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Nobody Wonders: Will Their Propaganda Eventually Work?

Nobody Wonders

Who’s running the country? The Press? The politicians? The “deep state”? Today we went from North Korea is going to Nuke us to the more important news that Paul Manafort, a man who helped Trump win the Presidency, was visited by the F.B.I early in the morning to find the “hidden” documents of guilt…or whatever.

Just like the Gestapo.

Whatever. Doesn’t matter if the man is innocent, the headlines made it appear as if he was Al Capone. No doubt they will say he is running a brothel out of his house. Wait…

That’s been done, by a Congressman.

What we are witnessing is the unveiling of just how MUCH they have been controlling the masses with “fake” news. Fake news about Trump, the climate, Russia, Trump’s kids, Trump’s Tweets, and the most ridiculous of all: According to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, President Trump wants too much done too soon. He has no clue how “democracy” works.

So what Mitch? How long does it take for a Congressman to get anything done? 40 years? Is that how it works? The lifetime service of a Senator like you? WE’VE been waiting ALL OUR LIVES, you sore excuse for an American.

I am ashamed for you mother.

Frankly, I’m glad that the real news came out after all these years, that it was President Bill Clinton who gave North Korea the uranium to nuke up. I’ve been writing about it for YEARS…and I got it from WND and Newsmax, two online papers that they have kept off your mainstream door forever.

Clinton SHOULD have been impeached for that crime. That was too hard for Congress to manage, you see, McConnell’s democracy is just so damn hard.

I guarantee you, that Bill Clinton somehow personally made a lot of money off that deal. Just like you can believe that the Obama’s made a lot of money by getting those billions to Iran in the middle of the night.

And how about all those idiots coming out after President Trump warned North Korea. McCain, and Merkel, scared that he is being too…forceful.

I’m saying it right here: McCain is a coward. Always has been. Always will be. A coward.

No doubt he put the chicken up by the White House.

Nobody Wonders, with the almost insane attacks on President Trump day in and day out, just how long they think it will be before we start believing them.

They are convinced, that since their propaganda has been working for so long, we will give in to them.
We will gladly get chipped, accept a small salary for not “working.” Die sooner rather than later, and become the cashless subservient society, all connected by FACEBOOK, controlled by them.

Nobody Wonders…just how long it will take before we go: “We’re mad as hell and we’re NOT going to take it anymore!”

Nobody Wonders….Is 24/7 fake news going to work on the masses?

Will we become mindless monkeys of manic servitude?


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The Washington Press? Irrelevant.

Nobody’s Opinion.

Did you watch the White House Correspondence dinner? I just got finished watching Hasam Mihaj’s ‘comedy’ bit. Pretty boring really…and surprisingly unoriginal. Especially the golf jokes. After all, Obama played golf more than anybody, and we conservatives kept saying “STAY ON THE GOLF COURSE!”

He said the VERY same joke. Really.

But I’m glad I watched it, for the simple pleasure of watching the faces of all those rich Washington ‘journalists’ showing up…it HAD to be hard.

The despised President would not be there to take their insults.

And talk about ‘diversity.’ A sea of white men and women, hundreds of them, with a few sprinklings of black people. The Party of diversity…. never looked so white.

Hason kept talking about how he felt being a minority in the outside world, and yet, he certainly was in THAT room.

I’m sure Obama was enjoying a Muslim insulting Trump, but the press…not so much. Especially because he had a few jokes about them.

Most of them looked as if they would rather be at the dentist office.

And why? Because in the back of their minds they KNEW…Trump had outclassed them.

At that very moment, Trump was giving a very welcomed speech to over 80,000 in Pennsylvania. Most of America was watching Trump. The great Washington Press truly IS, as Hasan said, becoming the minority.

I started watching Carl Bernstein’s speech, but about seven minutes into it I was so bored and clueless because of his complete utter failure to realized that his elaboration on his ‘victory’ with Richard Nixon plays like an old 45 with scratches on it.

Get over yourself Carl. You’re not Redford. And the conservatives now, AND then, didn’t like Nixon.

Trump is NOT Nixon.

I imagine the White House correspondence dinner, once upon a time, used to have more class. But, when Obama was President, it sank right down into the classless abysses.

They talk about Trump being nasty…good lord. They have full control of all media still, except for a few people, and the comedians alone are not even funny anymore. The nastiness is just plain boring.

Most every joke is based on hatred of Trump and his people.

In fact, that hatred backfired on them. It was the hatred coming from President Obama’s mouth at the podium of one White House Correspondence dinners that ridiculed the very soul of Donald Trump who was in the audience. That attack, according to Roger Stone, solidified Trump’s determination to become President.

He and Hillary kept right on being their classless and gutter-talking selves throughout the campaign and the American people just got tired of it.

So, what can the press do now? When Trump goes to the American people, they are powerless.

There’s nothing to attack: Most everything that’s not getting done is because of Congress, not Trump. And the American people know it.

So, what CAN they attack him on?

That’s tomorrow”s blog.


