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Nobody’s Fool: Rudy Dent

Nobody’s Fool

In the light of the recently released WikiLeaks emails, where we find out with absolute proof, that the media is completely corrupt, and basically state propaganda for the Democratic Party elites, bent on electing Hillary Clinton, I thought this video should be shown. Time, CNN, Univision, MSNBC, and yes, many on FOX, have been force feeding us all along on the state’s version of history. And I think they did the same thing on 9.11.

Like all Americans, I remember 9/11 as if it was yesterday. And I remember thinking that for TWO buildings to come down in a matter of hours, so very perfectly, was just impossible. But anybody who did NOT accept the state line was labeled a nutcase.

“These are not the droids you are looking for.”

Finding out what REALLY happened on 9.11, will be just as impossible as finding out who really killed JFK. You will never know.

Clearly, after all these years, whatever you may think about that day, our government could have very well been lying about all of it.

And I am worried now, that Hillary Clinton keeps naming one man as an enemy: Abu Musab-al Zarqawi. It’s as if she is lining us up for another enemy. Obama AND Hillary have Putin getting ready for nuclear war. No matter what you might think of Putin, I don’t think he wants to go to nuclear war, do you?

War might become the only option for a corrupt cabal of global elites who no longer can hide in the shadows. After all, they get rich with war, and the population’s anger is turned to survival. I’m sure I’m not the only nobody who is worried.corrupt-media

Anyway, I just happened upon this video.

This is Rudy Dent. Give his story a listen. He’s just a nobody, (according to the elites) but he thought the buildings on 9/11 were brought down, not by the planes, but by explosions.

And he was there. Listen at least, to what he has to say.

Our government has been lying to the American people for a long…long time. From the cover-up of the Kennedy Assassinations, to the cover-up of Flight 800, to Hillary claiming she committed no crimes in having a private email server in her basement, to the relentless selling of Obamacare by every media outlet, it’s time the American people understand that this election is the MOST important in our history.

In fact, the most amazing cover-up of all is just how much our elites have done in secret for so many years, all over the world.

And the nobody’s of the world should speak their minds out..NOW, like Rudy did.

So Congratulations Rudy! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for just being there for us all.

Now, watch your back.



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Nobody’s Perfect When It Comes to Ejaculation: U.S. Mainstream Media VS John Robert Lind

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have our mainstream media, who came out today and ‘ejaculated’ the most vicious comments against Ted Cruz ever imagined, VS a man who actually DID ejaculate into a co-workers coffee.

Let’s start with the mainstream media on all our cable networks. All Ted Cruz did today, was announce that he was going to run for President. Okay. The nobodies in America said, “Hey! That’s great. Seems like a nice guy…loves America, wants to get rid of that disaster called Obamacare, (check) wants to simplify our outrageous tax code, (check) not afraid to be proud to be a Christian (check) was raised by a father who suffered greatly under Fidel Castro and came to America, and did a hell of a job raising a son who loves this country..(check, check) Has a lovely wife and two daughters. (check)

So what’s the big deal?

OMG. In just a few short hours, everyone who is ANYONE on TV and cable networks came out in furious alarm. I couldn’t believe it. You would have thought he was Stalin reincarnated. Wait. Most liberals love Stalin.Press

You would have thought he has sex with Bruce Jenner. Wait. That would have been accepted.

You would have thought he endorsed Netanyahu! (help me out here) You would have thought he dismissed climate change! (He did.)

You would have thought that Ted Cruz wanted to fundamentally CHANGE America, and he does!  Back to the Constitution and common sense, and back to the people. OMG…no WONDER they are so upset.

Whoa. I can’t put up all the outrageous remarks made by all the people in power, but they must be deathly afraid of this man: Go here to Media Matters to see some of the videos. It was like Obama’s midnight madness bathroom porn: “Busty Pundits screw big Cruz.”News

I almost had to close my eyes and ears.

Ted Cruz did not in any way deserve such vicious and ridiculous attacks, and some even from the MOST conservative pundits. The only man that is famous that didn’t attack him was Rush Limbaugh. Greg Gutfull was especially stupid, but being he seems to be Dana Perini’s butt-boy, who is Bush’s butt-girl, that’s no surprise.

