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Say “No” to Social Engineering!

Nobody Remembers Thomas Edison

Call me old, but I still think the greatest individual that ever walked the earth was Thomas Alva Edison. I think about him as I look at the light that have on the side of my computer, or the videos on Youtube, or at any movie,— his IDEAS of motion pictures, and sound…our lives of movie, sound, light…this was all brought to life by one man. One guy. And in case you haven’t notice, the progressives have made sure that Thomas Edison is not talked about too much. Because the ‘progressives’ (which by the way, is the name the communists changed their name to because they didn’t want anyone to know they were communists) are all about the “collective.”
Collectives they can manage. The individual, they cannot.

Since we learned that our government, with the help of Bill Gates, has been gathering all the information they can in the world about every ONE in the world, and they have been storing it for years…what exactly do they want it for? To catch another bin Laden? HA! They tell you they plan to catch terrorists with it. But, gee…what a great opportunity to read, store, collect, research, and study humans in order to put them all into some kind of clever order so that they can make the world run “efficiently.”social engeenering

Somewhere little computer nerds are programming graphs about human habits.

This Nobody believes that’s the real purpose of all this information gathering is for social engineering. It’s a right they believe they have. They don’t.

But it’s not going to work. It’s already not working.  I don’t care how much you manipulate someone’s “environment” humans are one of a kind. Each and every one of us.

Aldous Huxley tried to warn us about the elites who think all humans should be manipulated. In Brave New World Revisited, he said this:

The genetic standardization of individuals is still impossible: but Big Government and Big Business already possess, or will very soon possess, all the techniques for mind manipulation described in Brave New World, along others of which I was too unimaginative to dream. Lacking the ability to impose genetic uniformity upon embryos, (they are working on that, why do you think Obama is having them map the human brain?) the rulers of tomorrow’s over-populated and over- organized world will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this end, they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind manipulating techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce these methods of non-rationale persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence. (Which we are seeing around the world.) If this kind of tyranny is to be avoided, we must begin without delay to educate ourselves and our children for freedom and self-government.

In their anti-rational propaganda the enemies of freedom systematically pervert the resources of language in order to wheedle or stampede their victims into thinking, feeling, and acting as they, the mind manipulators, want then to think, feel and act.

All the available evidence points to the conclusion that in the life of individual and societies heredity is no less significant than culture. Every individual is biologically unique and unlike all other individuals.

So, Nobody Thinks The ONLY way to bring about a bright future for mankind is to emphasis the individual achievement.

The needs of the one, can fulfill the needs of the many, as long as that one is NOT a politician. Sometimes all it takes is one person. And today, the individual is being made, even being forced, to conform. We are all expected to fit into the lowest common denominator. Unless you happen to be a child of the elites.

Steve Wozniak, (another fine individual) the inventor of the home computer, said this last week:Steve Woziak

When the Internet first came, I thought it was just the beacon of freedom. People could communicate with anyone, anywhere, and nobody could stop it … Now it turns out that every single thing we send as email counts as publicly viewable and it’s totally open and exposed, and can be taken for whatever reason. That wasn’t supposed to be. That wasn’t where we thought the Internet was going to go. We thought it was going to elevate the really average people over huge, big, controlling governments and protect us from tyrants.”

Instead, “it allows the tyrants to get tighter control over more and more of our lives,” Wozniak lamented.

Wozniak then said he thought Snowden was a hero. Why does he think this way?
Because Wozniak, was just like Edison: One man, who with another individual, lifted up the world, and then they put Al Gore on their board.

And THAT’s why, we should start making tee-shirts! (Okay, I admit, I could not for the life of me end this sucker gracefully….sorry. ) soical engineering 2


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Obama’s Helping Kenya…Sorry it’s Not You.

Nobody Cares

Personally, I thought Obama’s trip to Africa was just another very expensive vacation, where Obama’s main objective was to be photographed with the dying Mandela, in order to catch his face on world newspapers as the new black Messiah.

But hey! We found out that Obama is not only spending our money, he’s giving out our money too! Obama in Kenya

One of the first items highlighted by the White House is a $53 million program in Kenya that helps young people “obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration.”

Whoa. Wait a minute. Haven’t the Democrats been screaming that for a voter to have to show an identification in America,–its tantamount to racial discrimination? Why…everyone should be able to just show up and vote! Nobody in America should have to prove anything. To the Democrats—insisting on seeing a driver’s license is an INSULT.

But, it’s good enough for Obama’s real homeland, Kenya, where he wants to make sure everyone is going to vote…..Probably for his brother.

There is not one Democrat or liberal in America that would find Obama’s hypocrisy too much to bear. Not one.Voter ID

Nobody really cares.

And that’s why, we should bring it up in the next election.

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