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The world gets more absurd…or has it always been absurd before the internet we just didn’t know it?cat face

The headlines on Drudge leave me wanting to pig-out on a raspberry Sundae from Sam’s Club. Good thing I’m here, and it’s closed.

Here’s a few headlines and some of my usual Nobody comments :

Paper: Dem VP Prospects Studying Spanish

                Picture: Bernie Sanders with a Che Guevara beret, shouting “REVOLUTION!”  Elizabeth Warren learning Spanish? She’s barely understandable in English.

So what’s this say? The Democrats are worried that Trump might pick Marco Rubio as VP?

Nobody Wonders.

Showdown: Cameron Says UK Leaving EU could bring War! NWO

                 Sure. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain are going to start bombing London if Britain drops out of the E.U…that’s what David Cameron is saying.

Who in their right minds believes that? It’s the E.U. excuse for their tyranny…Hey! We formed this elite oligarchy called the E.U.,  so that there would never be another European war.

In the meantime, the E.U. has flooded all the E.U countries with so many Muslims, that within a decade they will outnumber all of Europe’s natives.  The war will be over. The people will have lost their countries.

London has its first Muslim Mayor.

The once great and brave British people surrender without a fight.  David Cameron is the “New World Order” no borders kind of guy. It’s okay if the country goes to the Muslims, he has vast amounts of millions hidden all over the world and many places to go.

God, I hope the Australians have more guts.  I’m starting to think that Americans should start reaching out in emails to the poor Brits. Obviously, our elite criminal rulers are on this no-borders tyranny train too.

Obama on Trump: This isn’t reality TV.

  And the man who has been interviewed by a woman who takes jello baths and has green hair, thinks that he is so much better? Seriously. He has been on comedy and reality shows 51 times.  Watch the excellent rant of Glozell take Obama’s BS to the river and drown it. Really…you won’t be able to turn this video off.


Kerry Declares : “Borderless world”

                Well…it is to him. Is he ever in America? Was he ever here much in his life, except when all his friends gather at Martha Vineyards? The globalists WANT a borderless world…it’s good for their stock portfolios, which as everyone knows, has tripled since 2008.

Okay…I’m not going on…John Kerry, David Cameron, Ms. Merkel, and let’s throw in Mitt Romney, and the Bushes…same old tryants. History repeats itself, but with a vengeance

Right now I’m listening to the man who taught Paul Ryan in college, and it’s the same old globalist argument I’ve heard a thousand times: America should be GRATEFUL that sure…globalism has cost American jobs, but so what? They don’t mention the fact that it’s wiped out the middle class, with 95 million out of work, that’s okay to them.

You know why? Because gee folks! You can buy stuff cheap! You pitiful morons.obama in bath tub two

You don’t have a job, but you can go to Wal-mart to buy everything cheap! And we’ve also giving you the Dollar Store! Be grateful! Now we can have Neiman Marcus all to ourselves. We really didn’t want to go shopping and have to deal with the “lower” classes trying on their shoes right next to us.

He went on: He was scared that the entitlements need to be reformed…the government has promised too much money.  Instead of doing what Trump wants: cut all the billions of dollars wasted, and keep careful watch on fraud, they want to cut benefits to elders.

Yes, Social Security and Medicare, because …well, it’s not their fault that Congress stole the money of the people and blew it on whatever.

Paul Ryan is just trying to save the country.

And if you believe that, then you also believe that Ferguson is now a utopia, and it was really Obama that is going to make America great again.

Just give him some more time….(wait for it…)




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