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This is NOT the Phone-call You Are Worried About…

Nobody CaresObama in Ohio

Obama made an appearance today, and granted the permission forĀ a hand-picked reporter to ask him the question about the fact that the government is collecting all our data, including internet, phone, email, and financial information. And with his usual wide-eyed, I am innocent look on his face proceeded to say…pretty much this:

“Uh..well you weren’t suppose to find out about this, because it was TOP SECRET and by the way, I had nothing to do with this: Congress has approved it, I didn’t do anything about this, and we looked over it, and we are NOT reading your emails, we are just collecting them, for the safety of America, and really, my job is to protect the American people (Like he protected the men in Benghazi) and trust us, this stuff had been going on for a long time, and so you don’t have to worry about it. Nobody wants to read your stuff.”


We should trust the NSA, just like we trusted the IRS.

And if you believe anything Obama says anymore, than I have the biggest shark ever caught on record to sell you residing in my basement, as a reminder to us all—-the humongous appetite, just one shark can have. I’d say there’s more than one cell phone in that baby. shark big

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