The whole lot of them made me sick…to know…that there are so very few honest, and principled men left on any stations..including FOX…shows how easily it is to be depressed about it all.

And so, the only comparison I could think of to go against this vicious ejaculation of hatred. was a man who ejaculated in a woman’s coffee in Minnesota:

A  judge found that John Robert Lind’s creepy behavior didn’t qualify as criminal sexual conduct — even though his victim drank the tainted coffee. Minnesota law doesn’t cover indirect bodily fluid contact.

Let’s be clear: Leaving any bodily fluid in your colleagues’ food will get you into trouble in Minnesota, and it’s ill-advised.

But at this point, it is unclear what charge you’d be convicted of.

To that end, a man was just cleared of sex charges after admitting that he ejaculated into his co-worker’s coffee and on her desk at work.

Yes…in America it’s not illegal to attack a man who simply wants to run for President, with such libel and viciousness, you want to shake your head in shame for all the whores throwing out those comments, and it’s not illegal, no, but what? What the hell?coffee

They might as well ejaculated on him. It’s also not illegal to ejaculate in someone’s coffee.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it the long list of GOP and political pundits who ejaculate their propaganda and libelous hatred of America and anyone who dares stand up for his country and loves the flag?

Or is it the man who was obviously so pissed at a co-worker he just ejaculated into her coffee. to which she unknowingly drank.

It might all be legal. But we don’t have to put up with it.

Congratulation U.S. FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBE, DAVID BROOKS, liberal idiots of the whorehouses of our mainstream media.

We now know, who you REALLY want to ejack

And we are taking notes.

By the way all you guys out there….I KNOW how tempting it will be, if any of these Ted Cruz ejaculating pundits that you see on Media Matters or on your TV, just happens to appear anywhere near you in Minnesota, and is drinking coffee….if you happen to be a Ted Cruz fan and are as mad as I am about their obnoxious attacks….find a dark corner…

Wait. I shouldn’t of said that. I take it back.

I ALMOST fell down their rabbit hole.

Just don’t watch them anymore, just ejaculate the remote button to another station, unless of course, Ted Cruz is on. 🙂CIA



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The Huffington Post: Obama Saves the World…

Nobody Flashes

Yesterday, Obama committed high treason. Okay, so Bill Clinton gave Plutonian to North Korea, but he was smart enough to not flaunt it in our faces. The talk today, EVERYWHERE— was about Obama releasing five of the most dangerous terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, illegally.

And WHAT was the headline on the Huffington Post?



Obama waves



EPA Releases Highly-Anticipated Limits On Power Plant Emissions… 30 Percent Cut By 2030… ‘We Have A Moral Obligation To Act… The Science Is Clear… The Risks Are Clear’… One Of Strongest Actions Ever Taken By U.S. To Fight Climate Change… Could Be A Defining Moment In President’s Legacy… Agency Projects $90 Billion In Climate, Health Benefits… Future Of New Rules Depends On States… No, Cutting Carbon Emissions Won’t Ruin The Economy…


The fact that Obama is going to rape us all and SAVE the planet.

And I thought the dubiously idiotic Arianna went back to Hungary. (Wait, she isn’t from Hungary? She should be. )

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Nobody’s Fool: Sharyl Attkisson

Nobody’s Fool

Sharyl Attkisson, was the brave one last week, when she came out reporting how very political and ‘managed’ CBS had become, from pressure from Obama. Her stories were not getting on the air, so she quit.

Here she goes into great detail, and with calm and reasoned intelligence, what she thinks has happened to the media, and how it’s being changed into a state parrot. It’s worth the watch.

So BRAVO Sharyl Attkisson, You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for sticking to your outstanding journalistic ethics.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing you a Fox News channel very soon!

(Thanks to amfortas)


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Someday, You Will Want to Change the Channel….

Nobody Opinionbrainwahsing two

Here’s a question I would welcome feedback on: Do the ‘elites’ in power use television to manipulate the masses? Are your favorite sitcoms slowly getting you to vote and think a certain way?

Have you noticed the blacks are ALWAYS the police chief now, the bosses, and more gays and lesbians are in all the sitcoms? The women are always JUST as kick ass as the men?