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The World According to Drudge

Nobody Wonders

How do we all stay sane? Tonight I was watching a move made in 1998, a Sci-Fi film, and it was about ‘aliens.”‘What were these evil aliens going to do? Why they were going to FLOOD the earth with CO2, which would destroy the OZONE, and then the world would warm up— AND THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE DESTROYED!!! AND WE MUST STOP THOSE EVIL ALIENS!not again

Depressing  to know that’s how long the global elite have been trying to sell the world on their global warming scam, isn’t it? Also depressing were the headlines on Drudge tonight….see if you, like me, can fathom where the planet is going to end up with these wonders of mental gangrene:

(And I thought I was bad)

3 New Cosby Accusers Reveal Most Explicit Details Yet….Bill Cosby tells women they are ‘blessed’ with his semen, giving them permission to frame that Kleenex he so generously gave them.

China cannot risk global chaos of devaluation shocks—Basically, China fools around and sticks it to us, while they still can. Trump…is surging.

Federal Taxes Hit Record, $17,955 per worker—Yeah! How’s that feel?  Wait, what about all the people that aren’t working?

Mystery: Debt Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 —Forecasting future headlines “Mystery, Votes for Trump frozen at $18,112,975,111,000

Scientists make a robot that can have babies–Planned Parenthood is waiting for the first batch, why use doctors when robots can get that little tiny heart with so much more precision?

Facial Recognition Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police: have to READ this one. Police can now get face recognition on those damn Constitutionalists.

Facial recognition software, which American military and intelligence agencies used for years in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists, is being eagerly adopted by dozens of police departments around the country to pursue drug dealers, prostitutes and other conventional criminal suspects. But because it is being used with few guidelines and with little oversight or public disclosure, it is raising questions of privacy and concerns about potential misuse.

Since WHEN did they start being concerned about our privacy?

Feds Push Ahead With Iris Scans, DNA Profiles, Voice ID–So let me get this straight: Obama had to stop collecting our phone records, but he can scan our eyes, take our picture, take our DNA and collect copies of our voice. Do we get a color coded sticker on our forehead after all this?Goebels

Russia and NATO “actively preparing for war” — Hillary Clinton is destroying her red re-set button. It accidently fell inside her email server. Sorry.

Droid hover’s outside woman’s bedroom—Woman throws last night’s meatloaf at drone, and destroys it, has to pay $5,000 dollar fine. (Don’t you wonder when these drones are going to used by cops to look in every window?

70 inmates riot at Folsom Prison—Johnny Cash is dead. It’s just not fair…rumor has it he was killed by a Ferguson Cop.

Isis Group Issues Chilling Warning to America, “Soon, Very Soon You Will See.”  China is selling them some pretty cool stuff—Youtube is excited.

Devastating bird flu threatens poultry farms…They don’t want us to eat meat. So we eat chicken. They don’t want us to eat chicken, so we eat fish. They don’t want us to eat fish. So we eat…lettuce. My husband and I ordered a “meat” pizza the other night, and it was covered with lettuce, and hardly any meat at all. It was the worst pizza I have ever eaten.

My advice: PIG OUT! Don’t wait for the Zombies.

Mother grizzly bear and cubs face death if DNA finds she killed biker. I say we take all those &$^% damn gay bikers and throw them to the sharks. I’m starting to get mad.

Resurgence of tropical disease in America: GET SICK! DIE! It’s all love….right Jeb?

And last but not least, Hillary of course had tons of top secret stuff that she hide from everyone, and lied about, and what difference does it make?

She won’t go to jail. But Bernie Sanders might take her place.

At least THAT Drudge Headline would be worth saving on my private server, And I’ll be happy to share that with anybody.


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Were Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Complete “Asses” Today?

Nobody Wonders

There are two established conservative voices who basically rule the daytime radio waves: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck...and both of them today, attacked Trump’s Presidential run with the almost laughable insensibility of a Whoopi Goldberg in heat.

First: let me say one thing: I have been an established radio listener for years, mostly because I worked at night..and you could say, I’m a political junkie.  So, I REMEMBER what both these guys have said in the past, and the one thing they always say they insist they hate…is name calling.

Because that’s what liberals do when they can’t think of a legitimate argument.

And yet….Trump


That’s exactly what both these guys did to Trump today on the radio.

Let’s start with Rush: He called Trump, an ass. Did he say anything about the many fine points he made in his speech? No. Well gee. There you go. And he’s worried that what Trump said would resonate with many people.

Ya think Rush?

Ross Perot, a man I voted for twice, was also called some names. To Rush, anybody trying to destroy the Republican Party is a traitor.

Well, maybe the Republican Party should be destroyed if it keeps putting in morons.

I am a Rush fan, but if you listen to Rush you have to understand, that Rush became successful in a time when America was doing very well…and that’s when Reagan was President. He made his fortune all by himself (So did Donald, but somehow that point never crosses his mind) and therefore he thinks ALL Americans can do, just what he did. He still thinks America is doing well, we just have a liberal in the White House.

How can I put this: Rush and conservatives believe that not ALL men are equal, so, they cannot all succeed.  AND YET…when it comes down to it, Rush believes everybody can.  And he says it daily. You start getting into a hornet’s nest of reasons WHY many people despite their best efforts DON’T. (Another blog)

You can’t have it both ways Rush.

