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Nobody Cares About Glenn Beck’s Occasional Meanness

Nobody Cares

 I’ve been listening while I work a lot to Glenn Beck lately, mostly because, like Alex Jones, he is putting events into a global perspective, which I tend to agree to. The whole globe IS now connected, and everything that happens with the global elites running the world affects us all.

Glenn has his own style. He’s talented, creative, and fun to watch. My husband doesn’t like the guy, and I must admit, I thought he was just plain mean when Trump was running for President. He would call him names, much more asinine than anything Trump ever said about anybody—REMEMBER—Trump would never attack first, but only ‘tweet’ AFTER he was attacked. Trump supporters all knew that.

Evidently, Glenn did not.

He would make comments like this: Glenn Beck spent the entire 2016 election cycle warning that Donald Trump was crazy, a dangerous psychopath, and the “biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine.” When other conservatives endorsed Trump, Beck was furious and wondered how they could even sleep at night. Throughout the campaign, Beck steadfastly refused to support Trump, insisting that Jesus Christ himself would tell Beck not to support him because doing so would be disloyal to God.

Glenn travelled around with Ted Cruz in 2016, warning the country what would happen if Trump were elected. He never gave any REAL reasons for hating Trump. He just would do his usual heavy “the world might end” warnings. Because Trump really didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ and Ted Cruz’s campaign DID…including his sore loser performance AFTER Trump got the election, millions of Americans were right.

Glenn was wrong.

Glenn lost so many supporters that he had to come out and admit, he was wrong. He has since had Trump on his program for an interview, and it went well. BUT…the other day, he said something I thought was just plain…crude. Much cruder than anything Trump had ever said.

I can’t remember the quote exactly but it went something like “Well, that’s better than a man sitting on the tank and tweeting.” Making everyone visualize Trump sitting on the toilet and tweeting stupid things. Meaning any apology Glenn had made to Trump was just a lie.

Let me say, whether on the toilet or not, I NEVER found any of Trump’s tweets as insulting as what Glenn Beck just said. Great news that Glenn can take a dump without trying to save the world.

Good to know.

After the State of the Union speech, the next morning, Glenn had Ted Cruz on his show. Okay. Ted was there. Ted had a lot to say. It’s clear, Ted is running against Trump again. Or the two will be working trying to stop Trump…again. They just know Trump is popular so they have to play ‘Oh, we really like the guy.” But clearly, they are trying to figure out how to do that this time.

Now, since I was a Trump supporter, let me address another cruel thing that Beck said.

He was covering the Ukraine situation and had a very young member of the Ukraine cabinet on his program for an interview. The man was clearly upset, and scared. It was his home. Bombs were crashing outside his building. People were dying. HE was going to fight to the end, and at the end of the interview Glenn asked him, in a very cold and almost unbelievable lack of any kind of sensitivity: “So tell me. Who do you think will win this fight? You or Russia?”

The poor guy didn’t answer and hung up. I would have hung up too.

What I’m trying to say is NOBODY’s PERFECT. While Glenn has many great assets to his talent, like putting together great researchers, and being an entertainer, he DOES have a mean streak.

I once heard him say that his mother committed suicide. It was as if he was saying, “Oh, I drink coffee in the morning.

There is a reason Glenn was an alcoholic. And that reason probably has something to do with his childhood. It’s probably the reason for his occasional mean streak.

Nevertheless, having said all this, I noticed that his partner on the show, Stu, cannot look Glenn in the eye lately.  He looks down. As if, maybe he too has issues with Glenn’s meanness. Something happened. I’m sure they will work it out, but Nobody Wonders if Trump will ever be on his show again.

There ARE times that telling what you think is the TRUTH, is just plain, mean. It’s good to be honest, but you should NEVER be blunt with the truth, especially to a good person. There are ways of doing it and being mean is NOT one of them.

It’s like saying to your wife, “Sure, you’re fat. Get over it. “A comment many women would not get over

So, is my husband’s instinct’s, right? Is Glenn a jerk?

I won’t stop listening to him, because I think he has valuable information. And he is entertaining.

Nevertheless, I remind my Nobody Self that Nobody’s Perfect.

Let it go, Joyanna, but…always question.

So, Glenn, what’s your problem? I’m asking a simple question…and you tell us all the time to question everything…even you?

Right Glenn?  SO, WHY ARE YOU SOMETIMES SO MEAN? Or is it, intentional?

Nobody Wants to know.

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Nobody’s FOOL: Glenn Beck and The Great Reset

Glenn Beck, explains in his most unique way, (Karl Rove eat your heart you out billboard copy-cat) what Bill Gates, the United Nations, and the Biden administration has in store for all of us.