If you have been reading here, then you know what I think. But, this weekend I was listening to C-Span, and there was a book panel discussing immigration. I don’t remember the names of the authors, but suffice it to say, all four authors were there to tell the audience about how the immigrants are suffering, and it’s the United States and its’ people who are at fault.

It’s was all about pushing amnesty.

You would have thought, in order to get both sides of the subject, at least one author would have had the opposing view, but— no. C-Span isn’t FOX.

One author on this panel, a white professor, told the audience that once upon a time, Mexico had a problem with women having too many babies, and he thought what the Mexican government did to solve that problem was so very clever. (Nobody says: They sent them here!)

No…he said what they did, was use characters in the most popular soap opera to influence the women to stop having babies. The women in the soap operas who had too many children had so many problems, but the woman who had fewer in the soap opera, had a much better life.

He said, with excitement…it worked! The birth rate went down 30 percent, in two years.Immigration cartoon

Another Spanish woman author went on to complain that Americans just don’t know how much the illegal’s are suffering, and she was so upset that OUR government wouldn’t give her grant money to research it. She actually believed that this was a slight on her and her people. She continued on about how the Spanish families have been in America forever (insinuating before the white people)  and too many people were being sent back, and the more I listened to it, the sadder and more maudlin the stories got.

Not one of these people mentioned the fact that these immigrants come and live off our welfare. Their kids get FREE education, they get FREE food, and FREE houses, free medical care, and cheap college tuition, while the American citizens living here and actually paying taxes…their kids can’t afford to pay for college. THAT’s not fair.

And where’s the author to point out that whole generations of American citizens are sacrificing their lives for the illegal immigrant’s dream of escaping their homeland?

And what is more astounding, is that they considered it their right to come to American, and their right to get whatever American has to offer them. After all, it’s all about…’ethics’.

Joe Biden, by the way, just said that every illegal here is already in his mind, a citizen. (I suggest we all stay out of his mind)

I was wondering how many people were watching this, and remembering that immigration is the next on Obama’s list. Coincidence?


After that program— more book authors: the subject— the economy.

The first author to speak, John Nichols, (I was so astonished at his absurdity, I wrote down his name.)–he had it all figured out. He made the point that the élites make all the rules, live by other rules, and the rest of us are not represented. He ranted on this for a good ten minutes.

Okay, I though. Sounds good so far. And then he came up with his solutions:Obama and Constitution

Throw out the Constitution, get rid of the electoral college.


Now you know, and I know, there is nothing wrong with the Constitution, just the criminals who ignore it, but here’s how the ‘progressive’ very cleverly use Television, books, and TV sitcom to engineer the masses.

They start out with what I call….The Hook of Trust: They say all the right things….the country is in debt, our politicians are fighting too much, the middle class is disappearing, the rich never go to jail….all true.

The conservative watching is going “Yeah! Yeah!” (The liberals could care less, they are talking on their Obama phones.)

And instead of the right solution, which would be to throw the traitors in jail, go back to the rule of law, they insist it’s the Constitutions fault. We need a new one.

Right. Sorry—– that dog don’t bark.

Now, getting back to the subject of just how MUCH of our TV is social engineering, you surly have noticed that for years now we have bombarded with doomsday plots: 2102, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Noah,….Defiance, Revolution, and everybody’s favorite; The Walking Dead.

In all of these, the earth is destroyed, and you have no internet, no TV, no fast food, in fact, you eat rabbits now that you shoot with an arrow. You will be living in the Hunger Games, where there ARE no Doritos.

Where America is taken back to the dark ages, and people have to learn to survive.the walking dead

I don’t like this one. There are just too many of these programs, and like the way they manipulated the Mexican women to have less babies, they want to condition Americans to expect some kind of disaster.

The very fact, that they don’t fix our electrical grid is enough to bother me.

Or is this all about just keeping us in fear? Obama, George Bush, AND Dick Cheney have ALL three said their worst fear is a nuclear bomb going off in America.

Well, how is that suppose to make us feel?

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who get tired of watching some sitcom, only to be waiting for the politically correct moment: gays, global warming, men are wimps and stupid, women are powerful and strong, the SWAT team is your friend, and you just take another sip of your beer and think: It’s all just TV.

