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Nobody’s Opinion: Will Alec Baldwin Now Go on Tour Against Guns? Or Was this JUST About Hillary?

I was reading about WACO this morning. Remember WACO? Evidently, President Bill Clinton and Janet Reno thought that religious people having weapons was a SERIOUS concern, even though, the compound never committed a crime. Bill and Janet trumped up the charges of child abuse, although later, it was confirmed there was NO evidence whatsoever of child abuse. To refresh your memory, 60 adults and 25 children were murdered. or should I say incinerated that day by Reno’s raid with tanks and gas. REMEMBER: The FBI took the first shots. While four of them were killed, THEY started the fight. Neither Bill or Janet were ever accused of any crime. Bill ended up using the typical lie they all use…President Clinton said that David Koresh was “dangerous, irrational, and probably insane. And he had murdered the children.”

Which brings me to today’s subject: Alec Baldwin just shot and killed a woman on his movie set. I turned to my husband and said, “Watch, SOMEHOW they will make this into a ‘all guns should be banned’ moment. He argued with me. Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.” he said.

Well, How about this:

What are the odds? Think about that. What are the odds that the woman he shot husband, was maybe going to testify against Hillary? How many people surrounding the Clintons have died? The list is now over 70, the most famous being Vince Foster, Epstein, and Seth Rich. That doesn’t include the plane crashes, suicides, and my personal gut feeling, JFK Jr. The fact that these people can kill just about anybody and make it look like they had no part in it, is pretty much Mafia history. According to the research I’ve read, LBJ had Kennedy killed, with the help of the CIA and the Mafia.

So, what will happen to Baldwin? He fired his weapons security detail team, and brought in some young bimbo who they will blame it on, and in the meantime, be prepared to hear Alex Baldwin on all the TV networks saying how SAD he is, and how miserable he has been, and guns should be banned, because there are too many people like him that don’t use guns, and we shouldn’t have them laying around the house, yada yada…or something to that end.

I could be wrong, but the democrats have been trying to disarm Americans for decades. My husband said, “If the slaughter of young kids at a kindergarten couldn’t take away the guns, what makes you think Alec Baldwin killing some woman would?”

He has a point. But then again, we’ve witnessed one man named Fauci ‘eliminate’ millions of people with his mandated vaccines and shutdowns. He’s killed more people by his Wuhan research before he is finished, than the total number killed by Mao in his revolution.

And he didn’t even need a gun.

Remember, Alec Baldwin was the man who called his own child a “pig.” The real question we should ask is, why did he point the gun at her in the first place?

Did SHE ask him to?

Will we ever know?

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Does Alex Baldwin Have a Brain Tumor?

Nobody Wonders

By now, everybody knows that the hot-tempered Alex Baldwin’s show got suspended from MSNBC because he allegedly called someone a fag.  To be more precise a “c-…f….u..king fag.”

And last week, Alex stood up for himself by wondering why Martin Bashir did not get fired for saying Sarah Palin should have a mouth full of excrement’s.  That’s just not fair.

Nobody Thinks, he has a good point. After all, Martin was on the air at the time, Alex was just being his usual jerky self, getting into his car.Alec Baldwin

Alex said this:

“Martin Bashir’s on the air, and he made his comment on the air! I dispute half the comment I made… if I called him ‘c*****cking maggot’ or a ‘c*****cking motherf***er’… ‘f***ot’ is not the word that came out of my mouth,” Baldwin said. “That I know.”

So, Nobody Wonders why Bashir was not fired?

How about a few speculations?

  1. Martin Bashir was born in London, and had a Pakistanni Father. He LOOKS Muslim. It’s very important for the liberal left to keep Muslim-looking people on the air. Even the local networks are trying very hard to fill that ‘diversity’ spot. Everyone already has enough blacks reporting the news, now they need Muslims. Sorry Alex, you’re a white guy.
  2. MSNBC secretly LOVED what Martin Bashir did. The top network liberals hate Sarah Palin.

3. The liberals really could care less about women’s rights, but GAY rights…that’s a whole other ball game. Which makes you wonder how many rich people running our world are really …gay?

And probably the most important:Martin Bashir

4. In 2008, Bashir was discovered to have a small growth in his pituitary gland. He still has it, though it appears to be under control. “I have a brain tumor,” Bashir told Fishbowl DC when asked why he was missing from his MSNBC show on Friday. “It’s fine but it causes a problem from time to time.”

Did you know that? I didn’t. But I do know that when there is brain damage from a brain tumor, people’s personalities change. Sometimes they become very ‘aggressively’ mean and thoughtless, not meaning to.  I know. I’ve seen this happen. My father had two brain tumors, and so did my best friend from high school. It could very well be that Mr. Bashir cannot help his mental degenerative state of mind.

Having said that, it does make you wonder if Alex Baldwin might have a brain tumor also.

If I were him, I’d check it out. It would mean that he is being decriminated against because he, like Martin, has a brain tumor.  After all—-It’s only FAIR.

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