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Nobody’s Email: Trump HATED by His Own Party

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I thought this was an interesting email…an opinion from someone who hates Donald Trump, BUT…nevertheless…the first part of the email I have to say, I agree with.

The Presidency has gotten so big and overblown…that our Presidents are treated like Kings.

BUT…(I know…quit saying but Joyanna) I must say, I disagree that Trump is a buffoon, and would destroy the face

Please. It’s already been destroyed.  The office of the Presidency was bought down by a President who used the office as his personal whore house, (Bill Clinton) and another President, who put his feet on the Oval Office Desk,(Obama)  struts around like a drug lord pimp, and a man who invites terrorists, rappers, and communists to hang out at his all night “black” parties he throws for his own pleasure at White House, where they party until the break of dawn.

Trump might speak plainly, and crudely to some, but I’ll take the truth of Trump over ANY smooth talking criminal like we have seen in the White House.

Criminals that have committed felonies, orgies, and raped the American people and destroyed the American dreams for us all.

There ARE, many Americans who have seen enough of the same old politicians who SAY they will work for us, and never, never, never do. We are tired of waiting for someone in our lifetime to work for the American people.

Trump to us, at least says what we are thinking in our hearts. We don’t need another pontificating politician who gets nothing done. We need a man of action.

So far: Cruz’s actions to Ben Carson put him in the “just another typical politician” category. I like that man less every day, and it’s sad to say so. Besides…Ted puts Donald down for going to make “deals” with democrats,…I am listening to him right now…he says he is a principled conservative.

A principled man does NOT do what he did in Iowa. That was low. That was crude. That was dishonest. Cruz did not win Iowa fair, and yet he is saying that he did.

I HATE liars. And he is lying.

Rubio ran against amnesty, then announced he is for it. Rubio…sees America with a Hispanic people. That’s the future HE sees. In Rubio’s future, the American will have to learn Spanish, don’t listen to what he says. He lied once before, he’ll do it again.

Jeb…no. Hillary? Are you kidding me?

I’m still for Trump. But… That’s just my Nobody Opinion.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


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