Or is it? Have you ever seen the TV sitcom, Person of Interest?

Person of Interests is about a guy who designed a super computer that sees every person on the planet, and this machine actually looks over them like a kind parent. The machine contacts the man when someone’s ‘number is up” and then the man and his partner go out and save their lives.

Nobody Wonders if the show wasn’t created, to get us all used to the NSA and the government spying on us. It’s a great show, very entertaining, but it’s still disturbing, because thanks to the talent of great writers and producers, slowly we are all being condition to accept whatever they want us to…like the NSA is GOOD for you! It will save your Life, just like it does on TV.Person of Interest

If the Mexican government can put on a TV sitcom to get a certain behavior out of their population, what makes you think our government hasn’t been doing that for years?

And yet, most people don’t even think about it. Because it’s done so entertainingly, we learn to accept it. We are mulled into a fantasy world that never hurts us, and then one day—-

Reality will hit. And that strong SWAT team, with the tank parked outside your house, won’t act anything like that handsome guys on TV.

And when that happens, you won’t be able to change the channel.

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Nobody is STILL Damaged By JAWS

Nobody Wonders

I was cleaning out some old magazines this morning, and came upon an old Rolling Stone issue, from 1985. Steven Spielberg was on the cover, and I reread the interview.Speilburg

All experience colors any perceptions in most people’s life, so I was surprised as I read the interview that Steven was even MORE of a genius that I had imagined in 1985 when I must have first read this interview. Just the scope of how he thought, and how he looked at his own trade, and the insight he had into his own life and people, were amazing. And then, I read this about his review of the movie Rambo:

“I think Rambo is great. I love Rambo. But I think it is potentially a very dangerous movie, because it’s a this- is-the-way- it- should- have- been motion picture which is very, very frightening. It changes history in a frightening way. But it’s a helluva well made picture. It winds you up inside, and when it let you go, you spin around like a top, and the darn thing is just so much fun to watch. Even bleeding heart liberal walk out trying desperately to deny that they were entertained. I was entertained and angered at the same time. “

Now…isn’t this interesting. He is mad that a movie that was filled with violence made him angry, and yet he was entertained.

I had that same feeling for YEARS after I saw Jaws. ANGER. Jaws ruined my love of the water. I grew up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, an ocean filled with all kinds of sharks, and yet, I was never scared. After that movie you couldn’t get me near an ocean without those images in my mind.

Thanks a lot Steve.

After I saw that movie I had nightmares. Millions of sharks were killed out of sheer fear all over the world.  Spielberg put a deep fear of sharks into the general population, the world has never gotten over it. While sharks are dangerous, more people are killed by lighting every year. I’m sure it spoiled many a vacation.Jaws

And yet…Steven obviously simply has rationalized his own movie as…sheer entertainment, which put him on the map. So see, it really is about the money. He is no different from Stallone.

Although, having said that, comparing Spielberg to Stallone, is like comparing Beethoven to the Troggs.

Nobody Wonders at the human capability of ignoring one’s own hypocrisy. We are incredibly good at it, especially if we can make ourselves more money.

Most everyone who saw Rambo knew it was simply a fantasy action film. But JAWS…that was so real, it became our reality.

If asked today, would Steven have any guilt about it at all? Or, does he think he did us all a favor?

Nobody wonders.

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Can Obama Get By With ANYTHING? Yes He Can!

Nobody ReportsObama truths

Being a conservative, every time I turn on CNN or MSNBC, I don’t stay there long. When Bill Clinton was President, I often thought CNN was just an extension of the White House. And we all know that Time Magazine is the protectorate of Hillary Clinton, and all things liberal.

Having said that…it might be because they are all sort of…one big family.


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Ryan Holiday Explains How We Are Manipulated…THANKS!


