. I was so tired of the Clinton’s. The baby boomers whole lives have been watching those two main families, and we are sick of them both.

As excited as the voters are about Cruz right now, I was just as excited about George W..

Bush was going to go into Washington and kick ass! The media “sold” his image as being a man of the people. A REAL conservative.  Too bad that “Texan” man who you could have a beer with, turned out to be what he actually was: A elite man from Harvard and Wall Street. When he came out that day in 2008, and told the American taxpayers they’d have to bail out the banks because…(hehehe) they just got greedy, his cover of being the “conservative” good old boy was blown. The Iraq war made a lot of those big boys in Wall Street very rich, but it left the American people devastated. His family was best friends with the Clintons, AND the Saudi’s. America, was not even in his thinking.globalization

Bush, was all about the big money Wall Street global market…but he sure had that “aw shucks” image down pat.

I view Paul Ryan the same way. Paul Ryan was “sold” to us as a simple family man from Wisconsin. Just like us. There to get rid of Obamacare.  I was listening to both Obama and Ryan today.  When it comes to sounding wonderfully logical and speaking from the heart, if you did not know their politics, you would believe them. Obama was giving a Metal of Honor to a Seal.  But nobody has been more demeaning and more damaging to our military than Obama. In fact, he has committed treason in more than one occasion.

Where was Paul Ryan when Obama was doing all this damage?  Paul Ryan was putting down Trump for saying we should stop Muslims from coming into the country. Paul Ryan is part of the establishment. He has lived in Washington D.C. for about eight years…BUT…we were sold that he was the outsider. He still plays that “I’m just a poor boy with a family” image. I bet we’d be shocked to see the truth.

Which leads me to Ted Cruz.

There is not one talk show host that supports Donald Trump, and finding anyone on the Cable channels is very slim.

So….Why is Donald Trump so popular? Because he has the guts to say what many Americans have been thinking.

Let’s say that Ted Cruz should make it to the White House. He could give elegant speeches, about the Constitution, he could stand strong against ISIS, and like George Bush, spend more trillions tying to defeat them. Hhe could show how he was fighting for the Constitution, but could he actually change ANY laws without the support of Congress?

Just because you can talk a good game, doesn’t mean jack squat.

Ted Cruz reminds me of Newt Gingrich—who can sound like the most patriotic man on the planet, but when he became the speaker of the house, did you know that he became a dictator? He dropped many of the platforms he had drawn out in his ‘revolutionary’ plans, and gave into Clinton time and time again, and he did it by sheer threats to the ‘tea’ party members at the time. Gingrich became a globalist. The globalists are all about social engineering. And not just us…the whole world. trump-iowa3-575x323

The leader of the house and senate hold ALL the cards. I don’t care how many ‘conservatives’ you send to Washington D.C., the top leaders can stop any legislation they want with any excuse they want.

And they have been doing this for years. In the meantime, we pay all those big salaries..and for what?

And now, Ted Cruz is being sold as the only true conservative. Well, so what? Do we really think Donald Trump is going to become President and let partial birth abortion go on? Do we really think, as Ted says, that Donald Trump is not a conservative?

Will Ted Cruz build a wall?

Don’t count it.

Ted Cruz showed with what he did in Iowa to Ben Carson, that he is a cheat.  There is no ‘gray’ area here. And people of the Bible, if there is one thing they hate, it’s a cheat.

Ted Cruz CANNOT claim he is a ‘principle’ man. Trump is running a fair game.

A  lot of Americans now, are Independents. We don’t trust either party.

I’d rather vote for a man, who admitted giving money to democrats so that he could build his buildings in New York, than a man who cheats another honest man in a contest. Why should we trust Ted? If he’d do something so low to Ben Carson, he would do it to any American. He would not get many black votes, and Trump would.

Rubio, Please…he’s losing it. He IS for full immigration.

Ted Cruz, a man who talks too much about his family being from Cuba, will do the same. We need fast action, not more speeches.

Donald Trump is the ONLY one who will give the Americans whose fathers FOUGHT and died for this country a chance to keep their country.