Basically: Tyranny.

If you have time, be sure to watch it. Glenn, once again, connects the dots like nobody else.

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Reset? RESIST!


I usually try to post something spiritual on Sunday, but as the “great reset” is being introduced to the planet almost as sure as a nuclear bomb hit, I decided instead to let the experts point out the truth that Bill Gates would say, are “The crazy conspiracy theories.” The tyranny attempts are overwhelming and too many people are NOT seeing it.

But some are:

So, the resistance begins…

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World National Socialism…Glenn Beck

Nobody Flashes

I’m still trying to forgive Glenn Beck for trashing Trump during the primaries so viciously.

Still, he’s learning, and he’s very good at putting together the pieces of what the elites are doing.

Mandatory everything…are you ready for that?

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Glenn Beck: Explains Ukraine Corruption Like NOBODY Else

Nobody Reports

Okay. This is long, but I promise you, you will understand the Ukraine debacle much better if you watch it. Nobody on TV comes even close to tell you anything about this.

The one thing Glenn Beck is good at is explaining corruption, putting the pieces together, and letting everyone know the main players on the chess board…Like John Kerry. It’s reported that Nancy Pelosi’s son was involved in Ukraine too.

It’s no WONDER they are being so hateful.

I must admit, I had a hard time forgiving Beck for being SO stupid and so tough on Trump during the election, but since then, he’s come around ( Along with Rush, and Levine) and here he shows just WHY he was fired from FOX.

He can expose the connections like nobody esle.

Thank you, Glenn Beck.


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The Twins of Pointless Polemics


Nobody’s Opinion:

I had a good laugh this morning when I turned on MSNBC, and there were the two twins separated at birth: Michael Moore and Glenn Beck, on Meet the Press.

This regular nobody watching these two couldn’t help but wonder…are they really that stupid? Can men become rich being complete imbeciles? How DOES this happen?

FIRST: Michael Moore gets it. He KNOWS America is being destroyed. He KNOWS people are suffering,

Moore said, “Yes, which I don’t want him to win. (Trump) Let’s make that clear. I’ve been trying to say for months here, I live in Michigan. Across the Midwest, across the rust belt, I understand why a lot of people are angry. They see Donald Trump as their human Molotov cocktail, that they get to go into the voting booth on November 8th and throw him into a political system that has made their lives miserable.”

But who does Michael BLAME the people’s misery on? Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.  The concept of the democrats ruling our cities, our judges, our colleges, our failing school systems, our many government welfare and health care system NEVER enters the idiot’s brain.  Michael knows the people don’t trust the media…where were they on Wall Street, he asks?

Well, where are they now Michael? Working for Hillary Clinton. We have the first person EVER to run for office who has appeared in front of Congress so many times for her many crimes, she must have her own hairdresser and makeup room there for her many visits, and yet they drill on Donald Trump for hours on end.

Donald Trump has caused NONE Of the country’s problems. But according to them, he’s the devil himself.

And ‘rich’ Michael is very concerned. “They used to vote for the rich and powerful.” he laments. He doesn’t get it. Why don’t the people trust the rich and powerful anymore? (He’s rich, and I’m sure building his bunker.)

He is very afraid of Trump. We should vote for Hillary because, she is a woman, he says.

“What has Hillary ever done to you?” he asks. Can you believe that he even asked that?

She has done NOTHING Michael, that’s the point. She is being PAID to help us. But she has…done nothing. And she’s had over 49 years to get it right.

When she let our soldiers die on the battlefield that’s a clue to how bad she would be as commander-in-chief. And she did such a bad job as Secretary of State, because she was too busy raising money for her big Clinton Foundation piggy bank, that she let ISIS into our country, and set the stage for the Muslims to take down Western Civilization with her policies, I’d say that’s a big deal. Ask the people on 9.11 why Bill Clinton didn’t take out bin Laden the six chances he had. Ask the people who are ‘struggling’ how they lost their jobs to Bill Clinton’s NAFTA.

And then there’s BECK: Notice the nice home in the background: The stone fireplace, the Tiffany Lamp. Beck wants you to see that he has money. And then he goes on and says nobody is listening to him anymore.

Like Michael, he is at a loss why he is the only smart person in America. (Sure sign of stupidity)

Actually, Michael Moore said more things that made sense than Beck. Glenn still doesn’t understand what happened to him. He keeps mentioning Martin Luther King in every talk. He’s like a broken record.

BOTH men…think Trump is Hitler, a Nazi in the waiting. Uber right? WTF is that?

Did they not get that for most of history, in the political spectrum, Hitler was on the left? Hitler was a socialist. That’s NOT right-wing.

