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Nobody Wonders About the 24hour 2 year IN YOUR FACE Campaign

Nobody Wonders

 Have you noticed that people never talk about the obvious?

For instance: Why do we have to have Presidential campaigns that run for two years?  It’s borders on insanity.

Who else thinks it’s all about the money the cable stations make…and the amount of money the candidates can suck out of poor American people?

Will Bernie Sanders give all those poor people BACK their money if he doesn’t win?

Why does something that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump says, take precedence over people dying in floods in Texas? They gets hours on TV…the poor people in Texas get 20 seconds.

Why does Obama have lighter skin than John Boehner in this video? Does he just put on his “negro” makeup when he’s giving a speech?

And speaking of the video…why did John Bonehead last week, called Cruz “Lucifer”? And did this great damming exclamation HELP Cruz or hinder him?

For CRUZ fans, it should bring them running to the voting booth, and is THAT why he did it?

If Boehner can get along so well with Obama in private, than is this hatred of Cruz all an act to get him elected?

OR…did Cruz cost Bonehead his job and John really truly hates the man?

How in the world will any of us know the real truth?

Did Boehner make that video with Obama, in order to further make the “conservatives” believe that actually, the two of them are great buds and that’s why John Boehner gave Obama EVERYTHING.

DID anybody else besides me think that Obama putting his fingers to his lips and dropping the mike on the floor at the end of his speech at the White House Correspondence dinner, seem like one of the most disgraceful acts of an American President ever witnessed? And WHY is everyone in the media applauding it?

Microphones are not CHEAP. But then again, when has Obama ever cared about blowing the taxpayers money?

Why is Obama going to hang around Washington D.C.?

Can Obama actually live in D.C. and NOT be President?

I’m not seeing it. Nobody Wonders…what’s he going to do next?

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Smell the Lilacs…

Lavendare filed franceNobody Flashes

After last night’s White House Press Party, and all the “white” folks attacks and nastiness disguised as witty, I thought a nice picture of a lilac field might help.

What did we see last night? The fight for power…is well and alive on the planet.

I plan to buy a lilac bush this spring so that every time I get ‘upset’ I can go out in my yard and take a long smell.

By the way…is this a real picture or a photoshop?



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