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You Are Programmed to be Poor….Hmmmm

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I always wondered why they don’t teach the basics of money in at least high school. Even simple things like interest rates, the Fed, how to open a bank account, get a loan…etc.

But they don’t. No where is investing even mentioned in high school. It’s only for the ‘rich’ to know.

According to THIS man: It’s on purpose.

Give it a listen.


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Polishing the Turd

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay: Confession…I cannot take claim for this title as it was my husband’s.

“Help me out.” I said, to my husband, while he was making his protein-fruit drink for confused

” I cannot for the life of me think of WHAT to call this marketing scam, you know, when they take a politician, or a TV program, and you get hooked on that candidate or program, and then they do the old bait and switch, and viola…just when you start believing that person or program reminds you of every thought you’ve EVER had, and then you are HOOKED on that person or program and THEN— that person or program turns out to be the exact opposite of whatever you believe in?”

Grabbing the vitamin C bottle I went on: “You know, it’s like when you get on a great hotel travel site, and you find the most WONDERFUL hotel to book: swimming pool, beautiful baths, soft looking beds, and when you get there and check in, you get..Hotel Hell. And you walk into the room and go, “What? It didn’t look like this in the picture!”— as you look for the pool and see it’s still got last year’s leaves in it.

“It’s called a lemon.” he said.

“No…that’s not it.”

“Sounds like bait and switch”

“No…that’s not it…it’s…it’s…”

“What was that guy’s name? You know the investment guy that stole all that money?”

“No, that’s a Ponzi scheme…no…”

‘I don’t care— YOU figure it out.” he said rather curtly…I knew that was my cue to shut up.

And then, leave it to the man to come to the rescue, because, as a man, he knew he was a bit harsh on his wife asking him to think about meaningless things right in the middle of his very important task at hand..which was going back to his very serious work of being a pirate in a video game, and sinking TWO ships at once. Still, it wasn’t like I was asking him to clean the gutters out.

“It’s like polishing a turd!” he said, quietly.

“That’s it…I like it! But, I’m a woman, If I say that, I will sound..well, ladies just don’t say that. After using the ‘n’ word last week, I’d better be careful. I know— I’ll blame this on you.”

“Go ahead. ” he said. (Relieving me of the NSA for one night. )

See? That’s how man and woman work together.

So– I got my title. Let’s call the theory I’m trying to explain ‘Polishing the Turd’— which is what I’m sticking to until a better name can be thought of…it works like this:

The elites love social engineering. It’s so wonderful to them,–and to them it’s just as wonderful as my husband conquering every pirate in his video game. We’ve all heard Obama’s old friend, Van (“I’m a communist”) Jones, explain how to change America as, “Bottom up, top down, inside out!” And he wasn’t talking about diapers.

The purpose of most social engineering is to ‘change’ the behavior of the masses. If they would use it to figure out how to stop ISIS from wanting to cut off the heads of people they don’t like that would be one thing…but nooooooooooooooooooo, they are more concerned with…you and me. And that’s what occupies almost all of their time these days.

Suppose you want the masses to forget all that they have been raised to believe, and think another way. That’s not easy to do. And somewhere some elites in hundreds of think tanks paid by the very people they want to ‘change” have come up with the perfect formula.

“How to change a tea-party American into a global citizen, Muslim-loving, diversity-loving, obedient lap dog, who will vote for our progressive idea and basically…obey.”

It’s not been easy for them has it?

As we have seen in the last decade, the American values have always consisted of—-Family and fReedom

  1. Belief in God
  2. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  3. We are a Christian nation
  4. Americans should come first and foremost.
  5. The Constitution is the law of the land.
  6. Criminals should be prosecuted, no matter who they are
  7. Protect the homeland at all costs, but leave us our Constitutional rights.

—– And most important: We are a great people.

The country, throughout her history, has held these beliefs.

But how do you take a conservative country to the “progressive” stage of socialism and China-like communism? How DO you change the behavior of those Duck Dynasty, god-loving, family orientated, hard-working, and most importantly, I don’t want to have to support 10 illegal alien babies and their vast army of cousins, VOTING idiots?

First: Spent a LOT of money on the problem.

Second: Good old fashion brain-washing.

And Washington is great at it. Washington has always worked with Hollywood on state propaganda. But in the last decade, they have perfected it.  They have successfully done a great job brainwashing the younger generation on gay rights, universal health care, promiscuous sex, woman’s rights, and global warming…but there were just too many boomer voters left to change…so, how do they do that?

They do it though the media. You HOOK them to their own ideas…and then, you slowly manipulate them into thinking different.Jack Bauer

You’ve heard me mention before the most popular TV program in the United States before Obama became President: 24. Even Rush Limbaugh was hooked on it. The hero character in 24 was Jack Bauer. He was everything a conservative, god-fearing, hard-working, American could believe in: He fought the terrorists, stopped nukes from being set off, loved his wife, sacrificed everything for his country…a true American Patriot…and he worked for a black President, who was the most patriotic, honest, President ever portrayed on film. He was the quintessence of what every ‘conservative’ in America wanted as a President.

He was…Perfect.Presdient in 24

Not long after that program stopped airing, Barack Obama appeared on the scene. What timing! You see, conservatives didn’t know that they were being primed to elect exactly the opposite of the fictional black president on 24. When Barack Obama came upon the scene, most folks thought, “Wow…he’s just like the guy on 24…I’m voting for him!”

They expanded this ‘polish the turd’ game to include a sort of “Presidential Survival” TV series, where daily, the candidates are scrutinized, attacked, voted for or again, rated…and it’s ongoing until the REAL winner, who you will think will save the country, will become the winner.”

You will think YOU choose him.

Anyway, that’s the way they had it all planned to run…(the winner being Jeb Bush) and then along came Donald Trump: The Second Ross Perot.

I’m still not sure what to call this marketing game..actually, I think polishing the turd is more of a description of what Hillary Clinton is doing–when asked about the fact that people don’t want anymore lifetime politicians but are more inclined to vote for the outsider in 2016, Hillary said this:

“I cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president,”

Can you think of anyone polishing more turds than Hillary Clinton? I can’t. Right now, I don’t even think if they invented a TV series where they had an American woman President who was just the most perfect President in the world…could make us want to shine that turd into the office.Hillary two

But then again….it happened once….before.