THIS time, I am not going to hold my nose, and have Rush Limbaugh tell me how bad I am if I don’t vote for Rubio or Ted Cruz.

They may be “conservatives” but the conservatives have done NOTHING for us, but let the oligarchy continue.

And if you still love Cruz, you should ask yourself…do you really think the Trump supporters will come out to vote for Cruz?

I  won’t. I’m tired of them all. We’d be better off starting over.

So, turn off the radio, don’t listen to the nasty remarks.

This time, it’s all about jobs..not the Constitution. That disappeared a long time ago. Without a strong economy, and a secure border….we are all doomed. Cruz won’t give us either one.

With Trump, we might have a chance.

So, vote Trump on Tuesday.  I would if I could: Sam Adams, would be proud.


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Nobody’s Email: Muslims get the MOST out of their Goats.

Nobody Gets Email

My liberal friend J.R. just sent this to me….It’s not only the women that aren’t safe…neither are goats.



Double indemnity for goats. First they get fucked by some asshole human then they get killed because of it. The same deal the human female followers of this “truly” compassionate religion get…

goat fuck

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Nobody’s Email: Our Parents Were Better People

These were our parents ~
What in God’s name have we let happen ?

Nobody Flashes Patriotic Email:

(Thanks to Madmemere!)
I guess we are the last generation to see, or even remember
anything like these !

Whatever happened?

It’s called………………………….

Political correctness (or “re-education”) happened,
Lack of God’s name happened,
Lack of personal responsibility happened,
Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,
Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,
Lack of being an American happened.

Did all of these things die along with common sense??
I for one am still proud to be an American!
If you are too….. Pass this along,
So others can show their pride .

Poster onePoster twoPoster fourPoster sixPoster seven

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Nobody Flashes a Few Words…About the GOP Debate and Disney

Nobody Flashes

It’s being announced that Donald Trump won the GOP debate tonight. I turned on FOX to see the comments, and it’s clear, the reporters are all losing sleep. Daddy Bush didn’t look so good either. Clearly he’s on steroids.

And then I found this video on Drudge. This man…shows what is happening all over the country.

Long ago, the ‘elites’ of the world decided to make America a “service” economy.  This NAFTA, CAFTA, transformation of America didn’t just start with Obama. Our politicians teamed up with the big multinational companies and created the biggest plutocracy ever imagined.  They purposely destroyed the middle class, and the money went up…to Wall Street.

It’s why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are getting the biggest crowds.

Ted Cruz, is on FOX now, talking about how only he can defeat Hillary. He is talking about Israel.

What none of them get, is that this time, it really is about the economy. This sad video, a man being replaced by a shipped-in foreigner, is why Donald Trump will continue to get support.

Our biggest companies do not care about their country anymore. It’s all about THEIR global dreams and portfolios. The Zuckerbergs, the Bill Gates, the Jeffery Immelts, the Disney, the Murdoch’s…

And Donald is not in their club.

Ted Cruz, never talks about the economy.  And now, he is lying about Donald Trump’s socialized medicine.

So, uh…what is Medicare, if not socialized medicine?

It was sad to watch the debate…And Donald is right: Ted does lie.

Rubio is still…. a kid. In many ways…a kid.

The car salesmen is now selling surf boards.

And Ben Carson…shows us all that integrity still exists.

Anyway, I just wanted to post that video. A man who worked hard, did a great job, and yet, got replaced.

Welcome to the New World Order. One that Daddy Bush assured us all would be a ‘better’ place.

Bambi has left the building.




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Nobody Thinks About the Week

Nobody’s Opinion:

As I write this, Hillary Clinton is leading in Nevada, the funeral for Justice Anthony Scalia is over, and nothing is being said about South Carolina, which means, FOX news is hoping for a last resurrection of Jeb Bush. We shall see. trump vs pope

Last week  Glenn Beck said that God took Justice Scalia to help Ted Cruz, then by that logic, you could say that “God” helped out Donald Trump by making the Pope attack Donald Trump on wanting to close the border to the Pope’s “flock”, who of course, will come to America, get free food and money, and in the Pope’s eyes, send more of that redistributed free money HIS way, which will also go to keeping the wall around the Vatican strong. Whatever the case, it’s been the main topic all week, and will probably bring out a lot more voters for Trump.