No, Michael and Glenn buy that Hitler was on the right. And Trump is like the uber-right, but…Beck has complained all along that Trump is really NOT conservative?

See how messed up he is? He should just run for office. (OMG…I bet he’s thinking about it.)

This is what is happening. Right before our eyes, they are changing the meaning of everything…George Orwell warned us., about how the socialist would take over: He called it: Doublespeak.graph-three

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. “

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” George Orwell.

Look around…is that not what is happening right before our eyes?

BLM is ‘respectable’. And Hillary’s lies are truthful. Those of us watching, feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway, it was funny to see the two together.

Like I said: Michael Moore and Glenn Beck: The Twins of Pointless Polemics

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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck II

Nobody’s Perfect

You would think he would learn: Glenn Beck, I believe, lost his job at FOX News because he started preaching God and religion.  He started out being a teacher, an informer of conservative ideals, and did in a way that was a lot of fun. We were learning things from him…he became a big hit on FOX.

And then, he decided the nation needed to be saved, and God had picked him to do it.Beck praying

Glenn Beck, became a religious zealot. You know, religious people just don’t get it. Religion is better off as a private affair…but when ‘leaders’ start ruling in the name of the “Lord” or “Allah” you get…wars.

Just look at what’s happening in the Middle East right now: Shea VS Sunni, Christians VS ISIS.

It’s never good. And it not only the different Muslim sects that fight…how about the long war between the Catholics and the Presbyterians?

A Hessian officer, in 1778 said this:

Call this war by whatever name you may, only call it not an American rebellion: it is nothing more of less than a Scotch Irish Presbyterian rebellion.

First, let me say I am all for churches and the Christian religion.  Churches have served a great purpose all throughout history…as places were neighbors can get together…and find comfort and friendships, something that makes all life easier to bear.

But it always happens: Some “zealot” decides he knows God, and then like Kings, they start leading their flock, and they use the same tactics to control people that the governments do:

Fear. Blame. Shame.

And when that happens, many times, they lead their flock right into poverty, war, and slavery.

The current Pope is a perfect example.

I considered myself religious. I believe in a higher power, and I like to say prayers to that higher power… but I also believe that the founders had it right: Religion is a private affair..not something to be FORCED upon anybody.

And Glenn Beck, is doing just that. He thinks that Americans (Trump supporters) are unholy, ungrateful, unloving, malicious—  brutal and haters of good.

Really Glenn.

Freedom to worship as one chooses was one of the reasons those people risked that scary trip to another land so long ago, or have you forgotten?

Now, Glenn Beck blames you, and I, for the condition of the United States. And if you don’t vote for Ted Cruz, YOU are a sinner. If Cruz does not win Indiana, then the U.S. according to Glenn…is doomed.

Yes—- today is the day all conservatives, according to Glenn Beck, .should vote for Ted Cruz.

Beck wrote,

“I would like to ask that you, your family and friends join me for a day or prayers, fasting and humility. To beg the Lord to not remover His hand from us. To turn to Him and ask that He will heal our land. Beginning Monday night and running for 24 hours on Tuesday will you pray and if possible fast like you have never done before? “

Ha. How many people are going to fast tomorrow for Ted Cruz? Not me. I think “God” is fine with me having breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. I haven’t asked him of course, but then again, I always remember MEN makes up these silly rules, not God, while I dig into my strawberry shortcake.

Yes, Glenn is losing it. Should we admire him for putting so much time and money into the Cruz campaign that he put 40 people out of work at his company?

But hey…he gave them the news from his very own Oval Office!

So what will Glenn do, if the good people of Indiana remember their own religious teachings and vote for Trump? You know, while standing in the voters booth they might remember the—-

“Thou shall not steal.”

And the….

“Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

I think God added another one: “Thou shall not lie.” (which may be the same as false witness) ” but…Moses didn’t have enough room on his tablet.

Glenn Beck, is so upset at Trump, he decided to make fun of his “tan” in this video where he and his friends tried to mock the man’s looks.

Sure, Trump has been under some bad sun lamps, but the fact is: Trump fans really could care less.

What the Cruz people do not realize is that Trump fans, want him to be President because so far, he doesn’t steal, lie, or bear false witness. AND he IS the American success story. AND he really does know how to fix the country. Cruz know how…to piss a lot of people off. He seems really good at it.

Religious zealots have a habit of doing that.

Ted Cruz…is just another politician to us.

So, Glenn Beck…go ahead. Fast. Do NOT have that bowl of M & Ms. Get down on your knees and beg God for forgiveness. You have sinned more than most I’m sure…

And pardon me, while I go have another piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and watch the Trump train coming to the station in Indiana…




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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck

Nobody’s PerfectBeck and Rush

I was wondering today, just how the Ted Cruz fans were going to take last night’s news, that Ted Cruz did not win one state.

