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While the World is Put BACK into Fear Mode with Nuclear War….THIS is igored.

AMERICAN TRUCKERS UPDATE: After Merging with SIX Other Groups, ‘The People’s Convoy’ is Over 10,000 Vehicles Strong, 70 Miles Long (VIDEOS)

Which is WHY they are starting a few fires at the nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Look HERE, not THERE.

I STILL think a lot of this drama may be thought out in some vast global takeover plan.

Is it working? Well, last night I did dream I lost my electric and could not get it back on.

Sure. The fear of another world war works, but then again, after a while, people get tired of it all.

The Good news? Do they REALLY want to blow the world up?

Good question. Nobody Really Knows. But releasing a bioweapon was a good start.

On the good side, history is full of tyrants, and they are most of the time, defeated.

This time, there’s just a LOT more of them.

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