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Glenn Beck Steals Molotov’s Show? Creepy.

Nobody Wonders

When I heard that Glenn Beck was calling one of his new TV programs “For the Record” I was totally shocked. (Okay, I admit.  I have always thought Glenn was capable of it.)

First: There is NO WAY  that Glenn Beck’s staff could not have known that this was a blatant steal of a very popular conservative video blog.

Second: It’s just another big slight that Glenn has done.  Glenn Beck is always talking about his reputation, his honesty, his honor…and this makes Glenn Beck look just as sneaky and creepy as some of the politicians he goes after every single day.

Yes…Glenn Beck has a creepy side to him. Yes, there I said it. He is a businessman, and therefore to him , I guess, the end justifies the means. But to steal this title…is pretty slimy. It’s not even smart.



Do unto Others As you would have other do unto you…Glenn Beck ! Give the money due to this man for infringing on his great Trademark, or…since Molotov is such a great guy…either give him a job, or apologize.

Quit being a creep, because what you did…was just plain…greedy and wrong…and you know it. , Mormon or not, Jesus will not let you into his heaven if you keep it up, no matter how much good you do in the world.

Nobody Wonders if Glenn Beck will apologize to Molotov, but I think we all should keep calling him on it.


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Nobody’s Fool: Molotov Mitchell

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s Part II of Molotov’s rant on Janet Napolitano’s insane idea that patriotic Americans are terrorists.

And still another one below that came out some time ago, but is still even more pertinent to this election.

Momma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Soldiers.

You can learn more from one 5 minute video rant from this guy, then most of the highly paid pundits on all the television networks. It’s sharp. It’s very hip. And most of all, its informative.

Movotov is an unparalleled peerless master of conservative thought made succinctly into one short enlightening lesson of “All you need to know” lesson of truth.

So, Molotov…This Bud’s for you! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

Wait..America doesn’t own Bud anymore. In that case, I’m sure there’s a FOR THE RECORD video on that. So, whenever you have an afternoon to waste, go check all of his video’s out. Just go to YouTube and learn.

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