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Shall We Worship the Golden Calf of Glenn Beck? OR….Where’s Moses When You Need Him?

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Out of all the people that are sticking up for the dirty trick that Ted Cruz pulled in the Iowa primary, I must say, it’s Glenn Beck’s defense of Ted Cruz that is the most disturbing.glenn beck three

Hey…I was one of the people who way back when fell in love with Glenn Beck when he was on FOX. I loved the history he taught. I loved the way he kept trying to explain the progressive moments.  I loved his show and watched it every afternoon. And I even went out and brought his first book. the way, was I think the ONLY book he wrote by himself. He pushed that book endlessly on his radio show…like it was the next best thing since Ayn Rand decided to enlightened the world about communism, and trust me I was pretty excited when I bought it…but: It was a piece of crap. Basically it was about a man who tried to pick up a woman in a bar, and in-between the obvious bio-notes of Glenn’s alcoholic past, he tried to present some deep dark secrets…and it was just….crap. After that, Glen wisely got other authors to write his books, which were much more informative and worth reading. They did all the work, while he raked in the rewards.

When Glenn left FOX, probably due to the fact that he started preaching religion every day, I followed him to the web. Then, one day I heard he was coming to my local book store.

And the strangest thing happened at that book store. I remember standing in line and watching Glenn Beck greet each person.  I got a REALLY creepy gut feeling in my stomach that..I instantly did not like the man. He reeked of fakeness. His smile was the same to everyone. He was TOO nice. TOO sweet. TOO fake, and too rehearsed.  In other words, he was not real to me.

Now, I’m an entertainer, and I know what’s it’s like to put on a persona. To me, I was witnessing a man who thought he had been chosen by God himself to do something. He was the answer to God himself, and America itself, and …I can’t describe it…it was creepy.  I have never trusted that kind of person.

I remember hearing Glenn say in one of his famous tearful blockbuster confessions, that he had wrecked his first marriage by being a selfish alcoholic, and now, he was cured.  SOME…alcoholics are mean and cruel people.  Don’t kid yourself, they were mean and cruel before they started drinking. Do you think it just disappears when they get sober? Not all the time.  I worked in bars all my life, and alcohol just exaggerates your core personality. Some drunks are kind…and then…there are the mean drunks. If I had to take an educated guess: I’d say Glenn was the mean drunk.

To his credit, he got sober.glenn beck six

Anyway, I gave him a picture of George Washington that day, drawn on a fan that had taking me hours to make, and he just gave me the queerest look…as if it was a piece of junk.  I think I remember him saying thank you…Well, no…. I actually don’t remember that…he quickly handed it to his butt-buddy…and you know, I can’t say he wasn’t nice to everyone…

There was just something not right about him.

So, I continued to listen to Glenn day after day, until he started viciously attacking Donald Trump.  It’s one thing to support a candidate…and I would have understood if Donald Trump had the reputation of the Clintons, but what had Tump done to deserve such hatred?

Not a thing. Glenn Beck was out to crucify him no matter what.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped listening to him. Millions of Beck followers got turned off by his hatred. It was frankly, shocking.

And what did Glenn Beck have to say about what Ted Cruz did to Ben Carson? Remember, Ted Cruz’s people told all the voters on that important night that Ben Carson had dropped out. He stuck up for Ted. Why…anybody who says they are leaving for a change of clothes MEANS that they are dropping out of the race, said Glenn, and Ted had every right to go after his votes.


Unless Ben Carson had made a formal announcement that he WAS dropping out of the race, Ted Cruz’s people should not have told ANYONE that he was out of the race.

It’s that simple. That was a big fat lie…and it was said on purpose to get Ben’s people. Glenn pretty much admits that.

Sorry Glenn. ….Jesus is NOT on your side when it comes to bearing false witness, and trying to twist the truth. You are NOT a true Christian. Obama has his skin, you have your ‘faith’ and neither one of you has morals.

What is good about all of this, is Ben Carson, proved to be the man of honor in this. Ben Carson proved to be the better man.Glenn beck and cruz

NOT Ted Cruz. And certainly not Glenn Beck.

The fact that what Ted Cruz did was not illegal, according to Neil Cavuto, shows you why Ben Carson and Donald Trump seem to be the only two honest people here. It damn well SHOULD be illegal, AND as Ben Carson has pointed out, it’s exactly why people are fed up with politicians.

Pride cometh before the fall, Glenn.

After I saw Glenn Beck in person that day, I still remember the horrible feeling I had in my gut when I met him.