How stupid are we? Face it: No matter how much you try to polish a turd, it’s still remains a turd.

This time, let’s not forget to flush.



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Propaganda, Social Engineering—Nobody Does it Better Than America

Nobody Wins

In the words of the last person who called Obama a gay man and Michelle Obama a transvestite…the great Joan Rivers…”Can we talk?”

Do you feel like your being brain-washed? Told how to think? Enticed to believe what you hear by your favorite conservative pundits, and find yourself repeating like a parrot that what you just heard?

Welcome to Miss Alabama land!Dynasty

Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room: No…more like the big blue whale in the room…the ‘tool’ that our government, and their major corporation buddies have been using on us pion nobodies for decades now, and which remains just a much a secret to this day as to who really killed JF.:  It’s called… won’t hear this word spoken anywhere so pay close attention

Propaganda! Or, what the ‘progressives’ prefer to call it: social engineering.

You may not realize it, because they DON’T want you to realize it, but you have been the rat in the maze. Your very thoughts and behaviors are being molded as sure as PlayDoo. Guys in global Think Tanks all over the world are being paid big bucks by governments and CEO’s to learn how to manipulate, brain wash, and basically mold the masses to do what they really want them to do…which is…OBEY. They use to hide this manipulation, least we all start shouting “off with their heads!” but now, it’s so engrained, they are just announcing the programs;

A new executive order from President Obama directs all government agencies to use psychological science and data to help connect more Americans to government programs.

The order instructs government agencies to use “behavioral science”— a tactic used by Obama’s political campaigns to harness data from their supporters to target them effectively.

The program has already existed in an experimental form, but now Obama has formally established the federal “Social and Behavioral Sciences Team,” ordering them to use psychology and experimental behavior data to make government more user-friendly.

And they’ve been hiding that dirty little secret for so many years. They want YOU to think that YOU thought of dying polar bears, gay marriage, and white people being privilege. And it was YOU that demanded that everyone be treated fairly, YOU that demanded Obamacare….and YOU want that horrible Confederate flag…a flag your grandfather died under….burned.

Why Ben Affleck was so ashamed that his ancestors owned slaves, he tried to hide it from the world.

Tell me…are you excepting gay marriage now, where as maybe ten years ago you might have thought that it was not exactly something that we should be worried about? Did it seem to you that ‘gay’ marriage was brought into the public discourse because that’s where the ‘people’ of the country had DEMANDED it to go? Were you discussing in the restrooms at work how sad it was that gay people couldn’t get married? Did you spent hours with your children discussing the facts of life and how some boys love other boys? Was this something that was at the topmost of your daily life?

Of course not. You were bombarded with gay people everywhere in the media. YOU were TOLD how to think about gays. It was normal, and they have all been abused. There was a definite war plan of social engineering committed on the American people, and whether you wanted it or not, they forced it on you….because they don’t want you to have the freedom anymore to think for yourself.

No…the world is too precious to them.Liberal

Ever since Alvin Toffler, that world-famous social engineer (Who by the way, Newt Gingrich LOVES) wrote FUTURE SHOCK, the social engineering of all our little minds has been bombarded daily with controlling our behavior. Daily, we are told we are racists, whites people are “privilege” America is bad, and Donald Trump is the devil, because you know…only a career man in government can RUN the government.

While Miss Alabama is talking like Jeb Bush himself gave her a few million dollars to say the perfect sound bite against Trump, she’s not the only one, spreading her manure. Gregg Gutfeld is right up there with her. He HATES Trump and has vicious attacks whenever he can.

It’s amazing to watch: Donald Trump is now more hated by the conservative Rino’s than a man who gave nukes to Iran. Hard to believe, but we are witnessing social engineering at it’s best.

Rush Limbaugh is getting it right though. The established elites were sure that all the years of their social engineering, preaching to us about the greatness of globalization, multiculturalism, moderate Muslims, and how good immigration and amnesty is for our country, and gay marriage is right, well—– it’s just not kicked in, and they are going NUTS.

There are still American who still want freedom to believe that this is still THEIR country…and this has to stop!

The rich elites know that America is still a conservative country…and so, how do you fundamentally change a people and their whole culture? With propaganda and social engineering.

Obama took the Alinsky route.But the GOP, they do something even more insidious. What they do, is take conservative values, and get you hooked on that person, politician, or TV show, and then WHAM.

You’re life has changed.

Remember “24?” The TV show? That was our introduction to Obama. They had a black president on that show and ALL the conservatives in the country watched it, not knowing that they were being programmed to accept a young nobody black President soon to be anointed, who would bring in socialized medicine which, BY THE WAY..both parties wanted, because the big multinationals who fund them did.

And that’s NOT such a secret now.

Now you see ‘gays’ in all your favorite programs on your TV…did you demand this? No…you did not. You…are not allowed to think anymore.

1984…is here.

The good news? They can’t hide the blue whale and the herds of elephants in the room…anymore.



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Hillary, Jeb, Putin, Oprah…And the Death of Affirmative Action

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows: Today I was thinking: It must be nice to not run for President, and have the whole county nominate you anyway. Every single cable channel is shouting out for Hillary Clinton to be President. She is going to run. They’re sure. They take polls. Polls after poll. She will be the candidate in 2016.Hillary for Presdient 2

But…what if we lived in a world, where a reporter did not announce a candidate for President until that candidate announced that he or she had decided to run officially? Talk about manipulation. By the time the election comes around every one is screaming—“For God’s SAKE, shut up and make her President already…I CAN’T TAKE ONE MORE DAY OF THIS!.”

Nobody Knows if this a well planned psychological brainwashing to get the masses willing to accept the elites favorite to run, but one thing we do know…the American people are simply bystanders.

It’s all staged opera.

And speaking of observing…

Nobody Knows if Jeb Bush, the other “I’m not running but I am everywhere on your TV” is going to be able to convince the conservatives that amnesty is great, (taking away American jobs) giving more visas to foreigners to work at Yahoo is great, (taking away MORE American jobs) Common Core is great, and having a Bush in the White House will trump Hillary Clinton and that will be great.