Rush will help elect whatever established GOP candidate that will be nominated. He will use all his powers to get everyone to vote for Jeb, and he will continue to compare Trump to Ross Perot.

Accept the fact that Rush only supports POLITICIANS.  He thinks only a politician can run the great United States of America….and good lord, look where they have taken us. Trump is right.Rush Limbaugh

(He should read his own Rush Revere books)

But Rush calling Trump an ass, was not as funny as Glenn Beck today.

Glenn Beck’s MAIN reason against Trump, is that Trump…is…arrogant.

Now…follow this logic. If you had listened to Trump’s speech, he brags about what he is worth. This is Trump. He wins, he gloats, he’s PROUD…an arrogant man cannot occupy the White House says Beck.

I will do a piece on arrogance but not today…

To go on with his story: Glenn and his family stayed at the Trump Towers for 10 days. The service was impeccable.  He then “bragged” that he wanted to stay at another famous hotel, but because they wouldn’t allow Glenn to bring his personal dietary chef, he was forced to stay at Trump’s hotel.  He got EXCELLENT service from the Trump Hotel. And so, when Donald Trump called him to ask him if everything was okay…Glenn said that everything was fabulous and named names, to which Donald Trump said, “Well, that’s because I keep an eye on all my people.”

To Glenn Beck: This was the height of arrogance. Donald Trump should have praised his people, because that’s what Glenn would have done.  To Glenn, Trump took all the credit.

So he’s not fit to be President.Glenn Beck

Here’s the funny part: By telling this story about how he stayed at Trump Towers, Glenn Beck was telling the world that he TOO was rich, (yes he was bragging) and on top of that, he saw no problem in the fact that he wanted special treatment from hotels because he wanted them to accommodate his own personal chef, who no doubt, needed to use their kitchens.

King Beck. Please…talk to us about arrogance.

What he didn’t realize is that nobodies like me are thinking “Gee, if Trump is making SURE that the people who work for him are doing the very best job possible, just THINK how he would watch over the country? And Glenn Beck, you are becoming a big elite snob, —-the worst kind…like the Clinton’s, the Obama, the Bushes…you tell everyone that everything you do is for THEM!

Really? Come on. How much are you making off those tee-shirts?

The only reason you think you are superior to Trump is because you would praise others before yourself, because in the ‘lords’ grace, that’s not right.  It’s all about your “image.”

Is Glenn Beck REALLY humble? Listen to him for a few weeks and the answer is pretty clear.

So…if I had to pick between a hotel run by Glenn Beck, or one by Trump, who would I pick? Would Glenn Beck’s hotel make room for everybody’s personal chef?

Nobody Wonders.Ass

Oh…and by the way, I think I backed up my reason for this outburst…and can say with all honesty..

Russ and Glenn—You were both incredible asses today.

It’s one thing to not like Donald Trump. It’s quite another to resort to petty name calling.


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Nobody’s Perfect When It Comes to Ejaculation: U.S. Mainstream Media VS John Robert Lind

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have our mainstream media, who came out today and ‘ejaculated’ the most vicious comments against Ted Cruz ever imagined, VS a man who actually DID ejaculate into a co-workers coffee.

Let’s start with the mainstream media on all our cable networks. All Ted Cruz did today, was announce that he was going to run for President. Okay. The nobodies in America said, “Hey! That’s great. Seems like a nice guy…loves America, wants to get rid of that disaster called Obamacare, (check) wants to simplify our outrageous tax code, (check) not afraid to be proud to be a Christian (check) was raised by a father who suffered greatly under Fidel Castro and came to America, and did a hell of a job raising a son who loves this country..(check, check) Has a lovely wife and two daughters. (check)

So what’s the big deal?

OMG. In just a few short hours, everyone who is ANYONE on TV and cable networks came out in furious alarm. I couldn’t believe it. You would have thought he was Stalin reincarnated. Wait. Most liberals love Stalin.Press

You would have thought he has sex with Bruce Jenner. Wait. That would have been accepted.

You would have thought he endorsed Netanyahu! (help me out here) You would have thought he dismissed climate change! (He did.)

You would have thought that Ted Cruz wanted to fundamentally CHANGE America, and he does!  Back to the Constitution and common sense, and back to the people. OMG…no WONDER they are so upset.

Whoa. I can’t put up all the outrageous remarks made by all the people in power, but they must be deathly afraid of this man: Go here to Media Matters to see some of the videos. It was like Obama’s midnight madness bathroom porn: “Busty Pundits screw big Cruz.”News

I almost had to close my eyes and ears.

Ted Cruz did not in any way deserve such vicious and ridiculous attacks, and some even from the MOST conservative pundits. The only man that is famous that didn’t attack him was Rush Limbaugh. Greg Gutfull was especially stupid, but being he seems to be Dana Perini’s butt-boy, who is Bush’s butt-girl, that’s no surprise.

The whole lot of them made me sick…to know…that there are so very few honest, and principled men left on any stations..including FOX…shows how easily it is to be depressed about it all.

And so, the only comparison I could think of to go against this vicious ejaculation of hatred. was a man who ejaculated in a woman’s coffee in Minnesota:

A  judge found that John Robert Lind’s creepy behavior didn’t qualify as criminal sexual conduct — even though his victim drank the tainted coffee. Minnesota law doesn’t cover indirect bodily fluid contact.

