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It’s Sunday. Yesterday we lost an icon, Justice Scalia, probably the most conservative voice on the Supreme Court, a great blow to the country. More about that tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to show where I was last week…a Missouri Nobody went to the sand of Arizona…for the first time. Having only seen Cactus’s in John Wayne movies, you can imagine how silly I was, when I saw my first desert and walked around all the desert rocks and plants in amazement saying things like…”Wow…look at THAT!” and “Where are the lizards?” “Where are the scorpions?” “Where are the wild horses?” I was MORE than annoying.

Nobody likes to note that Phoenix was VERY clean, the people were a lot nicer than the people here in the Midwest,  and that’s mostly because there are very few natives, and the natives were complaining that it was too…HOT. (86 degrees) Yes, complaining to a couple who had just left Missouri where the temperature was 9 degrees.

Having said that…during rush hour they were…insane.

Anyway, Phoenix is a very pretty state, and CLEAN. They must have little desert gremlins with trash bags that come out at night and sweep.

Here’s some of my Arizona vacation:

Nobody: Look! Who piled up all those rocks?

Can't see sunsets like THIS in my back yard.

Can’t see sunsets like THIS in my back yard.

Can't find this sunset even from my FRONT yard.

Can’t find this sunset even from my FRONT yard.

Picture outside our hotel room...we couldn't afford the golf cart.

Picture outside our hotel room…we couldn’t afford the golf cart.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fountain...and me.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fountain…and me.

Male cactus chases female cactus. Pretty exciting!

The new "Lights on the palm trees" mall look.

The new “Lights on the palm trees” mall look.

First homeland security didn't do so well either.

First homeland security didn’t do so well either.

To the natives no big deal. To a girl from MO...weird.

To the natives no big deal. To a girl from MO…weird.



Going home...bye-bye Mountains!

Going home…bye-bye Mountains!

February 13, 2016 - Posted by | Life, Uncategorized |


  1. No…we flew…Someday, with more time, I plan to drive out West. And I agree…as a city, it’s pretty nice.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | February 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. Did you drive? There’s nothing like a drive across the Country to restore your faith in America! I lived for 18 months in Phoenix back in the eighties. If you like cities, it’s not bad.


    Comment by snopercod | February 14, 2016 | Reply

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