Can the GOP be THAT stupid? Nobody Knows, but they’ve been on a roll….Jeb Bush 2016

And speaking of dynasties,

Nobody Knows just how far Vlad the Impaler—I mean,Vladimir the Putin, is going to go with his invasion plans. He gave us a BIG hint when he said this:

“One must distinguish between Hitler before 1939 and Hitler after 1939. The thing is that Hitler collected [German] lands. If he had become famous only for uniting without a drop of blood Germany with Austria, Sudetenland and Memel, in fact completing what Bismarck failed to do, and if he had stopped there, then he would have remained a politician of the highest class.”

Obama has GOT to be jealous.

So…how is the Ukraine doing?

McDonalds has left. And food is hard to get. Business is off 90 percent. Five to seven truckloads a day have diminished to about one a week. You can look for Russian suppliers, but products cost about 70 percent more and transportation issues are thorny.Putin on Time

Is Putin going to be a big threat in the future? Nobody Knows. But I can’t wait to see him take on the bulls without his shirt on.

And speaking of threats…

Nobody Knows, but Oprah’s step mother is going to write a tell all book about Oprah. Frankly, I don’t know what she is going to tell, because Oprah didn’t want her and her husband, whom Oprah thought were the lower class “Negroes” around her longer than a few hours…but I’m sure you won’t see any of this on CNN.

Only in the tabloids will report the truth about Oprah.

On the other hand, she HAS been living in a house that Oprah owns since she married Oprah’s daddy.

If she sells the book…she can buy her own. Will she? Nobody Knows. But we DO know we can’t wait to see him fight a bull.

And last but not least, the biggest mystery of the week happened today;Oprah and step mother

Nobody Knows, how you can solve one discrimination with enforcing another, but affirmative action has been doing just that.

The Supreme Court today upheld the voters rights to get rid of affirmative action in the state of Michigan. And two of the Justices got into a fight over it.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia faulted Justice Sonia Sotomayor for making what he regards as a “shameful” suggestion that the Michigan voters who decided to ban affirmative action in college admissions were motivated by racism.

As Justice Harlan observed over a century ago, ‘[o]ur Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens,'” Scalia concluded, quoting the dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson. “The people of Michigan wish the same for their governing charter. It would be shameful for us to stand in their way.”

Sotomayor offered her own footnote, cutting against Scalia’s charge. “I of course do not mean to suggest that Michigan’s voters acted with anything like the invidious intent of those who historically stymied the rights of racial minorities,” she countered. “But like earlier chapters of political restructuring, the Michigan amendment at issue in this case changed the rules of the political process to the disadvantage of minority members of our society.”

So, generations of poor white kids, who studied hard to get into a college, were denied access because a poor black boy with POOR grads got his spot. It’s not the white people’s fault that the black boy has such a poor education.

Blame the democrats for that. They are the one who run our schools.Affirmative action cartoon

Will other states follow Michigan’s example?

Nobody Knows. But affirmatives action, should be thrown into the dustbin of “American BIGGEST mistakes.”

Next week, we’ll discuss why Michelle Obama couldn’t wait a month to go to Asia, when Obama is going next week. That could have saved the taxpayers at least a billion. Or maybe the real question should be:

Can she add?


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Someday, You Will Want to Change the Channel….

Nobody Opinionbrainwahsing two

Here’s a question I would welcome feedback on: Do the ‘elites’ in power use television to manipulate the masses? Are your favorite sitcoms slowly getting you to vote and think a certain way?

Have you noticed the blacks are ALWAYS the police chief now, the bosses, and more gays and lesbians are in all the sitcoms? The women are always JUST as kick ass as the men?

If you have been reading here, then you know what I think. But, this weekend I was listening to C-Span, and there was a book panel discussing immigration. I don’t remember the names of the authors, but suffice it to say, all four authors were there to tell the audience about how the immigrants are suffering, and it’s the United States and its’ people who are at fault.

It’s was all about pushing amnesty.

You would have thought, in order to get both sides of the subject, at least one author would have had the opposing view, but— no. C-Span isn’t FOX.

One author on this panel, a white professor, told the audience that once upon a time, Mexico had a problem with women having too many babies, and he thought what the Mexican government did to solve that problem was so very clever. (Nobody says: They sent them here!)

No…he said what they did, was use characters in the most popular soap opera to influence the women to stop having babies. The women in the soap operas who had too many children had so many problems, but the woman who had fewer in the soap opera, had a much better life.

He said, with excitement…it worked! The birth rate went down 30 percent, in two years.Immigration cartoon

Another Spanish woman author went on to complain that Americans just don’t know how much the illegal’s are suffering, and she was so upset that OUR government wouldn’t give her grant money to research it. She actually believed that this was a slight on her and her people. She continued on about how the Spanish families have been in America forever (insinuating before the white people)  and too many people were being sent back, and the more I listened to it, the sadder and more maudlin the stories got.

Not one of these people mentioned the fact that these immigrants come and live off our welfare. Their kids get FREE education, they get FREE food, and FREE houses, free medical care, and cheap college tuition, while the American citizens living here and actually paying taxes…their kids can’t afford to pay for college. THAT’s not fair.

And where’s the author to point out that whole generations of American citizens are sacrificing their lives for the illegal immigrant’s dream of escaping their homeland?

And what is more astounding, is that they considered it their right to come to American, and their right to get whatever American has to offer them. After all, it’s all about…’ethics’.

Joe Biden, by the way, just said that every illegal here is already in his mind, a citizen. (I suggest we all stay out of his mind)

I was wondering how many people were watching this, and remembering that immigration is the next on Obama’s list. Coincidence?


After that program— more book authors: the subject— the economy.

The first author to speak, John Nichols, (I was so astonished at his absurdity, I wrote down his name.)–he had it all figured out. He made the point that the élites make all the rules, live by other rules, and the rest of us are not represented. He ranted on this for a good ten minutes.

Okay, I though. Sounds good so far. And then he came up with his solutions:Obama and Constitution

Throw out the Constitution, get rid of the electoral college.


Now you know, and I know, there is nothing wrong with the Constitution, just the criminals who ignore it, but here’s how the ‘progressive’ very cleverly use Television, books, and TV sitcom to engineer the masses.