Let’s be clear: Leaving any bodily fluid in your colleagues’ food will get you into trouble in Minnesota, and it’s ill-advised.

But at this point, it is unclear what charge you’d be convicted of.

To that end, a man was just cleared of sex charges after admitting that he ejaculated into his co-worker’s coffee and on her desk at work.

Yes…in America it’s not illegal to attack a man who simply wants to run for President, with such libel and viciousness, you want to shake your head in shame for all the whores throwing out those comments, and it’s not illegal, no, but what? What the hell?coffee

They might as well ejaculated on him. It’s also not illegal to ejaculate in someone’s coffee.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it the long list of GOP and political pundits who ejaculate their propaganda and libelous hatred of America and anyone who dares stand up for his country and loves the flag?

Or is it the man who was obviously so pissed at a co-worker he just ejaculated into her coffee. to which she unknowingly drank.

It might all be legal. But we don’t have to put up with it.

Congratulation U.S. FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBE, DAVID BROOKS, liberal idiots of the whorehouses of our mainstream media.

We now know, who you REALLY want to ejack

And we are taking notes.

By the way all you guys out there….I KNOW how tempting it will be, if any of these Ted Cruz ejaculating pundits that you see on Media Matters or on your TV, just happens to appear anywhere near you in Minnesota, and is drinking coffee….if you happen to be a Ted Cruz fan and are as mad as I am about their obnoxious attacks….find a dark corner…

Wait. I shouldn’t of said that. I take it back.

I ALMOST fell down their rabbit hole.

Just don’t watch them anymore, just ejaculate the remote button to another station, unless of course, Ted Cruz is on. 🙂CIA



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The Huffington Post: Obama Saves the World…

Nobody Flashes

Yesterday, Obama committed high treason. Okay, so Bill Clinton gave Plutonian to North Korea, but he was smart enough to not flaunt it in our faces. The talk today, EVERYWHERE— was about Obama releasing five of the most dangerous terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, illegally.

And WHAT was the headline on the Huffington Post?



Obama waves



EPA Releases Highly-Anticipated Limits On Power Plant Emissions… 30 Percent Cut By 2030… ‘We Have A Moral Obligation To Act… The Science Is Clear… The Risks Are Clear’… One Of Strongest Actions Ever Taken By U.S. To Fight Climate Change… Could Be A Defining Moment In President’s Legacy… Agency Projects $90 Billion In Climate, Health Benefits… Future Of New Rules Depends On States… No, Cutting Carbon Emissions Won’t Ruin The Economy…


The fact that Obama is going to rape us all and SAVE the planet.

And I thought the dubiously idiotic Arianna went back to Hungary. (Wait, she isn’t from Hungary? She should be. )

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Nobody’s Fool: Sharyl Attkisson

Nobody’s Fool

Sharyl Attkisson, was the brave one last week, when she came out reporting how very political and ‘managed’ CBS had become, from pressure from Obama. Her stories were not getting on the air, so she quit.

Here she goes into great detail, and with calm and reasoned intelligence, what she thinks has happened to the media, and how it’s being changed into a state parrot. It’s worth the watch.

So BRAVO Sharyl Attkisson, You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for sticking to your outstanding journalistic ethics.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing you a Fox News channel very soon!

(Thanks to amfortas)


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Can Obama Get By With ANYTHING? Yes He Can!

Nobody ReportsObama truths

Being a conservative, every time I turn on CNN or MSNBC, I don’t stay there long. When Bill Clinton was President, I often thought CNN was just an extension of the White House. And we all know that Time Magazine is the protectorate of Hillary Clinton, and all things liberal.

Having said that…it might be because they are all sort of…one big family.


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Ryan Holiday Explains How We Are Manipulated…THANKS!


Nobody Knows

I found a very interesting book that everybody should read at least once:Ryan Holiday

Trust me I’m Lying, Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday confesses, how he was hired to ‘promote’ stories on the internet, and control pretty much whatever topic he wants to get into the news. In other words…he lies. He describes how he got one of his “clients” in the news in order to promote a movie that was about to be released. And he starts out with something…offending:

Offending always gets the attention AND money:

“I designed the advertisements which I bought and placed around the country, and then promptly called and left anonymous complaints about them, (and leaked copies of my complaints to blogs’ for support.) I alerted college LGBT and women’s rights groups to screenings in their area and baited them to protest our offensive movie at the theater, knowing that the nightly news would cover it. I started a boycott group on Facebook. I orchestrated fake tweets and posted fake comments to articles online. I even won a contest for being the first one to send in a picture of a defaced ad in Chicago (thanks for the free T shirt, Chicago Redeye. Oh. also that photo was from New York ) I manufactured preposterous stories about Tucker’s (FAKE NAME) behavior on and off the move set and purported them to gossip websites which gleefully repeated them. I paid for anti-woman ads on feminist websites and anti-religion ads on Christian websites, knowing each would write about it. Sometimes I just Photo shopped ads onto screenshots of websites and got coverage for controversial ads that never actually ran.