Nobody Flashes: And speaking of Trump, the other attacks last week on the Donald,  have been about Trump wanting the “mandate” in Obamacare which he did say he supported, and then, said no, he did NOT, he would repeal it ALL.  Trump, is NOT a long-winded speaker, another one of his many fine points. Trump then went for the “I WILL DEFEND THE COUNTRY” vote by saying that Apple should be forced to give the government what it wanted, which would give the government the right to tap into everybody’s phone. Nobody Thinks, either Donald is too busy campaigning his ‘strong on defense” message to look at the issue, or he will make a correction like he did with Obamacare. We’ll see.

Nobody’s Perfect: We continue to see Hillary struggle, not only with her coughing fits, but with her desperate attempts to draw a crowd bigger than the lens of a camera. Although, in Harry Reid’s state of Nevada, the mob will no doubt get her out on top, if only by a margin. Bill got the prostitute votes, so she should be thankful that his hard work on women finally paid off. .

Nobody Reports:  Obama committed another “first” as president this week. He did NOT go Justice Scalia’s funeral with everybody else, because he really can’t be bothered.  Add that to his long lists of “firsts” as President.  Obama has made a Kingship out of the Presidency, which, by the way, is just fine with Jeb Bush.bush dynasty fiveJustice scalia and Obama

Nobody Knows: And speaking of Jeb Bush,  it seems his mother is now running for him. During the Townhall debates on CNN last week, they showed more head shots of her than him. Donald was right when he said, “She should be running.”  So…does MOM really run the Bush Family? Who knew?

Nobody Wins: Did anybody notice how they literally kicked Carly Fiorina out of the debates? She was way out ahead of John Kasichbob…and yet, they quietly shoved her aside, “They” being the elites who run the media. Not to mention, after every last debate, NOBODY even mentions anything Ben Carson says. He might as well be a ghost up there.  Nobody Wins when the cable networks decide who gets talked after the debates.

Nobody Wonders: With Scalia dying, when will the firestorm for picking the next Supreme Court justice start? You KNOW Obama is going to bring in some kind of ‘colored’ member. I will be completely astonished if he appoints a ‘white’ person. And speaking of astonishments, when Sandra Day O’Conner, a Reagan appointee, suggested that Obama be nominated, I myself wondered what she had been smoking…out in that desert land of Arizona.

Nobody’s Fool: My favorite man of the week, was a Trump Supporter, who owned his own hardware store in South Carolina, and gave a smashing thumbs-up support to Donald Trump on CNN, even though the CNN reporter tried desperately hard to debunk Trump.  Also, there were two other VETS who got up and supported Donald Trump at one of his Townhall meetings, and they were great too. I think those two vets pretty much erased all the big-shot generals supporting Jeb Bush. Sorry…in this election, vets trump generals.

Nobody Remembers: In 1876 The Supreme court of Ohio, held that a ‘true man” was not “obligated to fly from an assailant “and could kill him in self-defense. The right to stand ground was written in granite by the US federal Supreme Court in 1921. The code of the West was sanctified by law.

HO000-yaw. Let’s keep it. Let the swarms of Muslim radicals coming in on the Obama train be warned.

Nobody Cares

It’s 76 degrees in Missouri today, and I picked up all my gum balls off my long driveway. Somewhere in the halls of gum ball history, I hold the record of most gum balls picked up by a human being in 2 hours. I filled up five big trash cans.

I’d like to see Hillary do that. In fact, I’d like to see Hillary become the first gum ball to get thrown out into the yard waste trash. And I will end that on a good note.


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Nobody’s Email: British Survey

Just funnyNobody Gets One Email….