They start out with what I call….The Hook of Trust: They say all the right things….the country is in debt, our politicians are fighting too much, the middle class is disappearing, the rich never go to jail….all true.

The conservative watching is going “Yeah! Yeah!” (The liberals could care less, they are talking on their Obama phones.)

And instead of the right solution, which would be to throw the traitors in jail, go back to the rule of law, they insist it’s the Constitutions fault. We need a new one.

Right. Sorry—– that dog don’t bark.

Now, getting back to the subject of just how MUCH of our TV is social engineering, you surly have noticed that for years now we have bombarded with doomsday plots: 2102, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Noah,….Defiance, Revolution, and everybody’s favorite; The Walking Dead.

In all of these, the earth is destroyed, and you have no internet, no TV, no fast food, in fact, you eat rabbits now that you shoot with an arrow. You will be living in the Hunger Games, where there ARE no Doritos.

Where America is taken back to the dark ages, and people have to learn to survive.the walking dead

I don’t like this one. There are just too many of these programs, and like the way they manipulated the Mexican women to have less babies, they want to condition Americans to expect some kind of disaster.

The very fact, that they don’t fix our electrical grid is enough to bother me.

Or is this all about just keeping us in fear? Obama, George Bush, AND Dick Cheney have ALL three said their worst fear is a nuclear bomb going off in America.

Well, how is that suppose to make us feel?

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who get tired of watching some sitcom, only to be waiting for the politically correct moment: gays, global warming, men are wimps and stupid, women are powerful and strong, the SWAT team is your friend, and you just take another sip of your beer and think: It’s all just TV.

Or is it? Have you ever seen the TV sitcom, Person of Interest?

Person of Interests is about a guy who designed a super computer that sees every person on the planet, and this machine actually looks over them like a kind parent. The machine contacts the man when someone’s ‘number is up” and then the man and his partner go out and save their lives.

Nobody Wonders if the show wasn’t created, to get us all used to the NSA and the government spying on us. It’s a great show, very entertaining, but it’s still disturbing, because thanks to the talent of great writers and producers, slowly we are all being condition to accept whatever they want us to…like the NSA is GOOD for you! It will save your Life, just like it does on TV.Person of Interest

If the Mexican government can put on a TV sitcom to get a certain behavior out of their population, what makes you think our government hasn’t been doing that for years?

And yet, most people don’t even think about it. Because it’s done so entertainingly, we learn to accept it. We are mulled into a fantasy world that never hurts us, and then one day—-

Reality will hit. And that strong SWAT team, with the tank parked outside your house, won’t act anything like that handsome guys on TV.

And when that happens, you won’t be able to change the channel.

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The Transient Life of the Rich and Famous—And Why It’s So Easy to Throw Us All Away…

Nobody WinsAlvin Toffler

I really dislike the man….Alvin Toffler.  Wait…I hate him. There… I said it. Joe Biden take that.

Yes, when it comes to social engineers, I think they should all be tried for treason.  They are usually university professors who sit on ivy league Harvard and Yale think tanks, and groom future politicians on how to control the vast human masses, and its because of them that politicians come up with such ridiculous ideas…like the War on Poverty.

(Yes! Let’s build the blacks HUD housing and put them in the city all in one spot! GREAT idea! )

Saul Alinsky was a social engineer…and he did a fine job with Hillary and Obama. Personally, I  don’t think we talk enough about these guru’s. For instance, Woodrow Wilson came up with the idea of a United Nations…and he got his ideas out of running a university. Luckily that Congress voted it down.

But…this Congress would gladly hand over our sovereignty—-and they are working on that night and day like little chipmonks chewing on a really juicy twig.Alinsky

Nevertheless, despite my feelings for the man, But…I have to admit, Alvin has a point when it comes to all of us suffering from “Future Shock” …his book  which was first published in 1970—the world we live in now, is build on a throw-away society.

It’s not just our paper bags that go out with the trash, it’s now our whole moral system and Constitution.

The progressives are tired of it.

Michio Kaku was talking about this throw- away society last night on Coast to Coast. When Bill Gates helped put a computer on every desk, he sold the idea that it was going to save paper, and yet, more paper was used than ever before: The picture that comes to my mind is the thousands of sheets of paper falling out of the sky on 9/11.

And that was just the paper that DIDN’T burn…imagine. .

world trade center

Did Bill Gates expect that? Who knows? With each new I Phone and I Tablet we get so much old computer junk to fill up land holes, (what isn’t sold to China) because every product now has an expiration date. In fact, if you do not make that invention with a short shelf life, you are not going to get ANY buyers.

I found that out with my little product. I spend hours on the phone arguing with Presidents of companies because I wanted my product to be collected, not thrown away.

I was in the wrong century. Not once did I win that argument.

Alvin goes on to point out that our relationships are no longer long-term either. Everyone..every relationship, can be throw away.

“The average urban individual today probably comes into contact with more people in a week than the feudal villager did in a year, or a lifetime.”

Which brings me to my point about the rich elites and why they are so…out of touch with the humanity around them.  The rich elites who run our governments of the world, with the corporate CEO’s, have no permanence in their lives. They meet so many, many people and travel all over the world, ;and so, the only thing that lasts to them is money. (and power)

They are so removed from real life that psychologically they have transported themselves to another world, where there IS no allegiance to country, or people, or even building a future for those people.

Remember—-Obama, who from early childhood, has bounced around from one adult to another, was a transience himself, and can easily disregards all emotional ties to any permanence or people. He’s used to it.  Look how he treated his mother when she was dying. social engeenering

If a rich man’s dream destroys millions, it just doesn’t register. If a King of a country builds a mansion for himself at the expense of his people, he just doesn’t care. He HAS no allegiance whatsoever to that country.

He is…on his own—living for his own day to day pleasure. That’s his transience world.

And that’s Obama.

It may seem a bit simple, and certainly there is much more to why someone is drawn to a ‘progressives” outlook on the world, but that’s exactly how they see themselves.