So as the manufactured storm I created played itself out in the press, real people started believing it, and it became true. “Ryan Holiday pic

The key word here is “manufactured.” Ryan tells how very easy it is to put out a fake story In fact, he gets paid to do this for a living.

” I can turn nothing into something by placing a story with a small blog that has very low standards, which then becomes the source for a story by a larger blog, and that, in turn, for a story by larger media outlets. I create, to use the words of one media scholar, a “self reinforcing news wave.” People like me do this every day. “

This confession by the professional who works in the business, has to interest us all, because what we see every single day is people just repeating some story they got from somewhere.

Obama doesn’t have to attack his enemies constantly: He has PAID media manipulators to do it for him. The conservatives do the very same thing with the tea party. Karl Rove destroyed just about every one of them he could in the last election, helping to place a democratic majority in the Senate. The way they took down Sarah Palin, and all the tea party candidates is right out of Ryan’s book.

Scandals sell. Scandals are big money. They make them up.  What he is saying is that most of our whole media system is based on profits: not truth.

“However the play starts, the end is the same: The economics of the Internet are exploited to change public perception and sell product. But I got sucked into the media underworld, getting hit after publicity hit for my clients and propagating more and more lies to do so. I created false perceptions through blogs, which led to bad conclusions and wrong decisions real decisions in the real world that had consequences for real people. Gradually I began to notice work just like mine appearing everywhere and no one catching onto it or repairing the damage. Stocks took major hits to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, on news from the same unreliable sources I’d often trick with fake stories. I was lost in the same unreality I’d force on other people. I found that not only did I not know what was real anymore, but that I no longer cared.”

This is just a tip of the interesting confessions you will get from Ryan.

In this world where everyone tells you to check Snoopes, or Wikipidia, or some other place, you must always consider the source. Snoopes is owned by Soros. Do we believe what is said there?

Not always.

So…as we hear the same stories being rehashed by bloggers, Newspapers, and National Pundits, how can you tell if that story isn’t just a lie?

You can’t anymore. But there is one clue to it all, and this is something I learned from Marilyn —(Lady genius) Ryan Holiday poster

Whatever you are seeing, or hearing, or whatever poll you are listening to…Always consider the source. That is, if you can even find out who the source was.

In the end, Ryan says we’re cheering on our own deception. It’s very interesting when somebody who makes a living at lying, decides to confess. And now, he is writing books. It’s all…good to know, because so very few of us did. Thanks to Ryan’s confession, we now do.

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Yi Lin Zhuo VS Man With a Fish

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have two people who were just not perfect enough to foresee their future: Yi Lin Zhuo VS a Man with a Fish.

Both these men did not see the jealousy they were arousing on those around them, and therefore, they suffered.

Let’s take Yi Lin Zhuo first:

Yi Lim Zhuo’s crime was being too rich. Yes, it seems he let a illegal Chinese cousin come over from China, and stay with him and his family. Not too smart. The young and lazy  (according to all who knew him) Mingdong Chen, (see picture here) was so jealous of Yi Lim’s Zhuo life, that one day, while Yi Lim was at work, he butchered Yi Lim’s wife and four children. because it just wasn’t fair….



Mingdong Chen, 25, showed no remorse when he confessed to slaughtering the family that allowed him to live in their Brooklyn apartment and admitted that he committed the atrocity because he envied their way of life, a police source told The Post. .NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III said Chen had cited his inability to make it in America as his motive for the slayings..

“Everyone here is doing better than me,” Banks quoted the suspect as saying during a confession in Mandarin Chinese, the only language Chen speaks. Two of the kids, including the baby, had been decapitated, and there was a trail of blood throughout the house, sources said.

And then there’s this fellow:

Fisherman Bob. (He looks like a Bob.) Not realizing that he has no right to catch fish without sharing his fair share with the seals, Pancho the seal just took it, right out of his hands. Yes, Pancho was jealous.

Poor fisherman Bob—outsmarted by a seal. Nobody’s Perfect.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?


Not only did they not report that Mingdong Chen should not have even been in this country, they seemed sympathetic to the fact that he just couldn’t seem to get it through his head that maybe his cousin had worked long and hard for his riches. After all, it’s not Obama’s fault that the economy is so bad and amnesty hasn’t been passed, and he didn’t get his free welfare check. Obviously, Zhuro was in that secret terrorist society called……conservatives.

And instead of doing their job and going after the lying President for always claiming to know absolutely positively nothing about any scandal that occurs on his watch— (IRS, Fast and Furious, FBI prostitutions, millions losing their insurance, NSA spying, Michelle’s midnight McDonalds’ runs…) , they are posting video’s of people losing their fish. ( I got this video from The Huffington Post. )

So, congratulations liberal and clueless reporters…you win the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week. Nobody reports the “rich Vs the poor’ communist manifesto revolution garbage in order to promote class warfare, more than YOU!

When you finally print those pictures of Obama in the bathhouses of Chicago, that you’ve been hiding, maybe we’ll all start trusting you again.

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Nobody Explains How the Liberals Fake Everything…

Nobody Wins

Media bias. According to this video, the reason the conservatives are losing the battle is due to the fact that there are more democrats reporting the news than conservatives.  If the conservatives could get more of their message across, there would be a shift.