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Nobody Flashes: Nobody’s News

Nobody Flashes


There is no other way to say this: My life at the moment is FUBAR. Events surrounding my personal life have hit me like I was in a car and sideswiped by a MAC truck. That didn’t actually happen, but we all know that out of the blue, life can throw a numerous amount of disasters that need attention, and sometimes, healing. That’s happened and I must admit, I’m still getting off my knees and trying to get back on my feet, and so, I’ve had to limit my blogging to take care of my life.

The FUNNY part about this is…I’ve been blogging since the year 2000, and have about 75 daily readers….and when is my most popular day?Sam Adams quote

SATURDAY! When I post everybody else’s emails! Ha ha ha ha….This means that my weekly daily rants are really only read by a handful of people. Maybe..six or seven. Which, don’t get me wrong, those six or seven people are who I write for. And I love every reader of course and the comments and wisdom of you all.

I have tried to write things that you don’t hear on the news everyday. Most pundits just report what they read, and repeat the most popular view, and I have tried hard to find original thought and comparisons AND the obvious that most others have never bothered to even mention. Some weeks, I think I have succeeded in that. Other weeks, maybe not. You just keep trying, right?

You dear readers are great. YOU have put up with my horrible spelling, that even after four spell checks, are never caught, and I don’t catch them until the next day. I have a bit of dyslexia, which I suggest Microsoft get right on. If the ZIKA virus gets worse, they will need it for more of us out here suffering from the combination of brain damage and the public school system.

l also want to apologize for the habit of too wide of  “spaces” between words…I know ONE friend of mine that says it drives him crazy. Luckily, he hasn’t disowned me yet. Why do I not see them before I post?

Because it’s usually one in the morning, I’m tired, and even with eyeglasses on, I don’t see the small print. LOL! okay, not funny. May I repeat: NOBODY’S PERFECT. Ha ha.

So, if nothing else, I will do a small bit on Saturday for a while…with an email for all the folks that come to see the emails

…and maybe a sort of Nobody Flashes Random thoughts from the week for a while.

I love you all.

Say a prayer for me…and for the country….and for the Pope, who CLEARLY is a committed communist and should be struck by lighting, to save the Catholic faith from destruction.

Thank you for your patience.

And in the words of John Adams:

Independence Forever…no more. No less.

Joyanna Adams

P.S…I will try to keep posting on Twitter…as it’s against my very DNA to remain completely silent.




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Nobody’s Perfect: Kanye West VS Jeb Bush

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, was an EASY pick…both of them suffer from overblown egos…which I think we can blame on their mothers. (at least in one case)

This week it’s Kanye VS Jeb…or black man who can’t talk VS white man who can’t talk.

Let’s start with Kanye West. Right off, let me say, that I have only heard about 30 seconds of Kanye West doing a rap. It only took 30 seconds for me to decide that Kanye was like a bad case of Herpes. You would never want to see more than one outbreak.Kanye West

And this week, Kanye skipped the cell phone call, and let the world know he was $53. million dollars in debt…and did he ask a BLACK guy for money? NO! A white guy.

In other unhinged behavior, after tweeting he was $53 million in debt this week, Kanye begged, “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas.” He then declared of himself on Monday, in the third person, “He is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time,” and tweeted at Google co-founder Larry Page, “I’m down for your help too.”

And he didn’t stop there…he’s actually proud of being in debt, because you see, he believes he is the greatest living human being on the planet, and his “ideas” need money. If Zuckerberg refuses will Kanye say he’s racist? Why else would he ask for money on Twitter?

“I love love love white people but you don’t understand what it means to be the great grandson of ex slaves and make it this far.”

West also singled out The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork as “white publications” that should not be writing about black music.

On the other side of the week, Jeb Bush was having so much trouble in the polls, that he had to drag out his 90-year old mom…and drag her all over New Hampshire. And when THAT didn’t work, he dragged out his brother George, who got up and showed us all just how much we don’t want a Bush that can’t even tell a joke.Jeb Bush and brother

And if that doesn’t work, the only man left is his Dad, and I expect a funeral that last for about a week should do it. I suggest they just send Dad off to a warm island and SAY he died. Whose going to check the body? Think of the PR that the Bush Family would get, crying over their dad’s coffin.