It was a big defeat for Ted in many ways, because he’s been bragging about how the ‘conservative’ people prefer him, and only he can bring the party together to beat Hillary, and yet, the Bible Belt ‘conservatives’ have picked Trump over Cruz in every state.

As much as Ted and his followers don’t want to admit it, if there’s one thing that a follower of the Ten Commandments can’t stand, it’s a person who cheats and a lies. And Ted Cruz did both.

“Thou shalt not steal.” That is engrained in every Sunday school little dribble mind and it’s one of the basics of Western Civilization’s law.

And that is (as if Ted Cruz was saying it.)—- Is EXACTLY what Ted Cruz did. He stole Ben Carson’s votes in Iowa, and everybody in America remembers it.

I’m sure he had Beck, Levine, and maybe even Rush telling him…that it was okay for Ted to do it for the “cause.” For the good of the “republic.”beck and cruz

But…people who have good hearts, and who still follow those rules that they learned in childhood…don’t forget.

There is a blog somewhere here about “Can you make it to the top without cheating and lying?” But that’s for another time.

You have to hand it to Cruz: he has managed to get the biggest GOP foghorn on his side: Rush Limbaugh. And not to mention, Glenn Beck..who he has convinced that he is the only savior of the United States Republic.

For those of us living in the fly-over country where most of these politicians like to remind us every other second that their parents came from, we have to laugh.

When was the last time we were a “republic”? That’s news to us. Every 8 years we get to vote for the lesser of the two evils, picked by mostly evil people who made fortunes off the American taxpayer.

Not to mention now, it’s basically the President and the Supreme Court that overrules the laws. Congress is impotent. Gay marriage was rejected three times in the la-la land of the People’s Republic of California and yet the judges overturned the people’s vote every single time.

The Supreme Court forced Obamacare on us, and made Corporations people.

We never stood a chance after that.

And yet, listen to this video where the furious Glenn Beck is blaming John Kasich for staying in the Presidential race. Is he mad at the establishment for now putting all their money behind Kasich?No…He’s still mad at Trump.

Trump to Glenn, is a bad as Hillary…which should tell you just how different he is from the American people.Beck and Cruz three

To me—the fact that Trump is running a clean race, and reaching out to the people, is only fair, and if he gets enough people to vote for him, despite all the rich men (and that includes Beck, Limbaugh, and Levine) attacking him for not doing what THEY want…well to us nobodies it means that the country is coming to its senses.

And that’s a GOOD thing. A mighty good thing.

This “republic” that Glenn thinks is going to disappear, has been gone for quite a long time.  Where the HELL has he been?

We need more rich men like Donald Trump, and less rich men like Glenn Beck.

But then again….Donald’s father was a man who taught his son right and wrong.

Glenn’s father was an alcoholic. Maybe that’s why Glenn remains the angry man that he is.

Maybe he came to the Ten Commandants too late in life. Maybe to a child whose parents weren’t exactly there for him is the reason he seems to full of anger at Trump fans.

Or maybe, he’s just not perfect a rich man as Donald Trump.glenn beck two




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Shall We Worship the Golden Calf of Glenn Beck? OR….Where’s Moses When You Need Him?

Nobody Wins

Out of all the people that are sticking up for the dirty trick that Ted Cruz pulled in the Iowa primary, I must say, it’s Glenn Beck’s defense of Ted Cruz that is the most disturbing.glenn beck three

Hey…I was one of the people who way back when fell in love with Glenn Beck when he was on FOX. I loved the history he taught. I loved the way he kept trying to explain the progressive moments.  I loved his show and watched it every afternoon. And I even went out and brought his first book. the way, was I think the ONLY book he wrote by himself. He pushed that book endlessly on his radio show…like it was the next best thing since Ayn Rand decided to enlightened the world about communism, and trust me I was pretty excited when I bought it…but: It was a piece of crap. Basically it was about a man who tried to pick up a woman in a bar, and in-between the obvious bio-notes of Glenn’s alcoholic past, he tried to present some deep dark secrets…and it was just….crap. After that, Glen wisely got other authors to write his books, which were much more informative and worth reading. They did all the work, while he raked in the rewards.

When Glenn left FOX, probably due to the fact that he started preaching religion every day, I followed him to the web. Then, one day I heard he was coming to my local book store.

And the strangest thing happened at that book store. I remember standing in line and watching Glenn Beck greet each person.  I got a REALLY creepy gut feeling in my stomach that..I instantly did not like the man. He reeked of fakeness. His smile was the same to everyone. He was TOO nice. TOO sweet. TOO fake, and too rehearsed.  In other words, he was not real to me.