The liberal media is good at one thing that the conservatives are not: They know how to use the internet to create a fake firestorm

From the book by Ryan Holiday: Trust Me, I’m Lying. He explains how it’s done…

“I designed the advertisements, which I bought and placed around the country, (on billboards) and then promptly called and left anonymous complaints about them (and leaked copies of my complaints to blogs for support.) I alerted college LGBT and women’s rights groups to screenings in their area and baited them to protest our offensive movie at the theater., knowing that the nightly news would cover it. I started a boycott group on FACEbook. I orchestrated fake tweets and posted fake comments to  articles online. I even won a contest for being the first one to send in a picture of a defaced ad in Chicago.  (thanks for the free T-shirt, Chicago Redeye. Oh, also, that photo was from New York.) I manufactured preposterous stories about Tuckers’ (fake name) behavior on and off the movie set and reported them to gossip websites, which gleefully repeated them.  I paid for anti-woman ads on feminist websites and anti-religion ads on Christian websites, knowing each would write about it. Sometimes I just Photoshopped ads onto screenshots of websites and got coverage for controversial ads that never actually ran. The loop became final when, for the first time in history, I put out a press released to answer my own manufactured criticism: TUCKER MAX RESPONDS TO CTA DECISION:” BLOW ME.” the headline read.

I pulled this off with no connections, no money, and no footsteps to follow. But because of the way that blogging is structured—from the way bloggers are paid by the page view to the way blog posts must be written to catch eh readers’ attention—this was all very easy to do. So as the manufactured storm I created played itself out in the press, real people started believing it, and it became true.

However the play starts, the end is the same: The economics of the Internet are exploited to change public perception, and sell product. “

So…how much of the news that bloggers are repeating actually fake stories? It’s pretty easy to plant the story and watch it go up the latter…from the bloggers, to the radio hosts, to the magazines, then to the national news.

I talked to my brother today, and he said, “They just ought to let Obamacare fail.” And right after he said it, I thought to myself, “He is just repeating the very same thing the Rino’s are saying. He must have heard it on TV.” And because everyone’s life is so busy, we have all trusted what we heard in the past.

Those days…..are gone.

We all know that Obama has thousands of fake followers on his tweets. Who knows how many people they have on staff to manipulate the news? According to Ryan, they know exactly how to manipulate the media, and they pay people big money to do it.

Nobody Wins when the media will plant staged events to get power, but at least some people are starting to know, like Ryan Holiday, that as clever as he was in doing this stuff, he is destroying lives.

And now, for more of a good laugh, see how many times Obama used this staged fainting stunt, and WHO he learned it from. Don’t miss the end, Hillary is pretty funny. Talk about “fake.” I’m starting to think we should rename Washington, “Silicone Valley.”

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It’s All About the Weather: Or Fry Your Bacon Now

Nobody’s Opinion:

Last Friday night, I was cooking dinner and watching Sheppard Smith on FOX NEWS talking to a storm chaser in Oklahoma. The TV screen looked…green. The whole Oklahoma skyline looked… green. I was wondering if some technician somewhere added some “green” just to make it look even scarier. Oklahoma

I would have added the wicked Witch of the West zooming through the clouds on her broom for the kids, but that’s why I don’t work for a TV station.

No detail is too small when it comes to the entertainment of the masses. And THIS tornado had become the most exciting thing that had happened since the LAST tornado that ‘President’ Obama has already forgot. He no doubt thought this happened in Madison.

They had great camera shots of it. This was Hollywood stuff. This was Oscar worthy. This was news titillation in its finest hour.

The storm chaser talking to Sheppard Smith was screaming and talking so fast, Sheppard had to tell him to slow down…

“A FARM just went over my head!” the storm chaser yelled.

“What…are you okay..did you say you see some farm equipment?”

‘NO! The whole FARM went over my car!”shepard Smith

Money. What some people will do for it.

I was flipping over the bacon, when I turned on the local news: St. Louis was also on a tornado watch.

“Great” I thought. “not again.”

Sure enough…my husband and I went downstairs as the tornado sirens were going off and then the lights went out, almost at exactly the same time that the tornado that hit my street on April 10 this year had: 8.30pm.

Cell phones weren’t working, so I was stuck with my old trusted radio, and very anxious to hear where the tornados touched down. Were they near us? Were they coming this way?

Do I have time to flip the bacon?

Oklahoma is used to tornadoes, but here in St. Louis people were calling up to the radio station, asking about damages, etc…..and the reporters would always say, “We’ll see what happened tomorrow.” As I laid in the dark and listened to the frightened voices on my radio, I thought the commentator was purposely being very nebulous and leaving everyone literally…in the dark. He knew what happened. He was just not going to say.  His reputation was on the line.

He wasn’t about to lose his job.tornado damage

In the meantime, people were calling up saying they had been in a Casino where the roof was ripped off, tractor trailers flipped, there were houses hit, schools torn apart, etc, and the radio host acted as if it was just a little storm.

First report came in: (You KNOW how I am about first reports.)  Many casualties when a hotel was hit. Drivers reported 20 ambulances arriving at the scene, but the cops said, nobody was hurt.

