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TRUMP WINS! Thank you New Hampshire! meme two

On another note of joy, I’m taking a few days off…:)

I’ll be back by Friday or Saturday….

Now, excuse me while I go celebrate.

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Trump KNOWS “Evil”…So Do We.

Nobody Reports

Hey! It’s a circus up there in New Hampshire, and of course, most people who know how powerful the established Bush family is in that part of the country, it is expected that Jeb will be second, thanks to the fact that he dragged around Barbara Bush, who can say anything she likes about Donald Trump because she’s old and a mother. John McCain two

You have to wonder —-that if Jeb comes in second, then it was all because of his mother. Pretty scary.

Trump is expected to win. And he should being as New Hampshire is the Heroin capital next to my hometown of St. Louis. We still hold the record for being the most dangerous city in America.

While mama Bush says that Trump has no answers, I don’t know what Trump she was listening to, because Trump has been talking about our jobs moving to Mexico for months now.  

What’s her son JEB going to do about all those jobs moving to Mexico?

They get our jobs, we get their heroin…and so New Hampshire, do you think Mama Bush’s gentle loving son is going to stop those jobs from going to Mexico? Do you think he CARES that our country is filled with drug cartels? Nope. His brother didn’t care either.

ONLY if a majority of people…I mean an overwhelming force of Trump voters go out, Jeb will continue to “come forth” …somehow they can play with the votes.

I only mention this because of what the experts say about voter fraud, which, is more common than is ever reported on the news.

I’ll be back later to comment…in the meantime…my favorite line of the day?

“She COULD be evil.”



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