Now, I’m an entertainer, and I know what’s it’s like to put on a persona. To me, I was witnessing a man who thought he had been chosen by God himself to do something. He was the answer to God himself, and America itself, and …I can’t describe it…it was creepy.  I have never trusted that kind of person.

I remember hearing Glenn say in one of his famous tearful blockbuster confessions, that he had wrecked his first marriage by being a selfish alcoholic, and now, he was cured.  SOME…alcoholics are mean and cruel people.  Don’t kid yourself, they were mean and cruel before they started drinking. Do you think it just disappears when they get sober? Not all the time.  I worked in bars all my life, and alcohol just exaggerates your core personality. Some drunks are kind…and then…there are the mean drunks. If I had to take an educated guess: I’d say Glenn was the mean drunk.

To his credit, he got sober.glenn beck six

Anyway, I gave him a picture of George Washington that day, drawn on a fan that had taking me hours to make, and he just gave me the queerest look…as if it was a piece of junk.  I think I remember him saying thank you…Well, no…. I actually don’t remember that…he quickly handed it to his butt-buddy…and you know, I can’t say he wasn’t nice to everyone…

There was just something not right about him.

So, I continued to listen to Glenn day after day, until he started viciously attacking Donald Trump.  It’s one thing to support a candidate…and I would have understood if Donald Trump had the reputation of the Clintons, but what had Tump done to deserve such hatred?

Not a thing. Glenn Beck was out to crucify him no matter what.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped listening to him. Millions of Beck followers got turned off by his hatred. It was frankly, shocking.

And what did Glenn Beck have to say about what Ted Cruz did to Ben Carson? Remember, Ted Cruz’s people told all the voters on that important night that Ben Carson had dropped out. He stuck up for Ted. Why…anybody who says they are leaving for a change of clothes MEANS that they are dropping out of the race, said Glenn, and Ted had every right to go after his votes.


Unless Ben Carson had made a formal announcement that he WAS dropping out of the race, Ted Cruz’s people should not have told ANYONE that he was out of the race.

It’s that simple. That was a big fat lie…and it was said on purpose to get Ben’s people. Glenn pretty much admits that.

Sorry Glenn. ….Jesus is NOT on your side when it comes to bearing false witness, and trying to twist the truth. You are NOT a true Christian. Obama has his skin, you have your ‘faith’ and neither one of you has morals.

What is good about all of this, is Ben Carson, proved to be the man of honor in this. Ben Carson proved to be the better man.Glenn beck and cruz

NOT Ted Cruz. And certainly not Glenn Beck.

The fact that what Ted Cruz did was not illegal, according to Neil Cavuto, shows you why Ben Carson and Donald Trump seem to be the only two honest people here. It damn well SHOULD be illegal, AND as Ben Carson has pointed out, it’s exactly why people are fed up with politicians.

Pride cometh before the fall, Glenn.

After I saw Glenn Beck in person that day, I still remember the horrible feeling I had in my gut when I met him.

The feeling said: Glenn Beck is all about…Glenn Beck.Glenn beck five

He is making himself a millionaire off the desperation of the poor people of America.  Glenn is making us all THINK..he cares.  He doesn’t give a two-bit about you, it’s all about him.

Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.

What else did the Bible say? Beware of false prophets.

Remember when Glenn Beck was buying up priceless treasures of American History? And then he put it all in a big motor trailer, sent it on tour and charged the American people just to see it?

P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Nobody Thinks Donald Trump would have let you see it all for free.

But then again, maybe this is all, as Glenn Says: Much ado about nothing.  Read his own words and decide for yourself:

Is Glenn the next Moses? Or just another Golden Calf?



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Leave the Planet to the Dogs

Nobody Flashes Sunday Thoughts

Dear God,Davos

Seeing all the beautiful snow, that is not falling on MY house, I nevertheless did have a somewhat depressing day: I was wondering why the human race seemed so insane, and as the day went by, one word kept sticking into my head;


Yes, It’s all how you interpret the poem isn’t it God? Your poem of wonderment. For instance:cell phone

I saw a billionaire CEO at Davos today, telling his interviewer that it wasn’t a good thing that all the wealth of the world was owned by the top 1 percent, but on the OTHER hand…he reminded the reporter that now, just about everybody in the world has a cell phone and everyone in the world is NOW connected! And that’s good! That was his interpretation of the world is right. Somebody else freezing in the cold tonight, with a dead cell phone that doesn’t work, wishes he was connected to his electric blanket. Someone wishes he could PAY his cell phone bill. Someone wishes it was a piece of toast.