Nobody Knows

I found a very interesting book that everybody should read at least once:Ryan Holiday

Trust me I’m Lying, Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday confesses, how he was hired to ‘promote’ stories on the internet, and control pretty much whatever topic he wants to get into the news. In other words…he lies. He describes how he got one of his “clients” in the news in order to promote a movie that was about to be released. And he starts out with something…offending:

Offending always gets the attention AND money:

“I designed the advertisements which I bought and placed around the country, and then promptly called and left anonymous complaints about them, (and leaked copies of my complaints to blogs’ for support.) I alerted college LGBT and women’s rights groups to screenings in their area and baited them to protest our offensive movie at the theater, knowing that the nightly news would cover it. I started a boycott group on Facebook. I orchestrated fake tweets and posted fake comments to articles online. I even won a contest for being the first one to send in a picture of a defaced ad in Chicago (thanks for the free T shirt, Chicago Redeye. Oh. also that photo was from New York ) I manufactured preposterous stories about Tucker’s (FAKE NAME) behavior on and off the move set and purported them to gossip websites which gleefully repeated them. I paid for anti-woman ads on feminist websites and anti-religion ads on Christian websites, knowing each would write about it. Sometimes I just Photo shopped ads onto screenshots of websites and got coverage for controversial ads that never actually ran.

So as the manufactured storm I created played itself out in the press, real people started believing it, and it became true. “Ryan Holiday pic

The key word here is “manufactured.” Ryan tells how very easy it is to put out a fake story In fact, he gets paid to do this for a living.

” I can turn nothing into something by placing a story with a small blog that has very low standards, which then becomes the source for a story by a larger blog, and that, in turn, for a story by larger media outlets. I create, to use the words of one media scholar, a “self reinforcing news wave.” People like me do this every day. “

This confession by the professional who works in the business, has to interest us all, because what we see every single day is people just repeating some story they got from somewhere.

Obama doesn’t have to attack his enemies constantly: He has PAID media manipulators to do it for him. The conservatives do the very same thing with the tea party. Karl Rove destroyed just about every one of them he could in the last election, helping to place a democratic majority in the Senate. The way they took down Sarah Palin, and all the tea party candidates is right out of Ryan’s book.

Scandals sell. Scandals are big money. They make them up.  What he is saying is that most of our whole media system is based on profits: not truth.

“However the play starts, the end is the same: The economics of the Internet are exploited to change public perception and sell product. But I got sucked into the media underworld, getting hit after publicity hit for my clients and propagating more and more lies to do so. I created false perceptions through blogs, which led to bad conclusions and wrong decisions real decisions in the real world that had consequences for real people. Gradually I began to notice work just like mine appearing everywhere and no one catching onto it or repairing the damage. Stocks took major hits to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, on news from the same unreliable sources I’d often trick with fake stories. I was lost in the same unreality I’d force on other people. I found that not only did I not know what was real anymore, but that I no longer cared.”

This is just a tip of the interesting confessions you will get from Ryan.

In this world where everyone tells you to check Snoopes, or Wikipidia, or some other place, you must always consider the source. Snoopes is owned by Soros. Do we believe what is said there?

Not always.

So…as we hear the same stories being rehashed by bloggers, Newspapers, and National Pundits, how can you tell if that story isn’t just a lie?

You can’t anymore. But there is one clue to it all, and this is something I learned from Marilyn —(Lady genius) Ryan Holiday poster

Whatever you are seeing, or hearing, or whatever poll you are listening to…Always consider the source. That is, if you can even find out who the source was.

In the end, Ryan says we’re cheering on our own deception. It’s very interesting when somebody who makes a living at lying, decides to confess. And now, he is writing books. It’s all…good to know, because so very few of us did. Thanks to Ryan’s confession, we now do.

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Does Alex Baldwin Have a Brain Tumor?

Nobody Wonders

By now, everybody knows that the hot-tempered Alex Baldwin’s show got suspended from MSNBC because he allegedly called someone a fag.  To be more precise a “c-…f….u..king fag.”

And last week, Alex stood up for himself by wondering why Martin Bashir did not get fired for saying Sarah Palin should have a mouth full of excrement’s.  That’s just not fair.

Nobody Thinks, he has a good point. After all, Martin was on the air at the time, Alex was just being his usual jerky self, getting into his car.Alec Baldwin

Alex said this:

“Martin Bashir’s on the air, and he made his comment on the air! I dispute half the comment I made… if I called him ‘c*****cking maggot’ or a ‘c*****cking motherf***er’… ‘f***ot’ is not the word that came out of my mouth,” Baldwin said. “That I know.”

So, Nobody Wonders why Bashir was not fired?

