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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck

Nobody’s PerfectBeck and Rush

I was wondering today, just how the Ted Cruz fans were going to take last night’s news, that Ted Cruz did not win one state.

It was a big defeat for Ted in many ways, because he’s been bragging about how the ‘conservative’ people prefer him, and only he can bring the party together to beat Hillary, and yet, the Bible Belt ‘conservatives’ have picked Trump over Cruz in every state.

As much as Ted and his followers don’t want to admit it, if there’s one thing that a follower of the Ten Commandments can’t stand, it’s a person who cheats and a lies. And Ted Cruz did both.

“Thou shalt not steal.” That is engrained in every Sunday school little dribble mind and it’s one of the basics of Western Civilization’s law.

And that is (as if Ted Cruz was saying it.)—- Is EXACTLY what Ted Cruz did. He stole Ben Carson’s votes in Iowa, and everybody in America remembers it.

I’m sure he had Beck, Levine, and maybe even Rush telling him…that it was okay for Ted to do it for the “cause.” For the good of the “republic.”beck and cruz

But…people who have good hearts, and who still follow those rules that they learned in childhood…don’t forget.

There is a blog somewhere here about “Can you make it to the top without cheating and lying?” But that’s for another time.

You have to hand it to Cruz: he has managed to get the biggest GOP foghorn on his side: Rush Limbaugh. And not to mention, Glenn Beck..who he has convinced that he is the only savior of the United States Republic.

For those of us living in the fly-over country where most of these politicians like to remind us every other second that their parents came from, we have to laugh.

When was the last time we were a “republic”? That’s news to us. Every 8 years we get to vote for the lesser of the two evils, picked by mostly evil people who made fortunes off the American taxpayer.

Not to mention now, it’s basically the President and the Supreme Court that overrules the laws. Congress is impotent. Gay marriage was rejected three times in the la-la land of the People’s Republic of California and yet the judges overturned the people’s vote every single time.

The Supreme Court forced Obamacare on us, and made Corporations people.

We never stood a chance after that.

And yet, listen to this video where the furious Glenn Beck is blaming John Kasich for staying in the Presidential race. Is he mad at the establishment for now putting all their money behind Kasich?No…He’s still mad at Trump.

Trump to Glenn, is a bad as Hillary…which should tell you just how different he is from the American people.Beck and Cruz three

To me—the fact that Trump is running a clean race, and reaching out to the people, is only fair, and if he gets enough people to vote for him, despite all the rich men (and that includes Beck, Limbaugh, and Levine) attacking him for not doing what THEY want…well to us nobodies it means that the country is coming to its senses.

And that’s a GOOD thing. A mighty good thing.

This “republic” that Glenn thinks is going to disappear, has been gone for quite a long time.  Where the HELL has he been?

We need more rich men like Donald Trump, and less rich men like Glenn Beck.

But then again….Donald’s father was a man who taught his son right and wrong.

Glenn’s father was an alcoholic. Maybe that’s why Glenn remains the angry man that he is.

Maybe he came to the Ten Commandants too late in life. Maybe to a child whose parents weren’t exactly there for him is the reason he seems to full of anger at Trump fans.

Or maybe, he’s just not perfect a rich man as Donald Trump.glenn beck two




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