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Nobody’s Perfect: Thomas Sowell

Nobody’s Perfect

—- I have been a big fan of Thomas Sowell for decades. Of all the conservative pundits writers, I found that Mr. Sowell always said what seemed to make the most sense. He’s always been brilliant.

Simply brilliant.

But…Nobody’s Perfect.  Mr. Sowell, has finally broken his record of perfection…due to his opinions of Donald Trump.Thomas Sowll

Here’s his latest article called Grim Choices, and my usual Nobody rebuke.

His opening paragraph sets the tone:

“We must frankly face the fact that the front-runners in both political parties represent a new low, at a time of domestic polarization and unprecedented nuclear dangers internationally. This year’s general election will offer a choice between a thoroughly corrupt liar and an utterly irresponsible egomaniac.”

Come on. Get Real. Obama has already put us at unprecedented nuclear dangers, where have you been Thomas? While we all agree that Hillary is a corrupt liar, compared to the egomaniac in the White House, Donald Trump is Mother Teresa. Obama has set the stage for the U.S. to be attacked again, and with his deal with Iran, it’s bound to be nuclear.

What? If we ARE attacked are you going to blame Trump should he become President? Did Clinton get blamed for 9/11? He should have been. George Bush wasn’t the only one who pushed off the threats. EVER so polite…both of them. EVER so…politically correct. So full of ….finesse. So wonderful…so Presidential.

I’m glad they made the history books on their manners.

And as far as being a egomaniac…are you basing that on Trump’s habit of putting his name on all his buildings?

I thought you were a great “economist?” Trump has wisely build his name as his “brand.” Many in the business have done this…SEE ENTIRE LIST HERE.

Procter and Gamble being one. Colonel Sanders…Hey…he has his face on every chicken bucket! How many buildings does Robert Byrd have his name on?

You want an egomaniac? Look no further than Mitt Romney, who is so MAD that Donald Trump might become president,he is seriously thinking of running as the third party. Forget the “I am such a good Mormon” cover. It stinks of “I didn’t win and I deserve it.”

And how about Hillary? No ego there? Clearly Mr. Thomas, you’ve been in academia much too long.

Thomas goes on:

“Apparently some Republican leaders have opted to try to make the best of a bad situation by creating at least the illusion of party “unity” going into this year’s elections. But the toxic image of Donald Trump can follow the Republicans repeatedly in future elections.”

You’re kidding me. “toxic image”? What? What’s toxic about a man who speaks the truth? To real Americans Donald Trump’s rants of short and sweet “call it like it is” burps, are a sweet perfume of fresh air.

What? The Politicians are offended?


Americans have been muzzled far too long. When Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a Bimbo we all applauded.

Are you so afraid that Trump might call Putin a dictator and Putin will attack us?

Are we not now to call a spade a spade? Do you really think that China, Iran, or Putin will attack us because of something Trumps says? Really? You think Donald is Rodney Dangerfield?

Yes, Thomas Sowell is worried:

“But nuclear annihilation is one of the few prospects that are even worse — and a man with a runaway egomaniac may not have the finesse or the depth to steer through troubled international waters that include a nuclear Iran and a nuclear North Korea.”

Clearly, Mr. Sowell is very afraid that Donald Trump will launch nukes. The “elite” Thomas Sowell, and his “elite” friends at the Heritage Foundation, look at the lowlife of Donald Trump as Rodney Dangerfield from Caddy Shack.

Are you as sick as I am of the snobs?

Has he noticed that we are being threatened every other day with nuclear destruction by North Korea, AND Russia? The Bushes were warned about 9/11 but did nothing to stop it. Do we want more of that in the White House? Polite men who are afraid to stand up to bullies?

Besides…there are already according to the FBI thousands of terrorists inside our country. Trump will have to deal with them first.

Donald Trump says that he want to remind our enemies that we have nukes and are not afraid to use them. That doesn’t mean he will.

Hillary may not use nukes, but then again, Hillary really doesn’t care if Americans die now does she?

(You’re rich. Build yourselves a bunker.)

He goes on:

“Some have argued that a President Trump could surround himself with experienced and savvy advisers to cover for his own shallow understanding of many national and international issues. But Barack Obama has already shown us that a headstrong egomaniac can ignore even unanimous advice from military advisers. That is how he pulled troops out of Iraq and set the stage for ISIS.”

This is one of the WEAKEST argument every penned by Thomas Sowell. Right. Trump would be like Obama. Sure. Really bad. Not even a close cigar.

Thomas is so afraid of Trump, that he is actually praying for both Hillary and Trump to fail, so that the House would pick the President. He thinks that Trump will DOOM the party.

It SHOULD be doomed. There is NOTHING conservative about the GOP. There is nothing conservative about putting your stock portfolio’s first over Americans and wanting an elite class to rule.

And here where Sowell forgot to take his meds:confused cat

“Immediately after electing a President with virtually no track record, on the basis of rhetoric and symbolism, and seeing disaster after disaster during his administration, many are now prepared to do the same thing all over again.”

NO track record?


Donald Trump has done more in his lifetime that Obama ever DREAMED of accomplishing before he was anointed Pharaoh. . In fact, I would offer to say Donald Trump has done more in his lifetime that has affected the ordinarily Americans, in a GOOD way, than Thomas Sowell.

What…only politicians can run for President? A man who has made a success out of every project he attempts is worth less because he wasn’t trained in Harvard?

Well, too bad. We’re sick of Politicians, and their ivy league academies from Harvard and Yale ruining the world.

The problem with Thomas Sowell, is sadly, he has been in academia too long. It’s one thing to write about economics, it’s quite another to actually RUN a business.

He never has.

Trump has.

It’s like learning parenting from books, and then actually having to parent a child. NO books can prepare you.

There’s academia..and then there’s real life.

Okay. I’m hoping Thomas Sowell has more brains than this article…I still think he’s a genius…but even geniuses aren’t perfect. Even geniuses make BIG mistakes.

I have always been a student of Thomas Sowell. But the student in me has left the building

The Teacher, needs to retire. I’m with Rodney.


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