How about a few speculations?

  1. Martin Bashir was born in London, and had a Pakistanni Father. He LOOKS Muslim. It’s very important for the liberal left to keep Muslim-looking people on the air. Even the local networks are trying very hard to fill that ‘diversity’ spot. Everyone already has enough blacks reporting the news, now they need Muslims. Sorry Alex, you’re a white guy.
  2. MSNBC secretly LOVED what Martin Bashir did. The top network liberals hate Sarah Palin.

3. The liberals really could care less about women’s rights, but GAY rights…that’s a whole other ball game. Which makes you wonder how many rich people running our world are really …gay?

And probably the most important:Martin Bashir

4. In 2008, Bashir was discovered to have a small growth in his pituitary gland. He still has it, though it appears to be under control. “I have a brain tumor,” Bashir told Fishbowl DC when asked why he was missing from his MSNBC show on Friday. “It’s fine but it causes a problem from time to time.”

Did you know that? I didn’t. But I do know that when there is brain damage from a brain tumor, people’s personalities change. Sometimes they become very ‘aggressively’ mean and thoughtless, not meaning to.  I know. I’ve seen this happen. My father had two brain tumors, and so did my best friend from high school. It could very well be that Mr. Bashir cannot help his mental degenerative state of mind.

Having said that, it does make you wonder if Alex Baldwin might have a brain tumor also.

If I were him, I’d check it out. It would mean that he is being decriminated against because he, like Martin, has a brain tumor.  After all—-It’s only FAIR.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Rob Ford VS Martin Bashir

Nobody’s Perfect

First, we see this apology from last week, made by the very entertaining Mayor of Toronto, Bob Ford.  Before this very typical politician apology–you know, where they say “we need to move forward, for the good of the taxpayers” when caught being scumbags, the Mayor had been caught smoking crack, when drunk, and ranting madly in a video talking about killing somebody. But HEY! He does this on his own time, he says, therefore, he’s not really guilty!

So, the city council voted to strip him of his powers (after finding out more stuff…like talking nasty, hanging out with prostitutes and pushing down old ladies…etc…) NOW…he’s mad, so he is getting his own reality TV show, called….Welcome to New Jersey! No…sorry…that’s not the name of it.  I get him mixed up with another fat loudmouth politician. It happens.

Second: We have the “Sarah Palin should just be forced to eat shit, like the old slaves were made to do.” man of the primetime MSNBC news hour: Martin Bashir. His apology seems so much more sincere, which makes you wonder if he even wrote it.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

The man who got on SNL, of course.

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Yi Lin Zhuo VS Man With a Fish

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have two people who were just not perfect enough to foresee their future: Yi Lin Zhuo VS a Man with a Fish.

Both these men did not see the jealousy they were arousing on those around them, and therefore, they suffered.

Let’s take Yi Lin Zhuo first:

Yi Lim Zhuo’s crime was being too rich. Yes, it seems he let a illegal Chinese cousin come over from China, and stay with him and his family. Not too smart. The young and lazy  (according to all who knew him) Mingdong Chen, (see picture here) was so jealous of Yi Lim’s Zhuo life, that one day, while Yi Lim was at work, he butchered Yi Lim’s wife and four children. because it just wasn’t fair….



Mingdong Chen, 25, showed no remorse when he confessed to slaughtering the family that allowed him to live in their Brooklyn apartment and admitted that he committed the atrocity because he envied their way of life, a police source told The Post. .NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III said Chen had cited his inability to make it in America as his motive for the slayings..

“Everyone here is doing better than me,” Banks quoted the suspect as saying during a confession in Mandarin Chinese, the only language Chen speaks. Two of the kids, including the baby, had been decapitated, and there was a trail of blood throughout the house, sources said.

And then there’s this fellow:

Fisherman Bob. (He looks like a Bob.) Not realizing that he has no right to catch fish without sharing his fair share with the seals, Pancho the seal just took it, right out of his hands. Yes, Pancho was jealous.

Poor fisherman Bob—outsmarted by a seal. Nobody’s Perfect.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?


