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How do we all stay sane? Tonight I was watching a move made in 1998, a Sci-Fi film, and it was about ‘aliens.”‘What were these evil aliens going to do? Why they were going to FLOOD the earth with CO2, which would destroy the OZONE, and then the world would warm up— AND THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE DESTROYED!!! AND WE MUST STOP THOSE EVIL ALIENS!not again

Depressing  to know that’s how long the global elite have been trying to sell the world on their global warming scam, isn’t it? Also depressing were the headlines on Drudge tonight….see if you, like me, can fathom where the planet is going to end up with these wonders of mental gangrene:

(And I thought I was bad)

3 New Cosby Accusers Reveal Most Explicit Details Yet….Bill Cosby tells women they are ‘blessed’ with his semen, giving them permission to frame that Kleenex he so generously gave them.

China cannot risk global chaos of devaluation shocks—Basically, China fools around and sticks it to us, while they still can. Trump…is surging.

Federal Taxes Hit Record, $17,955 per worker—Yeah! How’s that feel?  Wait, what about all the people that aren’t working?

Mystery: Debt Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 —Forecasting future headlines “Mystery, Votes for Trump frozen at $18,112,975,111,000

Scientists make a robot that can have babies–Planned Parenthood is waiting for the first batch, why use doctors when robots can get that little tiny heart with so much more precision?

Facial Recognition Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police: have to READ this one. Police can now get face recognition on those damn Constitutionalists.

Facial recognition software, which American military and intelligence agencies used for years in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists, is being eagerly adopted by dozens of police departments around the country to pursue drug dealers, prostitutes and other conventional criminal suspects. But because it is being used with few guidelines and with little oversight or public disclosure, it is raising questions of privacy and concerns about potential misuse.

Since WHEN did they start being concerned about our privacy?

Feds Push Ahead With Iris Scans, DNA Profiles, Voice ID–So let me get this straight: Obama had to stop collecting our phone records, but he can scan our eyes, take our picture, take our DNA and collect copies of our voice. Do we get a color coded sticker on our forehead after all this?Goebels

Russia and NATO “actively preparing for war” — Hillary Clinton is destroying her red re-set button. It accidently fell inside her email server. Sorry.

Droid hover’s outside woman’s bedroom—Woman throws last night’s meatloaf at drone, and destroys it, has to pay $5,000 dollar fine. (Don’t you wonder when these drones are going to used by cops to look in every window?

70 inmates riot at Folsom Prison—Johnny Cash is dead. It’s just not fair…rumor has it he was killed by a Ferguson Cop.

Isis Group Issues Chilling Warning to America, “Soon, Very Soon You Will See.”  China is selling them some pretty cool stuff—Youtube is excited.

Devastating bird flu threatens poultry farms…They don’t want us to eat meat. So we eat chicken. They don’t want us to eat chicken, so we eat fish. They don’t want us to eat fish. So we eat…lettuce. My husband and I ordered a “meat” pizza the other night, and it was covered with lettuce, and hardly any meat at all. It was the worst pizza I have ever eaten.

My advice: PIG OUT! Don’t wait for the Zombies.

Mother grizzly bear and cubs face death if DNA finds she killed biker. I say we take all those &$^% damn gay bikers and throw them to the sharks. I’m starting to get mad.

Resurgence of tropical disease in America: GET SICK! DIE! It’s all love….right Jeb?

And last but not least, Hillary of course had tons of top secret stuff that she hide from everyone, and lied about, and what difference does it make?

She won’t go to jail. But Bernie Sanders might take her place.

At least THAT Drudge Headline would be worth saving on my private server, And I’ll be happy to share that with anybody.


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