It’s okay folks, only 100 houses have been flattened and over 200 damaged but that’s really nothing.

The next day, I was stuck without a car, and so I had the Cardinal  baseball game on. They were playing the Giants. KMOX is our main radio station here. It’s the only one that reports the news. Around 10 a.m. The man in charge of our local electric company came on to say that the whole city had wires down everywhere, they had 800 men out, 300 men coming in from other states, and it was reported that about 100,000 people were without electric. The numbers went all over the map in every different report.

The electric man said that Governor Nixon had declared a disaster, and he would tell everyone at 2.30 pm that day, what was going on. He had to take the whole day reviewing everything.

So…he SAID he’d be back at 2.30 pm, and tell us what he found out.

I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Nobody knew just how long their electric would be out, so I’m sure I wasn’t the only fool who listened to the radio for hours in anticipation. I decided. I would listen to the game.

They had to cancel the game the night before due to weather, so they held a double- header downtown. They even added fireworks.  No doubt, they were hoping all the people without electric would drive downtown for the game. What an opportunity! Get out of your miserable house and come on down!floods

Yes, whole neighborhoods left in the dark…good idea.

Not once, throughout that whole game was there any mention of what had happened in St. Louis. Jack Buck (RIP) would have said something. I would have devoted a whole ten minutes of gratitude to Tom Edison, and how really $%& up the world would be if he had not been born, but that’s why I’m not a sports broadcaster.

Sure, the 200,000 people who had electric saw the news on TV. but the other 100,000 were left out in the cold, and clueless.

At 2.30. nobody came on to tell the good people anything.

I HATE when that happens. I felt like I had been stood up. If you say you are going to do something, well then DO IT.

The game was a shutout: 8-0. Cardinals won with some rookie pitcher. I could have cared less. Couldn’t they have at least had a small news break about the electric situation…like around the seventh inning?

Sure they could have…I wondered: I know life goes on, but after all…come on.

It’s a little bit after 10pm on a Sunday night as I am writing this,  and it’s being reported that three Storm Chasers lost their lives, killed by the tornado’s in Oklahoma trying to get a good shot for the big News channels.Tornado in OK

How stupid is that? Are they that hard up for ratings? What do they tell these guys?

“If you can get IN the tornado and get a good shot, it’s an extra bonus for ya!”

And what about this business that they don’t really want to admit to a tornado until they have ‘professional’ come out and declare it such. Is that for insurance purposes?

Insurance agent: Uh…I know you lost the whole roof to your house sir, and your car is over two blocks in a tree,  but nobody has really confirmed that there even WAS a tornado and so, I will have to list this as wind damage, and of course, we can’t be liable for any water damage caused by the storm, or your fence that is blown down.  That’s was added to your policy last year.

I’m not sure what I got out of this: But it seems to me that there’s a real disconnect in the media, not only about the seriousness of our politician’s crimes, but the worsening natural disasters that are hitting the United States. Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes…are good for business. Cars are destroyed, houses have to be rebuilt, food gets spoiled, this is all good for the bottom line.

In the meantime, we don’t have to be attacked by any country…the weather is doing a good job of destroying us.

And in two days…it happens all over again.

You know where I’ll be. I’m flipping my bacon at 5.


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Nobody’s Perfect: A Magnitude of Lies

Nobody’s Perfect

For a man who is supposed to be brilliant, Obama sure doesn’t know much, but what he does know how to do is lie. But…like most serial liars, sooner or later, you just can’t keep up with all the lies, and you start digging that hole real deep, and then your time is up.

Just ask Tiger Woods.Obama dictator five

Obama lied, and continues to lie about Benghazi. No reporter has dared to ask Obama just exactly what was he doing on the night of the attack. They want everyone to think he told Hillary and Panetta to handle it, but even if that’s true, then it’s a serous dereliction of duty on his part. Obama is always bragging that he is the Commander-in -Chief, but his actions on the night those poor men were killed was egregious to a fault. According to the military experts, only a President could have given the order to stand down.

Today in the speech, Obama’s defense, (AND also Hillary’s) is that well,  “Hey…we can’t protect people, and if they volunteer to go to dangerous places it’s not OUR fault if they get killed.”

What kind of cock-a-mammie BS is that?

Of COURSE it’s your fault. Would you send your child to cross a major highway everyday, because you didn’t have a car, but you needed milk? Your kid because he wants to please you, runs across the highway to get it. You figure he knows the dangers therefore it’s not your fault if he gets hit? Or even killed? It’s pretty much the same logic.

Soldiers at least have weapons. You can’t send people into a hotbed of Muslims without protection. Obama admits they did not have enough protection, but he’s trying to fix that. Uh..gee…nice of you to give it some thought Mr. ‘President.”

To Obama, all public servants are expendable.

Obama’s defense on the ‘side show’ that they all put on, was that he said the next day it was a terror attack. But he didn’t say that. He said the world “terror” but did not say that it was a terror attack. Just because he mentioned the word generically doesn’t mean it was a declarative statement. It was NOT.

For weeks afterwards, both he and Hillary were screaming about the video…how stupid does he think we are?Protester

And then, another lie: Watch the first sentence of this video, and tell me if that man is NOT lying.