Not only did they not report that Mingdong Chen should not have even been in this country, they seemed sympathetic to the fact that he just couldn’t seem to get it through his head that maybe his cousin had worked long and hard for his riches. After all, it’s not Obama’s fault that the economy is so bad and amnesty hasn’t been passed, and he didn’t get his free welfare check. Obviously, Zhuro was in that secret terrorist society called……conservatives.

And instead of doing their job and going after the lying President for always claiming to know absolutely positively nothing about any scandal that occurs on his watch— (IRS, Fast and Furious, FBI prostitutions, millions losing their insurance, NSA spying, Michelle’s midnight McDonalds’ runs…) , they are posting video’s of people losing their fish. ( I got this video from The Huffington Post. )

So, congratulations liberal and clueless reporters…you win the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week. Nobody reports the “rich Vs the poor’ communist manifesto revolution garbage in order to promote class warfare, more than YOU!

When you finally print those pictures of Obama in the bathhouses of Chicago, that you’ve been hiding, maybe we’ll all start trusting you again.

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Nobody Explains How the Liberals Fake Everything…

Nobody Wins

Media bias. According to this video, the reason the conservatives are losing the battle is due to the fact that there are more democrats reporting the news than conservatives.  If the conservatives could get more of their message across, there would be a shift.

The liberal media is good at one thing that the conservatives are not: They know how to use the internet to create a fake firestorm

From the book by Ryan Holiday: Trust Me, I’m Lying. He explains how it’s done…

“I designed the advertisements, which I bought and placed around the country, (on billboards) and then promptly called and left anonymous complaints about them (and leaked copies of my complaints to blogs for support.) I alerted college LGBT and women’s rights groups to screenings in their area and baited them to protest our offensive movie at the theater., knowing that the nightly news would cover it. I started a boycott group on FACEbook. I orchestrated fake tweets and posted fake comments to  articles online. I even won a contest for being the first one to send in a picture of a defaced ad in Chicago.  (thanks for the free T-shirt, Chicago Redeye. Oh, also, that photo was from New York.) I manufactured preposterous stories about Tuckers’ (fake name) behavior on and off the movie set and reported them to gossip websites, which gleefully repeated them.  I paid for anti-woman ads on feminist websites and anti-religion ads on Christian websites, knowing each would write about it. Sometimes I just Photoshopped ads onto screenshots of websites and got coverage for controversial ads that never actually ran. The loop became final when, for the first time in history, I put out a press released to answer my own manufactured criticism: TUCKER MAX RESPONDS TO CTA DECISION:” BLOW ME.” the headline read.

I pulled this off with no connections, no money, and no footsteps to follow. But because of the way that blogging is structured—from the way bloggers are paid by the page view to the way blog posts must be written to catch eh readers’ attention—this was all very easy to do. So as the manufactured storm I created played itself out in the press, real people started believing it, and it became true.

However the play starts, the end is the same: The economics of the Internet are exploited to change public perception, and sell product. “

So…how much of the news that bloggers are repeating actually fake stories? It’s pretty easy to plant the story and watch it go up the latter…from the bloggers, to the radio hosts, to the magazines, then to the national news.

I talked to my brother today, and he said, “They just ought to let Obamacare fail.” And right after he said it, I thought to myself, “He is just repeating the very same thing the Rino’s are saying. He must have heard it on TV.” And because everyone’s life is so busy, we have all trusted what we heard in the past.

Those days…..are gone.

We all know that Obama has thousands of fake followers on his tweets. Who knows how many people they have on staff to manipulate the news? According to Ryan, they know exactly how to manipulate the media, and they pay people big money to do it.

Nobody Wins when the media will plant staged events to get power, but at least some people are starting to know, like Ryan Holiday, that as clever as he was in doing this stuff, he is destroying lives.

And now, for more of a good laugh, see how many times Obama used this staged fainting stunt, and WHO he learned it from. Don’t miss the end, Hillary is pretty funny. Talk about “fake.” I’m starting to think we should rename Washington, “Silicone Valley.”

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Can We Ban Stallone For Doing Too Many Steroids?

Nobody Wins

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing anymore Expendables at the movies.” said my husband.Sly Stone

It’s been a common decision in our house: If you are a movie star, and you decide to put down the common folks who spend the big money to go see your movies, then we don’t have to give you our money.