Do I sound cynical? Ha ha. 🙂

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? Is it Kanye West, who, unlike the rest of us, thinks he can live beyond his means and get welfare from white rich guys BECAUSE his ancestors were slaves, and he likes to spend a million dollars on a leather jacket?

Or is it Jeb Bush, who despite his best efforts, thinks he deserves to be President because he’s a Bush? Or maybe it’s because he really does remember looking up into his mother’s eyes and thanking his good fortune, that he looks more like his cousin.

Well, as much as I attack the Bush family, I’d say Kanye’s wins this week.

So Congratulation Kanye!

You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award of the week for being a total idiotic no-talented bore. You couldn’t even carry Steve Job’s tennis shoes.

Someday, maybe I’ll find the time to research why you think you’re so…great.

Okay. So, maybe I won’t.





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Nobody Flashes: Okay. Who Sleeps With a Pillow ON Their Head?

Nobody Flashes

Hey! I’m not the only one who thinks that just because someone is 79 and has ‘health’ problems, doesn’t mean he is going to die in his sleep.  Here’s some MORE circumstantial evidence of how, once again, our ‘government’ doesn’t work so well.

(Thanks to Alex Jones)

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Scalia’s Death And a Pillow of Doubt

Nobody’s Opinion:

I was standing in line at the Dollar Store today, when I saw a familiar headline…a headline that has been on the front cover of most all the tabloids for many years: Princess Diana was murdered.

Well, I believe it. Why not?The prince two

As I open up and read it, it said that Diana’s sons had dug up the body, and it was found out, that Diana survived that crash in Paris, but was killed by lethal injection on the way to the hospital, on the orders of her estranged husband Prince Charles.

Come on.  The whole WORLD thought she had been killed by him.  She was dating a Muslin and rumor had it, was carrying his child. She had TOLD friends that she was afraid she was going to be killed in a car accident. I remember that night…in any other car accident the ambulance would have been there within 20 minutes, but Diana sat there for hours.  It was blamed on the “paparazzi”…and then the Prince married his sweetheart (who was married and couldn’t give him royal babies) and they lived happily ever after.

(Nothing to see here, move on.)

The real press would NEVER even doubt that it was an ‘accident.’ But the tabloids, and the people of the world, thought otherwise.

Tonight on Drudge, it is being reported that Anthony Scalia, the only true constitutionalist conservative left on the Supreme Court, died…peacefully in his sleep…with a pillow on his head.

He was “hunting.” At 79, and he had ‘health’ issues we were told. BUT…Scalia

Like Princess Diana it took HOURS for authorities in ‘remote’ West Texas to find a justice of the peace.  Both of them were not to be found. When they did find one, she pronounced him dead without even seeing him, and did NOT order an autopsy.

That alone points to a cover up.

(Nothing to see here…move on.)

AND YET…somehow they managed to find SIX bodyguards to get him back to Washington D.C. for his funeral. God forbid anybody find out what really killed the man.

In real life, circumstantial evidence will stand up in a court of law…but in politics, unless you actually have an audio tape of Hillary Clinton ordering the kill of a Supreme Court Justice in order to save her efforts to become President, then you pretty much have to accept that it will all go away.Hillary laugh

Why do I think it was the Clintons behind this? (Or the people who want Hillary to be President?) Two reasons: One…Hillary is on her last hope. She needs ammunition, and the democrats always go through the courts to get their way, because they can’t get their ‘progressives” mandates done any other way…it has to be through judges. The Clintons are lawyers first, and they use delay, and they shred evidence, they lie, they cheat, and…they get the courts to pull off their dirty deeds.

RUSH LIMBAUGH once made this observation of Bill Clinton :

Bill Clinton in one of his first acts after being inaugurated, crowned, whatever, 1993, fired all 93 US attorneys. This is quite common. You get your own people in there. These are appointed positions. Now, the thing with Clinton was, he was aiming for one US attorney, and that was the guy in Arkansas, the guy in Little Rock. I forget what it was about, but Clinton wanted the guy gone, and to cover or mask the fact that he was aiming at one single guy, got rid of all 93.