They live, in the here and now.  They’re here and now, and that serviceman who Obama alludes when he gets off his helicopter  could just as well be a potted plant. He feels no emotion whatsoever for the millions losing health care, or dying from lack of care, or the four dead in Benghazi…psychologically  speaking, it’s just not in his makeup to care. He has no relationship with people at all.Obama and phone

Psychologists would call Obama a sociopath…but in the social engineering world, Obama is simply part of our new found and wonderful transient world.

Alvin is right about the throw away culture…many of us are in shock daily—-but that doesn’t mean I still can’t hate him.

Trust me…that’s another blog I might have to keep myself from writing…being as hate is now becoming a crime.

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Say “No” to Social Engineering!

Nobody Remembers Thomas Edison

Call me old, but I still think the greatest individual that ever walked the earth was Thomas Alva Edison. I think about him as I look at the light that have on the side of my computer, or the videos on Youtube, or at any movie,— his IDEAS of motion pictures, and sound…our lives of movie, sound, light…this was all brought to life by one man. One guy. And in case you haven’t notice, the progressives have made sure that Thomas Edison is not talked about too much. Because the ‘progressives’ (which by the way, is the name the communists changed their name to because they didn’t want anyone to know they were communists) are all about the “collective.”
Collectives they can manage. The individual, they cannot.

Since we learned that our government, with the help of Bill Gates, has been gathering all the information they can in the world about every ONE in the world, and they have been storing it for years…what exactly do they want it for? To catch another bin Laden? HA! They tell you they plan to catch terrorists with it. But, gee…what a great opportunity to read, store, collect, research, and study humans in order to put them all into some kind of clever order so that they can make the world run “efficiently.”social engeenering

Somewhere little computer nerds are programming graphs about human habits.

This Nobody believes that’s the real purpose of all this information gathering is for social engineering. It’s a right they believe they have. They don’t.

But it’s not going to work. It’s already not working.  I don’t care how much you manipulate someone’s “environment” humans are one of a kind. Each and every one of us.

Aldous Huxley tried to warn us about the elites who think all humans should be manipulated. In Brave New World Revisited, he said this:

The genetic standardization of individuals is still impossible: but Big Government and Big Business already possess, or will very soon possess, all the techniques for mind manipulation described in Brave New World, along others of which I was too unimaginative to dream. Lacking the ability to impose genetic uniformity upon embryos, (they are working on that, why do you think Obama is having them map the human brain?) the rulers of tomorrow’s over-populated and over- organized world will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this end, they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind manipulating techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce these methods of non-rationale persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence. (Which we are seeing around the world.) If this kind of tyranny is to be avoided, we must begin without delay to educate ourselves and our children for freedom and self-government.

In their anti-rational propaganda the enemies of freedom systematically pervert the resources of language in order to wheedle or stampede their victims into thinking, feeling, and acting as they, the mind manipulators, want then to think, feel and act.

All the available evidence points to the conclusion that in the life of individual and societies heredity is no less significant than culture. Every individual is biologically unique and unlike all other individuals.

So, Nobody Thinks The ONLY way to bring about a bright future for mankind is to emphasis the individual achievement.

The needs of the one, can fulfill the needs of the many, as long as that one is NOT a politician. Sometimes all it takes is one person. And today, the individual is being made, even being forced, to conform. We are all expected to fit into the lowest common denominator. Unless you happen to be a child of the elites.

Steve Wozniak, (another fine individual) the inventor of the home computer, said this last week:Steve Woziak

When the Internet first came, I thought it was just the beacon of freedom. People could communicate with anyone, anywhere, and nobody could stop it … Now it turns out that every single thing we send as email counts as publicly viewable and it’s totally open and exposed, and can be taken for whatever reason. That wasn’t supposed to be. That wasn’t where we thought the Internet was going to go. We thought it was going to elevate the really average people over huge, big, controlling governments and protect us from tyrants.”

Instead, “it allows the tyrants to get tighter control over more and more of our lives,” Wozniak lamented.

Wozniak then said he thought Snowden was a hero. Why does he think this way?
Because Wozniak, was just like Edison: One man, who with another individual, lifted up the world, and then they put Al Gore on their board.

And THAT’s why, we should start making tee-shirts! (Okay, I admit, I could not for the life of me end this sucker gracefully….sorry. ) soical engineering 2


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Nobody Wonders—

WHY does Obama want to map our brains? Why did he give $100 million dollars to a bunch of scientists just to study the human brain? Does Obama really want to help all the millions suffering from Alzheimer’s like he claims?

Granted, better drugs would be welcomed to save those suffering from the many diseases of the brain, because let’s face it…a lot of depressive people are more dangerous to themselves after taking anti-depressives, than if the depressed person just had a good talk with his local pastor. But…since GOD has been taken out of the American equation of problem solving, that leaves millions of people no where to turn but to drugs, or alcohol.

But—IF Obama really wanted to cure people suffering from Alzheimer’s he would have never passed Obamacare, where the old will be denied any form of medication or cure, so why did he do it?Obama and brain

The answer is in the very beginning of this video. Pay attention.

Notice, the baby girl is imitating every single thing that Alan Alda puts in front of her. You are witnessing the  liberal dream of getting a hold of every conservative baby in order to teach them the importance of gender studies, global citizenship, sexual freedom, abortion, the wonders of Islam, and other wonderful liberal junk. You HAVE to get them before 3 or 4 for this to work.

Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton wrote a whole book about this phenomenon of the state taking care of the babies early.  She admired the French, who sometimes got the child right after birth. And Obama passed early childhood care without a whimper from the Republicans.

This is the power plan of the Democrats. Get all the women into the work force, and the babies in the state incubators.

But then what? You are always going to have free thinkers—rebels. Mother Nature demands it.  And that’s where the drug companies can do their greatest work.

From Brave New World Revisited:

There are now physiologically cheap tranquillizers, physiologically cheap vision producers,  and physiologically cheap stimulants. (After ephedrine was taken off the market, they put the stimulants in small five-hour energy cups.)

That a dictator could, if he so desired, make use of these drugs for political purposes is obvious. he could ensure himself against political unrest by changing the chemistry of his subjects brains and so making them content with their servile condition. He could use tranquillizers to calm the excite, stimulants to arouse the enthusiasm in the indifferent, hallucinates to distract the attention of the wretched from their miseries But how, it may be asked, will the dictator get his subjects to take the pills that will make them think, feel and behave in the ways he finds desirable? In all probability it will be enough to merely make them available. Under a dictatorship pharmacists would be instructed to change their tune with every change of circumstances.