Stallone, has been getting on my nerves lately. Yo Rocky…What happened to you? Too many punches in the head?  

Stallone has made most of his money simply because he has appealed to the conservative Americans. Rocky was all about individual hard work and the theme that, in America, you CAN be the champ if you work hard enough. And he went on to milk the American’s are really good guys themes…in fact he has always had those themes running throughout his movies. It’s the REASON they were successful.Sly Stone America

And yet, when he talks on his own time, he sounds like a wimpy liberal kiss-ass Obama puppet. During the Trayvon Martin trail, he said no Americans needed to own a gun.

Gee..can the word hypocrisy get any bigger?

And now, Stallone  is replacing Bruce Willis (who by all accounts IS a conservative) with Harrison Ford in his next Expendable movie: Stallone

 Stallone gleefully announced yesterday that Willis had been booted from “The Expendables” summer franchise, calling him a greedy, lazy jerk. The “Rocky” actor tweeted: “WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!” Not satisfied with simply showing Willis the door, Stallone added this parting Twitter shot: “GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Are these guys that stupid? Does Stallone think that the people who go to see his movies, are going to want to fork out money to see the liberal lover Harrison Ford?

Sly might be in for a surprise. In fact, the whole movie industry is in shock..NOBODY IS GOING TO THE Movies! Spielberg has even predicted the industry won’t be able to survive.

And it’s has much more to do with rebellion than content. It’s not just the movies that are suffering…the cities newspapers are falling like dead flies off an electrical grid. The Boston Globe and the Washington Post were recently sold at a loss, and I’m waiting for the Post Dispatch to go, because they almost have to give it away here in St. Louis.

So, what’s up?

Rush Limbaugh had it right today….the real reason the newspapers (and the movies) are going out of business is because people, like me, were sick of opening up their morning paper and seeing whole pages devoted to some poor African village starving, and how horrible America was in not sending the world all its money.

The leftist Marxist took over all the newspapers in America, the people stopped buying them, and they wonder why.

It’s the same reason the movies are bombing…

Hey, I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, who I know is a patriot, rather than spend money on Sylvester Stallone blowing up another village in some third world country,  all the while saying in real life, he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

I thought the first Expendables was great—But I will never pay to see another movie of Sly Stone’s no matter how much I want to.

The man, is a coward, a fraud, and an American sellout. Let him move to China.

Nobody Wins when Hollywood is just another mouthpiece for government propaganda. Sorry Sly—I doubt that Bruce Willis’s career will suffer.

Baseball is not the only thing that steroids has damaged, Nobody Wins when your hero’s are on steroids….and everybody knows…steroids cause brain damage. What better proof do you need? Arnold

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Nobody’s Perfect: Michael Eric Dyson VS Nancy Grace

Nobody’s Perfect

The Democrats are going nuts over the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. They haven’t been this shocked and upset since Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves! They are in shock— shock, that for once, somebody fought BACK when hit. After all those video’s Napolitano made about how to defend yourself with scissors—you’d think the population would get it. The airways have been filled with one idiotic rant after another.

This week, Nobody Presents (due to visiting Twitchy because it’s so much fun) proof that the press has gone beyond the usual race-baiting, to full-fledged infinity and BEYOND! Some of the liberal commentators just got kind of wacko. I’ve picked out two to compare:

First, Michael Eric Dyson (see video above) thinks we’d all get together if white people would get killed more. To put this in perspective, consider: Since the day that Zimmerman was arrested for the death of Trayvon Martin, over 11,000 blacks were murdered in this county….and they were killed by OTHER blacks.

So, if white people killed 11,000 whites, do you think that would make the blacks feel  more comfortable? More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites, so I’m not sure what point this guy is making, and neither does he, but he is trying to sound like he’s got an education.

And then there’s the lovable Nancy Grace. Before the trial, she thought George Zimmerman said “Coon” when he actually said, “Cold.” while talking on the phone.  It was all just too exciting for her “crackcrazy peopleer’ self.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

The whole Democratic Party. They are  just besides themselves with a mission to get black voters BACK on the democratic ticket.

In the meantime, Obama was acting all cozy with George H.W. Bush in the White House, planning to give the United States to Mexico, while we all argue.

Can we all get out of dodge now?

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