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Paul Ryan: Last Dumb Bell Standing

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I wrote about Paul Ryan before.Paul Ryan five

The traitor.

I was hoping not to discuss the dweeb, but since he has refused to accept the people’s choice for the republican nomination, I’m with Sarah Palin…he’s got to go.

Trump got rid of the Bushes, and Ted Cruz, and now, before he gets rid of Hillary, he should get rid of Paul Ryan.

I believe that John Boehner was not kicked out by Ted Cruz..I think that was all an act. I think that they had to get rid of Boehner because the people were tired of him always giving Obama everything.

Paul Ryan was put in because they knew that Paul, not only could be more articulate than John, but they are hoping that Paul Ryan, being the younger man, would have more appeal to the public. They’ve been grooming him.

And they needed Ryan— who has stood on the sidelines throughout Obama’s Presidency, waiting. When Romney picked Ryan as his running mate, it was clear he was, “In the club.”

Ryan, as leader of the House, can KEEP the establishment in power by stopping Trump at every turn in Congress. In fact, we are already seeing Ryan putting out video statements as IF he was the President. It’s annoying.

While Congress (and Paul Ryan) did nothing to stop Obama, they will do everything in their power to stop Trump.  Paul Ryan four

Right now, I’m thinking that Paul Ryan thinks he can get by on his good looks…clearly, he wants to be President.  He struts around as if the office is already his. Clearly, he was hand-picked by the GOP elite globalists Rockefeller/Bush/Romney bunch to carry on their plans which have been in motion for SOOOOOOOOOOO many years.

Donald Trump could put a stop to them all.

I was crazy about Paul Ryan when he stood up to Obama with a list of statistics on the damage that Obamacare would do. Until that moment, NOBODY had ever stood up to Obama’s face. NOBODY.

So…where was he when Ted Cruz was on the house floor?

Paul Ryan is with the globalists. Open borders, more Muslims into the country, which MEANS older people’s money will be needed by Paul. Ryan wants to cut your Social Security, and your Medicare payments, because the numbers don’t add up. Too many old people….should just die, and step aside for the young.

It’s all in Paul Ryan’s little numbers book.

Paul Ryan would work better with Hillary. And “Hillary” is in the same club as the elites GOP.

When Paul Ryan said Trump could get rid of him at the convention…I would suggest that Trump should reply:

“Well, if you can’t support ME, then you don’t support the people.”Paul Ryan two

Let Ryan go the gym..and work out. Maybe someday, he can get a job as a personal trainer. And that’s the words of a scorned woman.

Don’t make me pick up that dumbbell.


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