While millions of people in the East Coast tonight are going without power, most of them are worried about the two or three paychecks they won’t be getting due to the snowstorm. On the other hand, Congress AND Hillary Clinton are blessing this God event, for Hillary is asking a delay to getting her emails handed over, and BOTH parties of Congress are trying desperately to give Obama the lone sole power to call troops to any place on the planet, including his own country…complete dictatorial power

Glenn Beck claims that Donald Trump will be the next Hitler, but remains silent on the fact that Congress is actually given OBAMA Hitler powers. Donald Trump has never killed anyone, nevertheless, Glenn Beck has killed many of his listeners because he did NOTHING but make huge fortunes peddling America as if it was his right to make money off the poor people who had nothing. Yes, Glenn Beck has become a very rich man peddling the Constitution as if it was his own personal document to sell and he owns the copyright. Only he and Ted Cruz can interpret it. They own the rights.

*****Glen Beck two

A man sees a car wreck in the storm, goes to help, and because he says “We should call the police” he get shot dead by the very man he is trying to help. Black Lives Matter would interpret this as a good thing. White lives don’t matter, in the beautiful white snow.

How a man interprets “god” is the most important of all: Half of mankind interprets God to be kind, compassionate, giving, and the other half of mankind interprets God to mean, ruthless and intolerant of anyone who doesn’t have their interpretation of god.Christian VS Islam

That can also go for those who are “interpreting” the Constitution.

The only thing I do find out God, is that there is no interpretation to the love a dog has for the one  who loves it. It is. Like a perfect snowstorm…there is only one interpretation: Love in the eyes of a dog is eternal, and there will always be winter storms.

I’m thinking God, that maybe you should just leave the dogs the planet. Nobody is more tired of trying to interpret the greed of man than I am. dog and people


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Were Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Complete “Asses” Today?

Nobody Wonders

There are two established conservative voices who basically rule the daytime radio waves: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck...and both of them today, attacked Trump’s Presidential run with the almost laughable insensibility of a Whoopi Goldberg in heat.

First: let me say one thing: I have been an established radio listener for years, mostly because I worked at night..and you could say, I’m a political junkie.  So, I REMEMBER what both these guys have said in the past, and the one thing they always say they insist they hate…is name calling.

Because that’s what liberals do when they can’t think of a legitimate argument.

And yet….Trump


That’s exactly what both these guys did to Trump today on the radio.

Let’s start with Rush: He called Trump, an ass. Did he say anything about the many fine points he made in his speech? No. Well gee. There you go. And he’s worried that what Trump said would resonate with many people.

Ya think Rush?

Ross Perot, a man I voted for twice, was also called some names. To Rush, anybody trying to destroy the Republican Party is a traitor.

Well, maybe the Republican Party should be destroyed if it keeps putting in morons.

I am a Rush fan, but if you listen to Rush you have to understand, that Rush became successful in a time when America was doing very well…and that’s when Reagan was President. He made his fortune all by himself (So did Donald, but somehow that point never crosses his mind) and therefore he thinks ALL Americans can do, just what he did. He still thinks America is doing well, we just have a liberal in the White House.

How can I put this: Rush and conservatives believe that not ALL men are equal, so, they cannot all succeed.  AND YET…when it comes down to it, Rush believes everybody can.  And he says it daily. You start getting into a hornet’s nest of reasons WHY many people despite their best efforts DON’T. (Another blog)

You can’t have it both ways Rush.

Rush will help elect whatever established GOP candidate that will be nominated. He will use all his powers to get everyone to vote for Jeb, and he will continue to compare Trump to Ross Perot.

Accept the fact that Rush only supports POLITICIANS.  He thinks only a politician can run the great United States of America….and good lord, look where they have taken us. Trump is right.Rush Limbaugh

(He should read his own Rush Revere books)

But Rush calling Trump an ass, was not as funny as Glenn Beck today.

Glenn Beck’s MAIN reason against Trump, is that Trump…is…arrogant.

Now…follow this logic. If you had listened to Trump’s speech, he brags about what he is worth. This is Trump. He wins, he gloats, he’s PROUD…an arrogant man cannot occupy the White House says Beck.

I will do a piece on arrogance but not today…

To go on with his story: Glenn and his family stayed at the Trump Towers for 10 days. The service was impeccable.  He then “bragged” that he wanted to stay at another famous hotel, but because they wouldn’t allow Glenn to bring his personal dietary chef, he was forced to stay at Trump’s hotel.  He got EXCELLENT service from the Trump Hotel. And so, when Donald Trump called him to ask him if everything was okay…Glenn said that everything was fabulous and named names, to which Donald Trump said, “Well, that’s because I keep an eye on all my people.”

To Glenn Beck: This was the height of arrogance. Donald Trump should have praised his people, because that’s what Glenn would have done.  To Glenn, Trump took all the credit.