The feeling said: Glenn Beck is all about…Glenn Beck.Glenn beck five

He is making himself a millionaire off the desperation of the poor people of America.  Glenn is making us all THINK..he cares.  He doesn’t give a two-bit about you, it’s all about him.

Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.

What else did the Bible say? Beware of false prophets.

Remember when Glenn Beck was buying up priceless treasures of American History? And then he put it all in a big motor trailer, sent it on tour and charged the American people just to see it?

P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Nobody Thinks Donald Trump would have let you see it all for free.

But then again, maybe this is all, as Glenn Says: Much ado about nothing.  Read his own words and decide for yourself:

Is Glenn the next Moses? Or just another Golden Calf?



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If Ben Carson was a Democrat He’d be SLAMMING down the Race Card.


Nobody Wonders

Let’s get this straight: We funded bin Laden and his band of cut-throat brothers to fight Russia in Afghanistan…. and what did he do for all the millions that were sent to him?

He brought down the twin towers.bin laden

Obama has continued the same “supply the enemy ISIS to fight Assad with weapons” and now, they are taking over the whole Middle East. Obama has been funding any Muslim radical group that wants to fight against “Assad” presumably because Assad is good friends with Russia….who wants a monopoly on the oil.  And then he turns around and gives Iran nukes.

Obama, being the Muslim that he is: sees both sides of the issue…give him credit for being open minded. (Just kidding.)

Assad is the enemy of Saudi Arabia. Bush would have had the same attitude.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

And now, all the candidates running for office want to do the same thing: Get back into the Middle East and keep spending our money there.

Who benefits from all our Presidents rushing over there to spend our men’s lives and money?

It doesn’t matter what President we have, they spent our BILLIONS defending the Saudi Royal Family.

Our soldiers die, their men don’t.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Now, the ‘elites’ of both Europe and America are bending over backwards to accept their populations into our countries.

In the meantime, neither Democrats OR Republican let America drill for her own oil, which is plentiful. Obama has shut down our coal industry…further crippling our country.

BUT…the candidates of BOTH sides, with the exception of Trump and Rand Paul, are calling for more involvement in the Middle East.

I’m with Sarah Palin: Let them fight it out among themselves.

Afghanistan’s economy is worsening and its security deteriorating despite more than a decade of U.S.-led reconstruction efforts and more than $100 billion poured into the country, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, an independent oversight agency created by Congress in 2008.


In the short term, a bigger focus on agriculture — which makes up the majority of the country’s economy — could start employing people and boost food security. Building better roads and monitoring them to decrease Taliban-enforced tariffs could greatly improve the country’s economy, Weinbaum said.


Oil and rare mineral reserves could be a lucrative, long-term answer.


“There is a lot of promise in mineral, gas and oil wealth underneath the Afghan dust,” said Felbab-Brown.

Nobody Wonders how long it will take the American people to figure out that Afghanistan is all about getting those rare minerals for America…forget the oil fields. The relationship between American Presidents and Saudi Kings is well entrenched. But the minerals? That’s open game..

Why does America need those minerals? (Besides Wall Street getting rich again.)

Because China has already gotten most of the minerals in the world under their control: About 97% of the market.

What do you need these minerals for?

Cell phones and technology….Zuckerberg and Microsoft. Bezos and GE. Not to mention…. jets for the rich and famous, and weapons of war.

LOTS of money in them there hills of Afghanistan

In the mean time, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin have come out saying that Ted Cruz should have to pay some sort of price for cheating in IOWA.

A simple apology is not enough. In an HONEST world, they are right. Ted is wrong. Not very Christian of him is it? If Ben Carson was a democrat he’s be slamming down the ‘race’ card.

Ted attacks them back, along with the Huffington Post as being sore losers and whiners. Ted is morphing into Hillary Clinton. Rubio mexico

On the other hand, FOX and even Rush Limbaugh today are doing promotions on how Marco Rubio truly is NOT a Rino.

Rubio will give us amnesty, no matter whether he is a ‘Rino’ or not. It’s THE main objective of the Rino’s so Nobody Wonders how Rush thinks he can get by with that bit of a verbal shrug.

Rush says…‘Nobody’s Perfect” except him of course…accept it…take another look at Rubio.

In the meantime Rush’s brother supports Ted (I can cheat too and get by with it!) Cruz.

Are we heading for civil war?

Will Barbara Bush come to rescue the nation?

Can I get a vowel amigos?


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