Remember, Aldous Huxley wrote this in 1958.

Nobody Wonders if that’s why, our borders have never been shut. I have always said, and still say: the more stoned people in the country, the more many politicians like it.drugs

I could be paranoid. Maybe Obama just wants to find a way to take a drug so he can talk and think without the teleprompter, or a drug to calm down the representatives in the House.

After all, if you can put camera’s in the Senate cloak room, you can put lithium in the water.

It’s time we start demanding independent drug tests of all politicians.

And you know, I will have more to say on this later.

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Obama & Kathleen Have Got a Wonderful Idea!

Nobody Knows

While America is being downsized from full-time jobs to lots of part-time jobs because of Obamacare, the great Kathleen Sebelius, head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has big plans to help her government workers, lose weight, and save the planet at the same time—Kathleen Sebelius

Because we all know, government workers are fat, fat, fat.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says it wants as many as 20 percent of its workers to “telework,” use an “alternative work schedule,” or do both, in order to “reduce green house gas emissions,” decrease “employee stress,” and give these government workers more time for “planning and preparing healthy meals.”

An “alternative work schedule,” according to the federal Office of Personnel Management means having “flexible work schedules and compressed work schedules.” A compressed work schedule means putting the 80 hours of work required in a two-week government pay period into less than 10 work days.

“This goal is in concert with implementation of the HHS Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) prepared under Executive Order (EO) 13514, which requires HHS to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions by technological, programmatic and behavioral changes,” says the HHS strategic plan.

So, Kathleen thinks that if she keeps those woman at home, they are going to cook themselves wonderful meals? And it’s been ordered by the President that she do so? fat computer 2


The goal here is to let all the single moms stay home and cook delicious meal for themselves because EVERYONE knows, when you are at home, the last thing you want to do is hop in your car and go get a big Mac, with fries and a chocolate milkshake. No, what you really want to do is eat a spinach salad. And since you are not getting in and out of your car polluting the planet with all your sweat from walking around the parking lot at that government building which is so huge, you have to walk fifteen minutes just to get to your office, you are also going to be getting off your computer chair at home, and getting on that treadmill you have in your basement because you now…want to exercise.

You have to wonder…what social engineering guru thought this up and in what Think Tank?

The “I don’t have a clue about human behavior” U?


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Shades of Gray Makes Anal Sex Popular: Oh…Great.

Nobody Wonders

As I watched my local TV morning news…there was a female doctor talking to the local reporter about a most interesting habit happening in St. Louis wih teenagers: anal sex is real popular.

It seems there was a book that was VERY popular last year, a trilogy called “Fifty Shades of Gray” which has lots of sex, and there must be some anal sex in it.Fifty Shades of Gray

I haven’t read it. BUT…this doctor was stating that because of this book, teenage high school girls were having a lot of anal sex (instead of the normal heterosexual sex) so as to ‘save’ themselves and that she wanted to tell these girls that they could catch all the dreaded venereal disease this way, even with a condom. She said that not only that, but there was a problem with tearing of the anus, and then you have infection problems…and it’s painful…etc. You know, real facts.

And not exactly what I wanted to hear with my morning breakfast.

So while I was listening to this, you have to admit that physically speaking the anus was not built to handle the male penis. It closes up. It’s physical purpose is for elimination. And yet, this sex book is selling the idea to young kids all over the country and who the heck knows why, unless it’s to give all woman the idea that anal sex is just as normal as the usual God intended way, and therefore they will all think homosexual sex is normal because, HEY…they do it too!

And now…Nobody Wonders, how much more stupid can we all get?

Answer Is: Just watch. I’m waiting for the next thriller about fornication with dogs.

I can’t help but remember…the Divinci Code,  And —when is Tom Hanks going to make the movie

Shades of Gray?

Nobody Wonders.


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YUK! I’d Rather Eat a Dead Roach

Nobody Wins

Here’s the thing: If you are not born gay, you have a really hard time trying to imagine having sex with the same-sex. Nobody ever talks about this…and although “gay” people have been around since the beginning of man, straight people have a hard time imagining sex with another person of the same-sex. If we do, we usually go..UGK— much the same reaction we would give if somebody told us to eat a live roach.

While the liberals want to go on and on about how sex is just a natural thing..they never say that it’s also very natural to go UGH when you think of kissing the same-sex. To a liberal…all sex is good. If you don’t think so, then you’re a Nazi, religious, uptight, stupid, pervert who wants to ban all sex.

 So, they have to sell it to us. Gay sex. Daily, relentlessly: shove it in our faces…girls kissing girls, men kissing men…UGH! Some social engineering panel somewhere said this would work. Our natural proclivity to desire the opposite sex would change with enough exposure.

It’s not working.

No offense to any gay person, but, just as you think sex with the opposite sex is “ugh” we think the same. You have a right to your preference, we have right to our preference…right? You have a right to pursue YOUR happiness..we have a right to pursue OUR happiness, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that YOUR happiness has to be forced on us.  

Gays are 3 percent of the population…but our government wants to up that percentage for obvious reasons. They are trying to control the population. More gays, less kids.

If you listen to latest historians every great military general ever set foot on a battlefield was…gay. Alexandria the Great, loved his horse and his best generals. I don’t want to know what he did with his horse, thank you very much.  In the case of Hitler: whole books have been written about his “stable.”

Okay. Gays can rule…we get it. And we can love them as people…BUT…

Nobody has a bone to pick about how we are being forced to watch gays on our TV. We watch our TV because, damn it, now we have to pay big money to watch TV, so they know not many of us turn our sets off when we’re home. You might be on your way to the bathroom, glance at the TV and there you go…some guy is kissing some other guy. Yuk.

And that’s how I got trapped. On the sitcom Las Vegas, this week, was an episode about lesbians.

I don’t know about you, but every lesbian I’ve ever known or seen, did not look like a playboy centerfold. But on this episode of Las Vegas: they were knockout sex machines.

