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Donald Trump & The Elite Drunken Birds of Fraud and Waste



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Remember when Donald Rumsfield, on September the 10th, announced that $2.3 trillion dollars had gone missing from the Pentagon?  The next day the Accounting Office of the Pentagon was destroyed on 9/11. The subject was never brought up again.

The media hardly EVER talks about the trillions, and billions of our tax dollars that are wasted every single day, and in the meantime, nobody in our government ever goes to jail.

Last week, the battle was ignited between the economic guru, Paul Ryan, against the billionaire, Donald Trump.

I’m hoping Trump puts water boy Ryan in his place.

Paul Ryan, wants to basically cut Social Security and Medicare…but Donald Trump says…no. We don’t have to do that, just cut the waste, get the jobs back, and pay the people who got their money basically stolen out of their paychecks, let them get what they deserve.

Damn right. The government is a greedy money hog and they have been raping the American taxpayers for years.Sales TAx

For instance, nobody knows what happened to the trillions that were taken from the Pentagon before 9/11,…but somebody DID find out, that when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department, you and I, and every hard-working man and woman in this country, were building Mosques all over the Middle East thanks to Hillary Clinton.

I didn’t know that…did you? (see video above)

Donald Trump should bring THAT little bit of information up in his speeches, don’t you think? In the meantime, American roads, and bridges, and cities are crumbling. But little Johnnie Jihad is being given a nice place to train.

Yes, trillions of our taxes, are wasted every year, on the most stupidest projects:

Some of my favorite are funding for stupid things like these:

What makes goldfish feel sexy?

It must have been a hard task to find THAT out, because they wasted $3.9 million of your tax dollars on it. They could have least done the experiment on Salmon..something that people need more of.

Where does it hurt the most to be stung by a bee?

$1 million. I might have thought this one worthwhile if Harry Reid would have been the subject.

How many shakes does it take for a dog to dry off?

$390,000 dollars were spent on this experiment. Hey, I would have done this for a mere $100,000 and saved the government money.

And my personal favorite:

Do drunk birds slur when they sing?

That cost $5 million. They could have found that out in five minutes…just slip Hillary a few and ask her to sing “God Bless America.”  That would have been for the cost of a bottle of vodka.

Wait…I’m insulting the birds..’s HARD to believe the government would waste our money on such ridiculous stuff…unless of course the point of the government is to bankrupt the U.S. so that they can form their One-World-Borderless government.

And that IS the point…clearly.

So…next time you hear the arrogance of Paul Ryan, saying that Donald Trump needs to come to HIS table of economic conservatism..ask yourself how much more of a sucker do you want to be?

Read THIS list from the Heritage foundation, which includes such annoying revelations as this:

Washington will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.

It’s clear, Ryan…you lose. Donald Trump will cut a lot of this crap out.

And America will be greater for it.

I’m tired of watching Obama and Michelle spending billions on vacations while we are browbeat by the elites in D.C. who want MORE from us.

And if Donald Trump does not get elected?

Then D.C. will spend even more money next year….on prostitutes, and we will all have to learn Spanish.

And I’ll be getting drunk with my birds.


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