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There is no other way to say this: My life at the moment is FUBAR. Events surrounding my personal life have hit me like I was in a car and sideswiped by a MAC truck. That didn’t actually happen, but we all know that out of the blue, life can throw a numerous amount of disasters that need attention, and sometimes, healing. That’s happened and I must admit, I’m still getting off my knees and trying to get back on my feet, and so, I’ve had to limit my blogging to take care of my life.

The FUNNY part about this is…I’ve been blogging since the year 2000, and have about 75 daily readers….and when is my most popular day?Sam Adams quote

SATURDAY! When I post everybody else’s emails! Ha ha ha ha….This means that my weekly daily rants are really only read by a handful of people. Maybe..six or seven. Which, don’t get me wrong, those six or seven people are who I write for. And I love every reader of course and the comments and wisdom of you all.

I have tried to write things that you don’t hear on the news everyday. Most pundits just report what they read, and repeat the most popular view, and I have tried hard to find original thought and comparisons AND the obvious that most others have never bothered to even mention. Some weeks, I think I have succeeded in that. Other weeks, maybe not. You just keep trying, right?

You dear readers are great. YOU have put up with my horrible spelling, that even after four spell checks, are never caught, and I don’t catch them until the next day. I have a bit of dyslexia, which I suggest Microsoft get right on. If the ZIKA virus gets worse, they will need it for more of us out here suffering from the combination of brain damage and the public school system.

l also want to apologize for the habit of too wide of  “spaces” between words…I know ONE friend of mine that says it drives him crazy. Luckily, he hasn’t disowned me yet. Why do I not see them before I post?

Because it’s usually one in the morning, I’m tired, and even with eyeglasses on, I don’t see the small print. LOL! okay, not funny. May I repeat: NOBODY’S PERFECT. Ha ha.

So, if nothing else, I will do a small bit on Saturday for a while…with an email for all the folks that come to see the emails

…and maybe a sort of Nobody Flashes Random thoughts from the week for a while.

I love you all.

Say a prayer for me…and for the country….and for the Pope, who CLEARLY is a committed communist and should be struck by lighting, to save the Catholic faith from destruction.

Thank you for your patience.

And in the words of John Adams:

Independence Forever…no more. No less.

Joyanna Adams

P.S…I will try to keep posting on Twitter…as it’s against my very DNA to remain completely silent.




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