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Nobody Cares About Glenn Beck’s Occasional Meanness

Nobody Cares

 I’ve been listening while I work a lot to Glenn Beck lately, mostly because, like Alex Jones, he is putting events into a global perspective, which I tend to agree to. The whole globe IS now connected, and everything that happens with the global elites running the world affects us all.

Glenn has his own style. He’s talented, creative, and fun to watch. My husband doesn’t like the guy, and I must admit, I thought he was just plain mean when Trump was running for President. He would call him names, much more asinine than anything Trump ever said about anybody—REMEMBER—Trump would never attack first, but only ‘tweet’ AFTER he was attacked. Trump supporters all knew that.

Evidently, Glenn did not.

He would make comments like this: Glenn Beck spent the entire 2016 election cycle warning that Donald Trump was crazy, a dangerous psychopath, and the “biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine.” When other conservatives endorsed Trump, Beck was furious and wondered how they could even sleep at night. Throughout the campaign, Beck steadfastly refused to support Trump, insisting that Jesus Christ himself would tell Beck not to support him because doing so would be disloyal to God.

Glenn travelled around with Ted Cruz in 2016, warning the country what would happen if Trump were elected. He never gave any REAL reasons for hating Trump. He just would do his usual heavy “the world might end” warnings. Because Trump really didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ and Ted Cruz’s campaign DID…including his sore loser performance AFTER Trump got the election, millions of Americans were right.

Glenn was wrong.

Glenn lost so many supporters that he had to come out and admit, he was wrong. He has since had Trump on his program for an interview, and it went well. BUT…the other day, he said something I thought was just plain…crude. Much cruder than anything Trump had ever said.

I can’t remember the quote exactly but it went something like “Well, that’s better than a man sitting on the tank and tweeting.” Making everyone visualize Trump sitting on the toilet and tweeting stupid things. Meaning any apology Glenn had made to Trump was just a lie.

Let me say, whether on the toilet or not, I NEVER found any of Trump’s tweets as insulting as what Glenn Beck just said. Great news that Glenn can take a dump without trying to save the world.

Good to know.

After the State of the Union speech, the next morning, Glenn had Ted Cruz on his show. Okay. Ted was there. Ted had a lot to say. It’s clear, Ted is running against Trump again. Or the two will be working trying to stop Trump…again. They just know Trump is popular so they have to play ‘Oh, we really like the guy.” But clearly, they are trying to figure out how to do that this time.

Now, since I was a Trump supporter, let me address another cruel thing that Beck said.

He was covering the Ukraine situation and had a very young member of the Ukraine cabinet on his program for an interview. The man was clearly upset, and scared. It was his home. Bombs were crashing outside his building. People were dying. HE was going to fight to the end, and at the end of the interview Glenn asked him, in a very cold and almost unbelievable lack of any kind of sensitivity: “So tell me. Who do you think will win this fight? You or Russia?”

The poor guy didn’t answer and hung up. I would have hung up too.

What I’m trying to say is NOBODY’s PERFECT. While Glenn has many great assets to his talent, like putting together great researchers, and being an entertainer, he DOES have a mean streak.

I once heard him say that his mother committed suicide. It was as if he was saying, “Oh, I drink coffee in the morning.

There is a reason Glenn was an alcoholic. And that reason probably has something to do with his childhood. It’s probably the reason for his occasional mean streak.

Nevertheless, having said all this, I noticed that his partner on the show, Stu, cannot look Glenn in the eye lately.  He looks down. As if, maybe he too has issues with Glenn’s meanness. Something happened. I’m sure they will work it out, but Nobody Wonders if Trump will ever be on his show again.

There ARE times that telling what you think is the TRUTH, is just plain, mean. It’s good to be honest, but you should NEVER be blunt with the truth, especially to a good person. There are ways of doing it and being mean is NOT one of them.

It’s like saying to your wife, “Sure, you’re fat. Get over it. “A comment many women would not get over

So, is my husband’s instinct’s, right? Is Glenn a jerk?

I won’t stop listening to him, because I think he has valuable information. And he is entertaining.

Nevertheless, I remind my Nobody Self that Nobody’s Perfect.

Let it go, Joyanna, but…always question.

So, Glenn, what’s your problem? I’m asking a simple question…and you tell us all the time to question everything…even you?

Right Glenn?  SO, WHY ARE YOU SOMETIMES SO MEAN? Or is it, intentional?

Nobody Wants to know.

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  1. “” There ARE times that telling what you think is the TRUTH, is just plain, mean. It’s good to be honest, but you should NEVER be blunt with the truth, especially to a good person. There are ways of doing it and being mean is NOT one of them.”” ……..The thoughts and opinions of a Good Woman. Not a ‘Nobody’, but a somebody.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 3, 2022 | Reply

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