And let’s not forget all the dead people surrounding the Clinton Dynasty.

After Diana, who can forget how conveniently young JFK Jr.’s plane went down, paving the way for Hillary to become Senator from New York.

JFK Jr was planning on running for that position. What a break for Hillary that was. She could NEVER had beaten JFK Jr. in a Senate race…never.

Obama can now nominate a liberal and the United States will be changed forever, because with the President and the liberal Supreme Court, conservatives will never see the light of day again, and Hillary…Hillary will have her ammunition to beat the GOP candidate to death on their racist and prejudices right up until election day.

Our guns will be taken. EVEYRONE will be required to pay for abortions, affirmative action will be a permanent American mandate, and of course, the global government utopian climate change tax, will become law. And so many other things…with Scalia not there to block them, we are even more doomed.

IF his ‘demise’ was helped out by secret operatives, what a bonanza of political gain for Hillary. Killing men in Benghazi was easy, do you really think an old conservative Supreme Court justice would even bother her?

And TWO: The look on Obama’s face…when he announced that he would be nominating someone soon:Obama scared

He looked…scared.

That looks said: “If they can kill a Supreme Court nominee…they could kill me.”

The pillow on the head was a nice touch.

The only person who can put Hillary in jail is Obama.

There was no need for a horse head. Just a nice soft pillow. Very subtle message, but by the looks of Obama’s face, it hit home.

Am I reading too much into this?

Perhaps. NSA I apologize. Surely the good and wise Hillary Clinton would never do such a thing. NO…I certainly am over my head. Really, I had too much pork for dinner. Forgive me.

BUT….Throughout history…Kings and powerful people have made a habit of having people murdered to protect their claim to the throne. What this Nobody canot believe, is that most people think…that no leaders in any part of Western world would kill their enemies with stealth, or poison, or a well timed plane crash.

And they believe this because those leaders tell them they are beyond reproach.

Anthony Scalia may have just died a peaceful death.

Princess Diana may have just been a bad car accident

JFK Jr. was a TERRIBLE pilot.

Vince Foster really just wanted to kill himself.

And sometimes, the elephant in the room, turns into a lovely bunny rabbit and hops away.

What a wonderful world that would be. And wouldn’t it be grand if we all lived in it?




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Nobody Flashes

It’s Sunday. Yesterday we lost an icon, Justice Scalia, probably the most conservative voice on the Supreme Court, a great blow to the country. More about that tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to show where I was last week…a Missouri Nobody went to the sand of Arizona…for the first time. Having only seen Cactus’s in John Wayne movies, you can imagine how silly I was, when I saw my first desert and walked around all the desert rocks and plants in amazement saying things like…”Wow…look at THAT!” and “Where are the lizards?” “Where are the scorpions?” “Where are the wild horses?” I was MORE than annoying.

Nobody likes to note that Phoenix was VERY clean, the people were a lot nicer than the people here in the Midwest,  and that’s mostly because there are very few natives, and the natives were complaining that it was too…HOT. (86 degrees) Yes, complaining to a couple who had just left Missouri where the temperature was 9 degrees.

Having said that…during rush hour they were…insane.

Anyway, Phoenix is a very pretty state, and CLEAN. They must have little desert gremlins with trash bags that come out at night and sweep.

Here’s some of my Arizona vacation:

Nobody: Look! Who piled up all those rocks?

Can't see sunsets like THIS in my back yard.

Can’t see sunsets like THIS in my back yard.

Can't find this sunset even from my FRONT yard.

Can’t find this sunset even from my FRONT yard.

Picture outside our hotel room...we couldn't afford the golf cart.

Picture outside our hotel room…we couldn’t afford the golf cart.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fountain...and me.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fountain…and me.

Male cactus chases female cactus. Pretty exciting!