Here’s the story: A very beautiful brunette out to have a good time at the Casino in Las Vegas, looks across the roulette table and sees another very sexy blond. Both these girls looked like they had just gotten laid by Hugh Jackman.

They run into two other lesbian supermodels, with low-cut dresses–two women with big busts and short skirts— add the high heels, and it’s a lesbian heaven. They start salivating over the black jack table to have sex. The four lesbians rent a limo.

In the limo they trash the lowly man, who they all berate, saying that if they were with men— those men would want to go to boring car races, instead of what they were going to do. THEY were going to go to a strip club and get lap dances from the lesbians strippers. (Yeah, I thought was funny too.) didn’t know that most strippers were lesbians? According to the writers of LAS VEGAS..90 percent of the strippers in Las Vegas are lesbians.If you believe that, then you believe that Michael Moore has had sex with Angelina Jolie.

The next scene of the four very voluptuous, sexy women–have them sitting at the strip bar acting exactly like a bunch of men–at a frat party…throwing bills at the girls, wanting lap dances, and commenting on the sweet asses of the strippers. I tried really hard to imagine what in the world would be appealing about some girl dancing on my lap. Honestly– I have an instant “Don’t even go there” mechanism on my brain to prevent breakdown. I couldn’t come up with a thing.  

By this time, the tall tell imagination of some man who writes the show for Las Vegas came into close view. Nobody Wonders–was he told to include Lesbians in the show? Or had he just  gone to Las Vegas without his wife, and he wanted to convince his wife that when he was there… all the
women in Las Vegas are big lesbians, and so he spent no money at all on the strippers…like he told her.

And then, he put all the lesbians into his own sexual fantasy in his script. I can’t imagine any wife being that stupid, but then again, I can’t imagine the moon having rocks that turn into killer spiders either. (Apollo 18)

(Sorry, I watched that movie last night…Blair Witch on the Moon.)

This morning I turned on the news and there was a democrat senator tearing into the Catholic priests and bishops in Congress for having dare not realize they were just being used for political purposes  by the right. They were just doing it because they didn’t like Obama.

The right could say the same thing about the black people. When are the blacks going to realized that the very same people who made them slaves, are keeping them on the welfare plantation?

The left feels, and has for years, that the church is cramming religion down everybody’s throat. When was the last time you saw a sitcom about people going to church, or even mentioning God?

And while they do not want to be “forced” to allow any kind of morality..they cram gays kissing down our throat every single day on all our favorite TV programs..

 Nobody Wins with all this gay social engineering.

1.7 percent of the population are lesbians. They have their own “gay” cable channel. It’s about time the rest of us start turning off the shows when we see the “gay” people kissing.

After all, it’s our Constitutional right to pursue happiness, and not be grossed out.  If enough people turned the channel, they’d probably stop it.

Okay. they won’t–they know we will watch it because— we also like to watch horror movies, plane crashes, car wreaks, and dog commercials.Make those lesbians look like the Playmates of the Year and every man on the planet will watch them kiss.

The ONLY thing we can do is fire all the social engineers. Nobody Thinks, they are all gay.

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Social Engineering: The REAL, Evil Future of Shock

Nobody’s Opinion

It was poignant moment: I had finally found the old box of baseball cards that my son wanted to have, lying in a forgotten spot in my office. I drove them over to his house to surprise him. He took out each card with great hope in his eyes, fingering each one with great reverence.

“Here’s Nolan Ryan-— that should get something. Hey, some guy on T.V. had a card that he got $100,000 for!” he said.

As a parent, I wanted to say, “Don’t get your hopes up.” but, I didn’t.

Like many of us, he is looking for stuff to barter, to sell …whatever… to make a few extra bucks to pay the bills. It’s too sad. He has a job as a personal trainer…but nowadays, that’s a luxury.  And so just like Alvin Toffler predicted so many decades ago, we are seeing the “trading ” bug happening all around. People are trading, not in cash, but in “stuff.”  

Also Sadly, Alvin predicted long ago that in the future, once great societies would go back to bartering, and trading…sort of a Mad Max world in the suburbs. We now have lots of cable TV programs to teach us how to do it, and even get excited about it.  

“Oh boy, I just sold this beat-up electric oil sign for $200! I made $50 dollars!”

Like the Democrats blaming the Republicans, Alvin blames the changes in society on technology. Don’t believe it. It’s not your computer that’s telling you how to think.

Toffler is not being talked about much anymore.  Alvin (big union lover) was the great FUTURE SHOCK (his best-selling book) predictor, in which he predicted the changes now coming to us all.

This Nobody has trouble believing one man can predict the world decades ahead, unless of course, you’re George Orwell or H.G. Wells and hang out with the people who rule the world. (which they did) We are looking more like 1984 every day. Orwell was no psychic. He just belonged to the men’s club who wanted to put 1984 in place.

And that’s exactly what Alvin has always done. He has known every leader in the world—not only that, they have paid him dearly to advise them on how to socially engineer their people. He is a favorite of the Chinese. In fact, he lives there.

In 1996, with Tom Johnson, an American business consultant, they co-founded Toffler Associates, an advisory firm designed to implement many of the ideas the Toffler’s have written on. The firm worked with businesses, NGOs, and governments in the U.S., South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Australia and other countries..

And running for President is one of his biggest fans, Newt Gingrich.

When we see Alvin’s predictions coming true (move over Nostradamus) Nobody insists in my usual a primo way, that Alvin is no more a predictor than the eight ball on your desk.  Alvin is a social engineer.  Not only has he known what was being discussed and put into motion for decades, he has helped it along.  From Wikipedia:

While social engineering can be carried out by any organization, whether large or small, public or private, the most comprehensive (and often the most effective) campaigns of social engineering are those initiated by powerful central government.

Examples: To replace the old social frameworks of Tsarist Russia with a new Soviet Culture , the Soviets used newspapers, books, film, mass relocation, and even architectural design tactics to serve as “social condenser” and change personal values and private relationships. Similar examples are the Chinese “Great Leap Forward” and “Cultural Revolution” program and the Khmer Rouge’s plan of de-urbanization of Cambodia. In Singapore the government’s housing policies attempt to promote a mix of all races within each subsidized housing district in order to foster social cohesion and national loyalty while providing citizens with affordable housing.  