So he’s not fit to be President.Glenn Beck

Here’s the funny part: By telling this story about how he stayed at Trump Towers, Glenn Beck was telling the world that he TOO was rich, (yes he was bragging) and on top of that, he saw no problem in the fact that he wanted special treatment from hotels because he wanted them to accommodate his own personal chef, who no doubt, needed to use their kitchens.

King Beck. Please…talk to us about arrogance.

What he didn’t realize is that nobodies like me are thinking “Gee, if Trump is making SURE that the people who work for him are doing the very best job possible, just THINK how he would watch over the country? And Glenn Beck, you are becoming a big elite snob, —-the worst kind…like the Clinton’s, the Obama, the Bushes…you tell everyone that everything you do is for THEM!

Really? Come on. How much are you making off those tee-shirts?

The only reason you think you are superior to Trump is because you would praise others before yourself, because in the ‘lords’ grace, that’s not right.  It’s all about your “image.”

Is Glenn Beck REALLY humble? Listen to him for a few weeks and the answer is pretty clear.

So…if I had to pick between a hotel run by Glenn Beck, or one by Trump, who would I pick? Would Glenn Beck’s hotel make room for everybody’s personal chef?

Nobody Wonders.Ass

Oh…and by the way, I think I backed up my reason for this outburst…and can say with all honesty..

Russ and Glenn—You were both incredible asses today.

It’s one thing to not like Donald Trump. It’s quite another to resort to petty name calling.


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Nobody Knows What Golf Course Obama Will Be On When Isis Hits

Nobody ReportsGlenn Beck

It’s another week and the infelicitous world is exploding in chaos: Putin bragging about his nukes, ISIS bragging about their beheadings, Christians being slaughtered—Hillary is still in the poorhouse, and Joe Biden is still in the middle class. Nobody Knows whatever happened to Ferguson, Mo…which seems to be the least of our worries now…compared to what’s coming.

Yes, the question on MY nobody mind is: What IS coming? And right away, Glenn Beck had the answer: Hillary.

It seems Glenn Beck knows some people who work for Hillary Clinton, and her strategy is going to be that she will take us all back to the good times of Bill Clinton.Hillary for President

 “And this is what made me say, ‘Oh, my gosh, she’s going to win,’” Beck said. “Pat and I both have said in the past, ‘I would so gladly take Bill Clinton right now. Don’t those years seem simple and good [compared to today]?’”

Well Glenn—I don’t know what you and Stu were DOING during Bill Clinton’s years in office, but if you were not paying attention to all the damage those two did–maybe you should start asking around because obviously you were both somewhere else.  Maybe you should start reminding the people just how corrupt these two are, and how the ONLY reason that the economy was good during Bill Canton’s 8 years, was due to the success of Ronald Reagan and the TECH revolution. The rest of the country was being downsized.

Nobody Knows how nobody wants to hear such stuff from Glenn Beck—it does nothing but downsize any optimism to fight her we might have.

Thanks Glenn—maybe you should just give up.

And speaking of downsized…

Nobody Knows why the Federal Reserve is mad at the American People. After all, we bailed you guys out, didn’t we? Yes, all you nobodies out there—the Fed wants you to


NetNex—-“So why did the monetary base increase not cause a proportionate increase in either the general price level or (gross domestic product)?” economist Yi Wen and associate Maria A. Arias asked in the St. Louis Fed paper. “The answer lies in the private sector’s dramatic increase in their willingness to hoard money instead of spend it. Such an unprecedented increase in money demand has slowed down the velocity of money.”

This takes brass…okay, this takes a lot of nerve. The Federal reserve PRINTS money for the government, thereby devaluing our dollar with every passing day, in order to keep the big boys stocks up…and where if we don’t hoard our money, we will find we don’t have any money for gas and food. Not to mention, now we really DO have to pay for our medical care. Before Obamacare, we had low deductibles.

What…are they nuts?

I also have to hoard. I have dogs to feed.

What in the world did they think was going to happen when we “saved’ the banks? They robbed us, and now they’re mad that we aren’t spending money we don’t have?

Can I have a vowel for that phrase I’m NOT going to say?

And speaking of things that aren’t being said…

Nobody Knows how Hillary can run on her actions as Secretary of State: Has anybody noticed that Obama and Hillary’s great work in Libya is REALLY paying off?

And it’s not just the swimming pool they love…

Washington Free Becon; Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.Nine eleven

“Anyone who has ever flown over Saudi Arabia at night can see refineries like Yanbu lit up like Christmas trees against the blackness of the desert,” Rubin said. “One Saudi security officer once told me that they would only have about 90 seconds to shoot down a hijacked plane from the time it left international airspace to impact in one of the region’s most important refineries.”