Obama says he just found out about the IRS auditing and attacking tea party patriots on the news, with the rest of us. And if you believe that big sucker, than you believe that we should all start eating bugs, and putting our fingers through our nose  because they say it’s good for us.

Carney said the IRS inspector general notified the White House counsel’s office during the week of April 22 that it was completing a review of the IRS office in Cincinnati that targeted conservative political groups for special examination.

Janet Napolitano made tea party patriots officially on the terrorist watch list at Homeland Security, and of course Obama was aware of that.  Why is he not outraged at that? I was outraged. Weren’t you?

Nobody believes he is THAT stupid. And now the talking point is: Well other Presidents have done it…so no big deal. Nixon was impeached on that criminal act, but this is Obama. He’s black. You can’t impeach him. (And that’s another lie. )

Obama is not just a liar, he’s a liar of great magnitude. His lies could fill up the Guinness Book of Records for most lies told in history.

And he likes to play Good cop/bad cop. He sends his soldiers out to attack, take down, destroy, and conquer, and when they break the law, he calls them bad boys and girls, and he will punish them, and of course that’s another big fat lie.

It’s only a matter of time before Obama’s tells so many lies, he can’t keep up with them all.

And so…the liar-in-chief is following others in history…and there are too many to count. But here’s a quote by some ‘old’ guys that could be said about Obama.

Benjamin Disraell once said about Daniel O’Connell, (Irish politician)

A systematic liar and a beggarly cheat: a swindler and a poltroon. He had committed every crime that does not require courage.

And that’s putting it nicely.

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The American/China Merger

Nobody Wonders

“Enemy of the State” is one of my favorite movies. Will Smith plays the main character, and he is hunted by the NSA because, although, he doesn’t know it, he was slipped a video of a Senator having someone murdered. It’s a great action film, but I wonder how many people believed in what the film was trying to educate the American public on: Everything we say or do, can be, without warrant..observed. The fact is, all of our data is being stored. The new technology that we are all excited about, is being used by our government to spy on us….and yet, we all are conditioned that it’s necessary.

If you talk about this to ANYONE..they always say, “Well hey! I’m not doing anything wrong, why should I worry?”

Or…as they once said in Nazi Germany, “They didn’t come after ME..I wasn’t Jewish, so I just didn’t worry about it.”

It was around the time of that movie, (1998) that I started noticing blackouts when I was listening to the radio. I couldn’t blame them on just random radio waves causing static, because I observed that they always  happened right when some conservative talk show host was about to reveal something sinister about our government.  They happened when I listened to Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones on Coast to Coast, and many other stations. They still happen time and again, but ONLY when some secret is about to be revealed, so no…I don’t believe my neighbor is turning on his Wi-Fi at the exact same time I’m waiting for the secret to be revealed. Nope—- because this even happens when I’m listening to the radio in my car at the exact moment when I am going,  “Wow…I can’t BELIEVE they are going to talk about this…finally…somebody is going to talk about this!” And then you hear the first word and then—–ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Last night I was listening to the radio, and George Noory was interviewing a man who’s FACEBOOK account had been taken down…because he put up a Gandhi quote:

The reports are absolutely true. Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from Mohandas Gandhi. The quote reads:

“Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

This historical quote was apparently too much for Facebook’s censors to bear. They suspended our account and gave us a “final warning” that one more violation of their so-called “community guidelines” would result in our account being permanently deactivated.

Evidently, this is happening to many conservatives sites. I’ve never been a fan of Facebook, because frankly, I think it’s a government dream which is gathering information on you, and your friends, and every single thing about you. And how does this make us any different than China? When Obama gathers all the heads of the great social media sites in the White House, it’s not to talk about his golf game.

He is collaborting with them.

According to an article on Drudge: China has tightened internet controls, legalizing the deletion of posts or pages which are deemed to contain “illegal” information.

So, now we are starting it here. We are becoming China.

Because this is happening in bits and pieces, no one is much concerned about this. But yesterday I checked out a book at the library, and for the first time (I’m been checking out library books for over 50 years.) I found blocks of paragraphs …just blacked out. (see photo) RB 2 001

So, they couldn’t block the book, but now it seems the government can blank out what they don’t want the public to read.

Add up all these little bits and pieces and you can see what’s coming.

Now, the aim is to “fundamentally” change America, and destroying our Bill of speech, guns, and right to privacy is already in the making. And the words of Sam Donaldson are freightening.  He indicates that tea party people’s ideas are old and outdated, but the fact is, these old and outdated rights of freedom are being replaced with the new tyranny of soft communism…and Sam considers himself privy to the “new America” where one man will decide just about everything.

The tea party people are for freedom. It’s that simple.

The “tea party” people, are being attacked like the Jews of old. And pretty soon, putting up any quotation from the Constitution will be taken down.

It’s been done bit by bit…on purpose, but be prepared for one day to wake up, and like my friend Mona says…on our TV will be…”THE STATE.”

And if you don’t go along with it…you will be…the enemy. If you are a “tea party” American patriot…you already are.

Remember…once upon a time Sam Adams head was on the top of King George’s list. You are in…good company.

Our founders gave us the best Constitution in the world…let’s not lose it.

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