The new "Lights on the palm trees" mall look.

The new “Lights on the palm trees” mall look.

First homeland security didn't do so well either.

First homeland security didn’t do so well either.

To the natives no big deal. To a girl from MO...weird.

To the natives no big deal. To a girl from MO…weird.



Going home...bye-bye Mountains!

Going home…bye-bye Mountains!

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Nobody’s Email: Trump HATED by His Own Party

Nobody Gets Email

I thought this was an interesting email…an opinion from someone who hates Donald Trump, BUT…nevertheless…the first part of the email I have to say, I agree with.

The Presidency has gotten so big and overblown…that our Presidents are treated like Kings.

BUT…(I know…quit saying but Joyanna) I must say, I disagree that Trump is a buffoon, and would destroy the face

Please. It’s already been destroyed.  The office of the Presidency was bought down by a President who used the office as his personal whore house, (Bill Clinton) and another President, who put his feet on the Oval Office Desk,(Obama)  struts around like a drug lord pimp, and a man who invites terrorists, rappers, and communists to hang out at his all night “black” parties he throws for his own pleasure at White House, where they party until the break of dawn.

Trump might speak plainly, and crudely to some, but I’ll take the truth of Trump over ANY smooth talking criminal like we have seen in the White House.

Criminals that have committed felonies, orgies, and raped the American people and destroyed the American dreams for us all.

There ARE, many Americans who have seen enough of the same old politicians who SAY they will work for us, and never, never, never do. We are tired of waiting for someone in our lifetime to work for the American people.

Trump to us, at least says what we are thinking in our hearts. We don’t need another pontificating politician who gets nothing done. We need a man of action.

So far: Cruz’s actions to Ben Carson put him in the “just another typical politician” category. I like that man less every day, and it’s sad to say so. Besides…Ted puts Donald down for going to make “deals” with democrats,…I am listening to him right now…he says he is a principled conservative.

A principled man does NOT do what he did in Iowa. That was low. That was crude. That was dishonest. Cruz did not win Iowa fair, and yet he is saying that he did.

I HATE liars. And he is lying.

Rubio ran against amnesty, then announced he is for it. Rubio…sees America with a Hispanic people. That’s the future HE sees. In Rubio’s future, the American will have to learn Spanish, don’t listen to what he says. He lied once before, he’ll do it again.

Jeb…no. Hillary? Are you kidding me?

I’m still for Trump. But… That’s just my Nobody Opinion.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


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Nobody Flashes

TRUMP WINS! Thank you New Hampshire! meme two

On another note of joy, I’m taking a few days off…:)

I’ll be back by Friday or Saturday….

Now, excuse me while I go celebrate.

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Trump KNOWS “Evil”…So Do We.

Nobody Reports

Hey! It’s a circus up there in New Hampshire, and of course, most people who know how powerful the established Bush family is in that part of the country, it is expected that Jeb will be second, thanks to the fact that he dragged around Barbara Bush, who can say anything she likes about Donald Trump because she’s old and a mother. John McCain two

You have to wonder —-that if Jeb comes in second, then it was all because of his mother. Pretty scary.

Trump is expected to win. And he should being as New Hampshire is the Heroin capital next to my hometown of St. Louis. We still hold the record for being the most dangerous city in America.

While mama Bush says that Trump has no answers, I don’t know what Trump she was listening to, because Trump has been talking about our jobs moving to Mexico for months now.  

What’s her son JEB going to do about all those jobs moving to Mexico?

They get our jobs, we get their heroin…and so New Hampshire, do you think Mama Bush’s gentle loving son is going to stop those jobs from going to Mexico? Do you think he CARES that our country is filled with drug cartels? Nope. His brother didn’t care either.

ONLY if a majority of people…I mean an overwhelming force of Trump voters go out, Jeb will continue to “come forth” …somehow they can play with the votes.

I only mention this because of what the experts say about voter fraud, which, is more common than is ever reported on the news.

I’ll be back later to comment…in the meantime…my favorite line of the day?

“She COULD be evil.”



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