So Nobody Knows if one of those airplanes is going to be used as a weapon on 9/11, and we will soon have to hoard even MORE money to pay for our gas…from an attack with a stolen plane—-and that’s why the Saudi Kings are screaming about us.

And speaking of 9/11

Nobody Knows how many ISIS are here in the United States planning to bomb us, inside our own borders… Isis marching

Islamic State (ISIS) cells are already in the United States, and some of them have entered by crossing the Mexican border says former CIA agent Bob Baer. “People who do this for a living are very alarmed,” Baer said. The Obama administration is unable to locate 6,000 foreign nationals who have entered the United States on student visas, raising concerns about the government’s ability to track potential terror suspects who may already be in the country. “My greatest concern is that they could be doing anything,” Peter Edge, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official who oversees investigations into visa violators, told ABC News. “Some of them could be here to do us harm

Yes, Nobody Knows what to expect next week…but be assured that the media will be more concerned with…sex.

Nobody Knows why movie stars are so stupid. If you upload your naked butt onto the web—can you really complain if someone sees it? Yes, some movie stars are upset at Apple for not protecting their naked body photos.

And WHY are millions of people giving Ricky Gervais so much trouble about the obvious stupidity of these people?Ricky

“Celebrities make it harder for hackers to get nude pic of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of you on your computer”  

On the other hand, Nobody Knows if this wasn’t just planned to restart some languishing careers. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

Hugh Hefner, is old hat. Pretty soon, we will be seeing naked 3D on our cell phones and everybody will think Playboy is as outdated as Tarzan and Jane in the jungle.

Next week, we will surely continue on the endless journey of American ignorance, proof of which, resides in on the golf course.

(He’s not in the White House…don’t bother looking.)

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Glenn Beck Steals Molotov’s Show? Creepy.

Nobody Wonders

When I heard that Glenn Beck was calling one of his new TV programs “For the Record” I was totally shocked. (Okay, I admit.  I have always thought Glenn was capable of it.)

First: There is NO WAY  that Glenn Beck’s staff could not have known that this was a blatant steal of a very popular conservative video blog.

Second: It’s just another big slight that Glenn has done.  Glenn Beck is always talking about his reputation, his honesty, his honor…and this makes Glenn Beck look just as sneaky and creepy as some of the politicians he goes after every single day.

Yes…Glenn Beck has a creepy side to him. Yes, there I said it. He is a businessman, and therefore to him , I guess, the end justifies the means. But to steal this title…is pretty slimy. It’s not even smart.



Do unto Others As you would have other do unto you…Glenn Beck ! Give the money due to this man for infringing on his great Trademark, or…since Molotov is such a great guy…either give him a job, or apologize.

Quit being a creep, because what you did…was just plain…greedy and wrong…and you know it. , Mormon or not, Jesus will not let you into his heaven if you keep it up, no matter how much good you do in the world.

Nobody Wonders if Glenn Beck will apologize to Molotov, but I think we all should keep calling him on it.


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Andrew Breitbart Destroys Glenn Beck

Nobody’s Notes

I found this bit of radio gold, while I was over at the Alex Jones Site. It has some very severe criticism of Glenn Beck by the late Andrew Breitbart….his main complaint being that Glenn Beck stole from Alex Jones and Andrew every single day and never gave them credit

Nobody Thinks, that is true, as I use to watch his show, but it was not all stolen. He gave valuable history lessons that were not stolen and the country needed that.

Nobody also thinks that in Glenn’s mind…information was all free…on the internet, and he could pick and choose as he liked, much as the rest of us do. In this way, we see it’s rather more an internet problem. Remember all the trouble the music industry had with Napster? Songs were free, untill Steve Jobs figured out how to charge people for songs on the internet. All creative endeavors USED to get paid for their hard work, but now with the internet, much of it is free or next to nothing. The internet has single-handedly destroyed the newspaper industry…not many are left.

Still…not giving credit is sort of “rude.” He certainly should have, but he didn’t want to, for his own obvious reasons: success and money. Most people know Glenn is all about making money for himself, and Glenn does not deny it.  If you don’t want to listen to him plug his latest book, or his newest concert, or his new DVD…turn him off, that’s what I do.  Go listen to Rush, who sometimes promotes his latest ice tea products, and talks about football and his golf games, Alex Jones sometimes starts yelling, and Michael Savage gets really funny about his dog.

What are you going to do? Listen to Don Imus?

Still…this is the first real knock-out I’ve ever heard against Glenn Beck, it’s worth a listen. I still can’t believe he’s gone. (And by that I mean..Breitbart)



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