And there’s the problem I am having. Americans, YOU are being socially engineered with every single program you watch on TV, and all the movies you are renting. Most of the established magazines are telling you how to think, and even your churches are getting on board.  

Who else is sick to death of this but me? Anyone? Goebbels would be proud.


On my lap right now, I have a July 2011, issue of Newsweek. Nobody Remembers when news magazines just REPORTED the news.  Now, they are social engineering propaganda machines.

On the cover of this issue, to hook those conservative Americans who NEED to be programmed…is a giant picture of General Petraeus. He has a look on his face like he wants to give you a BIG hug. He is like the gentle kind man who will never hurt you.

WTF? Is all I can say. When you realize he is now head of the CIA, you know why they want you to think of him as…just an old softie. We’ve seen what they did to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann on the covers of Time.  

All this stuff is on purpose. They are socially engineering you. Programming you. It’s not just politics as usual folks. It’s the stuff of hard-core mind manipulation.

 Inside, Paul Begala writes that he misses the Republican liberal Bob Dole.  We have an article called “Why Gay Marriage is good for America.” in which the gay author say the Declaration of Independence gave him the right to pursue happiness.  (Right, and it also gave us the right to shit on police cars.)

We see an interview with the White House Cook for Obama who is from Ethiopia.

 “Who Need Humans?” is a rant of the wonders of robotic librarians. 

The  middle contains a whole section–tearing Rupert Murdoch limb to limb.

My personal favorite was, “How to Raise a Global Kid” in which it reports that all the smart rich elite people are raising their kids in China so that they will be able to speak Chinese.  The family was SO proud.

They can stay there and learn communism too for all I care.  


 For the past decade, here in America, all our movies have had some black man in the leading role. He is the chief of police, he is the general, the President (as in 24 the most popular conservative TV getting us ready) Blacks are 17 percent of the population according to the Census so they are overrepresented in everything. 

In our movies, the women can beat up 165 guys at once, even kill them,  all the while she is in high heels. They RUN in high heels and catch villains twice their size. 

Just last week I watched the new movie, “The Swan” with Natalie Portman. I really don’t think I’m the only one who gets upset when masturbation and gay sex is shown onscreen, and this movie was filled with it. Natalie never falls in love in the movie, where she plays a ballerina. In the end she kills herself. And I couldn’t have felt less sorry for her. But that’s me. Millions who watched it, and watched her puck all over the screen, were feeling her pain, who knows how many future suicides she will inspire?

(Oh, and she pukes ALOT. All the puking on screens is getting us ready for something. )

The movie by artistic standards was in the fine tradition  of Hitchcock,  but it still leaves the viewer feeling..empty.  Even the Harry Potter series turned into dark and foreboding themes. Not something to fill our kids with optimism is there? Was she getting the little buggers ready?

Think about it: Harry Potter has no mum and dad…just his friends and his school. Dumbledore his role model, is gay.

And in Machete; you can riot your way to justice.


In our sitcoms, our main characters are speaking Spanish phrases. Even Rush Limbaugh throws it in. Not that anyone dislikes the Spanish, but shouldn’t they learn English?

On Fox News tonight, Nobody was watching a Fox news reporter relentlessly attack Presidential candidate Rick Santorin for NOT believing that gays have as much right in the military as straights. Whatever you think of the issue, Chris Wallace argued with a passion against Rick, pushing his opinion..again and again, under the guise of the objective news reporter.

All the “news” reporters do it now.  

I have gay friends. My cousin has two gay sons that we all adore, but even I am getting tired of the relentless programming being forced into us every single day, on the news, and in our movies and schools.  Gays are such a small part of our society (less than 1 percent) the attention they are given is almost maniacal.  

(Gays adopt. They can’t reproduce. They don’t want more people on the planet. Simple.)


Like Singapore, our neighborhoods are flushed with so many different nationalities, the schools are spending millions trying to keep up with language teachers.  And what is worse, they do NOT assimilate. They stick to their groups. It’s what has always happened, as Europe is finding out.  

It’s mother nature boys..we like our own species so to speak, no matter what species you are.

Remember a while back when New York baseball player lamented that he couldn’t understand anyone in New York anymore? He was right, and he got creamed in the papers, and fined by MLB. 

Social engineering: We don’t want you to get too fat, too rich, or too smart.  Take your pill. Don’t be mean. Wall Street did it to you, not Obama. Men are worthless, die and make room for the youngsters. Give money to the poor. Forever. The rich world must give to the poor nations. And Islam is a peaceful and wonderful religion, which has given the world great things. We need the illegal’s. The revolutions you are seeing everywhere are democratic! Rejoice!

Scary stuff. It’s Halloween every day here. And our world is changing rapidly, but it’s not Steve Jobs Apple I- Phone that is destroying our freedoms.

It’s the social engineers like Alvin Toffler.

Alvin foresaw a future that would dislocate the social and psychological balance by Western society if this rate of change continued without a corresponding program of adaptation by Western society and its psyche. He surveyed the impressive array of industrial and technological change that has taken place in the last 300 years and spoke of it as a fire storm of change, affecting institutions, values and even roots.(right, gays would have IPHONES!)  He laments this racing rate of change that makes reality seem sometimes like a kaleidoscope run wild. It is not only the content of culture change from old to new that dazzles, but especially its scale, scope and pace. This accelerated pace of change whereby so many revolutionary changes occur within so short a time has brought about a culture of transience and flux, in which nothing is permanent except perhaps impermanence itself.

Alvin is saying the West has been free for so long, they are not going to like communism, and when they wake up and find themselves in it one day, they will go into shock. He’s right. He just tells you that he is a genius and he knew this would happen because he can see the future. It will happen…naturally, he says.

Bull. There is nothing ‘natural’ about it.

You know, Alvin isn’t the only one who can foresee the future. Nobody Thinks that if we do not start talking about the social engineering crap that is being forced upon us, we will all wake up one day, very shocked and soon to be dead rats floating in the evil scientific social engineering  bowl of  Alvin Toffler.  

Think of that next time you have to sell your dad’s old baseball cards to pay the rent.

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