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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck II

Nobody’s Perfect

You would think he would learn: Glenn Beck, I believe, lost his job at FOX News because he started preaching God and religion.  He started out being a teacher, an informer of conservative ideals, and did in a way that was a lot of fun. We were learning things from him…he became a big hit on FOX.

And then, he decided the nation needed to be saved, and God had picked him to do it.Beck praying

Glenn Beck, became a religious zealot. You know, religious people just don’t get it. Religion is better off as a private affair…but when ‘leaders’ start ruling in the name of the “Lord” or “Allah” you get…wars.

Just look at what’s happening in the Middle East right now: Shea VS Sunni, Christians VS ISIS.

It’s never good. And it not only the different Muslim sects that fight…how about the long war between the Catholics and the Presbyterians?

A Hessian officer, in 1778 said this:

Call this war by whatever name you may, only call it not an American rebellion: it is nothing more of less than a Scotch Irish Presbyterian rebellion.

First, let me say I am all for churches and the Christian religion.  Churches have served a great purpose all throughout history…as places were neighbors can get together…and find comfort and friendships, something that makes all life easier to bear.

But it always happens: Some “zealot” decides he knows God, and then like Kings, they start leading their flock, and they use the same tactics to control people that the governments do:

Fear. Blame. Shame.

And when that happens, many times, they lead their flock right into poverty, war, and slavery.

The current Pope is a perfect example.

I considered myself religious. I believe in a higher power, and I like to say prayers to that higher power… but I also believe that the founders had it right: Religion is a private affair..not something to be FORCED upon anybody.

And Glenn Beck, is doing just that. He thinks that Americans (Trump supporters) are unholy, ungrateful, unloving, malicious—  brutal and haters of good.

Really Glenn.

Freedom to worship as one chooses was one of the reasons those people risked that scary trip to another land so long ago, or have you forgotten?

Now, Glenn Beck blames you, and I, for the condition of the United States. And if you don’t vote for Ted Cruz, YOU are a sinner. If Cruz does not win Indiana, then the U.S. according to Glenn…is doomed.

Yes—- today is the day all conservatives, according to Glenn Beck, .should vote for Ted Cruz.

Beck wrote,

“I would like to ask that you, your family and friends join me for a day or prayers, fasting and humility. To beg the Lord to not remover His hand from us. To turn to Him and ask that He will heal our land. Beginning Monday night and running for 24 hours on Tuesday will you pray and if possible fast like you have never done before? “

Ha. How many people are going to fast tomorrow for Ted Cruz? Not me. I think “God” is fine with me having breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. I haven’t asked him of course, but then again, I always remember MEN makes up these silly rules, not God, while I dig into my strawberry shortcake.

Yes, Glenn is losing it. Should we admire him for putting so much time and money into the Cruz campaign that he put 40 people out of work at his company?

But hey…he gave them the news from his very own Oval Office!

So what will Glenn do, if the good people of Indiana remember their own religious teachings and vote for Trump? You know, while standing in the voters booth they might remember the—-

“Thou shall not steal.”

And the….

“Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

I think God added another one: “Thou shall not lie.” (which may be the same as false witness) ” but…Moses didn’t have enough room on his tablet.

Glenn Beck, is so upset at Trump, he decided to make fun of his “tan” in this video where he and his friends tried to mock the man’s looks.

Sure, Trump has been under some bad sun lamps, but the fact is: Trump fans really could care less.

What the Cruz people do not realize is that Trump fans, want him to be President because so far, he doesn’t steal, lie, or bear false witness. AND he IS the American success story. AND he really does know how to fix the country. Cruz know how…to piss a lot of people off. He seems really good at it.

Religious zealots have a habit of doing that.

Ted Cruz…is just another politician to us.

So, Glenn Beck…go ahead. Fast. Do NOT have that bowl of M & Ms. Get down on your knees and beg God for forgiveness. You have sinned more than most I’m sure…

And pardon me, while I go have another piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and watch the Trump train coming to the station in Indiana…




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